Broken Chapter 18

Screenshot-57.5“Who’s that?” I asked as I broke away from Travis. “That… is Olivia.” he said uneasily. I didn’t like the sound of his tone.

Screenshot-59The brunette strutted in and the atmosphere changed instantly…

Screenshot-60Ryan and Carly began to rise and ceased their dancing.

Screenshot-61Odette placed the microphone down and stepped of the stage… It looked as if the party was over.

Screenshot-63Moments later we were all standing outside. “Sorry for the sudden shift in plans again…” Travis began. “I told everyone it would be okay if we went back to our place.” I liked the sound of that… our place.

Screenshot-64“I am going to go and get some things for the house, Ryan is going to give you girls a ride back. Is that alright?” he asked. “Sure.” I said. I mean it’s not like I could say no in this particular situation.

Screenshot-68“You’re the best.” he said while kissing me on the lips.

Screenshot-70“See you back at the house!” he said before turning and walking towards the car. “You two are too cute!” Bethany squealed.

Screenshot-72“Thanks…” I said uneasily as I stared at Travis get into his car and drive off.

Screenshot-74“Come on, let’s go!” Ryan said. Bethany made me feel more at ease as she linked arms with me and walked with me to the car.



Shortly after arriving back at the house, everyone immediately began to make themselves feel right at home. Ryan began a fire in the pit and we all sat around. And Travis said he hadn’t used this place before. As if. 

Screenshot-76“I’m glad Travis has a girl like you to keep him company now.” Ryan said with a smile. He sounded honest and sincere; his approval made me smile back in return.

Screenshot-78“What is this I hear about me?” Travis said as he slipped into the chair beside me.

Screenshot-80“They aren’t ruining my image are they?” he said with a smile.

Screenshot-82“Haha, not yet… Why, is there something I should be worried about?” I replied with a giggle. “But of course!” Carly chimed in. “Let us tell you about his junior high days…” Ryan began. “Oh no.” Travis mumbled while closing his eyes.

Screenshot-83As the stories were told in turn Odette left to go and sing…

Screenshot-87Ryan joined her at the DJ booth, playing various tracks for her.

Screenshot-88I noticed the new girl, Olivia, didn’t come join us, so while Travis and Carly began to argue about the way a particular past event went down, I went to her.

Screenshot-89“Oh…” she said upon my arrival. “It’s you.”

Screenshot-90“Hi, I’m Kiara.” I said, as politely as I could manage.

Screenshot-91“I know very well who you are.” she said sharply. “I guess your style isn’t that bad…” she said eying me up and down. “Thanks… I guess.” I said uneasily.

Screenshot-92I looked at her more closely, and noticed she had brilliant gray eyes, plump lips and a toned body. She looked like an air brushed model straight out of a magazine. “Well? Are you going to grab a drink or stare at me all day like some perv?” she snapped. “Sorry…” I said while quickly going down.

Screenshot-93I got up and reached for a glass. After I lifted it up I noticed it was an alcoholic beverage. I don’t drink. “Oh… um… I don’t dr…” I began to say aloud. When she looked at me with a raised eyebrow and scoffed I stopped myself from finishing my sentence and said never mind. Last thing I needed was to give her a worse impression of me.

Screenshot-94“Well? Aren’t you going to tell me how it tastes?” she said annoyed. “Yeah…” I said uneasily. “Well, go on, then. Drink up.” she said with the same cold tone. I pressed the cup against my lip, the smell was strong…

Screenshot-96I took a sharp inhale through my nose and let the smell consume me.

Screenshot-97I then lifted the glass, tilted my head back, and took a huge gulp.

Screenshot-98As I forced the drink down my throat, I felt a sharp burning sensation.

Screenshot-99“What? Is that all you are going to drink?” she said unimpressed. “I don’t get what Travis sees in you considering you can’t even finish that.” she continued.

Screenshot-100Angry at her remark, I lifted the drink back up to my lips and with a deep breath, finished the whole thing ignoring the pain.

Screenshot-101As I slammed the glass on the table I began to feel a weird sensation in my head. My vision began to blur and there was a deep burning feeling in my gut. Suddenly… everything went dark.

Hey guys~ So guess what? This is the last chapter of Broken that I had initially published give or take 5 years ago. I know. I’m the worst. I had the rest of the story planned out but I never got the time to take the screenshots and write the pages of text needed.

At the time this story was being written I held a contest for the readers to contribute characters they wanted included in the growing cast. There was a total of 3 winners, but I only ever got to announce one – this being the last chapter and all – and Olivia was one of those creations. The first contest winner had the username: iheartsims312345. Figured I’d mention it again here should they ever stumble upon this repost. Hopefully Olivia fit the profile they had in mind, I did my best to stick to all the descriptions provided in the contest entry post. 

Lastly, this brings the question, would you like me to return to  my writer’s desk and finish the story, or would you rather I begin reposting some of my other works (which are also incomplete)? As of now my intention is to continue reposting but you can leave a comment below letting me know your choice. My writing skills are a bit rusty, but I wouldn’t mind returning to it should any of you be interested.

Thanks for reading this chapter, as well as my long post afterwards 🙂
Take care!
xoxo Amy

7 thoughts on “Broken Chapter 18

  1. Oooh, I knew that girl was bad news!
    If you ever feel inclined to continue this story, I’d definitely read it! I love those kind of stories: the innocent girl getting mixed with the rich city boy and all of his not so innocent crew..! 😉 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much for catching up with it ❤ This story was one of my favorites to write (though I love all my stories in different ways) this genre is one of my guilty pleasures and I hope to one day finish it… *sigh* I had such big plans for it too since I held a character contest at the time I was writing it and got so many wonderful submissions (which I also touched on in the chapter)… One day, I suppose 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. What the heck???
    It ended on the biggest cliffhanger! -___- Man, I knew Olivia was going to put something nasty in that drink, with how persistent she was. Kiara, you should have just gone away with how rude she was! What was Olivia doing there at the party anyways? I didn’t get the impression that she was friends with any of them…
    I hope you can continue this story someday! Meanwhile, off to start a new one 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, I knowwww XD
      From what I recall she was friends with the group at one point in time, but there were several things that went down that caused a rift – she doesn’t hang with them much anymore but decided to this time because she was curious about Kiara. Her backstory was partially written by the person who submitted her to my story contest at the time, so if I ever get back to this, I’ll have to re-visit that entry post. Thanks for reading~

      Liked by 1 person

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