Standing On My Own

Standing On My Own Chapter 3

1This is it; the last test was going to be in this room… At least that’s what Mr. Caffrey told me before he left. The rest is all up to me… I swallowed hard and turned the knob of the door.

2Surprisingly there wasn’t much, just a sofa. Since there wasn’t much to do aside from wait, I walked over to the only piece of furniture in the room.

3It did look awfully inviting….

4One quick sit wouldn’t hurt… Right?

5Is it me or is the pattern on the walls kind of hard to look at? I feel like I’m getting a bit dizzy…

6.5I think over exhaustion led to me fall asleep, because the next thing I knew I was dreaming, and I am not one to fall asleep anywhere easily… My dream was colorful and clear… I was seeing myself singing in my new room, in my favorite pajamas with my hair flowing on my shoulders and back… Then suddenly, a voice that wasn’t mine said, “Do you tend to fall asleep so easily?” with a laugh.

6My eyes fluttered open and standing before me was the mystery employer…

7I hopped up and said, “It’s not what it looks like…” He just chuckled.

8“Don’t worry about it, you must be tired. You did a good job.” he said. It was so quiet in this spacious room all I could hear was my heart beating, and the steady sounds of our breathing.

9“But now we have to proceed with the final test.” he said.

10“I’m ready…” I said. “Are you?” he asked.

11“And do you know what exactly it is you are here for?” he said. His tone of voice changed…

12He took a step closer to me and looked at me directly in the eye. His stare was powerful… I immediately looked away. I couldn’t find my voice or make a simple gesture… What was going on, why did he suddenly change?…

13He was close enough that I could feel his body heat emanating.

14He took a step closer, and my body completely froze.

15Without warning he pressed his lips to mine… I got a weird feeling on déjà vu…

16I tried to keep my face straight, but honestly he was making me extremely uncomfortable. I don’t have the best social skills, growing up in an orphanage and then living alone, but I was pretty sure guys and girls wouldn’t be in such close proximity like this unless they were in a relationship… I pushed him away gently. I liked the feeling of this kiss, but the fact that it came from a stranger made me feel so impure.

17He smiled and said, “What? You don’t like it? Didn’t you want to get to know your job better?” Wait, what is he saying…

18Before I could even piece his words together he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled my close.

19.5A pain shot through my back. I still haven’t fully recovered from my workload yet…

20This time I shoved him away much harder.

21“What’s wrong?” he asked. “Do you not find me attractive?” he added with a smug smile.

22“I won’t give up on you just yet, I think you just need some time…” he declared.

23What he was saying finally clicked in my head. I clenched my fists hard.

24What I was feeling must’ve showed on my face because he began to laugh and say, “What’s wrong? Did I say something insulting, because your facial expression is quite amusing.”

25“Ugh! It’s scum like you that sickens me the most!” I said. The sudden change of volume in my voice startled him a bit. Good.

26“If you think I am going to be your toy for pleasure you can forget it!!!” I said.

27The thought of him using me like that infuriated me. I just wanted to get as far away from him as possible so I bolted towards the door.

28I slowed my pace as the door came nearer. The last thing I needed was to fall flat on my face in these heels during the one moment I tried to make a dramatic exit.

29I could feel his eyes on my back…

30I mustered all of my strength and walked out without a second glance back… and without a clue as to where I was going next since it looks like I won’t be able to stay here anymore…


Thanks for reading! Any guesses as to why the mystery man was smiling at the end? Feel free to let me know what you thought~ Take care.
xoxo Amy

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