Broken Chapter 15

1After a short flight we landed in Bloomfield where Travis had a car waiting for us.

2We had changed and freshened up before heading to the airport and I had to say it was nice to be alone… just the two of us.

3The drive to the house from the airport was quite long, and Travis and I had managed to bring everything out in the open; he told me more about his family… I told him everything about me he didn’t already know, leaving nothing out. It was nice not to be burdened by false faces and secrets for once.

4And after what felt like an eternity he began turning into the driveway of his…

5… I mean our house…

6And can I just say… it looked magnificent.

7“Quite a few cars you got here…” I said with my eyes wide open in awe.

8“Yeah, I like to alternate so I don’t get bored. Here is where your car is going to be when you find something you like.” he said while gesturing to the empty parking spot.

9“Ha. After all this… after all you have done for me, you think you are going to spoil me with a car? No way Jose; if I am going to get a car it’s going to be from my own pocket. Got it?” I said sternly.

10“Yes ma’am.” he said while pulling me close. “Now how about I go and show you around the rest of the house.” he added with a smile.

11“Sure thing.” I said excitedly. After a quick peck on the lips, he lead the way to the stairs.

12I walked up and nearly gasped aloud at what I saw…

13To my left was an indoor gym with a view of the city…

14To the right an outdoor pool…

15Straight ahead was a kitchen, dining and living room area combined into one, which was with no exaggerations, larger than my entire previous house.

16“Wow…” I said in awe. “You haven’t even seen the half of it yet.” he said with a grin. “Come on.” He pulled me along to another flight of stairs.

17When we reached the top I noticed a little area for playing chess and another great view of the city. The entire house had a nice elegant-chic style to it.

18To the right I noticed a little cozy TV set with an entire half-wall running alongside it, allowing a view of the rest of the house below.

19We continued to walk and I noticed a gaming area surrounded by windows and bright colors. “My goodness.” I exclaimed. “What?” he said with a laugh. “Up until now I have been living alone. I had to keep myself occupied somehow.”

20He led me through more hallways and into the patio area outside. Looks like he has enjoyed a few parties here and there. “Don’t give me that face.” he said with a smirk. “I haven’t used it yet, honest!” “I find that hard to believe.” I replied with a smile.

21He showed me his study area with yet another serene color scheme and beautiful view.

22At last he led me back down to the ground floor and outside to get a breath of air, after passing through a maze of bedrooms and bathrooms… It’ll be a miracle for me to not get lost within these first few days.

23“So what do you think?” he asked with a grin. “It all feels so surreal.” I said in a daydream. Who would’ve thought that a girl like me, who had almost nothing, could be standing at place like this, living in a place like this…

24“That area down below is also part of our property.” he said matter-of-factly. “You mean the beach?” I said in shock while taking a better look at the stretch of sand. “Yup.” he replied. Is there anything this place didn’t have? “Come on in, let’s eat.” he said, dragging me back from my reverie.

25He hopped onto the counter and pulled me into a hug. “You’ve been awfully quiet.” he said.

26“I’m just taking it all in.” I said. “Well take it in faster; you are no fun when you’re all quiet like this.” he said with a grin, giving me another quick peck on the lips.

27“Alright, I will.” I said with a laugh. I tilted my head onto his chest and closed my eyes breathing in the scent of his cologne. Looks like this new chapter of my life was about to begin…


31After a nice home cooked lunch we made together. Travis and I went to sit by the large glass windows and I continued to stare in awe at the remarkable view. ..

29“So what would you like to do now?” he asked me. To be honest… there are probably a million things I could suggest from site seeing to shopping… “Ummm.” I paused to yawn.

30“I’d honestly just like to take a rest… the trip here was not a short one. And you’re probably more exhausted than me.” I said.

31“Haha, agreed.” he said also pausing to yawn himself. “The city isn’t going to be going anywhere, we can go explore at any other time. Follow me.”

33“Since the other room isn’t quite done yet we are going to be using this one. Sorry if it’s too plain.” “Are you kidding?” I said interrupting him. “I love it;  blue is my favorite color.”“Alright then. I am going to take a shower, feel free to go and grab anything you need or do anything you’d like.” he said while entering the restroom, after leading me into the room.

34“Sure.” I said while staring out the window.

35After I heard the door click behind me I began to panic. Wait… so did this mean that we were going to be sleeping here… together… I mean I have feelings for Travis but I’m not so sure I’m ready for that kind of… But it would be awkward if we slept in different rooms… Ack! Maybe I am the only one overthinking this…

36I went to the restroom down the hall and showered there, taking all the time in the world. After I had changed and re-entered the bedroom, Travis had already fallen asleep atop the sheets.

37I looked down at him with a smile… this was going to take some getting used to.

38I walked over to the bed on the side opposite him and laid down as remotely far away from him as possible. Well it is the first night… don’t want to rush and make things awkward.

39As I began to fall into a deeper and deeper sleep my body was subconsciously turning towards Travis as if there was some kind of gravitational pull leading me there. And I could feel his arm reach around me to pull me closer.

40I eventually fell asleep in the comfort of his warm embrace.

Thanks for reading! We’ve officially entered the second arc. Apologies if you got bored through this chapter; I just wanted to show off the new house since it took a lot of work. Feel free to let me know what you thought~
xoxo Amy

5 thoughts on “Broken Chapter 15

    1. It was one of my favorite lots ever :’) Which explains the excessive screenshots I took at the time I first wrote this all those years ago, lol, I couldn’t get over the view and interior – I recall spending more time decorating the place than writing the chapter XD And living together definitely is taking the next step in any relationship for sure, thanks for reading!

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    1. I remember being so impressed with the house/location when I first saw it, and then of course I spent additional hours adding a whole bunch of little details with all the new content from the expansion, haha

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  1. The house is awesome! He really is loaded… Whoa! I’m glad that she has this break, this chance to start anew. Hopefully, more good things happen to her.

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