Standing On My Own

Standing On My Own Special: Part Two [Chapter 9]

1What just happened? I stood there in a daze for some time while everyone else progressed inside.

2“Follow me…” I heard Jane say. I hadn’t noticed that she had also been standing outside with me.

3Without a word I just followed her down a dirt path to a lake nearby.

4There were so many creatures quietly wandering the night, and I took a moment to stop and admire them.

5“I promise they don’t bite.” Jane said as she sat on a stone bench facing the waterfront. I was reminded of Jesse saying something similar when I didn’t sit next to him right away last week. Well, they are cousins. I quietly walked over and sat beside her.

6She began to look up into the sky… “Aren’t there so many radiant stars out tonight?” she asked. I nodded; she took a breath and began to speak “I am a straightforward person Arianna.”

7“I heard what Rachel said to you.” she began. “And I think you should know that there is a story to all this that I’m sure you are unaware of.” Without a word I just nodded slowly. “I’m sure you were wondering why Jesse brought you around.” YES. YES I AM. I thought, but aloud I just said. “I didn’t initially, but after some time I did get curious.” “When he ‘tested’ you, I’m assuming he said said something you didn’t understand.” she said. I still didn’t get what the test even was, but I just nodded.

8I thought back to the time Jesse tested me for the job…

9.5… and the way he cryptically explained it later… ‘Listen Arianna, if there is one thing you should know about me, it’s that I don’t do things without reason. The reason for giving you this test will reveal itself with time…’ he had said.

9“Yea, he was quite vague.” I said. “Well, you see, let’s just say that Jesse never had luck with women as a child…” Jane began…

“Years ago, Jesse and his family were living here in Chasville. Mrs. Wayne’s childhood friend was a woman named Sylvia Evans. Yes, the same Sylvia who is now known as Sylvia Florencia, the current queen. Before she married into the royal family, she was close to Jesse’s mom. She had a daughter named Amara, who was the same age as Jesse. Despite being in the royal family, Sylvia and Amara would often visit, with some guards, of course.”

11“I remember Amara was Jesse’s first best friend. My mother had died from breast cancer.” “Sorry to hear that.” I said cutting her off. “It’s fine. Life happens.” she said with a sad smile. “I would often be with Jesse’s family while my dad sorted out important matters regarding my mom’s passing.”

12“Those kids would spend every waking moment together whenever they could. I would always see them playing tag, riding bikes, climbing tree houses. You know, the usual kids stuff. ”

13“Her mother wanted her to have as normal a childhood as possible. Sometimes Amara would sleep over and they would sneak around the house at night… You’d think that their friendship would last forever…”

14“One sunny morning, the kids were playing outside and I was supervising. It was around that time for Amara and her mom to go back home… to the capital. Her father was busy ruling the nation and the queen couldn’t leave his side for long. Amara had other siblings as well, but they were older and had already begun their secondary education.”

15“ ‘Ready or not here I come!’ Jesse was saying.”

16“But Amara came up to him to let him know that today was their last day together before she went back home. It would be months before they’d see one another again. He immediately began to frown, and disappointment and sadness were clear in his eyes.”

17“Amara could see this and quickly told him a joke to lighten the mood. She really understood him better than anyone else and was quite wise for her age.”

18“ ‘Please Sylvia, why don’t you stay one more day…’ Mrs. Wayne was saying. ‘Sorry Pam, but I need to go back to my other children, their nanny can’t handle them all, and my husband needs me to help him with urgent matters.’ she had replied.”

19“ ‘I promise to bring Amara back here soon.’ Sylvia was saying. As the mothers were chatting and beginning to say their goodbyes, the kids were doing the same.”

20” ‘I’ll miss you…’ Jesse was saying… ‘Ya, me too.’ Amara replied, just as sadly. They didn’t want to part from one another.”

21“My father came up to me sporting a new pink touch to his hair, telling me to say my goodbye’s as well. In case you were wondering, sporting a pink look in my locks is not for fun, it’s to honor my mom since it’s the official color for breast cancer. Anyway, I said my goodbyes, and Queen Sylvia, the princess, and their entourage left that afternoon.”

22.2“I don’t remember the details well, but I recall a phone call coming in that made Mrs. Wayne cry as soon as she picked it up. Apparently, Amara went missing before they had made it out. Everyone searched and searched for days. But she was nowhere to be found…”

22.4“Eventually her mother couldn’t take it. She stood at Amara’s favorite playing spot behind Jesse’s house for hours. Not speaking, eating, or moving… Tears continuously poured out of her eyes. She had hoped maybe Amara has snuck back to be with Jesse.”

22.5I realized that I haven’t said a word for a long time. I found my voice and whispered, “So what happened then… Did you ever find her?” Jane simply gave me a weak shake of the head and said, “She died.”

Thanks for reading! Are you finding Jesse’s past to be interesting thus far? Feel free to share your thoughts~ Take care.
xoxo Amy

3 thoughts on “Standing On My Own Special: Part Two [Chapter 9]

  1. How tragic. 😦 Gives a lot more depth to Jesse definitely. I hope you don’t get this wrong, but I notice that I tend to translate your characters – especially the male ones – as shallow when I first meet them, but you always eventually add a depth to them that breaks my initial impression. I like that. It makes me trust you more as a writer and storyteller.

    Liked by 1 person

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