Harmonious Chapter 3

1Tiffany’s Point of View
“Hey, how about I take you somewhere secret…” Leo said. “Hmmm…” I began. After glancing at Annabelle to make sure she was having fun, I figured why not. A few minutes away wouldn’t hurt. “Sure.” and with that Leo took my hand and led me upstairs.

2Tyler’s Point of View
Should I go and look? I don’t want to needlessly get my hopes up, but you’ll never know unless you try…

3Hey the music stopped… I guess it’s now or never.

4Leo’s Point of View
Tyler would not believe me if I told him where I was right now. With a beautiful girl, who appears to like me and is seemingly unaware of the fact I am Tyler’s friend… Does she even know Tyler… “Is something wrong?” she said. “Ummm no why?” I replied quickly. “Because you have been staring at me like that for a while, and you haven’t said anything since you brought me up here.” She giggled. Uh-oh, was I staring that obviously…

5“Hahahah, sorry about that… I just zoned out that’s all” I lied smoothly. “Alright…” she began, seeming to believe my lie. “Then would you mind telling me where we are, and what this little contraption is?” she asked. “Well as for where we are, we are in the V.I.P’s lounge, and as for what this machine is, well just watch.”

6I stared at her angelic face as she laughed and smiled at the glowing lights and bubbles coming out of the machine.

7“Is it too childish?” I said. The last thing I needed was for her to think I was some silly little kid.

8“Are you kidding?” she laughed. “It’s amazing!” Pinch me. This girl, who is not only extremely beautiful but funny and an excellent dancer, has managed to cross my path. It’s nearly too good to be true. But before my thoughts could trail any further… her phone rang.

9“Sorry” she exclaimed as she got up. “I’ll be right back, I have to take this.” she added. “Take your time…” I replied. I needed some time to collect my thoughts anyway.

10Tiffany’s Point of View
No way! Is that Ashley Smithson, the legendary rocker?!! Wait Tiffany… focus… I need to answer my cell first.

11Hmmm… Maybe I can get her autograph later….

12I answered as soon as I entered the restroom.

15Tyler’s Point of View
Alright, this is my chance…

16I am going to get to see her face, the face of my mystery girl.

Wait a second… That’s not her, I hope…

13Tiffany’s Point of View
“Hey Tiffany… Yeah I kind of need you to meet me outside.” It’s Annabelle.
Like, outside the door?
“No, outside the club…”
“Why? What happened, are you ok?!” I haven’t even been gone that long and this girl has sauntered off to trouble.

14“Hahaha… umm yeah, um, can you just meet me. It’s not serious, Bye!” and on that note, she hung up.
Great… and during my wonderful date too…

18Tyler’s Point of View
Nope, definitely not her… That’s what I get for keeping my hopes up… Man, I for sure thought I heard her. I must be hallucinating after thinking of her so much today.

19Tiffany’s Point of View
“Leo!” I called out. “I have to go, where are you?”

20“Over here!” he called back. “Is something wrong?” “Yes and no. My friend needs me. I have to go. Sorry.”  “As long as this isn’t goodbye for good… I’ll let you go.” he said with a grin. “Just let me give you something before you leave.”

21Before I knew what was going on I felt Leo pull my arm and gently place his lips on mine…

22And he kissed me for what felt like an eternity, and I enjoyed every second of it.

Well did you think they were going to meet so soon? Of course, not :p Thanks for reading! Feel free to let me know what you think~

xoxo Amy

2 thoughts on “Harmonious Chapter 3

    1. Haha I remember dragging out their first encounter for the longest whilst writing this XD
      This was one of those rare occasions where I had a love-line outside of the main characters since I had intended for all four of them to be nearly equally important and *plot twist* I ended up liking them more than Ty and Anna while writing the story… *shame on me* :p


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