Broken Chapter 13

*** WARNING: This chapter features scenes of abuse. Please refrain from reading if you find this theme triggering or offensive.***

1It’s amazing how all the warmth that was in the air mere moments ago simply vanished the moment I said no.

2“Wait… what do you mean no?” Travis asked. His tone wasn’t mad… it was more shocked and confused. He set me down from his back and turned to face me directly.

3“Is there something wrong? Is it your family? Is it because…” he was asking me for a reason… a reason I was too ashamed to tell him. His voice was steady and concerned, mine on the other hand was about to crack. “I’m sorry…” I barely managed to choke out.

4I then turned and began sprinting towards my house, taking a circuitous route so that he would not know where I was going. “Wait!” I could hear him call out behind me. I felt a stinging sensation in my eyes and tears soon began to pour out. I did not stop running until I was sure I lost him, when I finally turned back to look, he was nowhere to be found…

5After letting my tears flow endlessly, I managed to get myself together just before entering the house. I noticed my parents were sitting there, waiting for me… I looked at the clock it was well past 4:00 a.m… this cannot be good…

6I walked in as calmly as I could manage without hyperventilating. I already had enough heartache telling the guy I like I could not leave this wretched place to be with him, solely because I was afraid of what he would think if he knew about the real me… I did not want them to add to it.

7I forced a smile and said, “Hi mom… dad…” with my small voice.

8None of them replied. Instead, my father said, “Shut the door behind you.” after a few moments of silence.

9I obeyed silently while taking in a huge breath of air… this was already off to a bad start. When I turned back to face them I noticed my father had risen up and was now standing a few feet away from me. I could feel the pace of my heartbeat increase. “What is this about?” I asked my voice cracking in the middle.

10Again no response from either of them. He came closer, and reached over me towards the door and clicked it locked.

11“So Kiara.” he finally began. “Today, Mrs. Kissack, our neighbor, told us she was walking her dog around the neighborhood when he led her to a jar partially buried beneath the tree in our yard. In it was quite a sum of money and she brought it to us saying that she believed it was ours…” Upon hearing these words my heart nearly stopped… That is what this is about… they had found my hidden stash of money from my part time job… The one I had lied about having when my father asked me about last time…

12“I can expla…” I began, but I was interrupted by a sharp blow against my face. The impact was so great it literally knocked me off my feet.

13As I began to fall towards the ground, I twisted the same ankle I had already injured earlier tonight… perfect. It bent in a way I was pretty sure it was not supposed to. I felt the stinging sensation from earlier come back to my eyes.

14I hunched over and clenched my stomach to keep from screaming. I could feel my father’s eyes on me with no emotion… just a cold, bitter stare.

15“Mom?” I whispered, barely managing to find my voice. She didn’t even flinch.

16“Now, now Kiara. You know as well as I do the consequences for lying, don’t you? You were a bad girl. And bad girls deserved to be punished.” my father said while looking down at me. An angry scowl came across his face, followed by a sick, twisted grin.

17I remember the last time I was in trouble like this… it took days of bed rest and ice packs to recover. My friends at school asked me where I got the bruises from and I lied and told them I had a biking accident. Out of pure fear I limped into the kitchen corner completely helpless…

18My father walked over to me and began to take off his belt. “STAY AWAY FROM ME!” I screamed at last finding my voice as he drew near.

19Suddenly, the door was smashed open.

20“Excuse me, sir.” I could hear Travis’s voice say. “Can you please back away from my girlfriend?”

21I could not even describe the surge of emotions that overcame me the moment I saw him enter and walk towards us… Shock, embarrassment… happiness…

22“Ha.” my father scoffed while turning to face Travis. “I don’t know who you think you are kid… but you have no right to be here. So beat it, before I call the police. Or worse, before I make you leave myself.”

23“I have no intention of leaving without that girl.” Travis said. Hearing those words made my heart skip a beat. “So be it.” my father replied.

24He suddenly ran up towards Travis and went for a punch. Travis managed to block it skillfully.

25He then spun around and kicked my father right in the gut, sending him flying towards my direction.

26When my father landed beside me with a thud, he instantly lost consciousness. While I gazed at him, it felt as if my body was beginning to do the same. I felt my head getting dizzy… maybe it is due to the lack of sleep I’ve had, or maybe it’s a physical drain on my body due to all of the emotions that overcame me, or maybe it’s because my father hit me so hard he gave me a minor concussion and I am just beginning to feel the effects of it now. Whatever the reason, I was slipping.

27“GET OUT RIGHT NOW! BOTH OF YOU!” I could hear my mother scream upon laying eyes at my father.

28“Hey there.” Travis said cautiously while coming closer to me.

29He bent down and looked at me in the eyes. My vision was beginning to get blurry.

30“Kiara O’Neil. Would you like to accompany me out of here… for good?” he asked. He extended his hand, and with one last glance at my so called parents I decided to go with him… go and never come back. I reached for the hand he had held out.

31I think it was at that point that I slipped into a slight state of unconsciousness. All I remember was that I could feel him reach under me and carry me out of there.

32I could feel the tears I had been holding start to pour out at that moment. But this time they had a different meaning behind them… this feeling was of pure joy. “Thank you… I…I…” I was mumbling… and with that I fell asleep.

33“I know Kiara.” Travis replied.

34Later that morning I woke up. The brilliant sun was high up in the sky. It must be around noon time.

35I sat up and winced at the minor pain I felt in my ankle. I placed my hand around it and noticed that it was strikingly cold, as if someone had just taken ice off of it.

36The events in the last few hours replayed in my mind. I closed my eyes and thanked the Lord that Travis had been there to save me… Upon thinking about Travis I noticed that I was in his bedroom… in his shirt….

37He entered moments later and said, “Morning sunshine. Does your ankle feel okay? I put some ice on it because I noticed some swelling.”

38“Hey, you aren’t crying over there are you?” he said teasingly. “No, I am just thinking.” I said.

39“Well, stop thinking.” he said jokingly. He walked over and sat beside me on the bed.

40He wrapped his arm around me and I leaned onto his shoulder while he grabbed my hand. “How did you find me?…” I began. “Shhhh…” he said. “You need to rest for now. I promise to answer any questions you have later.”

41“All right…” I said in defeat… And with that, I fell back asleep in the comfort of his warm arms…

Thanks for reading! How do you think Travis managed to find Kiara? Feel free to leave me a comment~
xoxo Amy

4 thoughts on “Broken Chapter 13

  1. It’s sad that there are actual fathers like this. I’m relieved that she’s out of that house and away from the abuse she’s had to go through. I’m glad Travis sought her out and got her out of there in time. I really do hope she could put this behind her and move on.

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