Standing On My Own

Standing On My Own Chapter 14

1I slowly came back to my senses. I could feel a warm silky sheet below me…

4Where am I? What happened?… The recent events that had transpired replayed in my head. As my eyes adjusted to the dim light in the room I tried to recall the last thing I saw.

7As soon as I remembered I jolted up; my body moved too fast for me to think my actions through.

10I felt a shock of pain in my abdomen as I attempted to get up.

11I slowly relaxed my stomach muscles and lowered my legs to the floor. The last thing I needed was to injure myself even more. As I looked at my legs I realized that I wasn’t wearing my… technically Jane’s… outfit from earlier. In fact I didn’t even have pants. What happened to me after I was knocked out?…

13I hope that the mysterious hero from before had something to do with this… and not the other guy… Speaking of which… I was stabbed… I can’t believe it, the realization of the magnitude of what had just occurred dawned over me. As I gently placed my feet onto the floor, I immediately thought of Jesse. There was no clock in the room. How long was I here? Where exactly is “here”?

14The house was silent; was I alone? As I walked through the arched doorway my eyes drifted to the left, someone was there… It was the man from earlier. I let out a sigh of relief. He must’ve managed to rescue me from that stalker. My eyes then darted away quickly… he wasn’t wearing a shirt… or pants for that matter.

15I made my towards the door, I wanted to at least get a look at what time of day it is judging by the sky, for some odd reason there were no windows in this house.

16I heard some shuffling on the couch and a soft yawn. I was attempting to be as quiet as possible, there’s no way the stranger managed to hear me… Or so I thought.

17“Where do you think you are going?” I heard a voice say; breaking the silence.

18I turned back to see that the young man had indeed woken up. “You weren’t thinking of trying to leave without a proper thank you, were you?” he added. His voice was deeper that I thought it was. He also had a slight accent, from somewhere I couldn’t name at the moment.

20He stood up and I strained to get a better look at him in the darkness. He had a muscular build and a slight 5’ o clock shadow on his face.

21“For a girl as attractive as you, one would think you would wear more attractive undergarments.” he said with a smirk. I could feel my blood begin to boil with embarrassment, how much of me did this guy see…

22“I know what you’re thinking, and relax.” he said. “I know how to change someone’s clothes without looking at them…” Was my expression that obvious? He then added “I’m not implying that that’s what I did… but… I’m just joking; you don’t have to be so tense.”

25“Sorry, that’s just how I am.” I said. “You are also quite a beauty, and I don’t say that to many girls.” he said with a grin. “I have a hard time believing that.” I said.

26“Hahaha, hey now… is that how you are going to treat the person who just saved your life?” he asked with a laugh.

27That reminded me… “How long have I been here exactly?” “I’m not sure… maybe a couple of hours or so. That guy knocked you out cold.” he said with a shrug. “A couple of hours!” I exclaimed. I could feel the stiffness in my body, he was right; I was out for a long time. I began rotating my shoulders to loosen my muscles.

28He walked closer to me, “Be careful, you don’t want to make any large movements for a long time, not until your body fully heals.” I suddenly became aware of the fact that there was a gauze-like material wrapped around my waist. “Did you take me to a hospital?” I asked.

29“What? You don’t believe I was capable of handling this injury myself? It was only a flesh wound; luckily no organs or vital body parts were damaged on impact. Besides there is a massive storm outside and the nearest hospital is not for miles away, so I just brought you here.”

30“You expect me to be ok with the fact you took care of this yourself?” I said incredulously while pointing at him.

29“Ha. You don’t even know me, so don’t go making assumptions.” he said. I could sense a change in the tone of his voice… like he was offended. “A simple thank you would suffice.” He’s right. I was being uncharacteristically rude.

32“I’m sorry.” I said honestly. “I should be thanking you; not only for saving me, but for taking care of my wound too. I guess I’m still shaken after what had happened earlier.”

33“No problem.” he said. “I’m just glad I happened to be walking nearby when I was.” He then flashed a smile that made my heart skip a beat. This was wrong, how was I having a completely normal conversation with a complete stranger while we were both half-naked. What about Jesse?

34I found myself staring into his deep blue eyes… Then his chest… He was actually really handsome now that I thought about it. “Are you hungry?” he asked, catching me staring. “No.” I replied, quickly looking away. My face began to turn red, I always label Jesse, but maybe I’m the pervert…

37Just then, my stomach made a loud growling noise. “Haha, how about you have a seat and I make you something to eat.” he said. I just nodded out of embarrassment.

38I walked up to the nearest stool. “You know, your place is pretty clean for a man who lives alone.”

39“Why the tone of surprise?” he said with a grin. That sounds familiar. “My name is Blake, by the way.”

41“I’m Arianna.” I replied. “Nice name.” he said. “Thanks.” I replied. “Is there a last name that goes with that?” he asked.

43“It’s complicated.” I said while staring at his back. What is wrong with me? Hours ago I was happily kissing Jesse, and now here I am, checking out another guy in nothing but boxers… “Complicated, huh? Alright.” he said while making his way to the fridge.

44“Any friends?” he asked, pulling out ingredients. “Not really…” I said quietly. “Any boyfriends?…” he added. “It’s complicated.” I said again.

45“Wow Arianna, you’re a pretty mysterious girl.” he said with a tone of amusement in his voice. “I guess so.” I said with a smile.

46“So, any reason why a girl like you would be wandering the streets alone just before nightfall.” he asked. “Wait, let me guess.” he added before I could respond. “It’s complicated.” he said with a smirk. “You’re beginning to catch on.” I said with a bigger smile on my face. I watched him season the food and then slowly rose.

48“Mind if I turn on the lights?” I asked. The lack of light was beginning to strain my eyes. “Sure.” he said. “I’m just used to the darkness, go ahead and do whatever makes you comfortable.” he added.

49I walked into the kitchen and searched for a switch. “It’s by the sink.” he said as if reading my thoughts. “Found it.” I said while pressing the button.

50As the lights came on, I stared at the wall in front of me… What on earth am I doing? I should be trying to contact Jesse and Jane. I should be asking for a change in clothes and attempting to get back. I should be doing a lot of things right now… But something about this guy is was strangely calming… he reminded my of Jane in the sense that I wasn’t uncomfortable… He did say there was a storm. Might as well wait it out… 

Thanks for reading. What do you think of Blake? Feel free to let me know what you think of the story so far~
xoxo Amy

3 thoughts on “Standing On My Own Chapter 14

  1. I was going ??? at Arianna casually being at someone’s house after being stabbed in the chest, but I’m glad Blake fixed her up. However they both seem weirdly chill after she got assaulted, especially him making suggestive comments, I would have thought he would be a bit more reserved…. I’m relieved he managed to rescue her though.

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    1. Ugh if there was a plot point I could scrap in this story it would be this whole Blake arc, lol. I was facepalming as I scrolled down to reply… not that I don’t like Blake, he’s a chill dude with a story of his own, but I felt the way he was introduced made it hard to like him. If also made me dislike Arianna a bit too, like girl, what about Jesse? And even though I was the one writing it, I kinda hit a roadblock at this point despite knowing where I wanted to take the story, so the whole plot veered off tracks around here lmao. Didn’t quite manage to ever get it back on before hopping to the next story 😂😭

      Liked by 1 person

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