Harmonious Chapter 5

1Tyler’s Point of View | Tyler & Leo’s House

2I woke up to the sound of Leo opening and closing his closet doors. I decided it was time I got out of bed as well, so I hopped up and brushed off some lint on my shorts.

3“Yo, you want to come to the gym with me?” Leo asked. “No thanks. What time is it anyway?” I replied plainly. “It’s just after two in the afternoon.”

4Woah, have we been sleeping that long? “I’m fine, I’ll just stick around and listen to music.” I said as I walked towards my CDs. “Ok, but you are looking a little pudgy, how are you going to impress girls if you don’t work out?” he attempted to guilt me into it. I decided I’d drop him off at the gym then go for a little walk around town. “Ok fine, let’s go…” I said, and once I changed we were out.

5Annabelle’s Point of View 
“Woah!” Tiffany said. “What?” I replied alarmed at her sudden gasp. “You aren’t going to wear that, are you?”

6“Are you serious?” I replied. “Here, you can wear my new outfit.” she said as she pulled out some clothes from her drawer. “And let me do your hair!” she said cheerfully. I closed my eyes and let out a sigh.

7About half an hour later, a taxi dropped us off at the gym on 26th Street. Tiffany wanted to work out at the gym. I, on the other hand, wanted to go and look for a good bookstore, but she insisted that even while walking around town I needed to look my best so she barbie’d me up before we left. We decided to meet up after a few hours so Tiffany could take me out to wherever else she had in mind.

8“Ok, remember. Always smile, and strut your stuff while you walk.” Tiffany was whispering some “advice” in my ear before we parted ways.

9“Oh, shut up and just go.” I said as I laughed and pushed her away.

10Tiffany’s Point of View
“Ok, ok… fine I’ll go” I said. “But, really you look good! I’m a miracle worker.” And with that last comment I walked into the fitness center.

11It was cold inside and smelled like lavender. There were fountains leading up to an elevator which I hoped would take me to the running machines.

12When I got off on the 11th floor it was quiet and people who I assumed came here regularly were doing their business silently.

13I found a machine that was unoccupied and began to do my work out while watching some TV.

14A woman came next to me and placed her speed 3 bars higher than mine. And since I am a naturally competitive person I increased mine. Before I knew it we were sprinting and increasing our speeds back and forth…

15Until we got so fast, she fell. Victory! I giggled to myself, and asked the woman if she needed any help, she refused and walked off angrily. I waited until she was out of sight to laugh out loud.

16Annabelle’s Point of View
My original plan was to go to a book store, but my new plan was to find a clothing store and fast. I did like the fact that Tiffany was trying to help me out, but the shirt she gave me was too low cut and the shorts too short. Overall, an outfit I would never wear on my own.

17So I began to look at the city metro route seeing which one could take me to a clothing store so that I could get a long coat or anything to cover this up.

18Tyler’s Point of View | Downtown Gym

“You sure you aren’t coming?” Leo asked me once last time. I don’t know why he was insisting so much, I mean I wasn’t out of shape… yet. “No man, you go and enjoy yourself.” “Ok, but I expect you to have at least one girl’s phone number by the time I am done, if not, then I will take you out like I promised yesterday.” he waved and left. I sighed and turned around. I noticed a truck was selling food nearby.

20I would normally walk by these things, but I instead decided to – for the first time ever – order a burrito. Why not? It’s not like I have anything else to do, and I was kind of hungry. Leo’s comments nearly halted me, but like I said… I wasn’t out of shape… yet.

21With my luck, after the first 3 bites, a huge burst of hot sauce spilt onto my shirt. Great… “I need to find a clothing store and change before anyone recognizes me.” I mumbled to myself.

22Leo’s Point of View
The gym was chilly, as always. I began to think about Tiffany. Would calling her now be too soon?

23Whatever, I have time to think about that later… I pressed my floor and made my way up to the weight room, following my normal routine.

24I chose the machine with the best view of the city, and sitting under magnificent L.A sunlight, I began to do my reps.

25Annabelle’s Point of View
“This store looks expensive… maybe I should try another…” I was deliberating quietly whether I should enter this little corner boutique I found. “Should I… Should I not…”

26Tyler’s Point of View
“Great… Just what I needed, a stain… I hope I just make it to the store before any paparazzi discover me in this state…” I walked on moaning to myself when I noticed something… or someone, rather.

27There in the distance, across the street there was a girl, I couldn’t make out her face because she was facing the glass doors. But for some reason she seemed familiar… Maybe a past fan or a friend of Leo’s?… The thought that she could be the girl from yesterday would be a stretch, but it crossed my mind anyway. However, I’ve learned my lesson about false hope. I decided to call out to her and have a quick chat anyway.

28Annabelle’s Point of View
“HEY!” a man’s voice called out to me. I turned around and saw a very attractive guy, who looked about my age walking up to me. I checked my lip gloss, and brushed off some loose strings from my shorts before he made his way across the street.

29Tyler’s Point of View
“Hey. Do you by any chance…” I began my sentence but was cut off by this sharp pain in my stomach. Are you kidding me? There must have been a reason I’ve avoided those food trucks subconsciously. My stomach began to toss and turn, I scrunched my face and prayed that I did not throw up… to my surprise the pain faded and I began my conversation again.

30“Are you ok?” her soft voice asked. “Yeah, I’m fine… Sorry about that.”

31To my surprise, she didn’t scream my name… or acknowledge me altogether. I figured she must be new around town… “Are you new around here?” I asked. “That obvious huh?” she said with a smile. “But how did you know?”

32“Well, actually I…” that was it, my will power just happened to give up at that moment and the next thing I knew, my stomach was forcing fluids back up my throat….

33And out of my mouth onto the young lady in front of me… Great… Just great…

Thanks for reading! Talk about a great first impression^^ Feel free to let me know what you thought~
xoxo Amy

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