Standing On My Own

Standing On My Own Special: Part Three [Chapter 10]

1“She… she died?” I asked, my voice breaking in the middle.

2“Yeah… Her family was devastated. I don’t think they’ve recovered from it, how can you? Jesse visits them every now and then…” Jane said, her voice growing softer.

3There was a moment of silence. I knew the ruling family had several children, but I didn’t know they had lost a child. “Where is her family now?” I asked. “Still ruling the country from the capital, Celeques.” she replied. “Oh right.” I said. I should have known that, but my education growing up was extremely basic. Only the essentials, I’m ashamed to say. “If you think that’s bad… There’s more to the story.” Jane continued…

“After the news had sunk in that she was gone. The country had a period of mourning. Her mother went back to the capital and kept in touch through e-mail and phone calls. She couldn’t bring herself back to this town.”

4“Jesse’s mom began to get extremely overprotective of Jesse, until she hired a nanny to come and take care of him. At this time, Jesse’s father had been elected as prime minister, so his family was getting busier, and more well known. The nanny was pretty young so she could relate to Jesse well.”

5“After days turned to weeks, and weeks to months, the nanny, Kala, I think her name was… anyway, Kala began to act strange; at this point she has become Jesse’s everything, he was never apart from her. She began dressing inappropriately leaving on her own time, and coming in late.”

6“It turned out she began this relationship with a man much older than her. She would sneak him into the house sometimes, and made Jesse not tell by convincing him it was a game and the stranger was a friend that ‘came to play’.”

7“Mrs. Wayne found out soon enough, and she was furious. She warned Kala not to betray her trust several times before, and this was the breaking point. Jesse overheard everything, and rushed to defend Kala’s side. She pushed him off and told him that she never loved him, never cared for the entire Wayne family, and that she was only there for the money and now that she had earned enough, she didn’t need to stay there any longer.”

8“Jesse was heartbroken for the second time. I tried to comfort him, but his little heart was facing constant pain after pain from the ladies he cared about, and there wasn’t much I could do for him.”

9“Wow, he’s been through a lot…” I said. I can sort of see how he came to be now. “So I’m assuming he doesn’t want to let any ladies in his heart again, so comes off as overly…” I couldn’t say pervy, not in front of his cousin. She understood well enough though. “Ah, right you are, but that is not all, my dear.” Jane replied. I couldn’t even imagine how the story could possibly get any worse…

“Flash forward a few years and Jesse is a teenager, he meets Rachel. Though their friendship began slowly, due to Jesse’s mistrust in all females, they eventually became close friends.”

11“That friendship began to bloom into something more…” Well I didn’t see that coming. Rachel seemed like someone trying to win Jesse over, not someone who already has him.

12“But Jesse just has the poorest of luck, after a few months of going out, Rachel broke up with him, no explanation. Her family then moved out of town for a while.” Odd. Why was she pining after him now, then? 

13“Ever hear the expression, once bitten twice shy…? Well Jesse was bitten for the third time and this time he had learned his lesson… for good. Ace had been his first friend after the… well incident with Amara. He comforted him through all three heartbreaks and often took Jesse on trips away from home. But anyone could see he wasn’t the same. He hardly came to visit his friends, cut ties with family, and distanced himself from everybody. Even when he forced himself to try and socialize, anyone could see he was different.”

14“Eventually Jesse’s family became a household name. They moved into the estate in Pryhill, which I believe is where you work now; far from his childhood home. But his family was and hardly is there as they work out of the capital, closer to Amara’s family and the rest of the government.”

15“Ace decided to live with Jesse there for about half a year, shortly after the move. He didn’t feel comfortable leaving Jesse alone in the state he was in, and he tried everything to make him feel better. Eventually Lian showed up. Yet another female… Jesse had hired her to be a stay in maid, kind of like you. Well he had to introduce girls into his life at some point right?”

16“Well, what started out as a business-type relationship became more. After a year together, Jesse and Lian developed feelings for each other, largely due to the fact that she was there for him while his family was often away. Ace moved out sometime during that year after his own relationship began with another girl. Lian eventually learned of his past and comforted him.”

17“She stopped working in the house, and began living there as Jesse’s girlfriend. Their relationship was healing and so Jesse finally came back here for the first time in years to visit his friends and family, like me.”

18“All of this was due to Lian, and even though she didn’t come from a wealthy background, the family was ready to accept her as one of their own regardless, she saved their Jesse and they couldn’t thank her enough.”

19“They became engaged?” I asked incredulously. “Haha, no…” Jane replied with a giggle. “It didn’t get that far, but it was close. Jesse was really serious about her.”

20.5“One day he returned home early from a trip with Ace to surprise Lian, when he suddenly saw her and some man doing… things… in her room.”

20“At first he was in doubt, ‘Surely she must’ve been forced into it…’ he thought.”

21“But the sad truth is that little Jesse was just never going to catch a break with women.

Lian told him how she loved him at first but then she met Rick, and try as she might to stop her feelings, she couldn’t. But she couldn’t bring herself to leave because of the wealth and luxuries… sounds familiar already, right?…”

23“I bet you can already imagine how the rest went down. Jesse was left completely vulnerable once more and Ace had to step in to help his best pal again. Lian moved out, obviously, and probably went to live with her boyfriend somewhere else. And Jesse distanced himself from the family once more, and picked up his playboy ways.”

24“Wow…” I said. No wonder he acts the way he does. “So that’s what the whole test for hiring me was about?”

25“Pretty much.” said Jane. “He basically tried to find a girl who didn’t want him for his looks, money, or name. Some came close, but they eventually gave in. You my friend, are the first to have passed that ‘test’ and come to Jesse’s side since Lian 3 years ago. She was the only other to have passed. But it still didn’t work out, did it.”

26“That sure is… something…” I said, for lack of a better word. “Yeah, it sure is…” Jane replied. “So what is Rachel’s problem with me then? Since she dumped him.” I asked “Well, since Rachel’s family retuned a year after they broke up, they all managed to sort out their differences and she apologized. He wasn’t ready to let anyone in though, so they fell back into a friendship, but not nearly as close as it was before. Rachel wants him back though, he knows, but he is just keeping his distance.”

27.5“I think that is enough story telling for today. Come on, let me take you back.” Jane said. I paused before getting up. She had told me so much more than I had initially wanted answers to, but one last question couldn’t hurt. “One last question.” I said. “Hmm?” she replied. “When you saw me, you said something… about hearing something, about me…”

28“Word spread pretty quick among our circle of friends that Jesse had finally re-introduced a girl into his life. Those not as close to him assumed it was because he was bored, but I had a feeling that try as he might to pretend nothing hurts him anymore and that he’s fine, he longed for someone to hang out with and talk to. Someone unaware of his past. Ace was the first one to mention that from description alone you sounded like Amara. And when I saw you for myself, I could see it. Whether or not Jesse did it intentionally, he singled you out because you resemble her.” she said.

29“Oh.” I said. That’s odd. Why was Jesse giving me the cold shoulder all week then? Was he embarrassed to tell me that’s why he brought me into his life? “It’d be nice if you could become that friend he longs for.” Jane said as we began to walk. “You are kind, and humble from what I’ve heard and seen so far. Jesse’s wealth and titles aren’t a temptation for you and between you and me, since the cat has taken a liking to you, I’ve secretly started routing for you, if you ever decide you want to become something more than friends…”

30“But cats are friendly to everyone.” I said cutting her off. “And I grew up appreciating the smallest of things, but that doesn’t mean I…” I what? What was I trying to say… that the thought of me going out with someone like Jesse was absurd? Though my heart did soften up to him after hearing his story, we still come from two different worlds…

31“That cat doesn’t like just anyone.” she cut me off in return. “Since I’ve had her as a child it’s only ever like one person other than me, and that person was…” “Amara?” I said finishing her sentence. “I take it as a good sign.” she said with a smile.

32“Oh…” I said. “Well anyway, it isn’t right for me to bestow this burden to you. One day Jesse will open up to us again. I’m sure you have your own worries and life aside from attempting to help out some rich kid with issues…”

33Her phone rang; interrupting her.

34“Hello? What?… Sorry, didn’t realize the time. Oh, ok… I see. Of course. Bye.” the conversation was short.

35“Ace is pulling an all-nighter at work so you and Jesse are staying at my place until tomorrow!” she squealed with delight.

36“The party is long over; we talked for so long I didn’t even realize it…” she said after we arrived at the now silent home of the hostess of the party. “I was kind of sad to be letting you go after talking to you so much, and not hearing as much about you or your thoughts in return.” she said. “Guess you’ll be stuck with me a little longer.” she added. “I don’t mind.” I said with a smile. I liked Jane, and not only because she the first person to answer all of the bubbling questions I had, but she just had this aura of ease around her. She wasn’t an uncomfortable person to be around.

37“Come on, let’s go!” she said. We approached her parked car, and drove off into the moonlight.

Thanks for reading! This is the end of the special; I hope you enjoyed learning about Jesse’s past 🙂 Feel free to let me know your thoughts. Take care~
xoxo Amy

3 thoughts on “Standing On My Own Special: Part Three [Chapter 10]

  1. That’s a lot of heartbreak for one young life. I’m guessing that she’s Amara though. I mean… she grew up in an orphanage. AND she’s a look-alike. That would be cool.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Huh… well Jesse’s behaviour and test makes sense now. He truly has had a bad past. But I still think that test is stupid… if he’s so mistrustful of women why can’t he just not hire men? Or not let himself get into a relationship?
    Arianna has got to be Amara! Even their names sound similar. I do wonder how she ended up in the orphanage. So Arianna could really be a princess?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol hiring men would be too easy of a fix and we can’t have that now can we? 😂 If there was a possibility of your last statement being true *cough* she could…. key words being if and could 🙃

      Liked by 1 person

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