Sight Chapter 7: Flirting With Danger

*** author’s note: In my haste to get the last chapter out before it got too late, there were a few grammar mistakes and misplaced screenshots that I’ve gone back and fixed. Just a heads up in case any of you wanted to refresh on the events of last chapter 🙂 I had mentioned a few weeks back that this was one of my favorite chapters to write, without further ado, enjoy~ ***

2:00 a.m. | Lemon Lane
After listening to Trey’s tale, Aislyn and J.D. were en route to find his body. “Are you sure about this, Sunshine?” J.D. asks, out of Trey’s earshot. “No, but it’s too late to turn back now.” She replies.

After Trey’s explanation, tidbits of info Aislyn had recently heard suddenly made sense. She thought back to the afternoon before the party…


TV Announcer: The police are still in search of the man who evaded capture last night after fleeing the scene of a crime. The confrontation resulted in the cops opening fire in attempts to subdue him; however, he was still able to escape. Whether or not he was working alone is unclear, but he is considered armed and dangerous. If you have any tips please call…

Aislyn had turned off the TV, not wanting to hear bad news. She now knew that the man the cops were searching for was Trey.

He was supposed to meet up with Ollie and Dee near the spot he had led Aislyn to later that day, but died after succumbing to his injuries from his encounter with the police before he could contact them.

“We’re still searching for a suspect that fled a robbery yesterday. He could be anywhere…”

Because Trey had managed to elude the cops before he passed, no one knows his whereabouts, or current state.

Trey stated that he snagged the cash from an art gallery, and though he took care of the physical portion of the heist, he, Ollie, and Dee had all planned it together.

“Aren’t you even remotely sad that you’ve died?” Aislyn had asked.

“I knew what I signed up for coming into this lifestyle, doll. Now I want to make sure our weeks of planning didn’t go to waste, and that my friends live happily, even if I can’t.”

When he finished explaining what had happened, Aislyn conjured up a rather risky plan that would hopefully result in her getting out of this mess. She didn’t let Trey in on this of course; as of now he was under the impression that, out of fear, she was succumbing to their demands. Aislyn has no intention of correcting him.

She had asked him to lead the way to the cash Ollie and Dee assumed she already possesses. She wasn’t able to fill J.D. in on her half-baked plan, as Trey hadn’t left their side since he started speaking, so for now, he was blindly following along, trusting her judgment.

“Here we are.” Trey says after about an hour’s walk. There was a pool of cash around his feet, leading around a stack of logs. “My body is back here; as this is a typically isolated spot, no one’s spotted me yet despite it being nearly three days.” He adds.

“I began losing consciousness when I got here which is why some of the cash has fallen out.” Trey says, staring at his body with a slightly sad expression. Perhaps the reality of his death hadn’t sunk in until this moment. Aislyn ponders. As she keeps her eyes on Trey, J.D. keeps his gaze fixed on her. “Sunshine, what exactly is your plan? I know you didn’t wander here this late without one.” He whispers.

Trey begins sobbing; as his cries get louder, Aislyn takes the chance to respond, hoping he doesn’t hear. “I can’t fill you in now.” She says, sparing a glance at Trey to make sure he isn’t listening. “At the moment, my greatest concern is hoping no one sees me as I carry this bag back.” “You aren’t actually thinking about taking it, are you?” He asks incredulously.

“Do you trust me?” She asks, not wanting to risk angering Trey by explaining herself now; granted he wouldn’t be able to do anything about it, but her plan was already risky enough without a hostile ghost lingering around. “You know I do.” J.D. responds. “Then don’t ask me questions that’ll weaken my already shaky resolve and just pray I don’t get caught…” She says.

To this J.D. doesn’t respond, he just gives Aislyn a stiff nod, and turns to look back at Trey who’s beginning to come back to his senses after his crying. Aislyn takes a deep breath and walks over to the logs to begin gathering the fallen cash….

6:30 a.m. | Ranny’s Diner
Assuming Ollie and Dee would keep their word and come back later that evening, Aislyn didn’t see any reason to stick around at home. She made sure to hide the cash somewhere they wouldn’t find it, in case they came snooping around again anyway, and headed off to work. She runs into Mai outside, who’s doing some stretches before heading in.

“Morning.” Mai says as Aislyn draws near. “We missed you after you left on Saturday.” She adds. “Oh, yeah… I felt bad for leaving like that, but I had things to take care of.” Aislyn says. “Don’t worry about it, Cailean filled us in. I really meant it when I said it was a nice change seeing you outside of work.” Mai says with a smile. At this Aislyn feels a bit of heat rising to her face and looks away sheepishly. “I saw Chad yesterday.” Aislyn says in an attempt to change the subject.

“Yeah, he told me.” Mai says with a grin that seemed to hold some sort of meaning. “What’s with that smile?” Aislyn asks with one of her own. “Oh, nothing.” Mai says, unconvincingly. “He and the guys are planning to have a guys night out at some sport thingy today… Would you like to do something together?” She asks. Aislyn was taken aback at the offer; she was surprised at how eager her body was to respond yes, if only she could…

“That sounds lovely, but I have something to take care of tonight.” “Oh, that’s fine.” Mai says, with a hint of disappointment. “Can we do something tomorrow though?” Aislyn asks. “Sure.” Mai says with a smile. “Come on, let’s head in before Mr. Ray bites our heads off.”

If Aislyn’s plan goes through without her house being engulfed in flames, or her body getting carved out by Ollie and Dee, she was rather looking forward to getting to spend time with Mai.

11:00 a.m. | Gus’s House
“Morning.” Cailean says as he comes downstairs and sees Otto brewing coffee. “Morning.”

He catches sight of Gus sprawled on the couch in his clothes from yesterday.

“What happened to him?”

“He briefly mentioned something about his date ending badly yesterday.” “Is that so?” Cailean asks, attempting to keep his curiosity at bay.

“Actually badly is an understatement.” Gus says, having woken up at the sound of their voices. “Disastrous is more like it.” He adds.

“And what exactly happened?” Otto asks in between sips of coffee. “I don’t know.” Gus says as he drags a chair back to take a seat. “I thought it was going rather well, as most of my dates do. I even put in an extra effort this time around because Aislyn is definitely not like other girls. She invited me in, and we were kind of getting it on, but she freaked halfway through and told me to leave.” At this Otto laughs, spitting out some of his coffee. “It’s. Not. Funny.” Gus says through gritted teeth.

“What are you planning to do now?” Cailean asks. “I don’t know; I’ll give her some time to cool down, then I’ll call her later. If she doesn’t answer, I’ll just swing by her place tomorrow and apologize.” “Without knowing what you did?” Cailean says disapprovingly. “When do chicks ever actually come out and tell you what you did wrong? They just get mad, and then get over it when you apologize.” Gus says dismissively.

I’ve finally found you…
J.D. thinks. Aislyn you’ve got me acting like some stalker…

“If you care about her, you’ll find out what you did so you don’t do it again.” Cailean says. “What makes you think I did anything?” Gus asks.

“Because you’re you.” Cailean replies.

“She could’ve had her own reasons for acting like that. Why do you keep butting in? I told you I know what I’m doing…”

12:17 p.m. | Ranny’s Diner
“Well?” Aislyn asks, coming out during her lunch break.

“It took the better part of the morning, but I found where your boy lives. He seems loaded; he has a very excellently furnished home, if I say so myself.” J.D. says.

“I didn’t send you to go house hunting.”

“I know, I know; relax, Sunshine. He wasn’t alone, it seems like he’s living with some friends, and your criminal couple were nowhere in sight.”

“I figured they were just bluffing, but I’d rather be safe than sorry.” Aislyn says.” Mai mentioned Gus and his friends have plans later to go to some sporting event. Even if Ollie and Dee were planning on making a move, they’d be foolish to try anything there. Gus should be fine when he and his housemates get there. Keep an eye on him till then.” Aislyn says.

“I didn’t expect you to fall for him so quick. Look at you, flirting with boys and now flirting with danger.” J.D. teases. “You know that’s not it; I just hate getting other people involved in my issues. I got myself in this mess, and I’ll get myself out.” Aislyn declares. J.D. sighs, “Alright then, I’ll see you at home when he and his friends are in the clear.”

“Thanks, J.”

“I just hope you know what you’re doing.” J.D. says before disappearing.

6:00 p.m. | Aislyn’s House
After doing a more thorough sweep of the house to make sure she was alone, Aislyn makes her way to the spot where she hid the cash she retrieved from Trey’s corpse earlier. A part of her felt guilty for leaving him there like that, but she knew that this was the only logical course of action she could take.

On one hand, if she reported finding his body, that would only bring a whole lot of questions directed at her, with the police wondering what she was doing at such an isolated location so late at night. Afterwards, if they reported finding Trey with the cash on the news, Ollie and Dee would surely see it and come back to ask Aislyn more questions and then do who knows what to her and her house.

And on the other hand, if she were to just call the police to report Ollie and Dee after they left yesterday, there was no way to tie them to the robbery or their break in as they left no evidence of either occurrences behind. It’d just be her word against theirs without a scrap of evidence; the police would be sure to let them go, and then they’d just come back and do who knows what to her and her house.

Either course of action would lead to the same result, which meant in order to get a more desirable outcome, Aislyn would have to do some manipulation on her end, even if that meant she had to bend her morals a bit…

10:21 p.m.
After setting the bag of cash in a visible spot on her dining table, and taking out some wads to make Ollie and Dee kill some time when they come to retrieve it, Aislyn got to work turning off all the house lights to make it seem like she wasn’t home. She then unlocked the front door, and went to conceal herself in her bathroom.

J.D. appeared shortly after she had finished all her preparations. “Your boy and his friends are enjoying the world of basketball with no plans to return home until much later.” He says through the door. “They had a rather uneventful day.”

“Good. I’ll be making the call any second now.”

“I still don’t get why you need to be here for this.”

“I told you earlier.” Aislyn says. “If I call the police saying that there are people in my home, when I myself am not home, what do you think they’ll think of that?” She asks. “Right.” J.D. says; if he was still doubting her plan, he was no longer going to question it aloud.

31 (1)
Aislyn took a deep breath and pulled out her cell phone. With a response time of about 15 minutes, if she waited until Ollie and Dee showed up to place the call to the police, they’d be long gone before the cops arrived. For this to work, she’d have to take a leap of faith and assume Ollie and Dee were true to their word and planned on returning around roughly the same time they did yesterday, and not a moment later.

32 (1)
“9-1-1 What’s your emergency?” The voice on the line says.

“I’d like to report a break-in…”

33 (1)
10:30 p.m.
“Doesn’t look like anyone’s home.” Dee says. “She didn’t strike me as the type to chicken out.” Ollie says as he reaches for the door. “Well, what do you know? She left it open for us, how sweet.” He says.

34 (1)
“Well, well, well; what do we have here?” Ollie says as he enters.

“I don’t get why she was so hell-bent on denying she knew where it was.” Dee says. “Clearly she wanted to keep it for herself. The only thing I don’t get is what her connection to Trey is; why would he disappear like that and give all we’ve worked for to some random chick?” Ollie asks.

“We all have our secrets, Ollie, what good will it do us now to wonder what his is. Let’s just grab the money and go.” Dee says.

Aislyn, you’ve lucked out in them getting here on time… Let’s hope you’re right about the police too. J.D. thinks.

Aislyn holds her breath in the bathroom; she could hear muffled voices outside which meant that they’ve arrived and the first hurdle was over and done with. Please let the cops get here on time. Please let the cops get here on time. She chants over and over in her head, suddenly a chill comes over her. Oh no. She thinks, she’d forgotten all about Trey and didn’t factor him into her plan. “What are you doing in here?” He asks.

Aislyn attempts to conceal the phone she’s holding in her right hand, but her movement has the opposite effect and draws Trey’s attention right to it.

“You bitch!” He yells. “You called the cops, didn’t you?!” He leaps towards her in anger, and despite knowing that he wont be able to touch her, Aislyn instinctively stumbles back and falls over.

As Trey was attempting to strangle her, his ghostly hands were failing to make contact, but the sensation was nauseating nonetheless. Aislyn felt as though someone was pouring ice-cold water on her throat.

41 copy
At the sound of Aislyn’s fall, with her phone ricocheting across the walls, J.D. appears inside. “What the hell is going on in here?” He asks as he takes in the scene, the moment he lays eyes on Trey he kicks him off of Aislyn and drags him through the wall.

“Did you hear that?”

“I sure did, Dee.”

Aislyn gets to her feet as silently as possible. She’s never had a ghost try to attack her before, and she was surprised at how uncomfortable the sensation was. She felt sick. Before she could finish catching her breath, the sound of approaching footsteps draws her attention to the door.

“Hmmm, guess the place isn’t deserted after all.” Ollie says after trying and failing to open the door.

Oh no. Oh no. Oh no.
Aislyn panics internally while using all her strength to keep the door pressed shut.

Ollie is able to pound his way through and Aislyn falls, yet again, onto the floor.

She rushes back to her feet. “Having a little late night chat, are we?” Ollie says, catching sight of her phone on the floor. Aislyn swallows, her throat tight with fear. “No.” She tries to say as confidently as possible.

The sound of approaching sirens only intensifies her panic.

Well at least I was right about the response time.
She thinks. I’m so screwed.

“Sounds to me like that’s a lie.” Dee says, taking a step closer. Aislyn doesn’t move, her feet frozen in fear. “Dee, get the lights and answer the door when they get to it. I’ll keep this one quiet.” “Right.” Dee responds flicking on the switch on her way out.

55 (1)
At the sound of the knock on the door, Dee answers.

“Good evening officer. Is there a problem?”

“That’s what I’d like to ask. I was told there was a break in here.”

“There seems to be some sort of mistake, I’m fine.” Dee says.

“It appears so.” The officer says, as his eyes drift to the dining table. “Mind if I step inside for a brief moment?”

“Of course not.” Dee says, slightly shakily.

The officer walks over to the bag that drew his attention. “Officer Ramirez, does this look familiar?” He asks.

His partner peers over from the door and nods immediately after laying eyes on the bag. “Definitely. Mind telling us what you’ve got inside there?” She asks Dee.


Aislyn struggles against Ollie’s grip. She was so close in having everything fall into place. She was glad J.D. wasn’t here to see her like this, on a different occasion he’d’ve laughed and said ‘I told you so’ but this was no laughing matter, and she was worried about what could be happening to him this very moment.

“I’ve gotta hand it to you.” Ollie whispers in her ear. “You’re more cunning that we thought.” Aislyn attempts to break free but his arms were like an iron vise. She could feel herself getting light-headed at the lack of oxygen she was experiencing due to Ollie’s hand over her airways. “You are going to be in a world of trouble as soon as the coast is clear.” He says with a low chuckle.

Feeling herself slipping, Aislyn musters all the strength she can to free one of her arms and raises it high. With one fell swoop she elbows Ollie in the rib cage as hard as she can. With a yelp he releases her and she takes in a huge breath of air before bolting for the door.

As she rushes into the living room, she runs into an officer. “And who might you be?” He asks. “I’m the homeowner who reported the break-in.” Aislyn says out of breath, “That woman and the man in the bathroom are the intruders…”

“Is that so?” The female officer by the door says. “Look… this is all a misunderstanding…” Dee says.

11:00 p.m.
It wasn’t exactly how she had pictured it occurring, but Ollie and Dee were apprehended. Surprisingly, they both didn’t attempt to put up a fight. “I’m telling you, the bag was already here when we got here.” Ollie says. “You have the right to remain silent. I suggest you use it.” The female officer says.

“What do you suggest we do?” She says, turning to her male partner. “Well, if this was a simple breaking and entering case, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but since this definitely ties into the art gallery robbery, that complicates things.” He says while scratching his head.

He then turns to Aislyn. “Look Ms…” “Persefoni.” Aislyn says. “Ms. Persefoni, I’d hate to trouble you on what was probably an already tiring evening, but we’ll need you to give a full statement downtown and speak with our commissioner… Is that alright?” He asks. “I understand.” She says. “Great; Officer Ramirez here will wait with you until our back-up arrives and bring you over in another vehicle while I take these two on ahead.”

Aislyn nods; she was prepared for this to happen. She knew Ollie and Dee wouldn’t be able to say anything about already having spoken to her, for that would only incriminate themselves further. And she had already come up with her narrative of what happened.

Now, as long as the officers and commissioner didn’t ask too many questions and poke holes in her story, she’d be able to wrap this up and get out scotch free…


Thanks for reading! Yikes, I promised a shorter chapter and this one was around 3,000 words, even longer than the last one, haha XD Oh well, I had fun writing this, and the next chapter is a more fun one – you get to meet some new cool faces that will have more important roles as the story progresses~ I hope you are enjoying how it’s playing out so far, feel free to let me know what you thought 🙂 Take care~
xoxo Amy

14 thoughts on “Sight Chapter 7: Flirting With Danger

  1. Yay! I was right!
    Aww man, I’m glad Dee and Ollie got caught… but I have quite a bad feeling about this. I do hope the police aren’t very smart and Aislyn’s story is strong because I feel her plan was quite flimsy. This might backfire on her 😯
    I had to laugh at JD looking after Gus! I like how chill he is most of the time haha.
    And speaking of Gus… I can’t believe he’s being so persistent. It’s a bit weird. But I’m still not sure what to think of him, he’s been treating Aislyn okayish so far. I really hope Gus won’t end up hurting her.
    Nice chapter! Looking forward to those cool new faces 🙂

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    1. Yup, you practically already had everything figured out 😉 The station interview/questioning next chapter shall be quite interesting, hehe~ I shall leave it at that. I had been meaning to include more about Gus’s backstory, lol, but the other events in the story end up being longer than I initially intend for them to be so it’s getting pushed further and further down XD I’d say in about 2-3 chaps you’ll get to understand where he’s coming from better, haha.

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  2. Whoa, talk about suspense!! I was literally at the edge of my seat when Aislyn made the noise and those two criminals heard her! Fortunately they didn’t hurt her, and I really hope the police will believe her… poor girl, it seems like she always ends up in messes she’s not responsible for!
    Gus needs to back off at last! I really can’t understand why he’s being so persistent, it’s not like he’s fallen in love with her… or is he??! I’d like to see her with Cailean, although JD is still my favorite ❤ (but if he's not able to even touch her, then I'd say we have a problem lol!!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She definitely ends up biting more than she can chew whenever she tries to help XD Gus is definitely not in love with her and he has his reasons for acting that way… they shall just come to light a little later on in the story~ I’m planning on bringing Cailean more into the plot as well, you shall see a lot of him next chapter :3

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    1. Her story is quite shaky, it shall all depend on whether the commissioner shall dig into it or let it go 🙂 Thanks, since Aislyn’s ability deals with more senses than just sight I figured it’d be cool to show how it feels on her end~

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  3. Ooh, this chapter sure was interesting! I hope Aislyn’s plan works, as the story isn’t very solid. I’m just glad she wasn’t hurt by them.
    Why is Gus so focussed on her? What does he want with her?
    I wonder what’ll happen next…

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  4. I love the picture of Trey just floating in the bathroom wall. It’s just so funny to look at. I’m glad everything is working out with this art heist. I hope JD doesn’t get hurt dealing withTrey (if ghosts can hurt other ghosts). I’m really happy that Aislyn and Mai are getting along and I look forward to their friendship, I’m just not sure if Kimberly is going to be cool with hanging out with Aislyn.

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    1. Haha yeah, I figured it’s one of the easy ways to demonstrate his ghostly-ness XD Ghosts can get hurt by other ghosts, and you shall see how he turns out. Yeah, Kimberly has her own reasons for not liking Aislyn that I shall prolly get around to explaining somewhere wayyyyy down the line 🙂 Thanks for reading~

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  5. I really loved this scene! I like how she crafted this plan to try and get them caught instead of just helping out a few robbers! I love Aislyn so much! I hope everything works out for her. And of course I was absolutely thrilled to see J.D. defending his Sunshine 😀 I wonder if the part about how the ghost attacking her actually having an effect will come into play again…

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    1. Thanks~ yeah, Aislyn’s moral code wouldn’t allow her to just do what they asked and let them go free. Aww, I’m glad 😊 The commissioner is an interesting character for several reasons, I’ll let you see for yourself~ For now, it won’t but it will again wayyyyyy down the line. Thanks for reading!


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