The Elite

The Elite: Chapter 12

1I had set an alarm for ten, but my body woke me up well before then… As I got up, I noticed Kala was already up and about.

2Sebastian and I hadn’t set a specific time to meet up; he just said to go when I was ready… Considering the fact that I was too excited to fall back asleep, I decided I’d just head on over to the cabin now and wait for him to arrive.

3Kala and Kori were both in the restroom when I went in.

4“Morning.” I said when I laid eyes on them.

5“Hey, I didn’t see you last night. We wanted to fill you in on how it went.” Kala said.

6“Sorry about that, I was preoccupied.” I said as I began brushing.

7“Yeah well we are going to be helping Emily get ready today since she’s in the last group going to the palace today, you down to join us?” Kori asked.

8“Sorry girls, I already made plans…” I said. “That’s fine, we’ll see you later then.” Kala said with a wink. I had a feeling she’d be grilling me for info again later…


9I deliberated on what to wear, but then I remembered Sebastian saying he found me to be ‘effortlessly beautiful’ and I wanted to stay true to that. I wasn’t one to obsess over clothes and makeup so I just put on some jeans and a shirt and began to walk over.

10I reached down for the key beneath the floorboard – the same spot Sebastian placed it yesterday and went inside.

11As I expected, I was too early.

12I decided I’d rest a bit in one of the rooms until Sebastian arrived.

13To my surprise, I saw someone lying in bed when I entered.

14The room was dim so I quietly walked over to get a look at who it was… it was Sebastian. How long has he been here?

15How can he still look so handsome even in his sleep?

16I quietly crawled into bed beside him to get a closer look at him. He looked a tad younger and more innocent when he slept, how cute. He wasn’t wearing the same clothes as yesterday which means he must’ve went home and came here early as well.

17The thought that he was as eager for our time together as I was made me more happy than it should’ve…


19I must’ve fallen asleep at some point… When I woke up the room was much brighter as the lights were now on, and someone was gently stroking my back. “How long was I out?” I said with my eyes still shut.

18“Well to answer that I would have to know when you arrived, which I’m afraid I do not.” Sebastian replied with a chuckle. “You could’ve woken me up when you did.” I said. “I didn’t wish to disturb you, you seemed so peaceful… and…” he began.

20I cut him off with a kiss. He laughed beneath my lips, “What was that for?” “I’m making up for lost time – we only have today.” I said.

21“That’s true.” He said while lowering his hand onto my hip and returning my kiss with one of his own.

22He turned me over and our kisses got deeper and deeper.

23I shouldn’t get too used to this…


24After our make-out session, we talked for a bit and ate a light lunch that Sebastian had brought over. We then decided to go for a walk and found ourselves at a children’s park. “It’s beautiful.” I said while admiring the pink blossoms on the trees.

25I walked over to the swings and Sebastian followed along and sat beside me. “It’s been ages since I’ve been on one of these.” He said.

26“My younger brother, Innes, and I spend hours at the park.” I said. “When you were younger?” Sebastian asked. I laughed, “I’m not ashamed to say that we still go whenever we get the chance. My older brother, Irus says we seem like children without the desire of growing up.”

27Thinking of my brothers made me more homesick than I thought I’d feel so soon.

28“That’s interesting.” Sebastian says. “What?” I ask. “Your parents named you all names beginning with the letter ‘I’, was that intentional?” He asks.

29“Yup, my parents’ names are Isaiah and Iris, so they decided to unify the family with names that started with the same letter.” I said while beginning to swing. “Care to join me?” I asked when I noticed Sebastian wasn’t doing the same.

30“Interesting… And I’m perfectly content watching you.” He said with a smile. “Suit yourself.” I said.


31Our day came to an end much too soon. We had wandered through most of the city, had dinner at Ronnie’s, and settled into another park closer to the palace.

32I was angry at myself for getting too happy in the time we’d spent together. How was I going to focus now when I’d managed to fall even harder for Sebastian… and it’s not like we can stay in touch since he chooses to live in the dark ages with no phone…

33“Hey.” Sebastian says pulling me out of my sulking. “Mmhmm?” I say turning my attention to him.

34“This isn’t goodbye forever… it’s more of an until later.” He says. “Right.” I reply.

35Except neither of us knows when exactly that later will be… I think to myself.

36He gets up, and I do the same. “I’ve had an exceptional time getting to know you.” He says. “Trust me, the feeling is mutual.” I reply. “You’ll be pleased to know that I’ve taken the liberty of getting a phone, just for the sole purpose of not losing touch with you completely – given we’ll both be busy.” He says. I couldn’t believe my ears.

37I kissed him on the cheek, “I would say something like ‘Aww you shouldn’t have’ but the truth is I’m really glad you did.” I say.

38“I have never met anyone quite like you.” He says. “I have no intention of letting you get away that easily.” “Neither do I.” I say. I was dreading the end of our date out of fear of losing Sebastian, but now it felt like he wouldn’t be distant at all – he was just a button press away.


39After our goodbye at the park, and exchanging numbers – which I still couldn’t believe – I entered the palace in great spirits. I ran into Riley in the kitchen. “Well, well well; if it isn’t the person I was about to go looking for.” He says.

40“Me? Why?” I ask. “This is supposed to be a secret, but the King is making a surprise address in the morning on the news.” “What’s that got to do with me?” I ask. “He told me to bring you to speak with him, alone, after he makes it.”

41“Is that… normal?” I ask. “I’m not sure, but he seemed in good spirits – I don’t know what you did, but don’t stress about it. I’ll meet you in the morning to walk you over.” He says.

42Well, that was certainly unexpected… What on earth could the King possibly have to say to me? I hope I didn’t somehow upset him during our talk…


Thanks for reading! What do you think the King has to say to Irene? This was another peaceful chapter, but once the contest and some other things begin to unfold – I promise there’ll be more action/drama 🙂  Feel free to let me know your thoughts. Take care~
xoxo Amy

9 thoughts on “The Elite: Chapter 12

  1. Their date was so great and I was so relieved when Sebastian told Irene he bought a cell! He really intents on keeping in touch with her! 🙂
    The scene where he was stroking her back while she was asleep was so adorable ❤
    But who knows how long they'll be kept apart.. I hope that their relationship will stay intact (although for some reason I don't believe it – you gotta have some drama)! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yup he decided to change himself for the better~ That was one of my favorite moments, his expressions were quite handsome 😏 hehe and you shall find out soon.


  2. Woah, Sebastian really got the phone? By the way, my siblings, my dad and I all have names starting with J.
    I wonder what’s in store for Irene. That may be connected to the fact that she didn’t hesitate to stay true to the king. Maybe he decided to make some good use of her observations.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha that’s cool! My siblings and I share the same letter as well ☺️ You may be on the right track~ I shall let you find out next chapter… thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. UGH the date was too adorable! Have you made a ship name for these two yet? If not, I vote Sebrene/Serene 🙂 Ooh, I’m not sure what the address will be but I hope the King has good news regarding the conversation they had before!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. I think the king is going to introduce his family officially and show Irene how much he cares about what she had to say. I know deep down in my heart that Sebastian is a prince even though the King’s son’s name is Steph.

    Liked by 1 person

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