Broken Chapter 9

1Travis and I left the hotel, hand in hand, and walked outside greeted by the calmer and darker outside world.

2“I don’t really know where to begin.” he said. “I’m in no hurry to go anywhere.” I said with a smile. “Start whenever you’re ready.”

3“Well, you know that house we saw earlier? The one you pointed out on the hill.” he said. “Yeah…” I said while recalling the memory, I knew something was off with the way he had dismissed it.

4“Well, it’s mine… or one of mine should I say.” I nearly tripped on my own feet. “It’s ‘one’ of yours?” I had already thought up a billion more questions to ask him, but I decided to hold onto them until he finished explaining.

5“Well you see… My father owns FoxCorp…” he began. “The major computer company?” I said in shock. “Well I wouldn’t say major, but yeah.” he added with a grin. “Anyway…” he continued.

6“Around a year ago, my mother passed away.” “I’m sorry…” I said interrupting him yet again. “Nah, it’s alright… She was sick for a while and it pained me to see her in all that agony. So when she finally passed, it was easier to accept knowing she finally found peace…”

7“Well, my father remarried this complete bitc…. Well you know what I mean. Her name is Agatha.” he said while releasing a sigh. “It’s obvious that she doesn’t even have an ounce of true feelings for my dad. But when she is with him she puts on this complete act. When we are alone however, her true personality comes out, and trust me it ain’t pretty.”

8“So why don’t you just tell your dad?” I asked. “Well it’s not that simple…” he said while continuing the story. “With the weight of the company and still dealing with the aftermath of my mother’s death, being with her actually makes him genuinely happy…”

9“And it’s been a while since I’ve seen my father smile like that. For me to take away that shred of happiness he has just because I don’t like who he’s with… Well wouldn’t that seem to be pretty selfish of me?”

10We found a nice quiet area to chat. “That’s very kind of you…” I said while releasing his hand and sitting beside him on the bench. It’s only when I released him that I noticed that his entire body was cold. This was obviously something hard for him to talk about. “So what does that have to do leaving?” I asked. “Haha hold on, I’m getting there.” he added with a smile.

11“So shortly after I got my step-monster… I decided that I wanted to have some money of my own in case something happened to the company. I decided to go and search for a part time job… kind of funny considering who my father is, right?” he joked half-heartedly. “And so far it has been going pretty well for me… if I say so myself.”

12“So what kind of job is it?” I asked, genuinely curious. I somehow couldn’t picture him working at a diner like I did; he’s too handsome for that… and something like a lifeguard doesn’t suit him either… “Well I don’t think you’ll like it.” he said with a smile. Ok. Now I was really curious. “No! Now you have to tell me! You can’t just end the conversation there like that….” I said smiling. I’m glad his mood was begging to lift up.

13“Oh yes I can.” he said. “It’s late, I think we’ve had enough story telling for one night. Come on, let me take you home.”

14Though every fiber of my body was resisting, I decided that the fact that he had opened up this much to me showed that he trusted me… and so, I would wait for him to tell me the rest of his story with time. We rose silently, linked arms and walked up towards my house.

15As we eventually got closer to the river, as we did on our last date. I remembered the vital question that started this conversation, and turned to him. “Wait, so what does this have to do with running away?” I asked.

16“Haha, well you see… that question ties in directly with the question about what I do in my part time job…” he said with a smirk. He was enjoying the confused expression I had on my face. Why can’t he just tell me already?

17“I will tell you the answer to both tomorrow.” he said as if he was reading my mind, assuming you don’t figure it out first…” I am now 100% certain that he is saying these cryptic little remarks to mess with me. What on earth was that supposed to mean?

18We came to a stop by the riverside and he turned to face me. “The expression on your face is cute.” he said with a smile. I knew it. He was just enjoying this.

19“Don’t worry… it’s not something to lose sleep over.” he said while coming closer. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

20And on those last words he tilted my chin up, placed his hand on my arm, bringing me closer, and pressed his soft warm lips on mine. Now how was I supposed to be mad and confused at him when he could just melt me like that?

21“You can’t…” I said barely finding my voice after that kiss… “Can’t what?” he said with a seductive smile. “I have school tomorrow. I can’t see you…” “What? Are you in school all day? I think not, don’t worry… I’ll find you.” And with a wink of his dazzling, twinkling eyes, he walked off into the moonlight.

Thanks for reading! Any guesses on the part-time job Travis has? Let me know what you thought down below~
xoxo Amy

3 thoughts on “Broken Chapter 9

  1. Please don’t tell me he will devolve into a life of crime or something… Bleh… He has this mysteriousness going on though, and I find myself thoroughly intrigued by his character. I’m also wondering if there’s more to him falling for Kiara. Is it just physical attraction? Is there something deeper? Hmmm… I’m interested to find out more about his background as well! I understand why he wouldn’t step between his father and stepmom’s relationship. That’s a really tough spot to be in.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you find him interesting, when I first posted this story (on the sims3 site) I got comments from people saying they suspected Travis was a criminal too, I never thought people would take that direction in their guesses, haha did I make him too shady? :p I’m slowly working through your comments so I ‘m sure you know the answer by now, hehe~

      Liked by 1 person

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