Standing On My Own

Standing On My Own Chapter 17

1I was so zoned out, I hadn’t noticed that Blake had entered the house.

2“Hey, I laid the things I bought out on the bed for you.”

3“Is what you’re watching that interesting? You didn’t even greet me when I came in.”

4“Sorry, I’m just thinking about things…” I said as I got up and walked over to him. “Thanks for the clothes; I hope you didn’t spend too much…” “Oh, don’t thank me yet…” he said with a smirk.

5I can see why he was smirking… This is literally the EXACT opposite of what I asked for…

7Managing to walk out of here in one piece is going to be a challenge. These shoes are worse than anything Jane has forced upon me… “I hate you.” I uttered as I walked out of the bedroom. “I bet you do. Come on, let me do your hair.” That was unexpected, he seemed like such an alpha male. “On my way.” I called out. How is it our relationship developed so fast?

8Blake’s Point of View

9She surprising didn’t say anything when I offered to do her hair. Reminds me of when I used to do my sister’s. “Can I see now?” she asked with her soft voice; it was so attractive… I don’t know why I didn’t just tell the strangers I had her with me… Maybe because they could’ve been working with that guy from earlier. Come on… That’s so unlikely, and besides I thought of it as an afterthought… Truth is, I didn’t want to let her go yet. I still don’t.

10“Not yet, keep still.” Why didn’t she tell me that she was with people before she disappeared? I guess I don’t have the right to get angry for information that she has no obligation to tell me.

11As I finish twisting the last lock of her hair, I come to the realization that this girl is just full of mysteries I can’t and probably won’t be able to understand…“All done.” I say as I release her. She takes a small step forward and lets all her locks fall loosely on her back.

12“Wow, it feels so heavy.” she says.

13“You can take a look in the mirror if you want.” I say as I look back to move out of the way.

14When I turn my gaze back to her, she is no more than a few inches away from my face… my lips. “I’ll just let you finish up in here then, meet me by the door when you’re done.” “Ok.” she says; her warm sweet breath blows across my face, and I decide it’s best if I step out now.

15As I wait beside the door, the dawn of what is about to happen hits me: I’m about to let her go… about to return her to those people that are searching for her… and there is no chance of us possibly seeing each other again.

16I come to the conclusion that the only way for this to be less difficult is for me to start distancing myself from her now. “You coming or what?” I say with a bit more coldness that I had intended.

17“Ready.” she says sweetly and as I gazed at her and her flawless beauty, I became sure that this is what I need to do.

18I stride a good couple of yards in front of her to start, as we take the dirt road behind the house as a detour into the city.

20“Wait up.” she says from far behind. Part of me wanted to run back and walk beside her so close our arms would be touching, but the other part told me it’s better to stay where I am, and so I did…

19Arianna’s Point of View
Why is he being so cold to me all of a sudden? Did I do something? Maybe he thought the sudden casualness between us was too quick and awkward… but it was fine before… I wish he would just tell me what he is thinking…

21Suddenly that same pain hits my stomach…

22The disorientation plus the instability I already posses because of these heels made me lose my balance.

23I barely manage to steady myself and lift my hand up to my head hoping the pain will fade. When I look back up Blake is standing in front of me.

25He takes me by the hand and walks me down the hill to the marked path. “What kind of girl can’t walk properly in heels?” he asks incredulously. “Me.” I say in a small voice. He looks at me with an expression that’s almost hurt. Was he sad? I would kill to know what he was thinking.

26Blake’s Point of View
This girl will never cease to amaze me. Part of the reason why I don’t want to give her up. She is just one surprise after another. And I want to be there to learn every single bit of it. But I can’t. I lead her down to the sidewalk and she seems extremely pleased to be on a flat surface again.

27“Hey, stay away from the street.” I say as I gently tug her from the road to the other side of the sidewalk. But she suddenly tripped on the side of the road and…

28Her lips came into contact with mine. It was warm and for a moment neither of us pulled away.

30She eventually broke us apart and a sudden embarrassment came over me. I should’ve made the first move to end it. But I know I didn’t want it to. I turned away from her. “Umm… I…” she began to say. “It’s fine.” I said hastily. “Let’s just go.” The sooner we found her friends, the better. I don’t think I can take much more of this… I want her to stay… with me.

31“Ok. You plan on telling me what exactly is going on?” she said while stopping in front of me. “What are you talking abou…” I began to lie.

32“Stop right there.” she said, cutting me off. “You know exactly what I mean. “ She’s right. I do. She wants to know why I am suddenly acting so cold… so rude… so the polar opposite of how I wanted to treat her.

33“Fine.” I said in defeat… “Earlier I…” Wait a sec. I can’t just tell her that I saw her friends earlier. What if she got mad… what if she…

34“I’m just not good at goodbye’s.” I said. A piece of the truth, not all of it.

35“I thought that if I started distancing myself from you now… then when the time came to say goodbye for good. It’d be easier…” There; that should do it. This way, I got some of my true feelings across and I wouldn’t have to slip up about my mistake from earlier when I encountered her friends.

36“Why didn’t you just say that before?” she said smiling in relief while continuing to walk with me down the street. Was I that mean? She seemed happy to know that I wasn’t actually mad at her for something.

37“So where are we going now?” she asked. Uh-oh, I didn’t anticipate this… I was leading her to the place where her friends were earlier. If she saw them, and knew that I managed to lead them right to her, then she would ask questions about how I knew… “Um, to the police station…” I lied. “You mentioned you were visiting, I’m assuming you don’t know your way back to wherever you need to go.” I added. Luckily, she bought it.

38Suddenly she stopped and I did the same.

39Arianna’s Point of View
Uh.Oh… In the distance I could see Jesse and Jane… What are the odds that they would be here. And so soon at that… I can’t let them see me like this, with Blake. They will just jump to all kinds of conclusions, especially Jesse, and he just started to open up to me. I can’t betray him.

40“Um… can we go that way for a second.” I said as quietly as I could manage. We were close enough for them to see us; if we weren’t swift… I would be so busted.

42“But there is nothing but an alley…” Blake began. I quickly shushed him and grabbed his hand. “Please.” I said while looking at him straight in the eye.

43He slipped his hand into mine and we quickly walked into the corner.

44“Care to explain?” he said with a smile once we were in the clear. “Um… about that… funny story…” What on earth am I going to do now?

Thanks for reading. How will Arianna ease her way out of this situation? Stay tuned to fine out~ Feel free to share what you thought.
xoxo Amy

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