Broken Chapter 4

41Thankfully Juliana wasn’t referring to my father’s abuse and my storm out of the house as I thought she was when she asked where I really was… She said a girl from school was on the phone with her and saw me with the stranger outside the stadium.

42“So… Who was he? Is he your boyfriend? Are you secretly dating someone without telling us?!” she asked excitedly. “Woah now, calm down there.” I said with a smile. “I just met him today, and I didn’t even get his name…” At this time Mia returned with the stacks of magazines and placed them on the floor. “What did I miss?” she asked. I gave her a quick synopsis of what we’ve said so far.

43After the movie we ate, read magazines, painted our nails and had an overall wonderful time… I don’t remember being at this much ease for a while now.

44I never longed for a relationship, as I’m terrible at managing the ones I have already, and I don’t know if my encounter with that stranger sparked something, but I began to fantasize about having  a special someone that I could tell about the times I spend with my friends while he wraps his arms around me… Wouldn’t that be something… I stopped my imagination before it spun wildly out of control.

45Pretty soon it was time to sleep. “I call top bunk!” Mia said happily.

46“Haha, I want the sleeping bag!” I said. “Are you sure?” Juliana asked. “You’re the guest; you should sleep on the bed…” “I’m fine, don’t worry about it.”

47We all began to drift to our given sleeping areas. It just occurred to me that Juliana’s normal bed had been moved to accommodate our places to sleep. Must be nice to be wealthy…

48“I think I’m too old for this…” Mia giggled as she went up.

49“Oh shut up, I didn’t bring this in so you could complain about taking a few steps up to sleep.” Juliana teased. “You sure you’re okay down there Kiara?” Juliana asked while turning to me. “I’m fine, honestly.” I said while looking into her eyes.

50To be honest, the only reason why I chose to sleep down here was because since I never had my mother or father sleep beside me growing up as I child, I’m not sure if I have any quirks when I sleep such as teeth grinding, or constant rotating… so distancing myself from other people when I sleep is probably a good idea.

51“Alright then, good night guys.” Juliana said while tucking herself in.

52“I’m still not in yet.” Mia grunted while hauling herself onto the bunk.

53“Sweet dreams.” I chimed in while yawning and zipping up the sleeping bag around me.

54“Night!” Mia added, finally getting comfortable on her bunk.

55Within a few minutes I managed to fall into a deep… deep sleep…

56In my dream the guy from earlier was there.

57He was coyly pulling the old yawn-to-place-arm-around-girl trick…

58My dream-self seemed to really enjoy it.

59I tilted my head towards him, and he did the same.

60It felt like we were the only two people in the world.

61After some time he pulled away from me… and began to lean in for a… kiss?!!…

62Suddenly my eyes bolted open. Seriously. Even in my dreams I couldn’t have a decent relationship… Am I pathetic for already dreaming about a total stranger?… “Sorry did I wake you?” Juliana asked. “No I was already up…” I lied. “Oh alright. You can help me make breakfast. Mia is still fast asleep.” “Sure thing…” I replied, was it morning already?… I refolded my sleeping bag, and followed Juliana downstairs.

63After we’d eaten, the girls changed into their swimsuits because they were going to take a swim in Juliana’s pool. I would be too if I didn’t have to go to my secret part time job. I didn’t tell them that though, hence the term secret… I just lied as usual that my parents needed me for something.

64“Alright. If they let you off the hook early come straight back!” Mia said. “You bet!” I replied. I was lying through my teeth, my shift lasted until evening time today. “By the way, the clothes suit you so well!” Juliana added. “Really? Thanks, I’ll get them back to you soon!” I said with a smile.

65“Don’t worry about it, it’s my fault for spilling all that oil on you in the kitchen. I’ve never worn them before, so consider them compensation for your help and for the other outfit that I ruined…” she said apologetically. “Don’t worry about it! They were old anyway. Thanks so much, for everything.” I said while giving her a hug.

66I actually had a wonderful time with my friends this time around; more so than usual. Probably because my family was causing me to have this dark mood for a while now and I couldn’t seem to shake it off… This escape from the house is just what the doctor ordered. I feel rejuvenated.

67I hugged Mia as well; when I released her, Juliana turned to her and said, “Hmmm maybe we should kidnap Kiara and keep her for ourselves.” Please do. “Your family can handle whatever they need to by themselves. Please stay.” Mia added. I really wish I could, but I was already late enough for my job. “Next time I’ll stay the whole time, promise.” I said. They seemed satisfied with that answer and turned to go and swim.

68It actually pained me to depart from them, especially this time around… I decided to think of something else so that I wouldn’t destroy my newfound happiness. My mind then began to think about that mysterious boy in my dreams…

69I want to see him again. But how?…

70Being so lost in thought, as usual, my first shift ended much quicker than I anticipated, and so I went outside to breathe in some fresh air for my break.

71The diner I work at is purposefully located on the far outskirts of town; this way I won’t ever have to face the possibility of running into anyone I know from school.

72“That’s twice now that I’ve happened to see you looking quite sad.” a voice said.

73My heart began to beat ferociously. What are the odds that of all places, I’d run into him here?!! I had intended to relax myself and say hello, but I was so nervous my body just remained frozen. He came over and sat beside me.

74“Kiara, as much as I’m sure you’d love to hang out with your boyfriend. Your break ends in 2 minutes, be on time.” my boss, Mike, says while coming out to get something from his car. “He’s not my boy…” I began to explain; however, he had already turned and began to walk away.

75“Hmm, Kiara, huh?” the mystery boy said while leaning forward as if thinking of something. He then added, “I like it.”

76At this point my heart was beating so loud, I was afraid he would hear it. “Umm… er… What’s your name?” I asked. Smooth Kiara. Real smooth.

77I began to frantically comb through my hair with my fingers to hide my embarrassment.

78“I’m Travis.” he said with his fair voice. “Although I’d love to stay and chat with you, I don’t want to get you into trouble with your boss.” he said while standing up. I immediately did the same.

79He took my hand and said, “Look…I’m not a big believer in coincidence, and I’ve already happened to run into you twice on consecutive days… If you’re interested, I’d like to get to know you better. Meet me at the place we met last whenever your shift ends.” My throat was so tight I couldn’t manage to conjure up a single sound, so I just nodded.

80“Great!” he said, he seemed genuinely happy. I did too; I really wanted to get to know him as well…

81“See you then!” he called out as he walked away.

82“Yeah…” I said in a daze. “See you then…” I whispered after he had long gone… I sound like a love-struck-fool already. Who says I don’t deserve a chance to try and be happy for once…

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2 thoughts on “Broken Chapter 4

  1. I really like where this is going with Travis, he seems like a nice guy! 🙂 Kiara’s friends seem to love her so much, I wish she would find the strength to tell them what is going on with her family..!

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  2. I hope he will be good for her. She has a lot going on and needs a friend she can trust and confide in. I really hope she finds happiness. She’s had it tough.

    Liked by 1 person

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