Standing On My Own

Standing On My Own Chapter 15

1I snapped out of my momentary trance and began to walk back to my seat.

2“The food will be done in a bit.” Blake said. “Take your time.”

3“Hold on a sec, are you microwaving hotdogs?” I asked.

5“Hahaha, yeah. Is that a problem?” he said. “Yes! That is so wrong, I’m pretty sure it’s unhealthy as well.” I replied. “Well, unless you want to walk out into the storm and find another place to eat, I suggest you just take what I give you.” he retorted with a smile. “Whatever.” I said.

6“Besides, this saves time.” he said while taking out the finished dish.

7“What. Don’t tell me you are too scared to eat.” he said while setting the plate on the table after adding bread and some condiments.

8“I’m just taking my time.” I said. I found my eyes automatically following his every move. What is wrong with me?… While he took his seat I got up and began to get my plate.

10My eyes lingered on the defined lines of his back for a bit before I proceeded into the kitchen.

13After I got my food, I went back to the seat beside him. Surprisingly, it was really good. And I didn’t realize how hungry I was until I took the first bite.

14I began to uncontrollably satiate my hunger. “Slow down; you’re going to cho…” Blake began.

15Before he could even finish his sentence I began to choke as if on cue. He gently pat my back and once he saw I was ok, he smiled a bit to himself.

17While I continued to eat Blake got up and began to clean. “You are exceptionally neat.” I said. “I’m beginning to get offended with your continuous tone of surprise.” he said with a laugh.

16“Got any painkillers?” I asked. My full stomach made me more aware of my wound. “What I take is probably too strong for you.” he said. “Try me.” I said. “Alright, don’t say I didn’t warn you.” he placed a small red capsule on the table and continued to load the dishes.

18I swallowed it and then rose to help him finish cleaning.

19When we finished he began to walk towards the living room. “Care to join me?” he asked. I walked to the chair across from him and took a seat.

20“So… want to tell me a bit more about yourself?” he asked. “Do you?” I retorted. “Sorry, but to me you’re still a stranger and I was raised to never talk to strangers.”  he said with a smile. I raised an eyebrow.

23“Fine.” he said laughing. My name is Blake. I’m 26 years old. I like many things and hate some others. There, now you know my life story. Your turn.” he said.

21“Hey!” I said with a laugh, “That didn’t teach me anything except your age.” “Precisely.” he said, “Aside from that, there is nothing else you need to know.”

22We began to chat for a bit. Blake told me a little about himself, never delving too deep into any one topic.

24Whenever he would say something that would trigger a memory of his, his eyes would stare off into space and I could easily tell his mind was swarming with thoughts, some happy… others sad…

25I would use this time to sneak more glances at him… I was beginning to notice more details in his appearance that revealed bits of his personality. For instance, his hair was really glossy – that showed me he takes care of his appearance…

27“Anyway, I think that it is your turn to share stories.” he said while pointing to me, after snapping back from his day-dream.

29“Honestly, there isn’t much I can tell you. I don’t really have many memories happy or sad to share with you.” I said with much more bluntness than I should have. “Why is that?” he asked with a tone that was careful, as though he didn’t want to trigger any unhappiness in me by his question.

28With a smile I told him, as simply as I could, my sad life tale… “I’m an orphan. I started living on my own when I hit 16 because my orphanage could no longer care for us at that age. I have no memories of my past, and never had the chance to dig up anything about my family history.”

33“So you have absolutely no memories prior to your arrival at the orphanage?” he asked incredulously. “The only things I know for certain is that I arrived at the orphanage when I was a kid and that my name is Arianna because it was on a bracelet I was wearing. But yeah, before that there is nothing. It’s as if my life began at that point…”

32“That’s a very unique situation; I would’ve never guessed that about you… You seemed pretty well off, I mean for starters when I found you, your clothes weren’t exactly department store, they were designer.” he stated. “Well, that’s complicated…” I began.

34Suddenly a sharp pain appeared in my stomach and I found myself literally gasping because it knocked the wind out of me.

36I stood up quickly as a reflex, but the hastiness of my actions caused the blood to rush in my head and make me dizzy. I think that painkiller was starting to kick in. “You ok?” Blake said. “You should probably lie down. I’ll give you some space.” he stated as he began to walk away.

37“I think I should.” I said, getting up to walk over to the couch he rose from. “Call me if you need anything, I’ll be in the laundry room.” he stated as he left.

39“Thanks.” I called back out. When he was out of sight I began to lie down on the couch.

40I lowered myself slowly to avoid any sudden movements that would trigger any pain.

42I then placed my hands gently under my cheek and stared at the ceiling while millions of thoughts danced around in my head. My eyes began to drift closed without my control once again and my body was too worn out to do anything about it.

45cloneBefore long I was in a stage between consciousness and sleep – my body had gone into rest, but my mind was awake, alert, and in deep thought about my life… my past… my future… It was then I felt the steady breathing of someone else in the room. Blake came close and I could feel the heat radiating from him, it felt nice… warm and inviting.

47Then I felt his arms slip underneath me slowly and lift me effortlessly, and he carried me off… Then everything went dark yet again.

Thanks for reading! Take care~
xoxo Amy

One thought on “Standing On My Own Chapter 15

  1. Dudeee put on some clothes! Blake can’t really talk about her being a stranger when he’s just there wearing nothing but pants haha.
    Okay so I’m 120% sure Arianna is Amara now. I looked at the names and I can see how Amara could be misread as that!

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