Broken Chapter 14

1After I wake up for the second time, Travis treats me to a late lunch. When we finish eating and changing (into some spare clothes he went out to get me) he and I leave his estate and begin to walk back to my house to collect my things…

2“So how did you find me?” I ask as we descend the hilly slope. “Well…” he began.

3“After you pushed me and began to run towards your house, my immediate instinct was to follow you… but I noticed that you dropped your phone. After I had reached down to get it, I looked up and you were gone. So I called the first contact.”

4“It was Juliana who picked up I believe…” he continued. “She told me your address and explained a bit of your situation to me.”

5I stopped in my tracks. Juliana did?… But then… that means… she knows about me… my family… my living situation?!! I never told her about it. Does this mean that Mia knew too? My heart began to beat fast. Could Massie have told them?…

6“How much did she tell you?” I asked. “Enough.” he said. “But nothing I didn’t already know…” he added. What. “You see, Kiara… I’m a regular at that diner you work at, whenever I’m off of school. I guess I’ve never left much of an impression since you didn’t recognize me either times I spoke to you…” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “At first, I thought you were only working there part time for some change. I believed you were going to quit any day… but time after time I’d show up, and you’d be there. Always smiling, despite the rude treatment from guests or your boss. I kind of started to grow interested in you, but you always looked so exhausted and in a rush. I never got the chance to speak to you.” I was racking my brain trying to see if I could conjure Travis up from my memories… but to no avail. I’m always in a daze at work – a mixture of exhaustion and sleep deprivation.

7“I kind of looked you up after that” he continued… “My family has connections like that.” he added cautiously, not sure how I was taking the news. I wasn’t even sure how I was taking it… Should I be mad? Embarrassed? Flattered?  Surprisingly my first thought is that I should’ve had more faith in Travis. Here he is, knowing full well who I really am, and he’s not running. Not judging. “And well that brings us to now. Are you mad?” he asked. Was I? I figured I’d deal with his confession later. “Hardly, but I’d prefer we finished this conversation later.” I added. Right now something else was at the forefront of my mind. “Do you mind if I swing by Juliana’s place really quick?” I asked. “Of course not.” he said with a smile. Travis handed me back my phone and I gave Mia a call and told her and Juliana to meet me outside of Juliana’s house in 20 minutes.

8When we eventually reached Juliana’s house, she and Mia were standing outside bearing huge smiles at the sight of me. “So how long have you known?” I said. “A while now.” Mia said. This confirmed it, they both knew about my family’s circumstances… and yet they neither said anything nor treated me differently… Why did I needlessly worry? Fear. my mind rings out back at me.

9“How did you find out…” I began. “Kiara, let’s be straightforward here… you are our best friend. Did you really think that by constantly ‘forgetting’ your pajamas for sleepovers or leaving our houses early to help ‘your parents’ that we wouldn’t notice something was up?” Juliana said.

10I ran up to her and gave her a hug. “You guys are the best friends any girl could ask for.” “We figured you must’ve been having a hard time. We didn’t want to pressure you into telling us, so instead we just kept quiet hoping that you would tell us when you were ready…” Mia added.

11“Thanks.” I said with a smile. “That’s a wonderful boyfriend you have yourself there.” Juliana said while pointing to Travis.

12I turned and saw him standing in the distance, giving me some privacy to say my goodbyes. I smiled and turned back to my friends. “Yeah… I know.” I said with a smile. “He sounded so worried about you when he called.” Juliana said. “Glad everything turned out alright.” Mia added.

13“We wish you all the best…” Mia said while pulling me into a hug. “We are going to miss you!” she added. “Wait how do you know abou…” I began, I didn’t get to tell them that I was going yet. “Travis called again earlier while you were sleeping to thank me after he found you.” Juliana said.

14“He also happened to mention that you were going to be leaving.” Mia added. “If it’s what you want, and it’ll make you happier and healthier, go for it girl!” she squealed. “Be safe, be careful, and stay in touch!” Juliana said. “We love you!” Mia added. We all hugged together one last time before I pulled away with teary eyes. I am so lucky to have been able to surround myself with people that cared this much about me, and I was a fool to think they’d be so shallow and turn on me if I told them the truth. “Of course we are going to bother you in the future so don’t think is goodbye.” they said. “I’m counting on it.” I said with a smile…

15I had to make several more stops throughout the day, including the school to put in a transfer request, though Travis assured me I’d get in with my grades and his connections. The next stop was the diner where I worked part time. I turned in my letter of resignation and stepped out feeling like a giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I wasn’t sure if I was making the leap to quick, but one thing was for sure. There was nothing – is nothing – and will never be anything for me here, other than heartbreak and constant reminders of what I’m not. I’d rather take a gamble and discover what I can be.

16And Travis appears to be the one to help me do just that, seemingly knowing me for much longer than I’ve known him. Despite that, I feel, I know, I can trust him. And I do. I stepped out and saw that some girl had started to talk to Travis, who was waiting for me outside.

17“Come on, babe. How about we ditch this place and you come with me back to my house for some fun…” she said in a seductive voice.

18“Sorry, I have a girlfriend… Oh look, there she is now.” Travis said catching me walking out of the diner. He left the girl and walked over to me with a smile. The girl he was talking to scowled at me and stormed off angry and embarrassed. I couldn’t hide the content I felt at hearing Travis reject her like that.

19“How do you feel?” Travis said while placing his hand on my cheek. “Liberated.” I said with a smile. “Just one last stop to make…” he said looking directly into my eyes.

20“Yeah.” I said. “Thank you… For everything.” I said while placing my hand on his. “I couldn’t have done this without you.” I added. “That’s why I’m here.” he replied. “About that… Don’t think we aren’t going to continue that conversation later.” I said with a smile.” “I figured.” he replied with a smirk.

21We entered the house and found it deserted. My father was probably at the hospital due to his fight with Travis.

22After having a few minutes to collect my things and take one last look at the house, I stepped out with a smile.

23“I’m ready.” I said. This is it… the last time I was ever going to have to suffer any pain in this house.

24“You sure?” he said while walking over to me.

25“Positive.” I said.

26“Then I hope you are ready to be living with me from now on…” he began with a toothy smile.

27I cut him off with a sudden kiss. I couldn’t help it… the mix of all the emotions I was feeling inside suddenly came over me. Excitement, thankfulness, love…

28“Well that was unexpected.” he said with a smile. “Sorry…” I said with a giggle. “It’s just that, I can’t believe I have someone to take care of me the way you do.”

29“Kiara…” he said while taking me by the hand. “I’m your boyfriend. I fell for you long before I said hello, and for as long as we are together… I will always protect you.”

30Hearing those words made me feel a happiness I couldn’t even begin to describe. He then pressed his lips on mine and gave me another kiss.

31We loaded all of my things into the car and I took one last glance at the house… Travis took me by the hand and we began to walk away…

32That day that I have been dreaming of all these years… that day where I could walk out of this house and never look back was finally here… and I wouldn’t want to share this moment with anyone else…

This is where my life begins. One where I no longer need to put on a facade

End of Arc 1. Thanks for reading!  This Arc was entitled Facade in case you didn’t see it in the Table of Contents. You’ll be able to discern the different Arc’s with the styling of their covers/featured images. The chapters will be continue to be numbered chronologically, to avoid confusion, but the themes and plot points of the story will revolve around the Arc title. Thanks again for checking it out, I’m enjoying reposting these stories and rediscovering the story myself. Feel free to let me know what you think~
xoxo Amy

4 thoughts on “Broken Chapter 14

  1. This chapter was so sweet! (yep, I’ve returned to read Broken and the rest of the stories 😉)!
    I’m so glad for Kiara and Travis! And her friends were so supporting all this time, and now that she’s leaving..!
    But something is about to go horribly wrong, isn’t it? 😞

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love that there’s a deeper reason Travis pursued Kiara beyond just physical attraction. That insight into her character always smiling despite the rudeness of her guests/boss really gives more light into why Travis fell for her. I like that. It not only sheds light on Kiara herself but also on what kind of guy Travis is.

    I also love the kind of friendship she has with Juliana and Mia. Hopefully, she’ll keep in touch with them, and we’ll see more of them…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. *phew* the majority of me, whilst writing this, thought it was quite romantic, but a small part wasn’t sure if some might find it kinda sorta sketch how he was aware of who she was prior to making a move. But you hit the nail on the head with the feeling I was trying to get across in Travis’ explanation for approaching Kiara, as well as the kind of person Kiara is herself, so yay! :’) ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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