The Elite

The Elite: Chapter 15 pt. I

*** author’s note: When I had completed this chapter I realized it was extremely long, but since I have a lot of juicy stuff planned for the next few chapters it felt a waste to make this into separate chapters, so I’ve decided to split it into two parts since most of it is flashback and backstory anyways (that is why it is late) ~ enjoy 🙂 ***

39When I entered the opening, the shelf shut closed behind me. I was in the dark for a brief moment; then suddenly, lights blazed on along the walls.

41The newly lit pathway snaked downwards and further underground for a while before ending at a ladder. As Gen was nowhere to be seen, I climbed it and assumed I was supposed to follow the lit path.

42When I reached the top, I was greeted by more pathways and chambers all still seemingly underground. I wandered for a while before coming across an open room with someone sitting inside.

43Gen was lost in thought; as I came closer her head snapped up, and a smile broke out on her face at the sight of me.

44“You came!” She exclaimed after giving me a wave. I noticed, rather annoyingly that she was not dressed in her dresses, jewels, or lace like she was on the news. I mean the cat’s out of the bag, why does she feel the need to keep hiding.

45I couldn’t help but notice she had a great body; as I glanced at her abs, I noticed that she was wearing the same jeans as me. I don’t know why that made me feel even more annoyed. “Playing dress up again, your highness?” I said rather coldly.

1She didn’t seem phased by my cold demeanor; I guess she was expecting it considering what she wrote in her letter. “You have great taste.” She said with a smile, eyeing my jeans back. I didn’t say anything in return.

46She sighed, “Since you came, I’m assuming you are going to give me a chance to explain.” She said. “Will you join me?” She asked, gesturing to the stone bench behind her.

47I sat beside her in silence – I wasn’t going to divulge anything about how I felt or what I wanted to know until she finished saying whatever she had planned to. I felt bad, however, at channeling my frustrations with Sebastian onto Gen. Although she also pried into my thoughts of the kingdom when we had met, she didn’t make me fall for her, she was innocent in comparison to her brother. I tried to break the slight tension by asking a question. “What is this place?”

48She seemed to relax a bit when I spoke. “This palace is ancient; these passages were created centuries ago to serve as escape routes or shortcuts in times of war or distress. No one uses them anymore, I’m not even sure my parents are aware or care that they exist. This particular stretch leads to my room; my cousin Amalina and I discovered it accidentally when we were playing with my dresser and knocked it over. I like to sneak here to find some time for myself from time to time.” She said. I smiled at the mention of Lina.

49When I didn’t say anything, Gen continued, “Speaking of ancient, I figured I’d attempt to let you in on the lives my brother and I have come to know. My family’s bloodline has ruled this nation for centuries, and we are well aware of how blessed we are, but at times it’s also quite burdensome…”

[FLASHBACK] (a/n: the italics are Genevieve’s narration, regular font are Irene’s thoughts) 

2My father had grown up an only child; it is common practice to name the heir to the throne directly after the preceding ruler. My father was named after my grandmother Stephanie when he was born, and Stefano, being the oldest, was named after my father. That is why I address him by his middle name; it feels odd to call him Stefano when my father shares the name as well.

3.1My father married my mother, who was from region two, not long after meeting her on one of his father’s tours through the country. It was love at first sight as they say. They corresponded through letters for several years before finally meeting again in person and introducing the families to one another.

3.2There are no rules against marrying a commoner, and my mother was exceptionally bright and beautiful – my grandparents fell head over heels for her and they were married.

4Sebastian was born shortly after their union, and I came several years after that.

5We were born, grew up, and to this day reside within these palace walls; with various tutors, nannies, chefs and so on to help in our upbringing.

6We were trained in the arts, languages and diplomacy from a young age. It was exhausting to say the least but as it’s our duty, we never questioned it.

7My cousin Lina – who is the daughter of my mother’s sister – started coming to visit us every summer once we became teens.What I loved most about Lina’s visits were that she’d sneak me clothes from outside the palace. For as pretty as all the gowns and jewels were, it did get boring.

8My parents figured she was old enough at that age to not cause a fuss, and they felt it would be nice for me to have someone else around my age to play with.

9.5“Since my mother’s family still resides in region two till this day, Lina always has the most fashionable clothes; which is why I’m dressed this way now. I’m not trying to taunt you or trick you, I love clothes, and makeup and the whole lot – but I never get the opportunity to experience them at home. My father would have a heart attack if he saw me like this.” Genevieve said with a wink.

9My parents probably regret letting Lina come for summers, as she inspired me to have more fun and bend the rules a little bit. Swimming in the palace moat for instance was one of our many misdeeds.

10Of course we’d get scolded, but it was still fun, and the guards and maids did their best to hide our transgressions from my parents because they liked seeing the palace so lively for a change.

11I was fortunate enough to have Lina to talk to; I’d sneak into her guest room every night and she’d tell me things about life outside: from shows and films, to gossip and cute boys.

12We’d grown up quite sheltered and I looked forward to her visits every year to learn about the things outside our parents have kept us away from.

13My brother Sebastian didn’t have such a luxury though. As the heir to the throne, the burden on his shoulders were much greater than mine. He kept mostly to himself and never let on whether he was tired, annoyed or wanted to escape for a bit. He was, and still is, an annoyingly good stickler to the rules. All of the odd things Sebastian would say or do began to make sense as Genevieve went on describing their upbringing… His old fashioned-ness, over-politeness, need to ask a girl if he should kiss her before he actually does… and so on.

14Aside from these summers with Lina, we otherwise have a set routine, protocols and practices we complete… Which brings us to the present. 

15On Lina’s last visit, she asked me whether I’d be interested in escaping the palace for a bit to see the capital for the first time. She was already well familiar with it, as she’d be able to roam around freely after her visits before she’d have to go back home. That explains why Lina was more familiar with Ronnie’s when we all went together that time…

16Genevieve: I’m not so sure that’s a good idea, Lina
Amalina: You sound like Sebastian
Genevieve: Growing up I’ve tried many times to sneak out, but the palace guards thwarted me at every turn. They’ve said time and time again that they can put up with our late night slumber parties and dives in the surrounding rivers, but leaving the castle unattended despite no one knowing us by face is something they can’t allow
17Amalina: That’s when you’ve tried to do it on your own, we need a little help from someone like Sebastian
Genevieve: You don’t honestly expect that to work do you? He’s not exactly a rule-breaker
Amalina: All the more reason to try and convince him to live a little


18Lina eventually convinced me to try and attempt to get my brother to help us escape.
Genevieve: I really don’t think this will work
Amalina: Have a little faith

19Sebastian: What are you two whispering about down there?
Amalina and Genevieve: Nothing!

20Genevieve: Look, Lina and I were wondering if… maybe… you’d be interested in exploring the capital with us…
Sebastian: Are you referring to sneaking out unattended? Come on Gen, you know the ru…

21Genevieve: Rules! Yes I know, but aren’t you the least bit curious? Wouldn’t you like to see the faces and places we work so hard everyday to protect? We wouldn’t even need to be gone for that long, just a bit…
Sebastian: I’m sorry Genevieve, but I’m afraid we can’t.

22Amalina: Oh come on Seb, live a little!
Sebastian: I have nothing else to say on the matter… I have to join father and some of the other men and guards for a meeting. I’ll see you both later.

23Since most of the staff and guard would be wherever that meeting was, Lina and I tried to slip out anyways, but we got caught not too far from the gate by one of our caretakers.

24Ms. Rosanna: Why, look at what a wonderful day it is. I should hope that you girls weren’t planning on wandering off too far… I have to insist you return inside.

25Genevieve: Of course; we shall return inside immediately
Amalina: Yes, Mrs. Bodon *whispering to Gen* We need to change our tactics…

26Eventually, after several failed attempts, we’d managed to make it outside. I couldn’t believe it! Unfortunately, we made it out right as the meeting ended and the guards saw us rounding the corner out.

27Lina and I got separated, and because Sebastian was worried we’d get in more trouble if someone else brought us home and told our parents, he actually came out to get us himself. After returning me home and insisting I stay in my room, he went back for Lina. But the guards were close behind.

28I was told by Lina, that it was at this point, they ran into you…


8 thoughts on “The Elite: Chapter 15 pt. I

  1. Ah, it finally makes sense why they were so stressed and started running away. They sneaked out!
    I’m glad Gen decided to tell Irene all about it, because I find life in the palace really fascinating and it’s nice to know more about her, Lina and Sebastian/Stefano.

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  2. Oh wow, what a pleasant coincidence that the day Gen and Seb got out they met Irene! It’s like it was meant to be ❤
    At first I thought that Gen eventually managed to convince Sebastian to get out, but him chasing after her makes much more sense!
    I really liked peeking a little into their royal lives and the story of how their parents met! 😀

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  3. Ooh, so that’s why they were running away! I can’t imagine Seb sneaking out of the castle, so him chasing after the more lively Lina and Gen makes sense. And it’s understandable why they would try sneak out in the first place, the royal life seems very structured and uptight.
    Time to read the second part!

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  4. Ha! Called it! I shall sign up my non-existent sim self as a Private Investigator. Super sleuth Em FTW! Sebastian really is such an attractive sim… Gah!

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