Broken Chapter 11

1“Hey babe.” Travis said while walking towards us. “Oo la la.” Mia said. Juliana nodded with a smile of approval. It looks like he’s already managed to win them over.

2“How did she manage to get a boyfriend like him?!!” Massie said incredulously. “He’s way too good for her…”

3“So how was school?” he asked while leaning in to kiss me. “Haha, hold it right there mister.” I said while placing my hands on the sides of his face to stop his advances. “My day was good; we can save this for later…” I said while my face began to blush. I’m not so sure I’m ready to start kissing him in public like this… not yet.

4“Fine.” he said in defeat. He turned to Mia and Juliana and gave them a dazzling smile while saying, “Sorry for not introducing myself sooner, I’m Travis – Kiara’s boyfriend.” Until now we didn’t confirm our relationship with words, so it felt nice to hear him say it aloud. “Oh… we know.” Mia said with a grin, “I’m Mia.” she added. “I’m Juliana.” Juliana chimed in. “Nice to meet you.” Travis said. “Oh believe me… The pleasure is all ours.” Juliana said.

5“Look at them getting all giddy beside him…” Massie said, oozing jealousy. “But Massie. Aren’t you happy with your relationship with Jason?” Katie, a popular girl who is also in a relationship, asked her. “Yeah, I guess… but I would dump him in a second if I could get a guy like that! Somehow… it feels like I’ve seen him somewhere before…”

6“Sorry ladies… I’m gonna have to steal Kiara from you for today.” he said with a smirk. “Fine by us…” they both replied in unison. “Haha, thanks for getting rid of me so easily…” I said sarcastically to the girls. “No prob.” Mia said. “Have fun you two!” Juliana added.

7On that note, Travis and I linked arms and began to walk along a winding path into the hills.

8“Where are we going?” I asked while staring in awe at the view… It is so beautiful up here.

9“Well, since you and I are going to be having a long heart to heart talk.” he began…

10“I think it’d be best if we did it in my house.” “Woah…” I exclaimed. It was even bigger up close.

11He unlinked our arms and took me by the hand instead. “Are you nervous?” he asked. “Yeah…” I said honestly. He laughed, “Don’t be, no one is home.”

12We entered and after what felt like walking through an endless amount of hallways and staircases we reached the floor that would lead to his wing of the house… his own wing… wow…

13“Something wrong? You seem a bit zoned out.” he asked. “Oh yeah, I’m fine… I just am a bit overwhelmed that’s all…” Who wouldn’t be?… I mean have you seen the size of this place?

14He gripped my hand tighter and I turned to look into his eyes. How is it that just by looking at him, my entire body seemed to feel more at ease?…

15The first thing my eyes caught sight of upon entering his room was the flat screen TV… it made the one we had at home look prehistoric…

16“This is my room… it’s not much.” he said modestly. “Are you kidding? Even its shape is amazing.” I said while scanning the room with my eyes. The shape of the room was an octagon… pretty unique if you ask me… “Come on, let’s go to the kitchen.” he said while leading me out.

18I took a seat in one of the stools while he walked over to the other side of the counter. He leaned over and looked at me right in the eyes… “Alright, are you curious about something? You have been getting lost in thought ever since we left your school. Want to just come out and say it?” he asked.

19“I want you to tell me whatever you were going to say yesterday first.” I said. Before I go around pointing accusations I want him to tell me the truth. “Whatever you want to say appears to be more important since you are thinking about it this much… You go first.” he said in conclusion. “No… you!” I said in reply. After a few minutes of going back and forth he sighed in defeat.

20“There is no chance of winning with you is there?” he said with a grin. I shook my head. “Alright then, let’s go to the living room. It’d be more comfortable to talk there.”

21I just kept my eyes on the back of his head as he lead me through the hallways towards the living room… what is he thinking about?

22If he was a model… and that’s only if… Does this mean he has done thousands of photo-shoots?… With some with other girls who are probably way prettier than me?…. Were some… naked? Or if not completely… something close along those lines… AHHHHH… there is something wrong with me!!! My face began to burn with embarrassment.

23I walked over to the couch opposite of Travis and began to fan my face with my hands… so many more questions were popping up into my head.

24“Alright. I am not moving one inch until you tell me what on earth you keep on thinking about…” he said while lifting his feet onto the table and leaning back into the couch. Were my facial expressions this easy to read? I let out a long sigh; how do I begin?

25“So today, while I was walking to school… I saw this magazine…” I began… “Oh, so you found out already? You are much quicker than I thought.” he said with a smile. The fact that he didn’t need to hear any more of the story confirmed my suspicions.

26I found an overwhelming surge of mixed emotions come over me… if you were in my place how would you react? The thought of him posing bare chested with another girl popped into my mind. I could feel my face turning red again.

27“Whoa there!” he said while quickly dropping his feet and leaning forward. “Before you jump to conclusions let me explain…” he said with a grin. I need to work on hiding my emotions.

28“Yes, it is true that it’s me on the cover of that magazine you saw today…” he began. “I got accepted into this school called Prestige Academy, a few years ago. It’s a school that creates the singers, actors, artists, models and overall stars of tomorrow. After attending it for a while, I got offered a job as a model professionally on the side and accepted since I told you I was looking for a part-time job anyway. What I wanted to ask you was if… maybe…” he began to get shy, this was unlike him… “…if you’d come with me.” This caught me of guard.

29“ME?!!!” I asked in shock. “Did you hear yourself? You said stars… like actors and singers… I can’t compare with that. I am none of those things.” I said bluntly; I sound a bit low on the self-confidence but it’s true… “Don’t say that…” he said. “You are one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen! You could easily pass for a model if you wanted to.” I could feel the blush coming back…

30“But I… but we…” What am I trying to say?… “Our worlds just don’t mix…” I said using hand gestures for an added effect. If he knew about me… my family… my background… we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.

31“Kiara I want you to consider this decision seriously… don’t just reject it without giving it some thoughts about yourself and your future. Your friends, family and anything else shouldn’t be influencing factors… this is about you.” he said seriously.

32“So let me get this straight.” I said. “You want me to consider leaving my school… my friends… my family and everything else here behind… and go move with you to a new town, school and life…”

33“Pretty much.” he said with a smile. “I asked some of the kids at your school about you while I was waiting. They say you are very bright. This town doesn’t have much to offer you, Kiara. But I do… and so I want you to think about this seriously.” This could be it… the answer to my prayers… my ticket out of here… the dream I’ve had of leaving my hellish life here behind and starting over was sitting right before me….

34“There is one more thing I forgot to mention though…” he said with a grin… “The reason why I am here now is because it’s a midterm vacation at the Academy. But when school starts again I will have to go back to my house in Bloomfield where the school is located… “

35“So if you chose to say yes… since the school isn’t a boarding school… we’d be living together…”

The last few words he said echoed in my mind… living together… living together… living together…

Thanks for reading! What do you think Kiara is going to say? Feel free to let me know what you think down below~
xoxo Amy

3 thoughts on “Broken Chapter 11

  1. Oh, I can understand Kiara. If it was only her parents I think she wouldn’t give it a second thought, but she has to leave her friends behind too. I hope whatever she decides works for the best for her! 🙂

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