Broken Chapter 1

19Since my so called “parents” no longer even bother to feed me, I have no reason to stick around and run into them in the morning.

20By the first sign of day break, I am ready to leave, praying silently that there will be no chance of running into either of them on my way out.

21As I pin some loose hairs into place, I take a moment to stare at myself in the mirror… Sometimes I actually wonder if I am a part of this family. Does having a slight desire for this to not be true make me a bad person?

22Though my parents and I share the same dark hair, my father has gray eyes and my mother a pale green. Yet I have a striking blue. My mother constantly insists that she passed it onto me, claiming to carry the gene from her father’s side of the family, whenever I try to ask about it.

23As I am greeted by the early morning chill, I realize that my desires of becoming disassociated with this dysfunctional family becoming a reality are little to none…

24The sun has yet to peak over the distant hills and I find myself, yet again, with loads of time on my hands to kill before meeting up with my friends to walk to school.

25I take my time… slowly dragging my feet farther and farther away from my house… How wonderful would it be to walk away one day, knowing that I was not going to be coming back?

26I take a more scenic route today and realize that due to the constant darkness consuming my home, I fail to see that the world around me is a much more beautiful and serene place than I take it to be. I take these peaceful moments to reminisce on happy memories…

27I remember while walking out late one night, a girl, who was about the same age as me, was smiling brightly from far away. She made the first move in approaching me and our friendship easily clicked. I think it’s because our personalities contrast so much that we somehow ended up suiting each other – her being loud, bright and opinionated; me being quiet, calm and reserved. Her name is Mia and she is one of my best friends.

28My other close friend is a girl by the name of Juliana. I met her outside of the grocery store one day. Her personality at first glance seemed to resemble mine, in the sense that she was also shy and reserved. But once she got the chance to know you, she revealed her confidence and fierceness.

29I couldn’t have asked for anyone else to surround myself with that would be better than these two. However, even though I felt this way… telling them the truth about my background and family was something I was not ready to bring into the equation… at least, not yet.

30Juliana comes from a long line of brainy scientist family members; she has plans and aspirations for the future that can change the world. Mia’s mother is a well-known painter, and her father a composer; her future in the arts is pretty much set as well. Me on the other hand… well, I have absolutely no talents whatsoever… at least there is one thing I have in common with my parents.

31As my train of thought slowly comes to a stop I realize that by now the sun has fully risen into the sky, and my friends are only a few yards away at our usual meet-up spot.

32“Morning.” I say when I approach them. “Morning ki-ki!” Mia says with a smile. “What took you so long?” Juliana asked. Had I spent that much time lost in my thoughts? “Sorry, I wanted to see if there was a quicker route to get here, but I got lost.” I lied smoothly. “Oh ahaha, that makes sense.” Mia said. “Typical Kiara.” Juliana added. Was it bad that I could lie to those I care about most so easily?

33“So, later on I was thinking of having a sleepover at my place…” Juliana began. I held my gaze fixated on her, but my eyes saw nothing. My train of thought was already tired of being idle and had already yearned to move. So I smiled at Juliana nodding occasionally at the things she said… though in reality, I was a million miles away…

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6 thoughts on “Broken Chapter 1

    1. It’s a hard thing to share, especially since their backgrounds are so different from hers. She’s worried about how they’ll perceive her after they know… IF, she decides to tell them :p


  1. Hi Amy! Just stopped by to let you know I haven’t forgotten about your story. I’m slowly catching up on my list I have already started. I am intrigued by the beginning of this one though and so I will definitely be back.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh no worries! I’m currently doing the exact same, there are a lot of wonderful sites, but as I’ve joined the blogging world rather late-ish there’s months of posts to catch up on~ I should be getting around to yours soon as well 🙂 Take your time!


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