The Elite

The Elite: Chapter 9

***author’s note: as promised, an extra chapter to make up for my break. I should be back to posting every 2-5 days after this 🙂 enjoy~***


27I followed Kala out the gates, up a path towards the hills surrounding the palace.

28As we wandered on trails, past cabins and tourist spots, I couldn’t help but take glances at any guy who happened to resemble Sebastian out of the corner of my eye. I wasn’t doing a great job at attempting to get him off of my mind.

29Kala came to a stop by a waterfall after what felt like hours of running. “We can take a break here.” She said while walking over to the water’s edge and sitting down.

30“I’m not so sure that’s a good idea.” I said. “I’m not as fit as you, if I sit, it will probably take me ages to get back up.” I said while massaging my neck. “That’s fine.” She says. “We can rest for as long as you’d like.”

31I walk over beside her and sit rather ungracefully.

32We sit in silence for a while; neither of us disturbing the peace. Kala could tell my mind was wandering elsewhere, but kindly didn’t press for details.

33We got back to the palace around two.

34As we made our way towards our rooms, we noticed Kori speaking to another member we hadn’t met yet.

35When we approached, Kori introduced her as Emily – her roommate.

36We spent some time chatting and getting acquainted. Thankfully, she was just as easy to talk to as Kori and Kala. With the exception of Skyler, it appears we would all get along just fine…


37Our week of leisure before the competition passed by rather slowly. Emily was a bibliophile and some days I’d read with her in the library.

38Most nights I’d spend time talking to Kala. She was exceptioinally good at finding topics of conversation…

39I’d alternate going on runs with the girls, some days Kori, other days Kala.

41And on evenings we’d head out into the city to shop, eat dinner or just enjoy the capital, for none of us have ever grown up in a bustling city like this one… Each and every day as our friendships grew stronger, and the competition grew nearer, I couldn’t help but hope that I’d run into Sebastian. Unfortunately – I never did.


42Eventually the weekend rolled around and Ivan and I were eating a late lunch together. “Are you nervous?” I asked as we began to clean up. “Not really.” He replied.

43Riley had announced that the King and company were ready for the competition this morning, and would like to have dinner with each of the Elite in groups, starting tonight. We’d be dining in groups of three, starting with region one and ending with twelve.

44Ivan was part of the first group that would be going. “Well I’m terrified.” I said. “Don’t be, I’m sure you’ll be fine.” He said.

45“Maybe I’d be less nervous if we were all going together.” I said as we made our way out the kitchen. “Being in a smaller group means any mistakes I make have a greater chance of being noticed.” I said.

46“That’s quite positive of you.” Ivan said sarcastically. “The King is showing us he cares by getting to know us before the initiative starts.” He continued. “You could take this chance to get to know our mysterious leader a bit better.” “You’re right.” I said. “I know.” He replied.

47“Say hi to Kala for me.” He said as he left to go and prepare.

48“I’ll think about it.” I teased over my shoulder.

49I entered the girls’ restroom across our hall and was surprised to see Skyler inside, nearly done getting ready.

50During this past week, as I got to know and hang out with most of the Elite, Skyler kept mostly to herself. She wasn’t rude, per say, but she definitely thought highly of herself and would rather be alone.

51She turned to me as I walked in. “Wow, you look amazing.” I said.

52“Ugh. These clothes are too old fashioned for me.” She said. Being from a region that specializes in design and fashion, I could see why she’d be bothered by our mandatory outfits at times.

53“Well if anyone could make these clothes work. It’s you.” I said with what was hopefully a genuine smile. I found Skyler responded well to compliments, and she wasn’t someone I’d like to make an enemy of, no matter how annoying she was at times.

54“I know.” She said with a smirk.

55I followed her out into the hallway and was surprised to see Ivan already done getting ready with Simon standing close by.

56I noticed everyone’s attire had a lot of royal red in addition to their region colors. I grew curious as to how my outfit for tomorrow would look.

57.5“There she is.” Simon said as we approached. I noticed something was different about him.

57“Did you get rid of your glasses?” I asked while looking at him.

58“Contacts, yeah.” He said.

59“It suits you.” I said.

60“I thought I’d try and make an effort since we are meeting the king and all.” He said while looking away shyly. “Thanks.”

61“There you guys are.” Riley says while rounding the corner. “Oh, what are you doing here Ire… Ms. Charles? Your group isn’t heading out until tomorrow.” He says, correcting himself midway. I noticed this past week that Riley only ever calls me by my first name whenever we are alone. He addresses the other Elite formally – using their last names. I quite liked that.

62“I ran into Skyler and thought I’d drop by to say good luck to the rest of the group.” I said as he came to stand next to us. “Good luck.” I said turning to look at all of them.

63“Thanks.” Ivan said with a wink. “Let’s be on our way then.” Riley said, leading the group through the doors to the main wing of the palace.

64The rest of the girls and I decided to watch a movie to kill time until everyone else came back. We were all curious as to how the evening with the King was going to be.

65Just as the credits finished rolling, the sound of clicking heels filled the room. “She’s back!” Kala said, turning to the hall.

66“I bet you are all curious as to how it went.” Skyler said with a smug expression. She didn’t seem nervous or shaken at all. If anything, she was more confident than when she left.

67“Well, are you going to share or not?” Kori asked.

68Skyler took a seat and began recounting her evening for us.

69“The King must’ve been such a hottie when he was younger, he is still quite handsome now.” She said with a wink.

70Beside me Kala rolled her eyes. I couldn’t help but tune in to Skyler’s every words, even her unnecessary side commentary. My group was next, and by this time tomorrow, I’d be sitting face to face with the King…


The next day

71“Relax, it’ll be fine.” Kori was saying as she sat on the edge of my bed while Kala settled in behind her. They offered to help me get ready and calm my nerves after they came back from their run.

72I was slightly jealous since they are grouped together for tomorrow. I looked at my reflection; my attire was the same as Skyler’s except with my region colors.

73“Easy for you to say since you guys will have each other.” I said, glancing at her through the mirror. “Samuel isn’t that bad.” Kala chimed in. “But Nigel is kind of a perv.” Kori said with a smirk.

74“One out of two isn’t that bad.” Kala concluded as they analyzed the two members I’d be going with. “You guys are so comforting…” I said. During the week Nigel had apparently made his rounds, flirting with every girl in sight, it was off-putting to say the least.

75“Wish me luck!” I said while walking out the door to meet the rest of my group and Riley. “Good luck!” They said as I closed the door shut.


Thanks for reading! Yay I managed to get another chapter out as promised. I should be back to my semi-regular posting schedule now. Feel free to let me know what you thought~
xoxo Amy

10 thoughts on “The Elite: Chapter 9

  1. Oh, no Sebastian in this chapter, huh… that’s too bad, but I’m sure he’ll make a wirthy appearance soon lol! But we saw Riley 😍 “Nigel is kind of a perv”, that had me chuckling! 😁 Skyler is kind of annoying really, does she have the snob trait? Oh, what I’m asking, of she does! 😂 I’m really curious to see their meeting with the King, that is surely gonna be very interesting..! 🙂

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    1. Unfortunately he is missing in action at the moment, but he’ll be back soon with quite a bit of action 😉 Lol Skyler is a snob to the max, but not evil thankfully XD Thanks for reading! 🙂

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    1. Thank you 🙂 she is one of my favorite sims to have made, so I love putting extra details into her outfits/makeup/hair~ And Skyler may or may not experience some character development along the way 😉

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  2. I’ve started reading your story, and it’s quite interesting so far! Irene is pretty 🙂 I wonder what this competition is going to be like, hmmm… Skyler was confident so I’m sure it wasn’t that bad. I hope… oh and also, thank you for the follow! Can’t wait to read more!

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