The Elite

The Elite: Chapter 5

1At some point during the night, I must’ve gone under the covers; when I woke up, I was extremely warm from the layers of sheets.

2I’m a relatively light sleeper, and a knock on the door startled me awake. “Just a minute.” I said, my voice thick with sleep.

3The light flicked on when I got near the door, and when I opened it, Riley stood on the other side. I glanced at the clock; it was just before 7 a.m.

4“My apologies, I figured you’d be awake by now. I did mention I’d be coming by to fill you in on what you missed, correct?” He said.

5“No you did, I just forgot to set an alarm.” I said, slightly embarrassed that I just went to bed so easily. I stepped aside to let Riley enter.

6“I can come back later if you’d like.” He said. “No, no. I’m already behind as it is. Just give me 10 minutes, I’ll meet you at the end of the hall.” I said. “Very well.” He said with a grin. “I’ll see you by the stairs.”

7I brushed and freshened up rather fast, if I say so myself, not encountering anyone in the bathroom. When I got back to the room, I twisted my hair back, the same way I usually do, and pulled out a blouse labeled: daily wear. When Riley saw me approaching him, he began to descend the stairs and I followed.

8He mentioned I didn’t miss much yesterday, aside from a general tour the other members got. “This wing of the palace isn’t nearly as large as the main one where the royal family resides, so it shouldn’t be hard to get the hang of things.” He said.

9After showing me where everything generally was, he led me to one last room. I couldn’t help but stare in awe.

10“This is just a small study area for you and the other members to use to research whatever you need to while you partake in the initiative.” He said. “This is small?” I said incredulously. “Again, everything in this wing of the palace is downsized compared to the main household.” He said. I can only imagine how large that library is…

11“I have to run back and check on a few things, upstairs.” Riley said, after coming to stand in front of me. “The meeting with about half of the Elite members will be at the table by the entrance in an hour or so.”

12“Half?” I asked. “Well, attempting to speak to everyone – minus you, your roommate, and the man who forfeited – at once yesterday, proved to be a difficult task, with everyone being so different and some being more rowdy than others.” He said with a grin.

13“So I’ve decided to split you into groups whenever I need to address you guys, or deliver important information.” He added. “Right.” I said. “See you in an hour then, feel free to kill time however you like in the meantime.” He said. And with that, he walked off.

14I decided to take a look at the paper with all the Elite’s names and pictures printed that I ignored when it came on my doorstep a few days ago. I found it in the periodicals section fairly easily and sat down.

15When I flipped the paper open, I cringed inwardly. The photo of me they used was from my driver’s license I got well over 4 years ago. I’m no swan now, but I was definitely going through my ugly duckling phase at the time. My hair was uneven since I insisted on cutting it myself and my mother let me; I had my college freshman fifteen showing largely on my face, and my smile looked way too forced.

16I skimmed over the rest of the photos, and none of them looked nearly as horrifying as mine. I decided to ignore the pictures and attempt to learn some names.

The Elite
Region 1 (Militialand): Simon Clause; Age: 29; Emblem Color: Green
Region 2 (Aristoland): Skyler Austin; Age: 24; Emblem Color: Pink
Region 3 (Portland): Ivan Kore; Age: 25; Emblem Color: Navy
Region 4 (Illustraland): Samuel Tyler; Age: 25; Emblem Color: Baby Blue
Region 5 (Alimenland): Nigel Parkinson; Age: 22; Emblem Color: White
Region 6 (Techland): Irene Charles; Age: 22; Emblem Color: Mint
Region 7 (Lilyland): Kala Toure; Age: 23; Emblem Color: Lilac
Region 8 (Lightland): Daryl James; Age: 28; Emblem Color: Yellow
Region 9 (Masonland): Kori Lane; Age: 26; Emblem Color: Gray
Region 10 (Agriland): Kyle Rodson; Age: 21; Emblem Color: Brown
Region 11 (Sciland): Ricky Tyler; Age: 27; Emblem Color: Orange
Region 12 (Micellaland): Emily Johnson; Age: 24; Emblem Color: Violet

I had a feeling I’d forget most of these, but it was worth a shot learning what I could since I’d be spending a great deal of time with these people.

17After some time, I wasn’t sure how much, I heard footsteps approach; I was so into the names, I didn’t notice until whomever it was stood right next to me.

18I was startled a bit when she said “Hello!” quite enthusiastically. As I folded the paper, I noticed she was wearing lilac from the corner of my eye. Could she be my roommate?

19“Are you Kala by any chance?” I asked while lifting my gaze to meet her eyes; remembering her name from the paper.

20As I rose to speak to her properly, she answered, “Yes, that’s me. I’m Kala Toure. Riley said I could find you down here. I arrived quite early this morning and have been wandering around getting acquainted with the place. The car that came to pick me up broke down on the way back, it was a long journey.”

21“No worries, I arrived literally at the stroke of midnight last night, so I can’t judge. I’m Irene by the way.” I said with a smile.

22“Well Irene, looks like our punctuality is something we have in common.” She said with a giggle. I joined her in laughing as well. Thankfully, getting along with her wouldn’t appear too difficult.

24We chatted for a bit until the sound of the door opening distracted us. A man in a navy shirt walked in. Navy is the color of Portland, I believe. This guy is probably from region 3, then. That would make him Ivan.

25I could feel my nervousness in the smile I gave him and his acquaintance as they entered. Sure I got along with Kala, but there was no guarantee everyone else would be just as friendly or nice. “Some new faces.” Maybe-Ivan said as they approached us.

30“Are you Irene?” The boy in in brown said. All the names and region colors I’d tried to memorize earlier already jumbled in my mind. “Yes, and you are?” I said. “Kyle.” He replied. “I’m from region 10 also known as Agriland. You know, you look a lot better than your picture.” He said with a cocked eyebrow. I could feel myself blushing.

27“It’s an old photo.” I say. “Tell me about it.” The guy in navy says. “They couldn’t ask us to send an updated photo when we mailed in those forms? My picture is from seven years ago! I’m Ivan by the way.” He said while making a face at the memory of his photo. Glad I wasn’t alone in my embarrassment; doubly glad I was right about his name.

28“Right?!” I said in agreeance. Kala began talking to Kyle and for a while all of us were at ease, chatting away. Maybe this won’t be so bad…

31After a while my phone rang, it was Bianca. Woops, I forgot I was supposed to update her once I got here.
 33“Hello.” I said.
“Hello? That’s all I get? You were supposed to call me ages ago!” She said exasperated.
“It’s been a day.” I said grinning.
“Technically it’s your second.” She said, I could hear the smirk in her voice.

34“Excuse me.” I said to the group, they nodded and continued their conversations while I walked away.

35“What happened? Spill!”

36“What did you hear?” I said defensively. I didn’t look at todays’ paper, was my face plastered next to Sebastian’s and Lina’s on the front page? I still didn’t find out why they were running; Lina was vague. “Nothing. Why? Did you meet a cute boy? What should I have heard?” She said questioningly.

37I thought of Sebastian and instinctively looked at where his lips touched my hand. “Look Bianca I’m still getting adjusted to things here so it has been quite uneventful. I’ll fill you in soon, I promise, but at the moment, I’m busy.” As if on cue, Riley walked in to let everyone know it was time to meet upstairs.

38He glanced at me and I nodded back.

40“Look, I’ve got to go.” I said. “I’ll come there myself and beat the info out of you if you don’t share.” She says. “I don’t doubt you.” I reply. “Bye!” I say, hanging up.

41Behind me I heard Kyle say, “That’s our cue.” And we all made our way upstairs.


Thanks for reading! What do you think of Kala? I plan on mentioning the region names, nicknames, colors and whatnot as we go, but would you prefer I made a separate post with that stuff in a chart to help you keep the Elite sorted out? Let me know if you think it would be helpful or if it’s not necessary 🙂  Take care~
xoxo Amy 

8 thoughts on “The Elite: Chapter 5

  1. I like Kala, she seems nice so far and so do the boys. Funny things with the photos, we can change so much throughout the years. I think it’d be helpful if you could post a page with photos and the info posted here to keep us informed on everyone in The Elite. A link could be in the beginning of every chapter. I think it’d be nice, but do as you please 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I felt I was channeling my own personal experience with the photo thing XD Thanks for the suggestion, seems like a good way to keep things sorted, I’ll start working on that~ I appreciate the comment 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The different regions/colours are intriguing! And I really like Kala, I’m glad that Irene’s roommate turned out to be a great person! The boys seem cool as well, I wonder what the others will be like…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Halfway into starting to make them I began to regret it slightly, lol. Took a lot more work that I’d thought it would, but like you said those details eventually pay off 😀 I made the guide to help keep them sorted~

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Can I volunteer to live in Illustraland? haha… Sounds very creative! Nice world-building you got going on here. 🙂 It really does remind me of the districts in Hunger Games. Lol. I’m half-expecting someone to whistle or something…

    Liked by 1 person

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