Updates & Hiatus

Hello all,
Unfortunately I have two pieces of bad, but not too bad, news to share… I posted an update yesterday stating that I’ve changed update day to Saturday, starting with the chapter I was hoping to have posted today, BUT unfortunately, my computer is having issues, and I know there is no way on earth I’ll be able to have enough time to take all the screenshots for the chapter in addition to finish writing it afterwards before the day is over… SO, the first piece of bad news is there will be no chapter today.

The second piece of bad news is that my workload has surmounted to monstrous heights, and even if I wanted to, I can’t squeeze any more game time until I’ve caught up – so that means I’ll be taking a little hiatus until that’s all sorted… When I’m back, I plan on posting in full force, so my apologies for the delay, but I hope to see y’all back here when I return.

As of now I’m estimating I should be good to go around the first week of September, so expect the first chapter to be posted on that following Saturday, September 9th. It seems super far away, I know, but time will hopefully fly on by~ It pains me to be way from writing and playing for so long since I love it so, but what can you do when duty calls~

Thanks to all of you who read, comment, and like all of my posts. I’ll do my best to stay up to date with the stories I’m currently reading, but no promises – that’ll just mean you’ll get a load of notifications from me when I return if I don’t manage to keep up ;D

Here’s a sneak peak of some of the photos for the upcoming chapter since I don’t want to leave you completely empty-handed~ I’ll also let you in on the fact that you’ll meet some new characters as well as see a new setting in the upcoming chapter.


In the meantime you are more then welcome to check out some of my older stories such as Broken, Harmonious, & Standing On My Own whilst I’m gone if you are bored~ As the Elite is nearing the halfway point, once it’s done, I’m probably going to continue one of them instead of writing another new story to get some closure at last XD I’ll most likely make a poll and let you guys decide which one I’ll continue first when the time comes so you can familiarize yourselves with them now~ (If not I’ll be making a summary page eventually as well 🙂 )

Thanks again for stopping by, and sorry to be disappearing so suddenly like this~

Take care as always, and I’ll see you on the 9th!
xoxo Amy

10 thoughts on “Updates & Hiatus

  1. Please don’t worry, take as much time as you want! At least you’re not like me and nearing almost a year since the last chapter LOL. And what kind of problems, is it game related or with the actual computer?
    I’ll be waiting excitedly for September 9th, but in the meantime hopefully I can continue reading through your old stories! 🙂

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    1. Aww I remember the first post I read of yours was the one explaining your hiatus so I know you know the struggle haha 💔 Actual computer, it’s driving me mad. I’ll have to take it to get checked out since it has gotten that bad… 😭 Thanks~ I hope you enjoy!

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  2. I really hope you’ll get everything sorted out! Take your time, after all sims is supposed to be a fun thing to do! 🙂
    I’ll definitely read your other stories (I believe I have left Broken midway – shame!) and I’ll be here when you make your comeback! 😀

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