The Elite

The Elite: Chapter 2

0Avoiding patrol officers as a teen when I was out past curfew taught me a thing or two about how to successfully shake off someone chasing you. Unfortunately my new acquaintances were not as well versed in this lesson, and when I saw them heading towards the center of town instead of away from it – I tugged on their arms and told them to follow me.

1They didn’t hesitate and followed my lead for most of the way. The younger girl was embarrassingly fast considering the shoes she was wearing. I’d have to ask her if they were more comfortable than they appeared if I get the chance.

2The young man occasionally passed us unintentionally, and would slow down his pace to flank behind – in case whomever was chasing us managed to get too close. Fortunately we managed to shake them off before that happened.

3I honestly hadn’t been paying attention to where we were going. But the bustling city seemed long gone, and instead a serene lake surrounded us. The capital isn’t called Lakeland for no reason it appears.

4Once we were in the clear, the girl dropped to the floor and massaged her legs. I giggled to myself; I guess those shoes aren’t really that comfortable after all. “Looks like we lost them.” The guy says.

5After glancing around one more time, he then walks over to me. “Thank you.” He says. “I didn’t do much.” I reply. “We’ve been trying to shake them off for the better part of the day. We had no such luck until you stepped in and shared your… tactics.” He said after trying to search for a better word, I assumed.

6“That makes me seem like I’m someone who often does this sort of thing. Which I assure you is not the case.” I said, partly joking. “It appears as though you two don’t do this often, either.” I added.

7“Nope.” He said, tone serious. “Which then begs the question. What exactly happened back there?” I didn’t just help two criminals I hope. “It’s best you not know.” He says. “Though I assure you it’s not bad.” He added, probably reading my expression of uncertainty.

8“If you say so.” I say. The less I know the better, just incase these two actually did something wrong. Though they seemed too… well off and not to mention attractive to be thieving or breaking any laws for that matter.

9“I hope we didn’t intrude on any plans you had.” He says. “If you aren’t busy, allow us to make it up to you.”

10“Actually I was just exploring the capital. I’ll be pretty… preoccupied for the next couple of weeks, and thought I’d take the time to do so now.” I said. “You needn’t feel the need to do anything for me. Like I said, I didn’t do much.” I added with a shrug.

11The boy gave me a dazzling grin that left me frozen. “I’m afraid I must insist.” He says. His way of speaking was very proper, not as causal as the folks back home. “Yeah blondie, we owe you one.” His lady friend chimed in; it appears his manner of speech was unique to him alone. “All that running has left me starving.” She adds while looking at the guy.

12“Can we all go for Lunch at Ronnie’s?” She asks. “I agree, we do need to recharge.” He says. “But as to whether or not you accompany us is your choice, miss. Do not feel obligated to tag along if you feel uncomfortable. I feel our first impressions were not the best.” He says with a smile.

13“Oh come on, blondie. It’ll be fun! They have the best food.” She clearly didn’t feel the need to ask my name, or introduce her own for that matter.

14“When inviting someone Lina, I believe it proper to ask their name first. Wouldn’t you agree?” The guy says, as if reading my mind. “I’m Sebastian by the way, my apologies for not introducing myself sooner.”

15“Alright, Alright. I’m Amalina, or Lina for short. And you are?” she asks. “I’m Irene.” I say with a smile. This girl didn’t seem that much younger than me, but she gave off such a youthful charm and energy that was infectious.

16“What say you, Irene?” The guy asks. I liked the way my name sounded coming from his mouth. Perhaps a little too much… “I’d be delighted.” I say. I attempt to convince myself that I’m accepting only because I am hungry, and not because of the extremely attractive guy that I perhaps wish to selfishly stare at a tad longer…

17“Great! Let’s go.” Lina says as we begin to head away from the lake and back to the main road. As I began to follow her out, with Sebastian right behind me, I chuckled under my breath; I was doing all kinds of things out of character for me today. Not explicitly following orders and wandering around, lacking my reflexes, and now accompanying strangers when I don’t even know our usual pizza delivery guy by name. “May I ask what exactly it is that you find amusing?” I hear Sebastian say. “It’s nothing.” I say back. I feel a small blush creep into my cheeks.

18Lina hails a cab as soon as we are onto the road, and hops into the front – telling the taxi driver how to get to our destination. I was silently thankful, she has provided me with the opportunity to secretly sneak glances at Sebastian sitting beside me. It made me wonder what exactly their relationship was. The way he spoke to her was like a younger sister, but they did not look that related aside from their bright eyes and dark hair…

19Surely they aren’t dating… I felt myself flush a little. Why does the thought that they could be bother me? I mean, we just met. I feel Sebastian slightly turn his body towards mine and say quietly, so only I can hear it, “I must say, Irene, you make one incredibly curious as to what runs through that mind of yours.” I felt myself grow redder.


Thanks for reading! One of the introduced characters is a main one, In case you couldn’t tell from the featured image of the last chapter. What do you think Sebastian and Lina’s relationship is? And why do you think they were running? Feel free to let me know what you thought! Take care.
xoxo Amy

9 thoughts on “The Elite: Chapter 2

  1. Oh, mysteries, mysteries… I really like the proper tone Sebastian has, I guess it really makes the character so much more interesting. Amalina is a beautiful name I think I’ve never heard of. Hm, I wonder what trouble they got in- they aren’t famous and running from paparazzi, right? Seb says it isn’t that bad, but who knows what his definition of bad is. They don’t seem like a couple to me, maybe just friends?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Woah, belatedly replying to this~ I had a friend named Amalina so she was my inspiration for the name 🙂 not quite sure about the origins myself.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I like Lina, she seems so energetic and friendly! And I love how polite and proper Sebastian is. Handsome AND a gentleman… ❤ I have no idea why they are running, but I agree with Irene that they don't seem like criminals. Mysterious…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I really love Irene’s look. I find here really beautiful. And I’m also warming up to her personality. She comes off as confident and seems to have a good head on her shoulders. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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