Happy New Year! & Sight Bonus

Happy New Year Everybody!

I hope you all enjoyed however you celebrated, whether that be at home with family, out partying, or both 🙂 ~

I had a wonderful year last year, and I hope you all have as well. It was one of my resolutions last year to finally get around to posting my old work and I managed to successfully do that and so much more; finally using this blog and joining this wonderful community has been a blast.

I had mentioned in the last chapter I posted that I had a few New Year’s resolutions so I figured I’d post them and I’d love to hear some of yours as well if you guys want to share. (For me, writing them out helps me feel more motivated to see them through – it kind of makes me feel accountable should I fail to accomplish some of them XD)

  1. Finish Sight
    If I’m being specific, I really want to get past chapter 18 and if you’ve seen my blogiversay post, you know why. Irregardless of whether I finish the story (which I plan on doing) or not, my greater goal is getting past that cursed number XD
  2. Read More
    I currently have four novels on my bedside table that I’ve bought each time I’ve gone out to the bookstore; forgetting that I already have several I’ve yet to open. They are varying genres from fantasy and romance to science fiction and non-fiction, so I really hope to get around and setting some time aside to start & finish them.
    In addition, I always say this, but I’m really set on catching up on all of my fellow bloggers’ stories. I’m terribly slow and while I’ve managed to finish and stay up to date with some, there are others I’ve binged and then halted, leading to sporadic notifications and me struggling to find my place. It’d be sad, really, if I don’t manage to catch up by the end of this year.
  3. Maintain My Goal Weight
    I feel like one of the top things on everyone’s list is to go after that dream bod each year, haha XD But notice I’ve said maintain, and not attain. I actually managed to reach my goal weight this year, but once I succeeded, I kind of felt unmotivated to keep going and then I kind of gained some of it back, haha. So this year I shall amend my last year’s resolution and maintain in addition to staying healthy, because irregardless of numbers or sizes, that’s what matters most~ 🙂
  4. Socialize More
    A lot of my friends have been getting married as of late, and while I don’t feel pressured to be tied down any time soon, seeing them settle down and start families has kind of pushed me to go out and meet more people. I’m a part-time introvert, part-time extrovert, and diligent in managing myself and the friends I currently have, but going out of my way to forge new connections isn’t something I’m the best at so I’d like to accomplish more of that this year.
  5. Watch More TV/Movies
    Lastly, this may seem silly, but I have THE LONGEST list of films and shows I’ve been accumulating over the years, both animated and not, and in multiple languages. I tend to sleep in my free time, haha, so as simple as it may seem, I’d like to dedicate some time each week to watch an episode of a show or a film to finally make a dent in that endless list (feel free to give me some suggestions of your own down below I can add 😀 )

I think those five are a solid start; as I go through the year, I tend to replace resolutions I manage to accomplish with new ones. A few friends of mine don’t like to write them out because they feel bitter if and when they are unsuccessful, but I think that’s nothing to be ashamed of. Eventually is a better than never, and if you don’t manage to get it done, there’s always next year!

p.s That thing I promised in addition to this post can be found below~ They are the photos Cailean took in Bayville in Chapter 13
Some of you *cough* Jowita *cough* managed to guess why he was reluctant to show them to Aislyn. There weren’t that many and I had planned to include them in the chapter, but I figured it would be overkill since it was already so long so I shall share them here. Enjoy~


I appreciate all of you stopping by and I look forward to seeing where everyone’s stories go

May we all have a year full of health and happiness.

As always, Take care~
xoxo Amy

16 thoughts on “Happy New Year! & Sight Bonus

  1. Happy New Year!! 🎉🎉🎉 What a sweet post! ❤ I feel you about the weight thing, I recently gained some too and one of my new year's resolutions is to go back to my goal one – which is a little hard since I'm a foodie lol!
    I wish you good luck on getting past that dreaded chapter 18, and something tells me this is the year you'll achieve it! 😉 This awesome community is a major motivator after all ❤
    As far as movies and series go, I have a very long list so I'm not going to share everything lol, I'm not sure I'm even allowed that many words in the comments section, haha! But "The Godfather" I & II are a must in my book (I only got around to watching them a couple of years ago), and so is the show "The Sopranos". Another great film I enjoyed last year is "Wild Tales" , one of the best black comedies I've watched in a long time!
    The photos were so beautiful! ❤ I especially love the last one with Aislyn looking across the sea 🙂 Cailean sure is a romantic one, I really hope we're gonna see some sparks between them soon! 💕
    Again, I wish you a happy new year, and may it it bring joy and happiness on everyone! 😀

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    1. Food is just the best, haha XD So many delicacies to enjoy~
      I have the Godfather on my list! But I haven’t heard of Wild Tales or seen The Sopranos so I shall add them on, thanks 🙂
      It’s only a matter of time before I bring them together, but it shall be a bumpy ride, hehe.
      Thank you ❤ I wish the same ~

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  2. Hello! These are very good resolutions. I am afraid I don’t have any because I never do this kind of thing because they are hard goals to obtain XD I hope I can continue with posting once a week since I feel really proud of doing it for so long.
    Haha, I guessed! See, one of my friends calls me a psychic since I somehow always manage to guess what would happen in her story. On the other way, it seems to be harder to guess what I have in mind, but who knows, maybe someday you’ll… What kind of a horrible nightmare that would be for me!!! Haha.
    These photos are really nice. I wish you a great 2018!

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    1. Yup, you caught onto it so quick! That’s a skill right there XD
      I’m not the best at making theories since I think there are a million ways a story can go, but I shall attempt to share them more this year, who knows, perhaps I shall get one right 😛
      Thank you! ❤ I hope you have a wonderful one as well 🙂

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  3. Happy New Year! Your resolutions are so good, especially one about maintaining your weight- it’s awesome that you have achieved your weight goal! And I am optimistic you will pass 18 chapters and even finish the story~
    I don’t particularly have resolutions or specific goals. It’s more a continuous improvement thing; just keep on improving my skills in writing, painting, fitness, photography, baking… the list goes on and on haha. But, I do want to achieve top grades in architecture at university this year. In terms of Sims, I just really want to finish Generation Three by the end of 2018 😛
    The pictures are lovely, Cailean you sneaky boy, you!

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    1. I’ve never thought about it that way, but I guess resolutions are just making continuous improvements on oneself since it takes repetition and time to get that desired change~
      I’m with you on the baking, I don’t know how to describe it but nowadays store bought food tastes kind of fake-ish; like more artificial than usual… I don’t know what they be putting in there, so I’ve been trying to beat two birds with one stone by improving my baking skills and skipping out on that outside stuff.
      I can’t wait for you to get back to your story and best of luck in school! 🙂
      Hehe, thanks ❤

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      1. Yep, I do find that baking from supermarkets often has a chemical taste 😦 But I also just love creating delicious food, I’m aiming to become a better baker than my head chef dad lmao 😛

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  4. I’m late again! Sorry…
    I hope you have a (little bit late) happy new year!
    I don’t have any resolutions as I never accomplish them, so I’ve given up… *sigh*
    Last year, I had a resolution to study 6 days a week for an hour and I didn’t even stick to that for 2 days! I think my resolutions are a bit too difficult for me to reach, especially since I’m still a junior in high school, hehe 😅
    Those pictures he took are very nice! Taking sneaky shots of Aislyn, though 😏

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    1. No worries! I did, thank you~ 🙂
      Best of luck with the new school semester! Studying is so unenjoyable when you aren’t passionate about the subject. (Which is most of them for me, lol)
      Haha, yup he couldn’t help himself XD
      Thanks for stopping by~ I hope you enjoyed your New Year’s as well 😀

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  5. Happy New Year! I’m sorry I’m so late but our internet wasn’t working most of last week, so I’m catching up with everyone’s blogs as fast as I can. lol

    I love your resolutions and wish you much success! ❤

    And the pics were lovely, too.

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  6. So I have a recommendation for a show, it’s called I’m Not a Robot. It’s on DramaFever, the first 12 episodes are free, with a total of 32 episodes. It’s so good though, like if you don’t have an account for dramafever make a premium one, watch the show and then cancel it as soon as you finish because it’s just that good. Only 24 episodes are on there right now though, so February 8th is when all the episodes should be out… This was a lot for just one recommendation. Let me tell you a little about the show and then I’ll end this comment. This very rich smart guy is allergic to people and gets gifted a human android to test out. Things get emotional and things get juicy because the android is not an android but a person. It’s a little wild but it’s a great show.

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    1. I shall add it to the list! I have heard of it (I’m a fan of Yoo Seung Ho, and I’ve seen Chae Soo Bin in Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds) but the premise seemed rather odd so I didn’t give it a chance. I thought she actually was a robot from the title and brief synopsis I’ve read, lol XD clearly I missed the significant detail that she wasn’t~ so you’ve warmed me up to it 🙂 Thanks! And I hope you had a great new year’s ❤

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      1. Mine was, thanks 🙂 ~ Haha, I thought it was pretty good, it had most of the typical cliches but was satisfying overall. I mostly stuck to it because I’ve been a fan of Park Bo Gum since I’ve seen him in Hello Monster/I Remember You (which I really enjoyed) Moonlight was cute for a historical drama, if you’re into that genre (I also saw Moon Lovers which was airing at the same time which I thought had a more interesting plot and excellent cinematography, but again, slightly cliche, haha) I haven’t been watching much recently compared to what I used to (since I started like 10 years ago) so if if you’d like my recommendations, they’d be fairly old-ish XD

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