Sight Chapter 11 pt. 1: Who I Used To Be

6:00 p.m. | Oldmerrow Walking Trails
Aislyn didn’t like the idea of sitting down to fill J.D. in on her old life in Bayville, so she suggested they go walking. It was only six in the evening, but as winter was quickly approaching, the sun was setting much earlier and the air was getting cooler.

“Well, Sunshine, I’m expecting one hell of a tale.” J.D. says with a smile as they walk further and further away from the city. These paths were often empty as most people in Oldmerrow preferred the indoor gyms downtown. Aislyn was counting on this since the idea of being spotted talking to herself wouldn’t do much to aid her already odd image amongst the townspeople. She took a breath and began…

– FLASHBACK – [a/n: Aislyn’s narration is italicized, dialogue at the time is regular]


Bayville 10 years ago | Persefoni Home
“I’ve already told you that Bayville was my hometown. I was born and raised there; our family had moved around about two or three times and since the city was so large, it felt like you were living in a new one depending on the neighborhood.”

“My parents were also Bayville natives and college sweethearts. My mother was always an ambitious woman and my dad was an innovative entrepreneur. One of his app ideas was a huge success and so our family was pretty wealthy to say the least; from there he stepped into the growing world of technology with my mother by his side to support his endeavors.”

“You might not be able to picture it, but I was what you’d consider the ‘Queen Bee’ in high school. I was captain of the cheerleading squad, a part of the swim team, on the honor roll, head of the homecoming committee… you get the idea.”

“I was also dating the school’s star quarterback at the time, a boy named Tristan Campbell.”

“Aren’t you going to get on?”

“I’m heavier than I look.”

“Are you insinuating that Bayville’s star QB won’t be able to handle it? You insult me; now hurry and get on.”

“Alright, alright.”

“My life really seemed like the plot of a cliché novel.”

“Near the start of senior year, our classmates voted Tristan and I Homecoming King and Queen, it would have been a surprise if anyone else had gotten it.”

“Babe, Bernadette and Molly want to take some photos with the photographer. Let’s go get some as well.”

“Whatever you say, my queen.”

“That probably would’ve sounded cringy on any other day, but today, I’ll let it slide.”

“Bernadette and Molly were my closest friends at the time; they were also on the cheerleading team with me, but not as into academics as I was. Still, aside being a bit vain at times, they were good girls and we did everything together. Sleepovers, parties when our parents were out of town, sneaking out past curfew, anything you could think of we probably did.”

“Tristan on the other hand, contrary to the stereotypes, wasn’t as much of a party boy as his fellow teammates. He mostly went along with whatever the girls and I did because of me, but he’d never go out of his way to do something wild on his own. That was actually one of the reasons I was hesitant to go out with him at first; he was a bit too calm for the kind of lifestyle I led, but his sincerity won me over, and we shared a lot of our firsts together.”

“I had dated around before eventually agreeing to be with him when he asked, and after we had gotten together, all those other relationships paled in comparison. He was my first real love, my first time… I felt on top of the world when we were together, granted, I felt like I was on top of the world most of the time, but more so when I was with him.”

“Senior year had started off with a bang after homecoming. Our football team had won nearly every game, and everything was going great until the day of our final home game against a neighboring city’s team, The Ravensburg Rams. It was around the end of October, and the day was just like any other.”

“Hey, you.”


“There are a lot of expectations of you for tonight’s game. The whole school’s expecting you to maintain our champion status.”

“I think I’ll be able to handle it.”

“I think so, too. But just incase, why don’t you let me give you a good luck kiss.”

“I’m not superstitious, but that’s a good luck charm I’ll gladly accept.”

“The day had breezed on by; I had spent most of it planning what I’d be wearing for the post game celebration with my friend Molly.”

“Wow, how could Ms. Green assign this much homework for the weekend? Doesn’t she know everyone is going to be celebrating our eventual win against Ravensburg?”

“It doesn’t seem so bad.”

“Easy for you to say! You’ll be at that swim meet next week so you’ll be excused!”

“Not my fault you didn’t choose more convenient extracurriculars.”

“Oh shut up…”

“The day before the game my mother had gone out of the country to visit her best friend who had just given birth to a healthy baby boy. She was exhausted after all of her traveling, so we were expecting a phone call from her sometime that evening after she had rested.”

“Hey there, kiddo. What are you looking for?”

“A book I bought recently; it’s called A World of Time by this new author named Willem something. Have you seen it?”

“Can’t say I have, but how about you check out the front page of the newspaper on that chair instead.”

“Bayville’s own Marco Persefoni has been proving to be the one to watch with his growing digital empire. It is rumored he closed an eight figure deal with Rick’s Tech Emporium to have exclusive access to his upcoming collection of… Dad, this is amazing!”

“Isn’t it? And this is just the start, kiddo. Now, I’ll tell you more about the deal on the drive to the game. Do you need me to pick you up afterwards?”

“Nope, most of the school will probably be celebrating at Bave and Duster’s assuming the game pans out the way it’s supposed to.”

Supposed to, huh? Haha, alright then, just call me when you need me.”

“After my father had dropped me off at the game, Tristan pulled me away to talk with me beforehand.”

“Look, Aislyn, there’s something I had been meaning to tell you.”

“What? Don’t tell me you are nervous after all? You know–”

“No, that’s not it. I–”

“Oi, Campbell, what are you doing? You and Ms. Preppy can have your lovey-dovey chat after we crush Ravensburg. The coach is calling us to go over a last minute strategy”

“I guess we can discuss this afterwards.”

“I’ll be cheering you on, get us that championship.”

“The game was panning out pretty much how we had expected, our team was leading by fourteen points going into half-time. Right before calling time, my phone had gone off; it was my mother. It was the call I was waiting for, as I hadn’t heard from her since she’d left, so I stepped off the sidelines where my team and I were cheering to take the call.”

“Hey cap, where do you think you’re going? We’re on for half-time in three minutes.”

“I know, but I have to take this.”

“Alright, but you are dead meat if you aren’t back on time, our formation will look whack if you aren’t standing in the center.”

“I know, it’ll only be a second.”

“I could barely hear Molly over the players running behind me and the crowd screaming, so I stepped out behind the field and skipped across the street in an attempt to get some silence for the call.”

“Hey mom!”

“Hey princess, is the game still going on? ”

“Yeah, I stepped away for a sec so I could hear your voice. How’s Aunt Chrissy?”

“She’s doing wonderfully, her son came out a whopping eleven pounds which you wouldn’t believe considering how tiny she is. But I’ll tell you all about it later, get back to your game. I wanted to hear your voice too. It’s three in the morning here.”

“Alright. Dad and I’ll talk to you once you’re over your jet-lag.”

“Sounds like a plan, love you.”

“Love you, too.”

“When I had hung up I wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings and immediately turned to run back across the road to the field. An intoxicated taxi driver that was speeding by couldn’t react fast enough and ran into me. I remember hearing a sickening crack as I hit the ground, and everything went dark.

When I hadn’t returned to the field on time, my teammates immediately began looking for me, and found me lying on the street.”

“I had lost a lot of blood because of the impact and needed a blood transfusion. The procedure was simple enough, but for some reason, I hadn’t regained consciousness afterwards.”

“The Bayville hospital became like a second home for my parents. My mother had to cut her trip short and frantically rushed back home when she’d heard what happened. And my father had also taken a leave from work to remain by my side…

I was in a coma… for two months…”

“Why isn’t she waking up?”

“You ran all the tests and said everything looks fine.”

“Listen, Mr. and Mrs. Persefoni unlike other conditions, a traumatic brain injury isn’t something we can patch up easily or give an estimated recovery time for. I assure you we are giving your daughter the best care, but all I can say is that it’s only a matter of time before she wakes.”

“The last thing I remember seeing was bright headlights, and the first thing I saw upon opening my eyes were my parents.”

“Being unconscious for so long my senses were dulled, but I was able to feel an overwhelming chill that drew my attention to a man standing in the corner of the room. My voice was so hoarse when I finally spoke…”

“Dad, who’s that?”

“Aislyn? Oh thank goodness! Moira! Moira, she’s awake.”

“My mother immediately broke into tears when her eyes met mine.”

“My baby, oh thank heavens. Nurse Lin, come quick!”

“She spoke into the intercom alerting all of the doctors and nurses that I’ve woken up.”

“My father noticed my focused gaze and had attempted to follow it.”

“That man, who is he?”

“What man, kiddo? No one is there.”

“My mother convinced my father and I that I must’ve not fully been awake yet and that the doctors would explain everything after running some tests. As they both held on to me in tears, a swarm of medical personnel ran in to check on me.

Despite spending so much time in the hospital during my coma, I had to spend a bit more even after waking up… I was constantly reassuring my parents that I’d be all right; the doctors were shocked that I’d managed to wake up and wanted to see if they could pinpoint how exactly I came to.”

“They eventually gave up, and after performing various brain scans they said I could go home, insisting that whatever things I was seeing were hallucinations typically common after a traumatic brain injury. My mother was eager to accept this as the answer than accept the other possibility, which was that I was losing my mind. My father on the other hand was more hesitant in considering either option.

I had decided to refrain from commenting on what I could see for both their sakes and mine since I wasn’t even sure what exactly those figures were. All I knew was the hospital was crawling with them and they made me feel like I was in a meat locker.

After insisting I was fine and lying that I could no longer see them, I was able to go home. By now it was already past the New Year; my home felt so foreign to me when we came back, as if I’d been gone for years, not months.”

“School was conveniently still on Christmas break, so in the meantime, my mother tried to re-create the lifestyle we had before the incident occurred.”

“That consisted of me helping out with dinners, watching TV as a family, and so on…”

“Isn’t this wonderful, being back home?”


“I didn’t want to ruin my mother’s good mood, but I was far from feeling wonderful. I didn’t know what was wrong with me; though I hadn’t seen anything since we’d left the hospital, I wasn’t sure if that meant I was cured of whatever it was or not. I knew trying to bring it up would just cause my mother to dismiss it, so since we returned home, I refrained from mentioning it.”

“Something smells delicious.”

“There’s some extra in the kitchen if you want, dear.”

“One particular night, as my parents spoke, I experienced the first chill since I left the hospital.”

“My eyes began darting around, and sure enough, behind my father a figure was emerging through the door.”

“It was a woman with dark eyes. The faint hope I’d had thinking I was back to normal was obliterated the moment our eyes met. The woman had disappeared as quickly as she had come, but the fact that I was still cold told me she was still nearby.”

“My father had noticed my expression of panic.”

“Kiddo, is something wrong? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

“Nonsense Marco, the doctors said she’s fine, she said she’s fine. Don’t go putting ideas into her head.”

“The fact that my mother was so insistent on making it seem like nothing was wrong with me was infuriating. I was already scared enough as it was, and she was making things infinitely worse.”

“For the first time in my life, I had stormed into my room, slamming the door as I went and cried myself silently to sleep. I could slowly feel the wonderful lifestyle I had slipping away, and I had a feeling things would never be the same again.”

“Marco, she’s our child. Do you think as her mother I want anything other than the best for her?”

“Your heart is in the right place, Moira, but your adamancy is doing more harm than good right now. Give her some time to cool off, then go and talk to her. Forcing her to bottle up her feelings will make us lose her.”

“The next morning my mother had come to my room to speak with me, but by then I had already made up my mind to get to the bottom of what was happening to me on my own. I felt I had no other choice since my mother had made her stance fairly clear.”

“I shrugged away from her advances; the distance I was feeling form between us in such a short time was frightening. I didn’t want to lose the relationship I had with my parents, but I also didn’t want to actually lose my mind the way they feared I might if I didn’t get to the bottom of things.”

“Suddenly the chill that never really left the house from the previous night grew stronger. I decided I was going to start lying; eager to get my mother away, I told her I was just exhausted and that I was fine in order to get her to leave.”

“There, there, sweetheart. I knew that was the case, I’m glad you’re opening up. I’ll go make some breakfast, come whenever you’re ready.”

“The minute she left I hopped over to the wall where I felt the chill emanating from.”

“Alright, I know you’re there, come on out.”

“Interesting, you can see me. I had assumed that our eye contact was mere coincidence… remarkable.”

“Listen lady, I need some answers, who exactly are you?”

“I believe there’s an error in your choice of words.”

“How so?”

“You’re asking who I am when you should be asking who I was.”

“You mean…”

“Yes. I’m dead.”

7:37 p.m. | Oldmerrow Walking Trails
“Interesting.” J.D. says, pulling Aislyn out of her deep memories. “Funny; I can’t see you being that kind of wild child at all.”

“I told you it’d be hard to believe.”

“So you found out what exactly your ability was from a ghost?”

“Yeah, and she was a nice one, too. Her name was Maddie, she was just looking for someone to talk to and I found her company ironically comforting in my given situation.” Aislyn says with a soft smile.

“Wait, I don’t get it. You were in a terrible accident, then you somehow got this ability to see ghosts and just because of that bad experience you don’t want to go back?”

“Of course, not.” Aislyn says. “We’ve just scratched the surface of my time in Bayville, J. You’ve come up to speed on the person I used to be, but now I have to fill you in on the person I became after that. It’s because of that change and its consequences that I’m hesitant to return…”


Thanks for reading! It has kind of been a long time no see scenario, haha… I jinxed myself and finally missed a week of posting XD I made an update which you can read here in case you missed it. (Any time I disappear for an extended amount of time, you’ll probably see a notice there 🙂 ) I’ll kind of be reiterating what I posted there here~

Sorry if this was kind of boring, but this info is necessary for the chapter after next. Speaking of which, you’ll notice this says part one, I’ve decided to split the flashback chapter into two parts partially to make up for missing last week, and partially because the length would be overkill if I had posted them together. Similar to what I did for chapter 15 of The Elite [r.i.p]

I’d also like to mention that the poses I used in this chapter for when Aislyn decides to lie to her mom in her bedroom are from the ‘Troubled Teen’ pose set by the lovely @bmitjessesue aka Bee from Poses by Bee. They were literally perfect for what I had in mind at this point in the story. I’ve used them more extensively in the second part of this chapter than I did for this one as there is a significant scene there that they also capture the essence of perfectly~ I just realized I didn’t mention that part two will be posted tomorrow, hehe now you know :p See you then!

Feel free to let me know what you thought, and take care~
xoxo Amy

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  1. Wow, it’s really hard to see Aislyn as the popular kid. This was a really significant change she made in herself. That ghost in the hospital looked familiar O.o And this is kind of creepy how you make those Sims go through the walls, oh my. By the way, Aislyn is so pretty and we are able to see her lovely face more when she doesn’t wear glasses. I also admire the amount of work you must have put into creating this school. I literally just made a family of all Sunset Valley teenagers, dressed one girl and boy into uniforms and then transferred the uniforms to all the others with the use of MC XD Yeah, anyway I now can’t wait for part 2 so that I can find out even more about Aislyn. I wonder how and why her relationship didn’t work out. It seems like that guy wanted to break up with her when he was trying to tell her ‘something’.

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    1. Haha I tried to make the ghost random, but since I used someone who was already living in the town if he’s familiar that was an accident, lol. Thanks! I actually downloaded the school lot, but since I only have one expansion it came out kind of weird so I had to tweak it a bit… the kids took FOREVER to make though XD I don’t have the master controller in my game (I’m not a big user of mods) is it helpful? I’m glad you’re looking forward to it! It’s taking a tad longer to finish since there’s so many different saves involved, hehe but I hope you’ll like it, you shall see what happened between her and Tristan and a lot more 🙂 thanks for reading!

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      1. I can’t imagine playing without MC and the cheats phase (I use it to boost skills when I need it) . It lets you for example switch between households by clicking on a Sim and make active, change their clothing by clicking on them (which is very useful because clothing can be switched while your game is paused), make a sim girl pregnant with whoever you want, make relationships between two sims to whatever you like and also make family connections, transfer any type of clothing to any other sim in the town, check status of the sim (relationships, jobs, traits, practically everything). What more, well, I can’t imagine storytelling without it.

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      2. Wow, I’ve literally found myself wishing I could do exactly half of those things in game (especially the skills one) so I just might need to get it XD Thanks for the info!

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      3. It definitely would! Since I’ve returned to sim gaming I’ve definitely been uneducated on the subject of mods since they look so complicated from far away and I didn’t want to risk crashing my game somehow.

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  2. Oh, wow. Reading about Aislyn in the previous chapters would never make me believe that she’d be one of the cool, popular kids back when she was at school. Which makes her story even more intriguing! Seriously, now I can’t wait to find out all about what happened with her ex boyfriends, her parent and herself! I love backstories and this one sounds very dramatic to say the least!
    Oh, also, like Jowita, I really appreciate all the effort you did to make that school class. I literally cringed when I saw the pictures because I always hate posing so many sims at once 😁
    I can’t wait for part 2 of Aislyn’s backstory!! ❤

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    1. Yup, she was practically a different person which is why I wanted to show that to show how she’ll change to resemble her old self a little as the story goes on 🙂 Haha it is full of drama indeed! Yay, I appreciate it! That part took forever, but it came out nice so I think it was worth it :’)
      Thanks for reading~ I hope you’ll enjoy 😀

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      1. Oh, yeah it was worth it – very nice job! ❤ I'm sure I'll enjoy it, this is the point where things start to get really interesting and dramatic, and I can't wait to find out what happened! 🙂

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  3. Oh my goodness! It was really awesome seeing Aislyn’s backstory! You went into so much detail, too, which was really nice. I had wondered how she acquired this ability to see dead people and this really made sense as to how it all came about. Terrific job!

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  4. It’s so weird that Aislyn was a queen bee back in the day! She seems so antisocial and obviously not normal. But I suppose being run over and gaining the ability to see ghosts would really change a person haha. I’m looking forward to seeing how things changed after that…
    I agree with Sempreviva and Jowita on the class! Nice job~
    Great chapter 🙂

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    1. Haha yup, she changes 180 after the accident which I shall go into more detail for next chapter (which is already late because I’m me, lol)
      That class was such a pain, ugh – I appreciate the appreciation :’)
      Thanks for reading!

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  5. And now I’m caught up and I get another chapter today! Yay! I wonder if what Aislyn said about her family to the commissioner is true or not now that she’s giving her backstory… It’s sad to actually find out how she came into her “gift” and how it’s affecting everyone. Poor Aislyn.

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    1. Haha that other chapter was extremely belated but is now up~ I’ve enjoyed reading all your comments ☺️ You shall find some of the answer next chapter and some the chapter after that… thanks for reading~

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  6. Like the others, I really cannot imagine Aislyn being outgoing and popular as a kid. She’s so different now! Her backstory is really interesting and I can’t wait to find out more! I was immersed throughout the whole chapter 🙂
    I wonder if the blood transfer was the cause of her seeing ghosts, or maybe it was in her all along and getting hit caused something in her to shift… I’m probably wrong, just a wild guess!
    It must’ve felt so overwhelming for her to suddenly see people that no one else can see!
    Great chapter ❤

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    1. Yup, that’s why I felt the need to make this since her personality has changed so much since then. Interesting theories there… you’ll find out way further in the story so I shall refrain from commenting. I’m glad you enjoyed! Thanks for reading 😀

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  7. Well I certainly didn’t think this chapter was boring at all! I loved it! Probably one of my favorites. I loved all the pictures showing her life, she was really SO different then. I definitely didn’t guess that she’d have been little miss popular, but I was banking on some kind of bad traumatic accident being the crux for her sight. It’s starting to piece together, and I am really enjoying the ride!

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    1. Yay, thanks – I felt, at the time, since everything that happened in the chapter didn’t have immediate relevance to what was transpiring in the story, it’d be boring, but I’m glad you enjoyed it! ☺️ Looking back it took ages to capture everything 😂😭 Aislyn definitely was a totally different person, and a part of that side to her personality is still inside of her deep, deep down, but it won’t be surfacing any time soon. Thanks for reading!

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