Harmonious Chapter 4

23Tiffany’s Point of View
I felt my cheeks turn slightly red, and I knew that it would be best if I left before I got too carried away. On the elevator on the way down I noticed that when Leo pulled my arm he slipped a small note into my hand, and in it was his number.

24I finally arrived outside and saw Annabelle, the reason my date came to its end, but I was too happy to be mad, and besides I needed an explanation anyway. “Hello. Explain!” I said, while approaching. “Well, if you really want to know…” she began

“I was playing on the piano and singing, even after you and your mysterious date left…”

26“However a security guard outside noticed my voice wasn’t the same as the man they hired to play.”

27“He said ‘Excuse me miss can you come here for a second’ and before I could say anything he grabbed me by the waist and threw me out…”

28“I’d rather not go into any more details…” she said scrunching her face at the memory. “Alright” I giggled. “How was your date?” she said as she nudged me with her arm. “It was good” I said.

29“I expect more of an explanation, but you can tell me on the way home.” she said with a smile. And with that I followed her out to catch a cab.

30Tyler’s Point of View | Tyler & Leo’s House

“I don’t know what to say man… I think I am slowly descending towards insanity…” I said. Leo just laughed and asked, “And why is that?”

32“Well, I thought that girl from earlier, who broke into the music room, was at the club. I could have sworn I heard her, but all I saw was…” rather than tell Leo of my embarrassing encounter with the club pianist I decided to end the story there.

33“Man, there were many girls at the club, you probably confused one of them with her, it’s not like you even know her name or face anyway. I on the other hand found a girl who is not only funny, but she likes me for me and is incredibly hot. Maybe you should get some sleep now, and tomorrow I’ll take you somewhere else to find yourself a girlfriend, too.”

34“Yeah man, whatever.” I said. I was too tired to argue and who knows maybe this outing with Leo wouldn’t be so bad. I just peeled off my shirt and hopped into bed. After a moment I said, “Too?” repeating his words from earlier. “The girl you met today hardly counts.” “It’s only a matter of time.” he replied with a smirk. “Night.”

35Annabelle’s Point of View
“And then he kissed me!” Tiffany squealed in delight, after retelling me everything that happened on her date with Leo. “Wow! And you got his number too?” I asked.

36“Yeah, he slipped it into my hand!” she said happily. “How romantic.” I said. Tiffany never had much issues getting along with people, or guys for that matter.

3930 minutes later we were back in our temporary room, and changed into our P.J’s. “What’s this?” I asked approaching her picnic setup on the floor of our bedroom.

38“Well since you got us kicked out of that club so fast we didn’t get the chance to eat there. And I had this packed for our site seeing tour earlier but we didn’t have time. So this is killing two birds with one stone.” “Alright, why not.” I said while sitting across from her. I hate wasting, and I am quite hungry.

37“Hey tomorrow I am going to take you somewhere else so you can find yourself a boyfriend too!” she said in delight. “Leo isn’t your boyfriend Tiff, you’ve known him a day!” I said jokingly. Yeah you’re right he isn’t … yet.” she winked. “Whatever.” I said while getting up. “Can we get to sleep, I am beyond exhausted. You have had us up and about all day!” I reminded her. “Alright, alright!” Tiffany said.

40“Night Tiff.”
“Night Ann.”
And out went the lights.

Thanks for reading! If this appeared a bit shorter than other chapters, that’s because this was initially apart of chapter 3 but I split it because they seemed entirely too long altogether. Take care!
xoxo Amy

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