Harmonious Chapter 7

1Annabelle’s Point of View
After taking me to some places that Tiffany hadn’t dragged me to yet, Tyler decided to show me a beach right on the outskirts of town. I guess now I have some spots up my sleeve that I can take her to.

2It had a clear view of the sunset… it was beautiful, and utterly spectacular.

3I walked to the nearest bench and sat down. Tyler joined me. “It’s beautiful!” I exclaimed. “Yeah… It is…” I wasn’t a mind reader but it sounded like he wasn’t talking about the sunset…

4“So, are you hungry?” he asked. I nodded slowly. “Great, because I know just the place, and if we hurry we can make it before it gets too crowded.” he said as he grabbed me by the hand and began walking to the parking lot.

5After a short drive, we arrived at this hotel downtown. It had a restaurant that was called Marina on its rooftop.

6Seems my new acquaintance, Tyler, was going out of his way to try and make up for earlier, though I already told him I was fine a million times.

7Some people began to dance to the music that was playing as the waiter led us to our seats, and took our order.

8“So…” he began. “How about we get to know each other before our food comes.” “Sure” I replied. “What do you want to know?” I could feel myself blushing. This is the longest I’ve ever talked to a guy before, that wasn’t a close friend… and he was incredibly good looking. I wasn’t as skilled as Tiffany was when it came to socializing.

9Tyler’s Point of View
This has got to be the longest I’ve talked to a girl who hasn’t screamed my name, tried to use me to buy her expensive items, or bragged to her friends. And on top of that she was naturally pretty. “How about you tell me your likes and your dislikes, just as a start.” I said. “Ok…” she replied.

10“Well I like art, music, and to read… And I guess I don’t have many dislikes…” she said. “Hey that’s funny, I love art as well. Annnnd I am obsessed with music. In fact, I don’t know if you know this but I am actually…” “Oh wait!” she interrupted me. “Yeah?” I said, funny how whenever I tried to tell her about who I am and what I do, something always interrupts me. Although the first interruption was my fault… “I remembered what I hate most.” she said. “Alright” I said while laughing, she was quite spirited. “Go ahead and tell me.” “I hate… celebrities.”

11“What?” I said. You have got to be kidding me. I finally find someone I like and she hates who I am… Did she say that intentionally? I doubt it, she couldn’t have said that knowingly. That is probably why she hasn’t done any of the things normal fans do when the see me. I felt my face unintentionally scowl at her. “Why?” I asked a little more harshly then I wanted to.

12She inched lower in her seat, probably feeling the sting of my voice. I didn’t mean it, but seriously, why? “Well, I think that they could be doing more things to benefit others and not themselves.” she said. “That is all? And you hate ALL of them just because of that? Some of them do help others, you know.” I said angrily. “No. not all of them. Basically the people who think money can do everything for them.”

13“What if you met a celebrity who wasn’t a snob? If they asked you out, would you say yes?” I asked, my tone changing from anger to one slightly saddened. “Ummmm, not really. I guess I have too harsh of a feeling towards them to look past that. I’d kindly decline.” she said matter-of-factly. The rest of our dinner was eaten in silence.

14After we finished and our table was cleared, I was eager to leave. Was this girl really going to stereotype us like that? I can’t see myself being with someone who is this hard headed. I got up. She looked at me awkwardly. Of course she wouldn’t understand the reasons for my sudden change in mood. And I had no intention of telling her now. What was the point? I wasn’t going to see her again.

15She took a step closer to me. “Is something wrong?” she said. Her warm breath blew in my face and I could smell the perfume she was wearing. Was that strawberries? No, no! I have to focus. But the innocence in her eyes melted my anger. I decided I would just end the tour here, and exchange numbers. Maybe if we met again and I talked to her longer, then she’d be willing to look past my stardom and try to be with me as Tyler, like she is now.

16I decided to make up an excuse and then meet up with her another time. “I am sorry, but I just remembered that I have to go to my friend’s house to give him something important he asked for earlier…” I said smoothly, there’s no way she could tell I was lying. She looked at me with some kind of emotion I couldn’t place… was it disappointment?… “That’s fine I totally understand.” she said. I could hear it in her tone. It made me slightly happy. Did that mean she liked me? “How about we exchange numbers, and I can give you a call and we can do something another day.” I said. “Sure.” she replied happily. Maybe this meant she was looking forward to seeing me again. I liked the thought of that…

17Tiffany’s Point of View
“Are you sure you had a good time?” Leo asked me. “Of course, I had a wonderful time!” I insisted. Leo was the funniest, nicest and most perfect guy I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know. He had every quality I dreamed of in a boyfriend…

18I thought about it… the thought of having a boyfriend… The thought of having Leo as my boyfriend. The idea of it sent a buzz through my entire body that I couldn’t control. Before I knew what I was doing…

19… I kissed him directly on the lips. When I pulled away he looked at me in the eyes and said. “Would you like to come over to my place for a bit?” “Yes… yes I would.”

20Leo’s Point of View
I couldn’t help but sneak glances at Tiffany sitting there on my couch… Ok, well Tyler’s couch… afraid she would disappear any second, and I would wake up from a dream. A wonderful dream.

21“You have a wonderful place…” she said. “Oh, it’s not mi… I mean thank you…” Despite Tyler calling the place ours, his name is on the deed. But neither of us prefer living alone and since there is plenty of room, I decided to crash here indefinitely. If I told her it wasn’t mine without that explanation though, she’d get the wrong idea. And I felt it was a bit too soon to delve into our lifestyle… Plus, I doubt Tyler would mind anyway. 

22I walked over to her, and she brushed something off her pants that I couldn’t see.

23When I got close enough to her she put her hands on my shoulders, and I put mine on her waist. We leaned closer to one another… but before we could make our lips meet…

24She glanced at the clock on the wall behind me and pulled way. “I am so sorry, I lost track of time.” she said. “I promised my friend I would meet up with her hours ago, and even though I texted her she hasn’t responded yet. I didn’t know how much time had passed until now, and I feel guilty being here without knowing where or how she is…” “Time flies when you’re having fun.” I said, with a slight sigh of disappointment, though I did my best not to show it.

25Tiffany’s Point of View
Leo just looked at me with understanding eyes, and said it was ok, and that he would give me a ride to wherever I needed to go. Could he be any more perfect? I think not. He wasn’t trying to lure me to stay here longer, and he didn’t complain that I pulled away from the kiss. A true gentleman. He definitely surpassed all of my expectations.

26I glanced to the side and saw a piano. “Hey, do you play?” I asked. “No…” he replied. “My friend does. He’s really good at it too.” “That’s funny, my friend plays the piano as well.” I said.

27“Is he single?” I asked. Maybe it would be good to set Annabelle up with someone who shared the same interests as her. “Yeah, for now. But he is off chasing a mystery girl that he doesn’t even know the name of…” he replied.

28“Oh.” I said. “That’s too bad… If he ever gives up on looking for her, maybe we could set them up on a blind date.” I suggested. “Sounds like a plan.” he said. “ I’ll go and bring the car around. Wait here.” he said. He began to walk away, but I grabbed his hands and looked at him directly in the eyes. “I never did properly thank you for today.” I said.

29“So, thank you.” And I pressed my lips onto his once more. I could feel his arms slide onto my back. It looks like I was going to be here longer than I thought…

Thanks for reading! Sadly, this is the end for Harmonious… and things were just about to get started XD Again, I may or may not return to this story one day, but until then, that’s about it! Feel free to let me know what you thought~
xoxo Amy

4 thoughts on “Harmonious Chapter 7

  1. Between Broken and Harmonious, I prefer Broken. Mainly because the shifting POV’s in this story was far too confusing for me. A lot of times, I had trouble trying to remember who was talking. Intriguing enough premise, but yeah… Broken still gets my vote on story I want updated! For now.

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  2. What a turn of events! A blind date for people who have already met lmao. To be honest I’m shipping Leo and Tiffany much more than Tyler and Annabelle. The first two seem wayyy more natural together than the latter, especially with the hating celebrities thing. But it would be nice to see Annabelle changer her mind.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha yeah I ended up developing the same sentiment while writing the story – they just clicked better, but part of the story was supposed to revolve around Annabelle and Tyler being so different and eventually learning to see things through each others point of view… (well at least in my head it did since I never got around to writing it lol… rest in piece TyxAnna ship that never set sail 😂)

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