Broken Chapter 10

1I woke up the next morning, bright and early per usual, and began to trek towards school.

2The things Travis told me yesterday were still lingering in my mind. What on earth could he be talking about…?

3As I continued down the path, the world around me began to light up from the brilliance of the sun. I noticed the poster for the movie Travis and I watched on our first date.

4As I rounded the corner of the book store, something sticking out on one of the racks caught my eye…

5I walked over to it and picked up the magazine on the top shelf.

Upon first glance at the cover, I sensed nothing out of the ordinary. Just another handsome model posing for this month’s issue. I skimmed over the topics that were going to be discussed in the issue and deliberated whether or not to buy it when suddenly I gasped out loud. The model had the same colored eyes as Travis… not only that but the same earrings and gloves… He also had the same jawline and nose bridge… no way… it couldn’t be… could it? 

7My mind flashed back to our date yesterday… “Well I don’t think you’ll like it.” he had said with a smile.

8“He’s a model?!!” I said aloud to myself. “Kiara?” I heard someone say from behind me. Mia and Juliana were walking towards my direction. “Hey guys.” I said with a smile.

9“Woah, you look amazing!” Mia said with a huge grin. “About time you changed your wardrobe girl.” Juliana added in approval.

10“Thanks.” I said to both of them while I stuffed the magazine back onto its rack. “Come on let’s get to class, boy do I have a story for you…” I said.

11We entered the classroom and noticed all of the students were still lounging around. We went over to our usual seats and I turned to face them as I told my story.

12“So, I met this guy…” I began. I told them about how I met Travis… how we went on our first date, leaving the part out about how I ran into him at the diner and how he told me about his family. I stuck to the short and sweet details. I’d eventually tell them everything else… later…

13“Woah, no way! I’m so jealous!” Mia squealed. “Same! I bet he is so hot.” Juliana added with a wink. “So when are you going to see him next?” they asked, with probably more excitement than me.

14With a laugh I added, “I don’t know, he said he wanted to meet up today but I’m not sure… I told him I had school. “What? No way! You better introduce him to us.” Mia said. “So you guys are totally dating then right?” Juliana added. “I guess…” I replied. I mean, we hadn’t said it explicitly aloud, but it would be weirder to think that we weren’t dating… right?

15“Haha don’t worry, I will…” I said. “He has to get a stamp of approval from us.” Juliana added with a grin.

16“Whatever you say.” I said with a smile. The laughter and good spirits that we were having ended the moment Massie walked into the room with her boyfriend.

17She looked right at me with that evil grin of hers… how could I have forgotten the whole issue I had with her.

18The fact that she hadn’t said anything yet gave me a kind of bittersweet feeling. Sweet: that she hasn’t said anything. Bitter: she could be planning to say it at the worst possible time… and of all the seats she could choose from, she came and sat in the seat behind me… wonderful…

19The rest of the morning passed by relatively quickly… It was at lunchtime that things started to get noisy…

20“Oh my goodness!” Mia said while joining me and Juliana outside. We had already finished eating and came to the quad area to relax in the autumn sun like we do every day.

21“Did you guys hear?” she added enthusiastically. “Hear what?” we asked. “There is this major hottie lingering around the school!”

22“That sounds creepy…” Juliana said. “No, no! He is like a total 10! He is just reading a book and all the girls are sneaking glances at him.” Mia added.

23“Anyway, everyone is waiting until school is out to see who he is waiting for.” she said with a smile. “Hey, could this be your guy Kiara?” Juliana said with a nudge. “I doubt it. He wouldn’t even know where to find me…” I said dismissively. “It’s probably someone from Massie’s crew.”

24As the rest of the day breezed by, Juliana, Mia and I were eventually making our way out of the building to head on home.

25It is there we saw all of these girls pointing and whispering with giggles. I have to admit I was curious as to who this guy could be…

27As we turned around the corner it is there that I saw… looking absolutely amazing while leaning against the side of the building….

26“Travis?!!” I exclaimed in shock.

Thanks for reading! Do you think Kiara’s suspicions are right about Travis’ secret job? Let me know what you thought down below~
xoxo Amy

4 thoughts on “Broken Chapter 10

  1. Ah well… Model is so much better than criminal! Love how you’ve set things up so that it’s realistic that Kiara isn’t up to date when it comes to fashion and what-not, so it totally makes sense that she wouldn’t know that’s what Travis is. This can’t be easy for her – dealing with the fact that not only is he loaded, he’s also sorta, kinda famous.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yupper, I figured it’d make it less weird for her to not know who he was if she was someone out of the loop 🙂 She definitely doesn’t know how to take that news (whilst I, on the other hand, personally wouldn’t mind, but that’s just me :p)

      Liked by 1 person

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