Broken Chapter 2

34We eventually end up on school grounds, Juliana and Mia had given up trying to get me into the conversation because they knew my mind was otherwise occupied, so they just chatted amongst themselves.

35I then heard Juliana say, “Oh no…” Mia and I turned to see what she was staring at… pretty soon we saw it too…

36Massie Thompson was just a few yards away making out with her boyfriend, Jason Hamilton.

37One could say they were the “it” couple of the school… both very popular, and very rich…

38We immediately changed our route and bee-lined for the class, especially since Juliana and Massie didn’t really have a good history together. There was a time in which they were the best of friends; however, all that changed when Massie abandoned Juliana and humiliatingly embarrassed her in front of the school for a life of popularity.

39“Oh Kiaraaaaa!” she said, musically humming my name, with devious intentions no doubt. I looked back to see her stopping her face-eating with her boyfriend to talk to me…

40“One second babe.” she said, breaking apart from him.

41“What’s this about?” Juliana asked with concern. “You don’t have to go…You know how Massie is… we all do. Nothing good will come of this, so just ignore her and let’s get to class.” she added.

42“Guys, relax.” I said. “You go on ahead, I’ll catch up; ignoring her won’t do any good, she’ll just try to get my attention later using her lame theatrics and I’d rather just avoid all that.” I said while backing away slowly. “Point taken.” Mia said. “Alright…” Juliana reluctantly said in agreement. “But make it quick, and meet us outside the English building when you are done!” “Ok.” I replied, and then dragged my feet towards Massie.

43She was glaring right at me… what could she possibly want?

44“Hey there Kiara.” she said; her tone was already worrying me… she was much too happy to see me. “So you know my mom is in real estate, right?” she began… “Well, I couldn’t help but stumble upon some of her files the other day and I noticed that a little place on Sherwood Road was on the list for foreclosure.” Oh. My God…. “And out of curiosity I decided to look at the name of the family on the list, and what do you know… it’s yours.” This was not happening.

45“And it turns out that your dad is in debt, right? But not just recently, all your life your family has been practically flat broke; am I wrong? Is that why you always wear frayed clothing, not as a style but because it’s all you’ve got?” she said while reaching for my ripped jeans. I backed away instinctively. At this point my voice was caught in my throat… I was such a good liar, why couldn’t I say anything now?

46“I’m right, aren’t I.” she said; it wasn’t a question. “Wow, I always thought you were low class, hanging with scum like Juliana… But this! Haha, it’s just ridiculous.” she stated. What on earth am I going to do now? I always knew someone would find out eventually. I just didn’t think it would be someone like Massie.

47I attempted to maintain composure and stared at her like what she was saying was crazy. “I have no idea what you are taking about.” I said, enunciating each syllable, my tone ice cold. “Oh really? Because I brought the files with me, we can check. They are in my locker.” she stated happily.

48As she uttered those words, my entire body became filled with rage. She smiled smugly, knowing that she had won. My hands began to curl up into fists… I’m not normally a violent person, but everyone has to crack at some point, right? And I’ve just about had it.

49As I began to raise my hand, her boyfriend must’ve sensed my hostile atmosphere for he walked over and asked Massie if everything was alright, glaring at me the whole time. “I’m fine babe!” she said reassuringly. I on the other hand was the polar opposite of fine. “I was just about to make a quick announcement…” she said.

50“Hey EVERYONE!” she yelled while turning around grabbing everyone’s attention with her excruciatingly loud voice. This was unexpected… did she really plan to announce it like this? The shock from her action broke my composure and my heart began to race. “Kiara here is actually…” she continued.

51“Fine.” I said as quickly as possible, cutting her off mid-sentence. “What do you want?” I said. “What?” she asked. “What do you want me to do, in return for your silence.” I said calmly, acting as if that little encounter didn’t scare me half to death. “Hmm, what could you possibly have to offer me, when I have everything I could possibly want right here.” she said while turning to her boyfriend. “Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me for now.”

52She then proceeded to make out with him, right in front of my face.

53The unending love these two have for each other was unbelievable… I just hoped she would keep her word until I could manage to find a solution for this.

54I walked to the English building, my mind in a daze. My secret was out, and of all the people it could’ve been… it was Massie who had discovered it. I just have the best luck, don’t I? “Hey, there she is!” Mia said while turning to me.

55“Hey, what took you so long? Is everything alright.” Juliana asked. “Everything is fine… just fine.” I said. How I wish those words were true. “Alright then, let’s get to class.” Mia said.

56They turned and began to ascend the stairs. Why didn’t I just tell them the truth about me before… I mean they are my friends… my best friends. They would accept me no matter what, right…?

57But if they hear it from Massie and not me, that’ll just ruin everything. I need to figure out something, and quick, to get out of this situation. That fact that Massie was holding something like this over my head gave me goosebumps.

58“Come on!” I could hear their voices say in the distance. I then followed along and began to brainstorm a plan.

59The entire day passed endlessly… each hour… minute… second feeling like an eternity. Maybe it was because Massie was staring at me with her smirk in each class I had with her.

60“Are you listening?” Mia said. “What?” I replied. I hadn’t even realized they were talking.

61“Are you sure you are okay?” Juliana asked.

62“I’m fine, honest. I just didn’t get a good night’s sleep last night.” Or every night for that matter.

63“Alright well, be sure to go and get your clothes and meet us at my house at 8:00. It’s going to be a blast!” “What is?” I asked. “The sleepover…” Mia said. “Oh right… that.” I replied. “Are you sure you are ok?” Juliana asked yet again.

64“Mmhmm…” I said. “Can’t wait!” I said as enthusiastically as possible while avoiding their eyes. I was having a harder time keeping my composure than usual… maybe it’s because I was worried about what Massie was going to do. “See ya!” I said, and then I hurried off on the path towards my house.

65As I approached the steps I was too out of it to notice that it was more silent than usual…

66I wish I had noticed… maybe I would’ve prolonged my walk home and could’ve avoided what was waiting for me there…


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3 thoughts on “Broken Chapter 2

  1. Ugh, Massie, she really deserves a good slap in the face. And oh no, that silence does not bode well. I’m going to guess and say maybe her parents killed each other??? I really don’t know if that would be good or bad… well, time for me to find out!

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  2. Ohhh… Ominous. What could that silence be? I hope they’re not dead or something. They might have killed each other. I’m wondering if Kiara was adopted or abducted or something. Where are her real parents? And Massie such a… well, we know what she is. Why? How did Massie know? Why does she even care how Kiara lives her life? Pfft.

    Liked by 1 person

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