Harmonious Chapter 2

1Annabelle’s Point of View
“I cannot believe that you got us almost arrested!” I said as we sat back in our room in the house we rented for the rest of the summer. “Hey…” she said in between giggles. “You agreed, and how do you know it was an officer behind us? It could have been someone else! I mean, it is not like we checked or anything…” she said jokingly.

2“Sure, whatever you say…” I said sarcastically.

3“If I asked you to do something daring like that with me again… Would you?” she said with a devilish smile.

4“Hmmmm…. Yes, I definitely would.” I replied.

5“Then change back into your clothes, we are going site seeing!” she said happily. “Oh joy…” I replied with a giggle.

Tyler’s Point of View
I need to find her… but how… “Helllloooooo?” Leo said, breaking my train of thought. “Yeah?” I replied. “Are you even listening?” he asked. “Ummmm… Sorry man, it’s just…” I began. “That girl again?” he said, finishing my sentence for me. “Yes.” I said. This girl… I needed to find her, or at least get her name, see her face… anything.

7“That is it man! You are dwelling on this too much! For all you know she could be a married old lady with like 6 kids!” he said. “Well if she is, and I seriously doubt that, but if she is, I would still want to talk to her.” I answered. “She had…” I began. “The voice of an angel… Yeah, yeah, yeah… You said that already.” he said. “Come on.” he added while rising. “Where are we going?” I asked. “To cure you of your obsession. There are other fish in the sea!” he said as he gestured to the mighty blue water behind him, and dragged me off into the Underground Subway.

86:00 p.m. | Downtown | Fountain

7:27 p.m. | City Outskirts | Bridge 

108:11 p.m. | Movie Lots | Downtown
Annabelle’s Point of View
“Well as fun as this has been. I’m exhausted.” I said.  “Oh no, you’re not.” Tiffany responded. “There’s still one thing left on my list for today.” “It’s not like we are leaving soon. We are gonna be here all summer.” I replied while nudging her shoulder. “Trust me, to see and do everything we need to before we leave, you are just going to have to trust me on this.” she said with a wink. “Alright.” I said in defeat. “Where to next?”

11Tyler’s Point of View
“Just leave everything to me! Trust me, you are going to have a blast, meet a hottie, and forget all about that piano girl…” Leo said. “I don’t want to forget her though…” I replied. “Ok, let me reword that then. How about, ‘take your mind off of’ that piano girl. Better?” he said. “Much.” I said with a smile as I followed him into the elevator.

12“I can’t believe I didn’t even find out her name!” I said as I beat myself over the head.

13“Oh boy… Looks like this will take some work…” Leo said with a sigh. And with that the elevator doors shut.

14Annabelle’s Point of View
“How did you even find this place?” I asked. After our day of site seeing, Tiffany and I had showered and glammed up, before catching a cab to this last place on her list for the day. “Shhh, you are going to make us look like tourists.” she said. “But we are tourists!” I said back. “Hey, just follow my lead. I read that this is one of the hottest clubs in town!” she said reassuringly.

15Somehow I wasn’t feeling reassured.

Tyler’s Point of View
“Dude it is 9:30 and there isn’t anyone I am interested in… Can we go now?” I asked. “NO! Can you stop being negative. How about you stop being blind, and actually open your eyes! I mean just look at the bar tender, she is pretty hot.” Leo said. When I didn’t reply he took me by my hand and dragged me to the restroom.

17“I doubt using the bathroom is going to make me change my mind.” I said teasingly. “A-ha-ha” he said sarcastically. “Very funny… This is where you are going to change out of those clothes into the threads I bought you.”

18A few moments later we were out of the bathroom in our new clothes and back into the club. More people had arrived and Leo was getting excited.

19“Hey bartender, drinks for everyone on me.” Leo said. Everyone in the club cheered.

20As the bartender was making the drinks, she was being so flirtatious I had to hide my laughs as coughs to keep from embarrassing her.

21Annabelle’s Point of View
“Please?” I said. Despite all of our preparations and a 20 minute taxi ride to get here, the security guard was telling us this place was for V.I.P’s only.

22“Step aside rookie.” Tiffany said as she went to the guard.

23She began to take out money… No way! She was going to try and bribe our way in?!! As if that was going to wor…

“I can’t believe that worked!” I said. “You need to have a little more faith in me!” she said as if she was slightly insulted that I was shocked. “Did you think that I would drag you out here without a fool-proof way to get in?” Before I could answer a guy came up and offered to buy Tiffany a drink, so I decided to go and sit down.

25Tiffany was already getting popular with the guys, one in particular. I didn’t want to be rude and stare at them so I glanced around the club to see all the people dancing…

26But pretty soon they went to the dance floor too so I couldn’t stare there either. They seem to get along. Ok, ok I am done sneaking glances.

27Tiffany’s Point of View
My new acquaintance Leo went to get me a drink, I took it at first but gave it back so I could check on Annabelle. “Sorry Leo, could you excuse me for a sec. I need to check on my friend.” “Sure, no prob. Actually I think that I should be checking on my friend too. He disappeared on me.” “Ok, so I will meet you back here in 10?” I asked. “Sounds good.” he said as he left.

28Annabelle Marie Gray you are so dead! I bring her out here to have fun and what does she do? Sit and stare at people from afar. I need to give her a piece of my mind!

29I came and sat beside her. “Are you out of your mind? What do you think you are doing! We are at the hottest club in town and you are sitting on your bum staring! You are going to get up right now!” I said. “What do you want me to do?” she asked innocently. “Have fun…” an idea just flickered into my head. “Look the DJ is taking a break, how about you go and play a song…”

30Tyler’s Point of View
“You’re not having fun.” Leo said while coming up behind me. “Yes, I am.” “Being alone is not considered a form of fun in my book.” he countered, now grabbing my arm. “Come on, just come in. There is a girl in a pretty girl in a purple dress that is all alone too. You two can talk…” “No thanks…” I cut him off.

31He dropped his hand that was tugging on my arm, and left. I think I hurt his feelings, considering he left his fun in an attempt to get me to have some of my own. It’s okay I’ll make up for it later…

32It’s just, I don’t want to be with anyone right now, especially with all those doe-eyed girls that were getting a bit too grabby earlier.

33Annabelle’s Point of View
“You sure I should do this?” I said to Tiffany who was walking towards her partner from earlier. “Yeah go for it! Play something slow.” she said with a wink. “Alright…” I said, and on that note I began to play…

34I began to play my composition from earlier, and again I got absorbed by the melody and poured my soul into the song.

35Couples from all around walked onto the dance floor and began to slow dance. I saw even Tiffany let this new man put his arms on her waist as they swayed to the music…

36Tyler’s Point of View
Wait… Could it be… That melody, that voice…

37It sounds all too familiar…

Thanks for reading! Feel free to let me know what you think~ In case you were wondering: yes, you shall delve into more character point of view’s outside of the 2 protagonists.
xoxo Amy

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