The Elite

The Elite: Chapter 7

1The dark haired girl walked over; Sebastian looked as if he was going to say something, but she cut him off before he could speak. “Before you scold your friend, or tell me we need to go home, I have something I wish to do.” She stated.

2She began to lead the way down the hill towards the lakeside and Sebastian and I followed in silence.

3She walked over to a seat by a fire pit and stared at us. “I only want to bask in the heat from the fire in this open air for a short while. Afterwards we can go home, and you can send your friend on her way.” She said. “I promise.” She added when neither Sebastian nor I moved.

4“You don’t have to stay if you don’t want to.” He said from behind me. I couldn’t tell whether or not he was angry about me lying earlier from his tone. Does he want me to leave?

5My selfish desire to remain by his side a tad longer told me to stay regardless of what he wanted, so I walked over to the girl and sat beside her. Sebastian paused a moment before walking over to join us. He began to pull out the tools beneath the pit to set it ablaze.

6As the girl stared at the pit as it came to life, I took a glance at her – seeing her face properly for the first time in the light from the fire. She had the same dark hair and bright eyes as Sebastian. The resemblance between them was quite strong, and judging by how she called him brother earlier, there is no doubt she’s his younger sister. They must have some extremely attractive parents considering how good looking they both are.

7“Just for a while. Then we must go.” He said, looking at no one in particular. Why is he so adamant about going home? There isn’t a curfew for people their age…

8“Thank you.” The girl said. She was genuinely happy about getting this small amount of time out here. What’s so special about this? I wondered.

9“Looks like you happen to be a magnet for my family’s troubles.” He says whilst walking towards the seat next to me.

11“Look, earlier… I…” I began, attempting to apologize for lying.

10“Don’t.” He said, cutting me off. “She asked you for a favor, I’m sure, and it wouldn’t be right of me to be angry at you for complying.” He said with an intense gaze that made a blush begin to creep into my cheeks.

12“Younger siblings… What can you do?” He said with an exaggerated shrug and a grin at his sister.

13“Don’t get me started.” I said, remembering my own brother and his knack for shenanigans as well.

14As I began to tell some stories about him, Sebastian’s sister chimed in, saying, “Seb does that too! But he’s older than I, and I can’t do anything about it.” She said laughing and pointing at him.

15“I know!” I said in agreeance, “I have an older brother too, so I know the feeling of bossing my little brother but also being bossed around by my older one.” As I spoke, she laughed and nodded, seemingly excited at seeing someone understand her feelings.

16While we talked I could feel Sebastian looking at us but not saying anything. He appeared to be deep in thought.

17After a while of chatter about family and trivial things, the girl asked, “So how do you find living here?” “She doesn’t.” Sebastian said, speaking for the first time in what felt like ages. “She’s from region six.” He added. “Well how do you find it there?” She asked.

18“It’s not bad.” I said, fixing my gaze on the flames while memories of home flooded my mind. “There’s a lot that could be amended, though.” “You don’t think the government or king are doing a good job then?” She asked. “No no no, I don’t think that at all. It’s just…

It’s hard to know the royal family cares when we haven’t even seen the Queen or their children in photos or at events or speaking altogether. If the king didn’t mention them from time to time, no one would even know they existed.” I said, pouring out some of the emotion that made me enter to join the Elite in the first place. “I love my region, my home, but at the moment it feels like all the regions are disconnected from each other and from our leader.” As I spoke, Sebastian and his sister listened in silence.

19“Would you like to take a walk?” Sebastian asked me some time after I’d finished speaking. I looked at his sister. “I wish to enjoy this pit until the flames die out. I’ll join you once it does.” She said. I silently thanked her for giving me alone time with her brother.

20We walked by the lakeside in silence. I snuck glances at his profile in the moonlight. He really is the most handsome man I’ve ever seen.

21He eventually came to a stop, and I paused beside him. Before, I’d feared that I’d never see him again… but now, it doesn’t appear like getting around would be too hard… and if he lived here, maybe I’d be able to see him intentionally and not by accident or coincidence…

22“Sebastian?” I said. Plucking the courage to ask for his number.

23My heart began to pound faster. Why am I so nervous… it’s just a number, not like I’m asking him out on a date…

24“Yes?” he asked, turning towards me. “I was wondering if you’d like to give me your number, so maybe I won’t have to see you next time by happy accident.”

25“Well, while I do agree that I’d not like to run into you by accident again, I’m afraid I don’t have a phone.” He said. Ouch. He could just say he wasn’t interested. Does he honestly expect me to believe he doesn’t have a cell phone or a house phone when he lives in the wealthiest region in this country.

26I began to storm off, stung by his rejection.

27“Wait.” He called, reaching for my arm and pulling me back to him.

28He twisted me so fast I stumbled and he steadied me with his arms. “What’s wrong?” He asked. Our faces were inches apart… Despite my anger, despite my embarrassment at being rejected… despite all of the emotions I was feeling… my mind sent out a silent call. Kiss me… kiss me… kiss me.


Thanks for reading! This chapter was originally supposed to be much longer, but a lot of things I need to do piled up so I had to cut it short. I’ve tried my best to publish every 2-5 days, but I don’t think I’ll be able to post the next chapter for a week at least, so sorry about that. I hope you like the story so far, I promise to make up for my temporary break with some juicy chapters 😉 Feel free to let me know what you thought~
xoxo Amy

10 thoughts on “The Elite: Chapter 7

  1. I can’t see a photo of them kissing. They didn’t kiss, right? Ah, I wanted it so badly.
    Sebastian’s sister is really pretty and I believe in the story that he doesn’t have a phone- he is strange-talking and old-fashioned, I can’t imagine him with one.
    Don’t worry about the chapters. I post once a week and it doesn’t seem to bother anyone.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe you will have to wait till the next chapter to find out 😉 And thanks~ I spent quite some time on her. This was the most consistently I’ve ever posted, but my workload has caught up with me so I’ll have to cut back a bit^^ Thanks for reading

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Aaaa they’re gonna kiss, I’m sure!! At least I hope so! 😀 And I believe him too when he says he doesn’t have a phone. It’s a bummer, but they might be able to get creative 😉 I feel like this story has many mysteries to be solved and I can’t wait to read what’s next 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Damnit, cliffhanger, I hope he does kiss her! I believe what he said about not having a phone, he doesn’t seem like the most ‘modern’ or tech-savvy of people from the way he speaks. I wonder what’s up with his sister enjoying the little fire so much; she seems sweet so I hope we get to see her more soon, she kinda reminds me of one of my characters as well, but more innocent lol. I’m glad that Irene is making friends, everyone seems pretty nice so far (except that posh girl from the last chapter). Now onto the next post to see if they kiss!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! Haha I never tried any legacy/challenge for my stories – I just make everything up so they aren’t always for everyone~ Thanks for giving it a chance ☺️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Legacies and challenges are hard cause you can’t cheat. That’s why I kinda gave up on my legacy and points and it’s just basically me recounting what happens in my game. I also have another blog that’s a story blog for the sims. My picture taking skills are terrible but I’m learning because I’m extremely new to all of this except playing the sims.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Precisely – and sometimes my stories tend to develop a life of their own while I write them so I’d be terrible at adhering to any guidelines, lol. And don’t worry about it, the most important thing is that you have fun! 😀 Everything else comes with time~


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