Broken Chapter 12

*** WARNING: This chapter features themes of abuse and alcoholism. Please refrain from reading if you find these themes triggering or offensive.***

1“Don’t rush into making a decision just yet…” Travis said. “Think about it for as long as you’d like…” After our long chat we ate and watched a movie. I wasn’t even paying attention though… I was thinking about the offer he made me.

2I insisted that Travis let me walk home alone since I needed some time to clear my thoughts. He eventually agreed, reluctantly. As I walked down the hill, I noticed a woman with dark hair staring out over the hills.

3When she heard me approaching she turned to face me in order to ask a question…

5.5For some strange reason the moment our eyes met… there was this really strange sensation that I couldn’t put into words… almost like a déjà vu…

5.6“Excuse me, can you tell me where the Hale household is located. “Oh… um sure…” I said while snapping back from the odd sensation. “Straight up the hill, on your right. You can’t miss it.” Thank you dear.” she said with a smile.

5We then continued to walk our separate ways… I wonder what she needs from Travis’s house…

6After what felt like an eternity I reached my house. The offer is perfect… Why was I hesitating? This should be a no brainer, right?

7I could hear the voices of my parents as I drew near the door.

8I stopped myself from entering to listen in on what they were saying to determine whether or not it was safe to enter.

9“You stupid bitch! Stop wasting the money we have on your ridiculous drinking habit!” my father was saying.

10“It’s because of you that our house is being foreclosed!” he continued to say.

11“ME?!!! How about you? You don’t even have job anymore.” my mother retorted. “It’s not like you ever had one to begin with.” he countered just as quickly.

12After coming to the conclusion that it was probably not a good idea to enter just yet, I decided to walk towards the back of the house.

13When I reached the window I hopped up, slid it open and gently landed inside without a single sound.

14I went over to my bed and began to think about Travis again. Would leaving my friends behind be worth it if it meant I could leave my ridiculous family? But Travis doesn’t know about me or my family… if he did would he have said the things he did?

15After thinking and thinking for quite some time. I came to a decision just before dozing off to sleep.

16I was woken up by a buzz from my phone which was still in my pocket since I hadn’t changed out of my clothes yet. It was from Travis, it said:
“Hey you awake? Can you meet me by the river in 10?”

17I looked at the clock; it was 2:30 in the morning. What could he want to talk about at this time? I got up, quickly changed and freshened up before walking out.

18“Hey there.” I said as I got closer. “Hey beautiful.” he said while laying his eyes on me. “You know you still owe my kiss that you rejected in front of your friends…”

19He grabbed my arm and pulled me into a sudden kiss.

20When he pulled away I just started at him awestruck. “So what did you want to talk about?” I said while attempting to steady my jagged breathing. “Come on, I’ll explain later.” he said while grabbing my arm and leading me down the path.

21We followed the trail along the riverside until it eventually led us to a bridge. None of us spoke a word on the way.

22Travis sat down and I followed his lead. “The stars sure are beautiful tonight.” I said, breaking the silence.

23“Yeah they are…” he said while reaching for my arm.

24I turned to face him and he flashed me a dazzling smile.

25He came closer to me and we leaned towards one another. “So…” he finally began. “I know I told you that you would have some time to think about what I offered you…”

26“But unfortunately… I am going to have to rush you on your final decision.” “Is it because of that woman from earlier?” I asked. “Yeah… how did you know? Did she talk to you?” he asked surprised.

27“Haha, no no. I saw her on my way out. All she did was ask me where your house was.” “Oh.” he said in understanding. “Who is she?” “She is one of the headmasters for the school.” he said.

28“What is she doing here?” I asked. “Well, she came to ask me if I wanted to do a photo-shoot for her new line. She is also a famous fashion designer, have you heard of her? Her name is Kara.”

29I remember Massie constantly boasting about wearing some of her new designs… “Yeah I know her.” I said. “Well she is also a headmaster of the school in addition to running her business and she occasionally asks students to partake in her business ventures. This means that I have to go back to Bloomfield… tomorrow.” he said. “Don’t worry about it.” I said calmly. “I’ve come to a decision.” “Great!” he exclaimed.

30We left the bridge and Travis insisted that he carry me on his back after I stumbled on a rock and slightly injured my ankle. “Hey, you are slipping.” he said. “Hold on tighter.”

31I tightened my hold around his neck and pressed every inch of my body closer to his. “That’s better.” he said with a laugh.

32“So Kiara, what is your final decision?” he asked. “Well I thought about it a lot and…”

33“My answer is… no…”

Thanks for reading! Whoa, did you see that coming? I bet you didn’t, did you? 🙂 What on earth is Kiara thinking? Stay tuned for the next chapter to find out. Feel free to leave me a comment & share your thoughts~
xoxo Amy

8 thoughts on “Broken Chapter 12

  1. Whatttt? No, go with Travis! That further witness of her parents should have resolved her thoughts. Hopefully she doesn’t mean that as a final no. And I have a crazy theory about that headmaster, I remember how Kiara was commenting that she looked nothing like her parents. With that moment of de ja vu, maybe she’s her real mother????? I’m not sure though, I better go ahead to find out!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, BUT this story shall end prior to you seeing the headmaster again… So I shall refrain from commenting on your observations… Once I finish my current story I’ll probably have a poll or something to see which of the several unfinished stories I should complete hehe (don’t hate me XD)

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  2. Uhm, what?! Did she not listen to my advice on the previous chapter?! Gah… So is the fashion designer her mom or something? It would be cool if she was. I don’t know… something’s really fishy… Hmmmm…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was hoping her answer would be a twist towards everyones expectations~ Hehe as you are probably aware of now, this story ends prior to seeing the headmaster again… so like I told Lila above, I shall refrain from commenting on your observations… XD

      Liked by 1 person

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