Harmonious Chapter 1

***author’s note: this story was formerly called ‘Love Quest’ & it’s the second story I plan on reposting~ enjoy ***

1Tyler’s Point of View
“TYLER! TYLER! TYLER!” I hear the screaming fans chanting my name in the crowd. Another day… Another concert… “Hello L.A are you ready to rock?!!!” “YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” The crowd screams in response. “Then let the show begin!”

2Annabelle’s Point of View
“Tiffany! Come back!” I whispered. We were so going to get in trouble… “Oh lighten up Ann! Come here, I think the security guard is distracted!” Tiffany, my best friend, has dragged me out to downtown L.A to see some concert of a guy we’ve never heard of. We just arrived here together a week ago to begin our summer vacation. Leave it to her to already find all the hot-spots… Anyway this rocker had a sold out show and Tiffany managed to find this restricted side door and now wants me to follow her in while it’s unattended.

3We entered the room, and I have to tell you it was quite a site… so many instruments. “Hey Tiff, I think this is a restricted storage room for the props for the stage…” I said.

4I couldn’t help but smile. I was a sucker for music. I love to sing, but the piano is my best friend.

5I was drifting off to a daydream when Tiffany said “Hey Annabelle… LOOK!”

6“A piano! A grand one too… Play it for me please!” she pleaded. “No! Are you crazy, what if someone hears and then finds us!” I replied, though the thought of playing it was so tempting… “Come on, you know you want to! Plus everyone is at the concert and that noise will probably drown out this one… We’ll be fine, I’ll even lock the door! Pleeeeease!!!”

7Tiffany loved it when I played the piano for her, she especially liked it when I sang while playing too. Ever since we were kids she would sit beside me and hum along to the melody… And since it was a beautiful piano I gave in and began to sing and play an original composition.

8Tyler’s Point of View
“Thanks L.A. You ROCK!!!” I said my thanks and goodbyes to the crowd and went out the backdoor to meet up with Leo.

9“Hey man great show, as usual. High five!” Leo said. I high-fived him. Leo was my best friend since grade school, he – unlike all my other ‘friends’ – didn’t treat me any different after I became famous, which is why our friendship has lasted so long.

10“Thanks man…” I replied. “So the night is still young, what do you want to do?” I asked. “How about we go clubbing later… It is only like 5 o’clock. We can go back to our place, change, and then go to the club at 9. I bet you we’ll find some hot girls.” he replied. “Sure, whatever…” I said. It’s not that I don’t like to go out with Leo, it’s just when it comes to girls… Well… All of them are just with me or are into me because I’m famous… For once I want a girl to be with me, for ME. Not as Tyler the star, but as Tyler the guy who just loves music…

11As I began chatting with Leo on the way to our limo, I was distracted by the most beautiful sound…

12“Hey do you hear that?” I asked. “It sounds like someone is singing…” he replied. “And it’s coming from the storage room.” I added. We tried to open the door but it was locked. Leo went to find the man in charge of the keys, and I walked around to peer in the window.

13And there I saw her… A girl with the most angelic voice I have ever heard. She was playing beautifully and I was completely in awe.

14Annabelle’s Point of View
I let my heart out into the song… I felt so good. The piano was magnificent and right now I was in my own world.

15“Girl you are amazing!” Tiffany cooed. “I keep telling you that you should try out for a talent competition! You could totally win and become famous!!!” she kept on talking but I was too focused on my music to care. What broke my flow of thoughts was when she said…

16Tyler’s Point of View
At first all I could see was her… I didn’t notice she had someone else with her in the room until I heard someone say, “Uh-oh…” I couldn’t see this other person because the glass of the window obstructed my view. I knocked on the door lightly. “Hello?” I called. “Can you open the door?” It was worth a shot since I had already blown my cover. The girl immediately stopped playing the piano and I heard hushed voices inside.

17Annabelle’s Point of View
“Tiff, what do we do?” I whispered as I began to get up. “Umm, hold on. I am thinking…” she replied. “I knew this was a bad idea!” I whispered ferociously. “Hey there is a window over here we can climb out!” she said quickly while rushing to open it. “Isn’t that a bit childish…” I began, but I was interrupted at the sound of more men and jingling keys coming down the hall.

18We hopped out of the window and began to run just as the door opened behind us… Unexpectedly, the person who opened the door began to do the same. But being on the cross country team throughout our four years of high school Tiffany and I managed to escape… Barely…

19Tyler’s Point of View
The girls jumped out of the window and were running. All I could do was follow… I at least needed to see her face if I couldn’t get her name… “Wait!” I called out. Maybe they got the wrong idea. But boy, those girls could run… I lost them in an instant.

20In the short time I heard her, the mystery singer managed to entrance me. I silently made a vow to try and find her again.

Thanks for reading! I’ve decided to continue on my posting spree as opposed to completing the stories I’ve been posting, so sorry about that. If you really would rather I finish them first let me know and I wouldn’t mind returning to the writing board. This story is a bit different than my others since it’s written from different characters’ point of view. Hope you like it~
xoxo Amy

6 thoughts on “Harmonious Chapter 1

  1. Camp Rock vibes! Haha… Joe Jonas is now the background music of my mind: “You’re the voice I hear inside my head, the reason why I’m singing. I need to find yoooouuuuu! I gotta find you…”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG haha this story is even older than Broken and I never even thought of Camp Rock –
      despite LOVING it when it came out – while writing it. Now that you’ve mentioned it I totally see the similarities lmao. I must’ve been subconsciously influenced in my attempts to exploit my (at the time) new expansion pack XD

      Liked by 1 person

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