Sight Chapter 10: Changing For The Better

5:00 p.m. | Aislyn’s Room
“So let me get this straight… You took your ring off, the one you’d assumed was an accessory this whole time?” Aislyn asks. “Yes.” J.D. replies. “And inside you saw an engraving that says JJ?”

“Yeah, and as soon as I saw it I had this image pop into my head.”

“What kind of image?”

“It’s hard to explain… for some reason it’s really fuzzy and blurred and no matter how hard I try to remember it, I can’t. It’s like fragments of memories are trying to come to the surface but I can’t grasp them.”

“Could you make anything out?”

“Yeah, there was a woman… and myself. I think… I think I was married.” J.D. says solemnly. “How pathetic am I? I could have a family I’ve left behind and I wouldn’t even be able to recognize them if they passed me on the street.” He adds with a dark laugh.

“So that’s what you were up to these past few weeks? Searching for traces of what could’ve been your family?” Aislyn asks softly; J.D. nods. “Well, that’s great news; it’s the first real lead we’ve gotten on your life so far.” Aislyn says. “It’s crazy to think that your name actually starts with a J. Guess I won’t have a hard time adjusting to your real one once we figure it out… and we will.” She says firmly as she bends down in an attempt to lift J.D’s spirit.

Of course she couldn’t touch him, but she figured the gesture would be comforting regardless. She raises her hand and lets it hover above where his knee is, feeling a warm tingly sensation in her palms as she does so. “Thanks, Sunshine.” He says with a hint of the smile Aislyn was hoping to see. “We’re in this together.” She adds with a smile of her own.

“I know. Now, don’t you have a sleepover or something to get to?”

“Oh, right.” Aislyn says as she returns to packing her overnight bag.

8:52 p.m. | Merrow Luxury Apartments
Aislyn had the taxi driver follow the address Gus had texted her earlier off of her phone. He didn’t exactly provide the floor or room number, but it didn’t matter as she happened to run into Chad outside. “Here for the party?” He asks as he catches sight of her. “Yup.” Aislyn responds. “Well, I’m being kicked out, as I am every time Mai does this, so make sure you have fun so I’m not suffering needlessly.” He says with a wink. “I’ll do my best.” She says with a grin. “Where are you headed?”

“Your boyfriend’s place.”

To this Aislyn wasn’t sure what to say, the fact that she was in a relationship now still felt foreign to her. “Speaking of which, he happens to be bad at giving directions; our place is on the 17th floor, room 1705 to be exact. I guess I should let you go then.”

“Thanks.” Aislyn says. Chad nods and walks off in the direction of the open parking lot as Aislyn makes her way inside.

9:00 p.m. | Mai and Chad’s Apartment
After arriving on the 17th floor, Aislyn rings the bell of the last door in the hallway labeled 1705. “It’s open!” A voice Aislyn recognizes as Mai’s says from inside. This place isn’t called luxury apartments for no reason… Aislyn thinks as she enters.

“You made it!” Mai says with a smile as she walks over to greet Aislyn.

“I promised you I’d rain check our get-together, this seems like a fun alternative.” Aislyn says with a smile. “You got that right.” Mai says with a smirk. “Follow me, the others are already here.”

79 (1)
As Aislyn follows Mai into the living room, she lays eyes on Kimberly, whom she had noticed didn’t particularly like her during the other time they had met, and another attractive dark-haired girl who gave her a soft smile as she entered.

“I know you and Kim have already met.” Mai says as they come to a stop in front of the other girls. “But I believe it’s the first time you’ve seen Lexi, so introductions are in order. “Nice to meet you.” Aislyn says with a smile. “Likewise.” Lexi says.

“Great, now that we’re all acquainted…” Mai says, drawing the attention back to her, “time to let this evening of de-stressing begin.”

9:29 p.m. | Gus’s House
“I’m telling you man, it was crazy. I’ve never seen anyone pay attention to something like that before.” Gus says for what Cailean feels like is the hundredth time.

“That’s why I’m planning on taking a different approach this time around.” Gus declares. “That’s great.” Cailean says in what he hopes sounds like a convincing voice. “Crap! I just remembered I didn’t give Aislyn Chad and Mai’s apartment number; I should call her.” Gus says as he rises. “You do that.” Cailean says.

“I hope I’m not too late…” Gus mutters as he stands by the window as the line rings.

Isn’t this exactly what Cailean wanted? For Gus to not just fool around with Aislyn like he did with countless other girls and take her seriously or end things altogether? Then why did he feel so… dissatisfied? Maybe because he didn’t think his friend would do the former. He and Gus hadn’t been talking to each other as comfortably as they always have for these past few days. In fact, Cailean was finding himself uncomfortable around a lot of people lately, Aislyn included. He figured tonight would be as good a night as ever to get a grip on whatever it was that was making him act this way and move on…

9:30 p.m. | Mai and Chad’s Apartment
“I’m telling you, the barista was too attractive.” Lexi says. “So why didn’t you ask for his number?” Mai asks as she washes some fruits in the sink. “Why else? Because she was intimidated?” Kimberly teases as she prepares some coffee. “I was not!” Lexi says defensively. The girls giggle altogether as Aislyn watches on.

She had offered to help, but the girls – excluding Kimberly who remained silent – told her to relax and just have a good time given what she had gone through these past few days. The scene before her reminded her a lot of her high school days. Contrary to the lifestyle she led now, Aislyn held quite a lot of parties and watching the girls now gave her a sense of nostalgia. She was interrupted from her thoughts by her phone ringing.

It was Gus. “Hello?”

“Hey, look; I totally forgot to mention this earlier, but Chad and Mai live in room 1705.”

“Wow, thanks; it’s not like that information is half an hour late.” Aislyn teases.

“I take it you found her already then?”

“Yeah, I ran into Chad outside, he was on his way to your place. Is he not there yet?”

“Nah; well, I’m glad that worked out then… So what have you decided on for our next date, you mentioned when we were texting earlier that you had something in mind.”

“Oh yeah, one of my favorite books has become a film and it’s showing downtown…”

“That sounds nice. When do you want to go?” As Gus carries on his conversation, Cailean drops his head and chides himself for eavesdropping. Thankfully the doorbell rings and stops him from feeling pathetic for too long.

“Hey, about time.” Cailean says. “Yeah, yeah; I know you guys don’t know how to have fun without me.” Chad says with a smirk.

“What’s he up to?” Chad asks, tilting his head towards Gus whom he sees pacing around in the corner. “Oh, he’s talking to Aislyn.” Cailean answers as he steps back to let Chad enter.

“Ah that explains it, of course he is.” Chad says with a grin. “What’s that supposed to mean?” Cailean asks.

“Oh, nothing. So, what do you guys want to order for takeout?”

11:17 p.m. | Mai and Chad’s Apartment
After having a long chat about the most random things in the dining room, the girls split up to change and freshen up before deciding on a movie. Mai pulled Aislyn aside as the others went on ahead to talk with her. And though she was reluctant at first, Aislyn ended up opening up to her about her past few days and new relationship with Gus.

“I just feel like… I’m going to mess things up somehow before we really start.” Aislyn says.

“I know how you feel. It’s like that for any new relationship, but that feeling of uneasiness stems from a desire for things to go well, right? It shows you care.”

“I guess.” Aislyn says pondering this.

“Look, the most important thing is that you’re happy, and you feel like you understand, connect with and can rely on the person you’re with. If your relationship feels like a chore, that’s a no-no and you need to jump that sinking ship.” Mai says matter-of-factly.

“Right.” Aislyn was surprised at how much better she was already feeling in the short time she was speaking with Mai, why hadn’t she befriended her sooner? “The others are probably almost done getting ready by now, we should go.” Mai says while rising. Aislyn nods and follows her lead.

After changing into her pajamas, Aislyn walks into the screening room and is impressed at the abundance of food and activities.

She notices Kimberly and Lexi deep into a playful debate about the pros and cons of spray on nail polish and smiles to herself.

As she takes in the gorgeous sight outside, she casts a glance at the clock on the wall that reads midnight, causing her to let out an involuntary yawn. “I hope you aren’t planning on calling it an early night.” Mai says behind her. “I have a lot of things planned for the rest of this evening… or should I say morning?”

“No worries, I’m good to go.” Aislyn says while turning around. “Thank you, Mai.”

“For what?”

“For having me over, for being kind, for reaching out a hand of friendship when I’ve been distant at best at work–” “Hold it right there, missy.” Mai says, cutting off Aislyn’s flow of remorse.

“I could tell that there were things you were going through, and I have a few regrets of my own when it comes to not trying harder to get closer to you sooner, but the past is the past, and what’s important is right now. If you want to thank me, you can start by picking out our movie.” Mai says. Overcome with some emotions Aislyn hadn’t felt in a really long time: thankfulness, comfort, and genuine happiness, “You got it.” She says as she walks with Mai over to the DVD rack.

1:32 a.m.
After choosing a horror flick that none of the girls had seen before, Aislyn was having an enjoyable time to say the least. “I’m telling you, something is going to pop in that mirror when she looks back up.” Kimberly groans. “Shhh!” Lexi says.

Sure enough, a gory figure pops into frame and while Aislyn remains silent, Lexi and Mai gasp while Kimberly lets out a scream and covers her eyes with her hands. “EW. TELL ME WHEN IT’S GONE!” She yells. “Goodness, Kim; you nearly gave me a heart-attack.” Mai says clutching her chest.

“How are you so good at watching this?” Lexi asks, nudging Aislyn as she leans forward to take in the gore on-screen. “I didn’t know someone could be good at watching movies.” Aislyn says with a grin. “You know what I mean.” Lexi adds with a smile. “Well, I tend to find real-life more scary than anything in any film.” Aislyn says. “Too true, my friend. Too true.” Mai chimes in.

4:47 a.m.
It was the most fun Aislyn had had in ages, as the night dragged on she was laughing more, talking more, and getting more animated. She could feel herself changing… perhaps for the better. She could even feel Kimberly being less tense around her, before eventually treating her normally and dropping all hostilities altogether.

After hours of snacking, nail painting, game playing and non-stop laughing, the girls had fallen asleep on the fuzzy carpet in the screening room with an enormous blanket Mai had brought in.

In the weeks following Mai’s sleepover, Aislyn was slowly emerging from her shell. She and Mai were growing closer to one another the more time they spent together…

Things with Gus were going well too. They’d talk on the phone when they couldn’t see each other and go on dates when they could.

“Wasn’t that movie amazing!” Aislyn exclaims. “If you say so.” Gus says with a grin.

“What? You didn’t like it?”

“I didn’t say that.”

“You didn’t say you the opposite either.”

“Well, I found a lot of things confusing.”

“That’s because you didn’t read the book. I told you it was an adaptation of my favorite author’s novel.”

“I know, I know, Graylord or something?”

“Grayham.” Aislyn corrects with an eye roll.

“Right.” Gus says with a chuckle.

Aislyn found herself often thinking back to the advice Mai had given to her on her girls’ night regarding how she should feel in her relationship. And while she did feel like she could rely on Gus, a part of her still felt like something was… missing, but she figured whatever it was would develop over time…


7:21 a.m. | Liberty Library
When Aislyn wasn’t working part-time, going on dates, or hanging out with Mai, she was doing what she could to research what J.D. had uncovered about his past. For some reason she couldn’t see him as being a married man, but she still searched for any news in the past few years regarding any marriage between two people starting with the letter ‘J’ in Oldmerrow. Her searches were yielding less results than she expected; practically nothing.

After a few hours of searching on one of her Sunday library shifts, she decides to take a break to re-shelve some books.

As she steps into one of the reading rooms, she is surprised to come across someone else, especially at this time.

“Cailean?” She says upon getting a better look at the figure in the light. “What are you doing here?” She notices he’s reading A World of Time by Willem Grayham, it wasn’t the more popular books penned by him, but it was her favorite. It takes Cailean a moment to notice her. “Oh, Aislyn, hey; not much, just killing some time.”

He closes the book after marking his place as she walks over to slip the book she carried in to its proper place.“Long time no see. Interesting book you got there.” She says. “Yeah, it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but it’s my favorite.” Cailean says while pushing his hair back.

“No way, mine too!” Aislyn exclaims as she slips onto the bench beneath the windowsill.

“Most people tend to overlook it as it’s not one of his more popular pieces.” Cailean says.

“Exactly. It’s their loss.” They get lost discussing Grayham’s novels and before she knows it an hour breezes by.

“You know, he’s having a book signing next Saturday.” Cailean says.

“No way. I’ve been keeping tabs on his book tour and he’s not coming to Oldmerrow.”

“Yeah, he won’t be coming here, but he’s going to Bayville and it’s only an hour and a half from here.”

“Oh… right.” Aislyn says. Bayville, her hometown, a place she hadn’t set foot into ever since she left many years ago. Even though one of her absolute favorite authors would be there, she wasn’t sure it would be enough to get her to go back.

“Hey, you alright?” Cailean asks as he drops into the seat beside her from the window at her extended silence.

“Yeah, I just got lost in thought, sorry about that.”

“No worries, so are you going? Because if you are, I mean… I was planning on going anyway, so we could go together… just as friends, of course… not that us going together would imply anything otherwise… please feel free to stop my prattling any second now.” He says with a grin; Aislyn laughs. “I’d really like to go… but…”


Before Aislyn can answer, the door whips open and her co-worker Amber leans in. “Hey, where have you been? There’s a line forming at the check-out desk. Whatever you’re doing in here, wrap it up.” She snaps as she turns, slamming the door on the way out.

“She never is very pleasant.” Aislyn says as she rises. Cailean smiles as he gets up as well, “I seem to have gotten you in trouble, sorry about that.” He says.

“Oh, please, I instigated this particular conversation on my own and then lost track of time so it’s on me.”

“I should get going now anyways, I hadn’t planned on being here that long to begin with.” Cailean says.


“The signing is in six days, if you change your mind before then, feel free to let me know.”

“I will…”

5:24 p.m. | Aislyn’s House
Aislyn had filled J.D. in on her conversation with Cailean when she came home. “You aren’t actually considering missing out on this, are you?” J.D. asks. “As a matter-of-fact, I am.” Aislyn says as she gathers her laundry around the room.

“You’ve been going on and on about this Grayham guy whenever you get the chance, ever since I’ve met you.” J.D. says. “And?” Aislyn says as she separates her loads.

And, who knows when you’ll get this chance again. What’s holding you back? The fact that it’s your hometown?”

“Yes.” Aislyn responds as she adds soap to the washer.

“Your BF’s pretty-boy friend offered you a ride, to a town not even that far from here, to see your favorite author, on a day you aren’t working; sounds like a perfect opportunity to me, Sunshine.” J.D. says as if it was something obvious and simple. “The way I see it, you’re being foolish; you don’t have any reason not to go back. Unless there’s something you aren’t telling me…. Is there?”

Aislyn sighs, “Since we’ve been attempting to delve into your past as of late, I guess I might as well let you in on mine…”


Thanks for reading! Wow, this is beyond late, lol. I was debating not posting anything at all this week since I was swamped, and I didn’t start writing until several hours ago despite having the screenshots. But I really want to be consistent with the story, so after a cup of coffee and a late night: ta-da; this is the end result XD I hope you’re following along with everything so far, next week’s chapter shall have a flashback and a new setting (assuming I get everything done in time; *fingers crossed*, lol) Until then, feel free to let me know what you thought down below. Take care~
xoxo Amy


p.s A few days ago, or maybe it was a week or two… Time is flying too fast XD As I mentioned in my blogiversary post, having made this site ages ago, but failing to use it until now, apparently it was my five year anniversary of having made this site, lol. I figured I’d share since I got this cute notification, haha.

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Hope everyone has an enjoyable week!

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  1. Oooh, I can’t wait to know who JD really is! I can’t imagine him as married, either, but I suppose that’s because he looks so youthful.
    It’s awesome to see Aislyn finally making some good friends and having a more normal life. I’m glad Mai is being so kind.
    So… thoughts on Gus/Cailean… I approve of how Gus is being serious with Aislyn, though I still kinda feel that he likes her more than she likes him. I don’t hate him anymore, at least! Aislyn’s interests and quiet personality seems to align a lot more with Cailean, however. So I’m quite sure she will end up with Cailean. If Gus is 100% genuine, though, I don’t really want to see him get hurt 😦
    I’m excited to learn Aislyn’s past and what happened to her in the hometown!
    Nice chapter 🙂

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    1. You may have to wait quite a bit before you get your JD answers, but I shall be dropping hints here and there so I’d love to see what you think as the story progresses 🙂
      Mai is one of my favorite sims, even in-game she is so friendly when I’m not playing her~
      There’s still Gus’s backstory that shall come to light but it keeps getting pushed down, lol, I’m not even going to give an estimate of when it’ll finally come into the story, haha. Just know it shall come XD Thanks for reading!

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  2. Why does Aislyn remind me so much of me? I am always the one in the corner and socially awkward… Although there were hints that she wasn’t always like that, so uh, maybe not completely like my awkward self, feeling comfortable only while reading and writing xD
    I have to say I really love your photos. I assume it must take ages to set up with all those poses. And to find the matching ones! I know I’d be too lazy, haha. Also, very nice choice of clothing. Another thing I am too lazy to hunt for, whoops.
    THAT LIBRARY PIC WITH CAILEAN READING COMPLETELY MELTED MY HEART. And that’s not only because he reminds me of Dellie, but there is something hella romantic in guys that read books, at least there is for me. I know I’m a grammar nazi and all, but yeah, it looked really cute ❤️ I agree with Lila- I take she ends up with Cailean, because there are too much differences between her and Gus.
    And so yeah, I guess I will have to wait to find out about Aislyn and JD’s past times. But at least I know about Heather’s and none of you do XD

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    1. Haha, same girl; I’d rather be inside any day 😉 You’re right, next chapter will showcase how different Aislyn was back when she used to live in Bayville.
      Thank you! I have been trying to make an effort this time around for the story, posing does take forever XD There are mods that I can install to apparently make it less tiresome but I’m afraid I’ll crash my game attempting to add them, so I’m fine with using the slower technique. I also love clothes and hairstyles, and one of my favorite parts of story writing is styling the characters :3 so thanks for the compliment!
      Aren’t guys with books just charming? That pic of Cailean was one of my faves too 🙂 Thanks for reading!
      p.s It’s fun sitting on the secrets of the characters in the story, but it’s not fun when it’s the other way around, haha. I still can’t believe she died! I’m looking forward to finding out what exactly happened to Heather, she was shady…

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      1. I style the character with only EA patterns and clothes most of the time, so that’s quite a challenge. It is also on purpose that I started using more colorful clothes in Sam’s wardrobe ever since the meeting with Aaron- apparently, he wanted to show that he can do that, too, lol. Just my crazy idea. I know, pictures are a pain and they take more time than actual writing for me since my game really likes not to cooperate.
        Oh, they definitely are! It was actually part of Dellie’s charm that made most of my readers love him back then. But yeah, I should get over gen. 2.
        It’s fun, but also exhausting, I so wish I could tell you more sooner. You know how hard it is to keep your mouth shut when you know how Seth’s going to die ALL THE WAY through the marriage? I spilt it to one friend because I thought she wouldn’t read my story, but she eventually caught up and knew more. However, I was asked not to spill things for gen. 4, so guess no one will know anything. I am afraid I will have to leave Heather for much later in the story. Why do I always do that?

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      2. I can’t live without CC and downloads so props to you for not relying on it too heavily. The pictures are definitely the more time consuming part.
        Haha, wow that’s quite the spoiler you gave to your friend XD ( I still can’t believe you killed him off like that) Storytelling wouldn’t be as fun if we gave everything upfront, the joy is in building the mystery 🙂

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      3. I actually kept telling her everything when she wasn’t my reader and then when she was catching up, she knew more than bits of what’s about to happen, including all generations’ endings XD That must’ve kinda ruined the fun, but I never believed she’d catch up. She’s Polish btw, so I didn’t want to torture her into reading in English. It’s not as much pleasure for everyone as it is for me xD Yeah, I kinda use the same skins and contacts all over again and it works for me. I get too tired at the thought of listing it all, changing it all to packages as I got no sims3packs and stuff like that. I think I know every little bit of my Mods folder. You know I practiced creating lightnings on random citizens, because I wanted that particular EA animation and needed Debug Enabler to perform this twice, 1 being not deadly and one ending things. I just cut out the car passing the street behind him from the animation and the part where the the Grim Reaper comes – no fantasy here, sorry, Sims. But it was fun, lots of fun, but so time-consuming.

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  3. Woot!! Congratulations on your 5th anniversary! 😁🎉🎉 I totally get you about the chapter, I never plan ahead and this week had been totally crazy – hence no chapter from me either 😥 But I’m getting there soon 😉
    Sooo JD’s real name starts with a J, that’s so cute!! No other name could replace JD now though, at least for me; I love that guy! I’m so curious about his past!
    The sleepover was exactly what Aislyn needed at the time – just a few friends to relax with and talk about guys – even though at least one if them is not the right one I believe 😉
    And speaking of the right one… ugh, both Cailean and Aislyn seem too shy to express their feelings, although they seem perfect for each other! A part of me hopes that it will be Gus who screws up because otherwise… things will be tough – and really awkward!
    I’m very curious to learn more about Aislyn… she’s still a very mysterious girl, so I’m very excited to dig deeper in her past..! 🙂

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    1. Thank you! Haha, yeah I was refreshing my reader and noticed you hadn’t posted anything. I’m hoping to get ahead around the holidays/new year’s time~
      Yup, I had decided on his name before beginning the story and it happened to work out that way.
      They definitely are alike in many ways, which is going to make their communication going forward awkward if one of them doesn’t make the first move, lol.
      Thanks for reading 🙂

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  4. 5 years! Wowzers! Congratulations! 😀

    You can’t imagine how curious and excited I am to learn all about JD! I’m so geeked about it!

    I’m also really glad Aislyn was able to have this time with her friends as it seemed to be much needed.

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    1. Haha thanks, even though I didn’t really start using it till this year I figured I’d share. Time sure flies XD I’m glad you are looking forward to it, flashback screenshots involve a tad more work so they shall appear a bit later~ Thanks for reading!

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  5. Wow, five years! I hope you continue it for the years to come 😊 Yep, time flies extraordinarily quickly! I didn’t even notice I had my blog up for a year until a few months later.
    Ooh, JD… Like Lila said, I really can’t imagine him married as he looks like he’s in his early twenties. But I want to know more! Especially if his wife is still alive!
    I’m glad that Aislyn had a night where she isn’t talking to ghosts, and just acting like a regular youth. It’s quite refreshing for me as well! I’m happy that Mai is being very nice to her, as she’s helping her become more confident and outgoing. Kim is me during a violently graphic movie, haha!
    Great chapter ❤️

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    1. Aww thank you 🙂 ❤ Interesting you bring up his wife… as for her current whereabouts I shall leave that as one of the ongoing mysteries of the story 😉 … Yup, Aislyn's life is certainly changing in a good way and a large part of that is because of Mai. Thanks for reading!

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  6. Looks like I’m catching up! One more chapter to go! Woo!
    How are you just going to leave us with that cliff-hanger? I was ready to dive into Aislyn’s past. I really want to know about J.D.’s because it seems like my theory is wrong. I just can’t believe he was married, he doesn’t seem like the marrying type.

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    1. Yay~ hehe I’m glad the mystery is playing out like I planned ☺️ After spending so much time giving Aislyn’s backstory, it shall be some time before we see JD’s just because I’ve found flashbacks to be tiresome 😂 Thanks for reading!

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  7. Oh my goodness I am so excited to find out more about both Aislyn’s past and JD’s past… And of course to see her spend more time with Cailean since I see he’s on the front cover 😛 I wonder how Gus will take that inevitable change in their relationship…
    Hmm, if JD was never married, if Aislyn is correct, what did that ring mean? And why doesn’t he remember anything when the other ghosts she speaks to seem to… Curiouser and curiouser!

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    1. You’ll get quite the hefty amount of info on Aislyn in the upcoming chapters… JD on the other hand is still a little ways away, sorry to say 😅 I can confirm he was indeed married, but as for why he can’t remember anything, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait, hehe~
      Ahh yes, the Aislyn-Cailean-Gus triangle (which I realize my cover photo is a spoiler for, lol) shall take an interesting turn a little further down the line due to a certain scenario… 😇 Thanks for reading!

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  8. OHHH I KNEW IT. He totally was married, now I’m sad. Super sad. Did something awful happen to his wife, too? Well, I certainly love Aislyn’s new commitment to being more open about things. That fleeting mention about she used to throw a lot of parties was interesting. Didn’t you say at the beginning of the story that she hadn’t actually had her gift of sight for very long? So, I’m really wondering who she was and what her life was like before this happened to her. I hope we delve into that some next chapter! Cailean, whoo boy he is biter and jealous! Haha! Well, I *do* think that he is obviously better suited for her than Gus. It seems like she feels she’s missing out on something probably because she and Gus don’t have that much in common? I mean he’s trying, and he’s obviously a nice guy to her, but sometimes that’s not enough to make people click. J.D. is still being the wonderful and supportive love of my life I know him to be! And I really enjoyed the girl’s slumber party. I love this friendship she has with Mai. And the pic of Aislyn in the library when she’s talking to Cai, idk for some reason I saw it and with their conversation about making plans, I got this overwhelming feeling of nostalgia. I can’t explain it, but sometimes when I read things it can just put me in this mood and I just vibe the world and atmosphere so hard. It felt like I was watching a fav TV show! Anywhoodles, I’m done babbling. Great chapter ♥

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    1. Yup! Unfortunately the current whereabouts/fate of his wife is still a mystery… Yeah, Aislyn wasn’t born with her ability and got it while in high school, which you’ll get to see via flashback a little while down along with the kind of person she was – which is vastly different from her current self.
      Cailean does indeed have a little green monster growing inside of him 😏 Yeah, Aislyn and Gus will both pick up on something missing between them, and what happens after that, I’ll let you see unfold for yourself ☺️ Mai, along with the others will become a solid group that Aislyn can rely on~ I had fun setting up that party. I know exactly what you’re talking about! I’m touched that my little old passion project was able to elicit that feeling from you 😢❤️
      Pssht, babbling? Methinks not. I love reading your thoughts 💕 Thanks for reading!

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