The Elite

The Elite: Chapter 8

*** author’s note: Hello all, this was the longest I’ve been away from posting. Thanks for being so patient. I hope to get out another chapter by tomorrow as a thank you~ I’ve posted an update in the Updates page if you’d like to check it out! Enjoy***

28My desires must’ve not been as clearly expressed on my face; after making sure I was alright, Sebastian quickly dropped his hands.

29.5“What’s wrong?” He asked again. “Nothing. I just have to go.” I said. “I won’t ask a third time.” He said sternly. “Clearly you are upset. I wish to know why.” He added.

29I let out a long sigh. “If you are going to come up with excuses. At least come up with something I can believe.” I said.

30“I’m not sure I understand.” He said

31I couldn’t tell if he was just playing dumb, or if he was genuinely confused at how ridiculous his excuse was as I answered him. “Look, if you aren’t interested in me.” I said, my cheeks beginning to burn in embarrassment. “You just have to say so, no need to make up an excuse as ridiculous as not having a phone.” I said.

32“If that is what this is about, I assure you I wasn’t lying.” He said quickly. “I…” he began, but was cut off by the sounds of his sister approaching us.

33I took the distraction to stare up at the sky; the moon was nearly in its center. Oh no. What time was it? I had a feeling my time limit ended ages ago; the others must’ve gone back by now.

34.1“Look I need to go.” I said, not meeting his eyes.

34.3“If you think I’m letting you return alone at this time of night, you are mistaken.” He said. “I’ll be fine.” I said. I really didn’t want to explain to him that the place I was returning to was the palace. “I already regretted letting you go back alone yesterday when I was with Lina. I shall not do that again this time.” He said sternly.

34.5He seemed adamant on taking me home, and while the thought of that may have made me thrilled earlier today, now, it was the last thing I wanted. “Fine. Then at least give me one moment to speak with your sister. Alone.” I said, brainstorming a backup plan. “My sister? Why…” he began, “Just a moment.” I said cutting him off. “I promise I’ll let you take me home no questions asked after I speak with her.” I said.

34.6“As you wish.” He said.

34I quickly jogged over to her, hoping she would hold true to her word in owing me a favor.

35“Look, I’m afraid I don’t have much time. I need to leave, and your brother is insistent on taking me back. Can I cash in that favor now and ask you to hold him off for me while I make a run for it?” I said.

36She gave me a grin and said, “I am a woman of my word, of course. Leave it to me.” She said.

37Before I could get out a thank you, she pulled me into a tight hug. “It was a pleasure to meet you.” She said. “It’s a tad late, but I’m Gen.”

38“It was nice to meet you too.” I said with a smile. The women in Sebastian’s family were all quite charming. “It appears I will owe you another one after this.” I said. “My favor is a bit more challenging than yours was.” I added while beginning to walk away. “I believe so as well.” She said with a smile. “Now go! I can’t assure you I will be able distract him for long.”

39“Thanks again.” I said over my shoulder as I began to sprint. “Hold on!” I heard Sebastian call out in the distance. I didn’t get a chance to glance back, but I heard the sound of a body, or two, falling. Whether Gen tackled him to the ground or pretended to pass out, I’d have to ask if I ever got the chance to see her again…

40I made it back to the palace with a few minutes to spare before midnight. I had swung by the meeting spot on my run back and wasn’t surprised to find no one there.

41“There she is.” Ivan said as I entered the living room.

42As everyone’s eyes fell on me as I entered, I began to feel a bit guilty.

43“We were worried about you.” Kala said. In the brief time I’ve known her, I’ve learned she could be quite serious at times, and this was one of them.

48“Yeah what’s your deal?” Kyle added. “It wasn’t very responsible to abandon us when you were our guide there.” Kori chimed in.

45“I lost track of time.” I said apologetically. “I’m sorry.”

46“There, she apologized. No need to grill the poor girl.” Ivan said. “Besides, she told us how to get back before she left, and we all made it back on time. No harm done.” He added.

47“Yeah I guess…” Kyle said. The others also seemed to calm down. I glanced at Ivan and gave a silent thank you.

44“Guess we should get to bed then.” Kori stated.

49The guys said their goodbyes and headed to their floor, while we did the same. “So you gonna tell us what kept you?” Kala questioned, back to her chipper self. “It was nothing.” I said with a smile, glad neither of them appeared to still be mad.

50“Right.” Kori said sarcastically. “I’m sure you’ll spill eventually.” She said as she entered her room. “Night.” She called over her shoulder. “Night.” Kala and I echoed back.

51Kala eventually got me to crack after constantly questioning me while we brushed and changed. I didn’t mention unnecessary details, just that I’d met a guy, and while asking for his number, I got rejected.

52I flopped on the bed after narrating my humiliation for her.

53“It could’ve been worse.” She said with a giggle. “I doubt it.” I said. “He must be really cute.” She added. “Extremely.” I said.

54“I think Ivan’s pretty cute too.” She said quietly. “I think he may think the same of you.” I said honestly. Did she not notice him glancing at her all day?

55“You think so?” She said happily. “I know so.” I replied with a smirk.

56We settled more comfortably into bed and spent some time getting lost in boy talk…


1I wasn’t sure when we had fallen asleep, but my growling stomach woke me up sometime around six. I did my best to wake up as quietly as possible before heading down to the kitchen.

2To my surprise, some other Elite members – that I haven’t met yet – were already up and about, making food and cleaning things up.

3“Hello.” I said while approaching.

4“Good morning.” The boy in blue said while walking over to me. “We are preparing breakfast, would you like to join us?” He asked. “I’d love to.” I said.

5I glanced over his shoulder to see a boy in white cooking something.

6“I’m sorry, I still haven’t had the chance to learn everyone’s names…” I began.

7“No worries, I’m Samuel, and that’s Nigel.” He said. “Food’s ready.” Nigel said placing a piping hot plate on the counter. “Go ahead.” Samuel said, kindly letting me grab a plate before him.

8I went and sat beside Nigel, and began to dig in.

9“Wow, this is really good.” I said with a smile, I’ve had waffles dozens of times, but I was surprised at how great these tasted. “Of course, they are good.” Nigel said seemingly offended at my surprise. “He’s from region five, food is their specialty.” Samuel said from the counter with a grin.

10“Oh. I didn’t mean to offend you.” I said. “Lighten up, Blondie. I’m only teasing you.” Nigel said with a nudge of his knee onto mine. “Something smells great!” A guy in yellow says while entering. He introduced himself as Daryl when he came to join us at the table.

11The boys chatter away as they eat, and I suddenly feel hyperaware of the fact that I’m the only girl.

12I finish in silence, and rather quickly, ready to head back to the comfort of my room.

13To my surprise, Nigel gets up the same time I do. “Let me get that.” I say, taking his plate. “Thanks.” He says.

14“It’s the least I can do since you prepared the meal.” I reply.

15As I load the dishwasher I feel Nigel’s eyes on me for a bit longer than necessary. “So you have any plans for the day Blondie?” he asks.

16Maybe it’s because of the whole Sebastian thing still lingering on my mind, but I didn’t feel like particularly hanging out with any guys for the time being. Nigel began to stand uncomfortably close, and I hastily told him that I’m sorry, but I did have plans.

17I began to sprint up the stairs before he could catch me in my lie, and ran straight into Riley. “Oh! Sorry!” I said. “No worries.” He said with a smile.

18“Where’s the fire?” he teased, gently pulling me away from the top of the steps so I wouldn’t fall back.

19“Currently non-existent.” I said with a smile. “I just felt the need to hastily escape from another Elite member that doesn’t get the concept of personal space.

20“Do I need to have a talk with anyone?” He asked seriously, his joking mood gone.

21“No.” I said quickly. “It’s nothing I can’t handle.” I said with a shrug.

22“I don’t doubt you.” He said with a grin. “But you should know, Irene, I’m to here to help, whenever you need it and for whatever it may be.” He said. “Feel free to come find me in my room if you don’t see me wandering around.” He added.

23“I think I’ll be fine. But just in case… where exactly is your room?” I asked. I hadn’t seen Riley out of uniform or even on a break since we got here. He seemed to be up and about 24/7. “Same direction as the boys’ rooms.” He said with a smile. “Just an extra floor up.” He added. “Noted. See you around.” I said while continuing my retreat into my room.

24I walked in to find Kala up and making her bed.

25“Morning.” She said as she walked over to me. “Care to join me for a morning run?” she asked, while twirling a loose strand of hair into place.

26“I’d love to.” I said. Maybe some fresh air would do me some good. I didn’t like how heavily this Sebastian ordeal was weighing on my mind…


Thanks for reading! I was super busy and then gave myself a few days of break after I finished all the stuff I needed to do, which is why this took forever to be updated. What do you think of the story so far? I’ve managed to finish my Elite guide at last, you can find it here. I shall begin including it at the beginning of each chapter starting from chapter 9. As promised, I will have another chapter up by tomorrow to make up for my mini hiatus~ Don’t forget there is a longer update. Take care.
xoxo Amy

10 thoughts on “The Elite: Chapter 8

  1. Oh, I wouldn’t want to be in Irene’s place when she’ll eventually have to choose lol! Sebastian is hot and mysterious (and his sister likes Irene, that’s always a plus, haha!), but Riley is truly fascinating ❤ There's just something about him, I don't know 😍 Ivan is such a sweetheart for letting Irene off the hook and I like them together with Kara!
    I'm really curious to see what all those Elite members will be up to as the story goes on..! Very nice chapter 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Glad you liked it! Lol, winning the family over is always a plus 😉 and I have more plans for her relationship with both of them down the line… it will be a hard decision indeed. Thanks for reading 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Okay, this Sebastian is one stubborn guy, why can’t he let go? Irene got a smart idea of a way to escape. I liked that.
    Look at all those hot boys out there, I wonder how many of them will fall for Irene! Our “blondie” seems a lot into Sebastian at the moment, though 😉
    PS I like your introduction page to The Elite.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading. He is quite stubborn indeed XD but Irene just can’t seem to stop thinking about him~ And thanks, it took a while to get it done, but I finally finished that guide – I hope to update the pictures and info as time passes, thanks again for the suggestion 🙂

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      1. Woah that will actually be incredibly helpful, thanks a bunch 😀 ! I didn’t want to have to take screenshots from the ‘edit a sim’ screen, and was thinking of making a room – this is perfect~

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      2. I made it a few years ago, using a tutorial to correctly place the lighting, so you have everything set up to properly see the sim. I set it as a house, but if you changed it to a park, then you can just drop your sim there and use moveobjects to place him inside- in the middle of the backdrop. Then I just put Pose Player somewhere close and that’s it 😀 I have been using it for a couple of years now since I would be too lazy to build another, haha.

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  3. Lol, Sebastian was so insistent, but I get where he is coming from, it’s not the best idea to go running around town at night by yourself. The part where Gen apparently tackled him to the ground made me laugh! And it was nice how Ivan defended Irene, although it was nice for them to be worried about her in the first place; I like most of the competitors so far, but who knows what will happen once the competition actually starts…

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