Standing On My Own

Standing On My Own Chapter 6

1I spent the rest of Friday thinking about my past until I eventually fell asleep…

2When I awoke bright and early on Saturday morning, I decided that I would use today as a relaxation day in the mansion, since I spent most of Friday out and about.

3I went back to my luxurious bathroom, and drifted off into thoughts and daydreams as I brushed my teeth. What would be the best way for me to find out more about myself?… Maybe I should schedule a trip back to the orphanage…

4When I went back to the room I decided that perhaps going to the orphanage would be the best place for me to begin to dig for answers. I haven’t been back there since I left well over five years ago. I just need to think of an efficient way to get back there…

5“Morning!” Jesse said as he entered unannounced.

6“Hey!” I said. “What if I was changing? You should at least knock!” I know that I should be thankful that I was even in his home, but still. This room is mine and he could at least show me some respect. I am a woman after all…

7“Well you weren’t. Want me to come back when you are changing?” he said jokingly.

8“Perv…” I mumbled to myself while turning around. After chatting a bit with Jesse yesterday, I learned that we aren’t that far apart in age. Learning that made him seem a bit less intimidating and easier to talk to. Plus he insisted I keep the formalities to a minimum when we are alone.

9“What was that?” he asked, not catching my words.

10“Nothing.” I said with a smile as I turned back to face him.

11“Anyway… I know today is your day off, so how about you let me honor you with a tour of the house. You will be living here after all, and the last thing I need is for you to get lost.” he said.

12Now that I thought about it, it sort of shocked me that this thought didn’t occur to me before. I only knew three things about this house: my room, my bathroom, and the front door… Mr. Caffrey has always been around to lead me to wherever I needed to go, and since he is now gone, I guess this would be a good idea… I did plan on staying in today anyways.

13“Hello? Can I get an answer before Christmas?” he teased. “Fine, I would love for you to honor me with a tour of this oh-so-wonderful house…” I said sarcastically. I did want the tour, but I didn’t want to seem needy, if I asked him politely he would just take advantage of me… It seems that sarcasm would be the best way to deal with him.

14“Ahahaha, alright then…” he said. “Let’s go.” He began walking out in large strides.

15“Wait!” I called out. “What?” he said in reply. “I didn’t even change yet.” I said. “No, one is home except for us two. I think you look fine, let’s just go.” he said walking off again.

16He walked back in and said, “Unless… You are shy, and feel uncomfortable walking around with me with your legs bare like that.” he said as his eyes drifted down to my legs…

17I ran over to the bed and grabbed a pillow, the heaviest one I could find.

18I turned and in a swoop motion…

19…hit him straight over the head with it. “Perv!” I called out. He laughed and replied, “Fine, fine! You got five minutes.”

20“Meet me at the main entrance of the house!” he said, and on that note he walked out. I sort of smiled to myself. I never interacted with people a lot after leaving the orphanage. Aside from coworkers, I kept my acquaintances to a minimum; never had time for leisurely hangouts. This easy going nature I had with Jesse made me feel good inside… like I’ve made a friend… Though I realize we are from two completely different worlds. When we were alone however, it didn’t feel like that.

21I slipped into one of my older outfits; I wanted to save the things I just bought yesterday for more important events. Without any idea on what to do with my hair, I let it fall loose and wavy from my braids.

22Jesse was waiting downstairs calm, cool, and collected, by the door, I could see that he decided to change as well… “Wow, I’m impressed; you had one minute to spare.” he said with a smile. He then began to look at me intently. “What?” I asked… “Is there something on my face?”

23“No.” he said, immediately looking away. “You know, when you have your hair down like this, you actually look good… Alright let’s go, follow me.”

24My face felt like it was burning. How could he say something like that so easily then walk off like it was nothing. I calmed myself and then hurried to catch up to him, and began walking by his side.

25He began to tell me details of where to turn to get from place to place. Where to find things I needed. Boundaries of the house… etc… The house was even larger than it looked from the outside if that was possible. The entire time he talked to me we joked, laughed, and teased one another.

26We finally reached the yard, and I had my mind blown. It looked absolutely spectacular. It was wide with green plants, bright flowers, and polished stones…

27Suddenly, Jesse’s phone rang. He excused himself, and picked it up. “Yo, what’s the deal?” he asked. I was standing close enough to hear the voice on the other end. “Meet me at the indoor pool.” the man said. “Sure thing, be there in three.” Jesse said. He hung up and turned to me.

28“Well to conclude our tour, I am going to take you to the last place left to see which is the pool. There also happens to be an unexpected guest there.” he said. Guest?… “Relax. It’s no one important.” he said, probably sensing my unease.

29“You’ll see when we get there.” he said. “Now come on!” he added, while grabbing my hand and walking off.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed. Although you haven’t met many characters yet, any wild guesses on who the mysterious guest could be? 😛  Take care.
xoxo Amy

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