Sight Chapter 14: Saying Sorry and Thank You

9:37 p.m. | Lemon St. Bus Stop
Aislyn wasn’t aware that she’d fallen asleep until a drop of water on her face wakes her up.

She immediately notices that she’s resting on Cailean’s shoulder and rises slowly to not wake him up.

Feeling rather stiff from her nap, she steps out into the starting rain that woke her up. Her father would be here any minute now, and she was feeling slightly nervous at seeing him again. Though they spoke from time to time on the phone, they’d become slightly estranged after they’d last seen each other, which was at her college graduation. Her father had shown up to the ceremony with someone he introduced as his girlfriend and Aislyn couldn’t help but react rather… badly is the only way to put it.

As the rain’s intensity picks up and she feels the temperature drop, she sneezes. “Bless you.” A voice that isn’t Cailean’s says.

She turns to her right and sees her father standing there. He’d aged a lot in the six years that she hadn’t seen him, but she’d be able to recognize him immediately anywhere. “Hey there, stranger.” He says humorlessly.

“Hey, dad.” She says, feeling rather small. She was planning on stopping in and out of Bayville without seeing him because she didn’t know how to patch things up. She was in the wrong, she knew that, but apologizing wasn’t one of her greatest strengths. “Hello, Aislyn.” He says. He hadn’t called her ‘kiddo’ as he affectionately used to since that day.

Cailean wakes up at the sound of their voices and turns to greet her father. “Hello.” He says. “I’m Cailean, sorry for the inconvenience.” “It’s no trouble at all.” Her father says giving Cailean a smile he hadn’t given her. “Let’s get you out of this rain.”

The drive back was long, but thankfully not painfully silent as Cailean and her father chatted about things she didn’t tune into. It was only as they pulled into the driveway that she noticed this home wasn’t the one she was expecting.

10:30 p.m. | Persefoni Home
“This place… It’s–” Aislyn begins to say, but is cut off by her father.

“What? You didn’t honestly expect me to still reside in that old place, did you?”
Yes. Was what Aislyn wanted to say, but decides not to. If Cailean noticed the tension between her and her father, he was doing a good job of hiding it.

“We’re here.” Her father says rather loudly as they all walk in. “Welcome!” A voice says. A few moments later a pretty woman, whom Aislyn recognizes as her father’s girlfriend from several years ago, walks in.

“This is Nicole.” Her father says, walking behind her to introduce her. He kept his attention focused on Cailean, and the pleasantness he was speaking to him with sort of stung Aislyn. He was still angry, rightfully so, but that didn’t make it hurt her any less.

“I’m Cailean, nice to meet you.”

“Please, make yourselves feel at home.” Nicole says, turning to both of them in turn.

“Cailean, you can follow me, I have some of my older spare clothes that’ll fit you; the longer you guys stay in those wet clothes, the more likely you are to get sick.” Her father says. Cailean follows him, leaving Aislyn with Nicole.

“Right, well, I can show you to the guest room, you’ll probably want a hot shower.” Nicole says. She begins to walk away, and Aislyn follows silently.

“That’s a lot of glass.” She observes aloud as she notices the entire bathroom’s walls are transparent.

“Don’t worry, there aren’t any neighbors for miles on this side of the house; no one will see you.” Nicole says with a smile. As she speaks, Aislyn notices a diamond ring on her left ring finger, it appears she and her father weren’t dating anymore.

“Well, I’ll let you get to it, then.” Nicole says as she begins to walk away.


Aislyn steps out of her wet rags and places them into the bathtub to not pool water onto the floor. The hot shower felt so good against her cold skin. She could feel all of her makeup washing away, but her appearance wasn’t her greatest concern at the moment.

Nicole seemed like a nice enough woman, Aislyn never really gave her a chance; how kindly she was treating Aislyn now considering their last encounter was a testament to that. The only issue was, she wasn’t sure how she was going to patch things up with her dad.

Aislyn’s appearance hadn’t changed much since high school, and gazing at her make-up free reflection as she steps out of the shower much later reminds her of that.

She hears a knock in the guest room and goes to answer it. On the way to the door, she notices fresh flowers on the bedside table, Aislyn hopes that they were always there and not recently placed for her arrival, for that would only make her feel more guilty.

“Hey, there.” Nicole says when Aislyn opens the door. “Only my night gowns are washed at the moment, I hope that’s ok.” She adds, holding a slip in her hands. “That’s fine, thank you.” Aislyn says.

“What else?… Oh, um, if you get cold, there are extra blankets in the closet, but we crank up the heater at night so you should be fine. Also, there are some spare toothbrushes in the bathroom drawers, and…” As she talks on and on, in a slight rush, Aislyn notices that Nicole is no longer wearing her ring; this only adds to her immense guilt.

“Anything I can get you?” Nicole asks after she finishes speaking. “No, nothing at the moment, thanks.” Aislyn says. Though Nicole was being polite, it was clear she was not entirely comfortable around her, and understandably so… Aislyn hadn’t given the best first impression or made her feel welcome when they had met.

“I’ll let you get settled, then. Goodnight.” Nicole says as she exits.

After changing, Aislyn decides to take her mind off of Nicole and her father, and messages Gus.


Gus doesn’t reply when Aislyn sends her last text and she wonders if she’s given him the wrong impression. She asks if she can call, but Gus replies that he needs to get back to the guests and that he’ll contact her later. Unsure of what else to say, she decides to message Amber to cover for her at work tomorrow.


Aislyn didn’t want to give unnecessary details to Amber, especially since they weren’t close, so she rolls with the assumption Amber makes that she’s sick.

Feeling oddly stuffy in the room, Aislyn saunters off to the empty living room to do more thinking. “Hey.” Cailean says on her right; Aislyn had forgotten about him.

“Have you talked to Gus?” He asks. “Yeah.” Aislyn says, slightly surprised that that’s the first thing he has to say. He really was a saint for putting up with everything going on without asking questions. “What about work?” He adds.

“I took care of it, thanks.” Aislyn says, a bit of annoyance seeping out. She knows Cailean means no harm, but she was already feeling incredibly guilty and his kindness just made her feel worse about her actions and the kind of person she was.

She stalks off to the living room, and Cailean follows. “There sure is a lot of white here.” He says. “Yeah.” Aislyn says, thankful that he was continuing to refrain from asking any awkward questions. The house was magnificent, and she had so many questions of her own.

Shortly after they sit down, her father walks in. “You guys hungry?” He asks.

“I’m fine, thanks. Aislyn?” Cailean says. “I’m ok as well, we ate shortly before I called you.”

“Should that change during the night, feel free to help yourselves to anything in the kitchen. Cailean, we can go pick up your car whenever you want in the morning. Nicole’s too exhausted to come back down so she told me to tell you goodnight.” Avoiding me, is more like it. Aislyn thinks.

“I’ll be heading to sleep as well, then. Goodnight.” Her dad adds before walking away.

That’s it.
Aislyn thinks. The awkwardness was suffocating; she rises and Cailean copies. “Cailean, would you excuse me for a bit?” She asks.

“Of course.”

Aislyn hurries to grab her dad before he makes it too far. “Can we talk?” She asks.

“There’s nothing to talk about.” He says. “Dad.” She pleads. He sighs, “Alright.”

She follows him outside where the rain is still pouring, but the sheet they sit beneath turns the drops into mist.

“This place is beautiful.” She says as she takes in the scenery. “That’s why we bought it.” Her father says. “You’re mad.” Aislyn states, not asking.

“Can you blame me?” He asks. “No, I can’t. And I know saying sorry would be the understatement of the century, dad, but I really am.” She says.

“When I finished school I was looking forward to moving back in, finding a job, and taking care of you for a change. Because I closed myself off from people, all I had was you. I’d forgotten that you were in the same boat, and looking back it was stupid of me to think that you wouldn’t want to find someone while I was away, but I still felt sad. I figured if you found someone else to love, then I’d really be all alone.”

“Aislyn, you’re my daughter. Did you honestly believe me finding someone else would come in between that relationship that we have? Why didn’t you just explain all of this after I introduced Nicole to you? Instead you just moved out and refused to step back into town.”

“Me not wanting to come back here, didn’t really have to do with you guys…” Aislyn says. “I regretted my outburst right after I made it, but I was too prideful to admit it. Let’s not forget I got that stubbornness from you.” At this, her dad gives a genuine smile, one that she’d missed.

“I know… and we’re both too stubborn to admit faults when we make them. I’m also in the wrong; I should’ve picked a better time to introduce you two and not done it on your big day. I wanted to keep my resolve and have you come around, but after a month of not speaking I caved and called because I couldn’t stand not hearing your voice. I love you, kiddo, and I wanted you to love me enough to accept Nicole for me. Dating her really helped turn my life around.”

“I do love you dad, more than I can express in words, but I confess I didn’t really show it at the time… You and Nicole aren’t dating anymore, are you?” Aislyn says, noticing for the first time the ring on her father’s hand.

“Oh, this? We didn’t have a spectacle if that’s what you’re thinking. As we’ve both been married before, we just wanted it on paper, that’s all… I wanted to tell you, but considering how badly you took to just meeting her… Nicole really is wonderful, she– ”

“Dad, it’s ok.” Aislyn says. Her father had joked that she’d run out of tears that summer after high school as Aislyn never cried, but she was close to spilling tears now. “You don’t need to convince me of anything.”

“But I do!” Her father says. “When you eventually have someone you love, you’ll want to make sure the most important people in your life see them the same way.” As he says this, her dad extends his arms and Aislyn leans in, just realizing how much she had missed him.

“Just so you know, I actually am dating someone.” She says. Aislyn thought about it for a moment and she couldn’t bring herself to say love, just because she didn’t feel that way about Gus yet. She cared about him, but she supposed it was still too early in their relationship to use such heavy words. “That’s wonderful, is he good to you? Do I need to have a firm talking with him about anything?”

Aislyn laughs, “Yes dad, he is. And that won’t be necessary.”

“If you say so, kiddo… but don’t forget, I’m always here if you need me.”

2:32 a.m.
There was a lot to catch up on, but after a few hours, her father decides they should save the rest of their talk for later. When they step back inside, Aislyn realizes that for a second time, she’s forgotten all about Cailean. “We’ve been out for some time.” Her dad says. “I could carry him to the guest room.”

“Yes we have, and while that would make you look macho, it’d probably make Cailean feel emasculated. You can go to bed, I’ll wake him up.” Aislyn says as she heads to the couch. “Alrighty, then.” Her dad says with a laugh.


“Yeah?” She says turning back to him.

“Regardless of the reasons how it happened, it’s really nice to see you back here. Goodnight, kiddo.”

“It feels nice to be back. Goodnight, dad.”

“Cailean?” Aislyn says as she walks over to where he was sleeping on the couch. “Cailean, wake up.” She adds as she reaches for his arm and gives him a gentle shake.

“You must be exhausted.” Aislyn says. Despite feeling elated from patching things up with her dad, Aislyn was feeling a new kind of guilt, this time regarding Cailean. The entire day he has been nothing but accommodating. He didn’t ask any questions, or demand any answers, though he deserved them. Even earlier, when he should’ve asked what exactly was going on, he instead inquired about her and she repaid his kindness by channeling her annoyance with herself onto him.

Cailean stirs on the couch, mumbles something and reaches out with the hand that was tucked beneath his face. His fingers come into contact with Aislyn’s and instead of pulling away, she grips his hand tighter.

Thinking about it, Aislyn realizes she doesn’t know much about Cailean… Aside from the fact that he’s one of Gus’s closest friends with similar interests as her, she never bothered to ask about him.

While he not only remembered but also cared if she would be missing work, she never even asked if he had any obligations that would be affected by this unexpected stay. “I promise, Cailean. I’ll make everything up to you tomorrow.” Aislyn says aloud, still holding his hand in her own. She was unsure how exactly she was going to do that, but she figured she’d start by paying more attention to and getting to know him better.

She takes a good look at Cailean and notices that with his hair down he looks much younger. Overcome with the desire to say thank you, Aislyn leans in…


Thanks for reading! Well, Aislyn and Cailean’s little Bayville adventure (which wasn’t supposed to happen at this point of the story initially, but ended up this way) shall end next chapter, and we will finally get to see Gus and his story after that! Feel free to let me know what you thought~
Take care!
xoxo Amy

22 thoughts on “Sight Chapter 14: Saying Sorry and Thank You

  1. Aaah, no!!! Don’t end it there!! How amazing would it be if this was the time Cailean woke up and kissed her… ah, don’t mind me, the hopeless romantic in me is talking (and hoping)! ❤
    I am so glad Aislyn made amends with her dad (her super hot dad if I may add, lol), it was clear she was in the wrong for not talking to each other. I only hope dad's new wife is as nice as she seems to be.
    Gus gets more and more jealous of Aislyn's relationship with Cailean it seems, and I wonder if he's figured out the chemistry between those two like Chad has, and doesn't want to admit it, even to himself. I bet it's gonna be tough when those two return home! 😕
    Oh, I wanted to say that I really appreciated the detail on the text message pictures – the one with Amber even had the previous conversation on, good work! 🙂
    I can't wait for the next chapter!! ❤

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    1. Haha I love the hopeless romantic theories/comments~ keep them coming! 😉 Right? Her dad is cute, haha after I aged him up and was changing his wardrobe I was like he’s actually quite fit (tho his new wifey played a role in that) Gus definitely is growing some bitter feelings, but we won’t see that until the chapter after next ☺️ And Aislyn and Cailean’s relationship dynamic shall definitely change as well.
      Thanks! Hahah it took several tries to get that right XD I appreciate you for appreciating it 💕 thanks for reading :)!

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  2. What?! How dare you leave it at that? Ugh!
    I’m glad Aislyn and her dad made amends and that she tries to tolerate her step-mother. Actually, so far she doesn’t seem to have made any harm, so maybe she’s not the stereotypical evil one.
    Their house is super white! I’m not into such modern interior, in fact I prefer comfy, wooden houses. But Aislyn seems to enjoy it, so she probably has her father’s taste.
    I liked how you did the messages with battery decreasing in power and older messages Ailsyn wrote to Amber. That was creative!
    I can’t wait to find out more about Cailean. And what happened after Ailsyn leaned in? Lol, that would be naive to wait for a kiss since Aislyn probably wouldn’t be that quick to betray Gus, but still do. Come on, a quick cheek one? XD

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hehe I’m sorry, I had to ☺️
      Nicole is actually a nice person with a story of her own, I def won’t be falling into the evil step mom route as I’ve done that before. Yup; Aislyn takes after her father in the style department, but Cailean’s style is more rustic (which you’ll see later on)
      Thank you!! Haha it took some tries to get it right since I’m a newbie at chat creating, but thanks for noticing 💕☺️
      Hmm, that theory doesn’t sound naive to me 😉 I’ll let you wait and see.
      Thanks for reading!

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  3. I think this will be an unpopular opinion, but I’m not rooting for a kiss after this cliffhanger. Which is weird because I also think Cailean and Aislyn fit quite well. I just feel bad for Gus (again… lol), him being serious about a girl for the ?first? time and then this happening 😦 I don’t ship him and Aislyn together, but I also don’t really want him to be hurt. It ~seems~ like he has a rough past, so oddly, I feel a bit protective of him? I don’t know… anyways, Gus’ story is coming up soon! Yes!
    I’m happy that Aislyn made up with her dad. Nicole seems nice, too, I hope she and Aislyn can become friends.
    Agreeing with the other two- epic job on the text messages!
    Great chapter as always ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Interesting, I’m actually glad you feel that way. I went back and forth as to how I’m going to start next chapter, but I think for where I plan on taking the story I made a solid decision. I’ll let you be the judge on that ;p
      I’m missing Gus and I’m looking forward to finally giving him the proper time of day in the story, lol, I’m glad that even without that you’ve managed to care for him, hehe.
      Nicole and Aislyn shall have some bonding time next week as well~
      Thank you! ❤

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  4. You did not just cut the scene off there! Lol Nooooooo!

    I am so glad she and her dad are on good terms again and I’m also glad she has realized she needs to get to know Cailean better because that is the ship I’m sailing on right now. haha

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  5. Ooooh, I wonder what’s going to happen next! I don’t think Aislyn would go in for a kiss when she has a boyfriend, because that isn’t like her, but then again, true feelings can sometimes take over your mind! So what’s going to happen?
    I feel bad for Gus when he thinks Cailean and Aislyn are growing closer… I hope he isn’t hurt badly, or that he ends his friendship with Cailean… I do wonder why he cares so much about her, though. Does he actually have feelings for her, or is it another reason?
    I’m glad Aislyn and her father made up, and her step-mother seems nice, I’m happy they are getting along!
    Also, the texting images were so cool! I loved the detail you put into them!
    Great chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yup, Aislyn definitely isn’t the type of person to do that, so I’ll let you ponder what shall happen until I post the next chapter, hehe.
      At the moment he is more angry than sad. I swear there is actually a sound reason behind why he is the way he is, I just haven’t had the opportunity to share it yet XD I plan on delving into his story on the chapter after next, but I’ll just say that his family is not the most normal, and he grew up with a misguided perception on what relationships should be like… Aislyn didn’t do anything super special, but the attention she gave him was kind of a big deal to him so he is being serious, but again, I shall expand more on this later.
      Thank you! 🙂

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  6. I was happy that Aislyn made up with her dad and everything was all fine and dandy until I read that she leans in… She better only be leaning! There better not be any facial contact, not like this, not while she’s dating Gus.
    I am curious about Aislyn’s mom, I’m not sure if you mentioned what happened between them besides the divorce and her leaving, but is she still alive? Does she still keep in contact with Aislyn?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. All I can say is, you’ll have to wait and see~ :3
      At the moment, I haven’t provided any info as to her current whereabouts – on purpose, lol. She is very much alive, and has not been keeping in touch with her ex-husband and Aislyn. Her story will also re-surface much further down if you’ll be patient with me XD
      Thanks for reading~

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  7. I am glad she made up with her Dad. His wife seems nice. She even took the ring off to not upset her. Ready for more. Especially with Cailean! Forget Gus!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yup, Nicole was being extra considerate 🙂 Funny you say forget Gus as the following chapters shall showcase him more, lol 😆 But after that shall be more Cailean time, haha. Thanks for reading~

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  8. Ohooohohohohogo Amy what have you done lmao. Well, I’ll say I don’t want them to kiss, obviously!! Not only would that be mean to Gus (who I dont hate) but it’s a bit unkind. I agree with Aislyn’s inner reflection here. Cailean has been kind and accomodating and she hasn’t really paid that back. And she keeps forgetting about him lol. I do think they have more in common that her and Gus, but I still think there’s a long way to go and a lot of friendship forging that needs to happen. She really doesn’t know anything about him, and hasn’t genuinely taken the time to ask. But I don’t think they will kiss! If I’m wrong I might throw hands LMFAO okay but joking aside, I am happy to see her mend things with her dad. They both had things they needed to get off their chance, but they’re just too similiar to stay angry at each other for long! (And sorry for my late catching up, this weekend really got away fron me again.)

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    1. What can I say, crafting awkwardness is my specialty 🤷‍♀️
      Yeah Cailean is completely off of Aislyn’s radar at all times, poor guy. They definitely are a lot more compatible with one another, an observation that’ll be made by several others in the story further down the line 😏 But yes, they do definitely need to become better friends first should anything else be capable of developing… loool, I’m prepared for any blows you may feel are necessary after reading the next chapter. 😆
      Her dad is the sweetest, but they are both fairly stubborn so this reconciliation was long overdue.
      No worries! My chapters are super dense so feel free to tackle them at your leisure 😂💖 Thanks for reading!

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