Sight Chapter 15: A Simple Misunderstanding

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2:45 a.m. | Persefoni Home
Still clutching Cailean’s hand, Aislyn leans in to give him a kiss on the cheek, as a silent thank you for all he’d done for her. She reaches a hand out to brush the loose strands off of his face.

The movement causes Cailean to stir. Suddenly aware of what she was doing and how unnecessary it was, Aislyn quickly pulls both of her hands back to her side. “Aislyn?….” Cailean says, not quite awake yet.

She was hoping he was too groggy to piece together what she was doing. “Yeah it’s me; look I was trying to wake you up. It’s late and you need to…” She begins but is cut off. “I’m dreaming… aren’t I?” He mumbles, his lids opening and closing slowly. “Huh?” Aislyn says. “No you’re not. I–“

Aislyn is cut off yet again as Cailean reaches out and pulls her close. She stumbles and falls to her knees from her crouched position and steadies herself by placing a hand on his chest. “Since I’m dreaming….” Cailean mumbles incoherently, he wasn’t fully up yet. “I’ll do…. what I… want.” Aislyn could barely piece together what he was saying. “Cailean? Are you still asleep?” She asks while giving his chest a gentle shake.

67With a drunken expression on his face, Cailean reaches out with his hand and jerks her face forward. Aislyn closes her eyes out of instinct, expecting their foreheads to bash into one another, but when she feels his warm breath and lips on hers, she realizes what’s going on. He’s kissing her.

She tries to push herself off his chest, but his grip was surprisingly strong for someone who was supposedly half-asleep. Not wanting to hurt him, but seeing no other way to free herself, Aislyn reaches around behind Cailean’s head, grabs a fistful of his hair and yanks his head back with enough force to break free. He lets her go and she falls back to the floor, rather painfully, on her hands.

The minute Cailean releases her, he somehow manages to fall back asleep with his arms dangling off the side of the couch, mumbling something Aislyn doesn’t hear because of all the blood pounding in her ears. After remaining stunned on the floor at the oddness of what just happened for a few minutes, Aislyn rises silently, abandoning all attempts of waking Cailean, and heads to the guest room.

Aislyn wasn’t quite sure how to react. It was clear she, per usual, managed to put herself in an awkward situation that probably wouldn’t have happened otherwise. She beats herself over her pillow a few times, not bothering to take off her glasses and falls asleep thinking the same thoughts over and over again: When will you learn, Aislyn….

8:00 a.m. | Outskirts of Bayville
Well this town is certainly larger than Oldmerrow. J.D. thinks as he takes in the cityscape from the hills leading down to it. Aislyn hadn’t returned home last night, and even though he knew she was with that fellow Grayham lover, Cailean, a part of him was still worried. He chose to not tag along on her trip because he knew his presence could cause Aislyn to slip up and speak to him in front of others, and since she was doing so well making new friends, he didn’t want to make her look odd in front of them…

J.D. wasn’t sure where to start looking, but he figured the graveyard was as good a place as any, just in case Aislyn did manage to slip up and get involved with a ghost that wasn’t him.

He sees a girl sitting on a staircase, but as he draws nearer it’s clear she’s not the girl he’s looking for. When her eyes meet his, he realizes she’s a fellow ghost and decides to say hello.

“What’s a girl like you doing in a place like this?” He teases as he draws nearer. “Quite the charmer you are.” She says dryly. “Most ghosts don’t go visiting other towns. What brings you here?” She asks. “How do you know I’m from out of town?” J.D. asks, raising an eyebrow and taking a seat beside her. “Please, I’ve been here for quite some time. I know every single face in this town, dead and living, I’d remember one like yours.” At this, J.D. laughs.

“Well, then, maybe you could help me. I’m looking for a friend who’s also visiting from out of town.” He says.

“I didn’t see any other ghosts wandering in….”

“She’s… not a ghost.” J.D. says.

“Ahh, so you’ve been watching over someone. Who is it? A girlfriend you couldn’t say goodbye to, or a friend you wished were something more?”

“Not exactly. She’s just someone I care about.”

“Right.” The woman says unconvinced. “What’s her name?”

“Ai… Clarissa.” J.D. says, opting for Aislyn’s middle name. She had a history here, and she had told him that she knew a few ghosts in town, regardless whether this woman knew her or not, he didn’t want to bring any unwarranted attention to Aislyn or her ability, so he refrained from mentioning either.

“Well, I’ve got nothing better to do so I’ll help you look. I bet you we can find her within the hour.” She states. “Is that so?” J.D. says. “I’ve heard this town is quite big.”

“Yeah well, what can I say? I succeed at anything I put my mind to.”

“I won’t turn down help.” J.D. says. “But I highly doubt you’ll be able to help me track her down that quickly, if at all.” He adds.

“Ha, is that a challenge?” The woman asks, rising from her seat.

“It’s a fact.” J.D. corrects.

“You’re on.” She says with a grin. “How about a wager?” She adds. “There’s not much I have to offer.” J.D. states. “But I accept, what do you have in mind?”

“If I help you find her within the hour, you will help me with something I want to do in return… and if I fail, which I won’t, you can ask me for anything you want.”

“Deal.” J.D. says “Got a name stranger?” She asks, extending a hand to shake. “J.” He says, not wanting her to piece together what J.D. stands for. “Well J, you seem like the secretive type as I’m sure that’s not your full name.” At this J.D. shrugs with a grin, “I never say more than I need to.” He says. “What about you?”

“You can call me M.” She says with a grin of her own, “And I tend to do the same.”

“Well, M, I’m also the generous type, so I’ll give you three hours. Lead the way…”

9:01 a.m. | Persefoni Home
Cailean wakes up and finds himself on the couch with an unusual pain in his neck that he figures is due to sleeping without a pillow. He also has an unusual pain on the back of his head that he’s not so sure what the cause was. As he stretches, he recalls his dream last night to which he felt incredibly guilty…

He had dreamt Aislyn was leaning in to kiss him, and he returned it. Though he’d never do something like that to Gus, he still felt disappointed with himself, especially since thinking back to it made his heart race, despite it just being a dream.

As he attempts to recollect himself, he sees Nicole standing in front of him. Something he noticed about Aislyn was that she loathed discussing personal things about herself and often steered conversations that could lead to things about her away fairly quickly. As a result, Cailean had to do a lot of deducing on his end, and figured that this woman was Aislyn’s stepmother because she had mentioned her parents were divorced once.

As for what happened to her actual mother, and what her current relationship with Nicole was, he didn’t know; he wanted to, but talking to and getting to know her more would only make him care for her more, and considering he was already dreaming about her without that level of knowledge meant it was probably best he started distancing himself from her as soon as possible. At least until he got over her.

“Cailean? What are you doing here?” Nicole says as she sits down. “Marco told me Aislyn was going to come and wake you up so you could sleep in the room. Did something happen?”

“Not that I know of…” Cailean says, wondering if he might’ve mumbled something in his sleep that would’ve alerted Aislyn to his less than appropriate thoughts. “Last I saw she went to speak with her father outside.”

“Oh, well, you can ask her about that later, then. Marco is getting ready so he can go with you to fetch your car. I’ve dried your clothes, you can take a shower and get ready in the guest room.”

“Thank you.” Cailean says.

9:22 a.m.
Aislyn wakes up to the sound of heavy rain; she looks outside and sees a faint drizzle outside the window and wonders why the sound is so loud despite the lack of water.

The noise suddenly stops and Aislyn figures she must be hearing things as she’s not fully awake yet. She rubs her eyes beneath the glasses she forgot to take off and makes her way to the bathroom to get ready for the day.

As she turns the corner, she’s shocked to see Cailean standing there… and doubly shocked to see he’s in a towel. The steam in the air let’s Aislyn know that it wasn’t the rain she was hearing… “Cailean? H-how’d you get in here?” She stammers in surprise.

Cailean turns and meets her eyes with an equally puzzled expression, and points to the opening that Nicole had led Aislyn through last night. It was clear he was not expecting to see her either.

“Oh, um well… I’ll let you wrap up in here then…” Aislyn says as she turns to give Cailean his privacy. “Alright.” Cailean says. Since Aislyn was no longer looking at his face, she had no idea what kind of expression he had or how he was feeling; it was impossible to tell from his tone alone. Her mind was running a mile a minute.

Quickly exiting through the guest bedroom doors, Aislyn lets out a sigh as she clicks them shut. If for some reason Cailean remembered her leaning in last night… and what happened afterwards, and tied that into her walking in on him now, he’d probably be weirded out or worse…

“Why the long face, kiddo?” She hears her father ask as he comes downstairs. “No reason.” Aislyn says quickly, following him into the kitchen, not wanting to explain the awkward situation she had landed herself in.

Aislyn notices Nicole is still not wearing her ring as she’s making breakfast and remembers she still has to clear things up with her. “Morning.” Nicole says as they enter. “Morning.” Aislyn chimes back.

Feeling annoyed with herself for several reasons now, Aislyn rubs her face in frustration. “You sure it’s nothing?” Her dad pries.

“Yes, dad; I’m sure.”

When Aislyn hears Cailean walking out of the restroom, she rushes back into the guest room, avoiding eye contact along the way. She gets ready in a hurry, and comes out in time to see Nicole finish setting the table.

Cailean appeared to be unbothered by what happened, and spoke casually to her father and Nicole about cars and sports as they ate, which was a good sign to Aislyn. She had told herself yesterday she’d spend the ride back getting to know Cailean, and she still planned to, but she didn’t want to give him the wrong impression regarding the kind of person she was. As she pondered this, she was surprised at how much she cared at what he thought of her.

Relieved that there wasn’t any awkwardness between them. Aislyn manages to eat in peace. After breakfast, the boys leave to retrieve Cailean’s car, leaving Aislyn with Nicole, another person she wanted to leave a better impression on.

She wasn’t sure how to start a conversation, and after a few minutes of painful silence in which they were both cleaning, she finally put down the mop she was using, took a breath, and walked over.

“Look, Nicole. I’m really, really sorry.” Aislyn says rather quickly. “Regarding what, dear?” Nicole asks, slightly surprised. “For… everything. When we met, I didn’t really treat you the way you deserved… I wasn’t in the best place… and I don’t know what else to say other than I’m sorry.” As Aislyn hurried to get the words out, she felt like a small child. Nicole was silent for a moment, and then gave a small smile.

“I guess we have a bit to talk about…” Nicole says. “We can have a chat while I paint your nails.”

“My nails?”

“Yes, well, I’m a bit of a manicure aficionado, and I can’t help but notice your hands are in need of some attention.” She says gazing at the hand Aislyn had beside her face.


10:00 a.m.
“So how long have you and my daughter been together?” Marco asks. Cailean, who had been staring at the passing buildings, answers without really processing the meaning behind the question. “About twenty-four hours now.”

“What?” Marco exclaims causing Cailean to snap his attention back from the view outside and re-process what Marco meant.

“Wait did you mean?… Aislyn and I are just friends.” Cailean says in explanation.

“Oh really? But when I was speaking to her yesterday she mentioned she had a boyfriend. I thought she didn’t say your name because she was implying it was obvious she meant you.” Marco states, as if he wasn’t convinced.

“No, no. I assure you that’s not the case.”

“But you slept in the same room together.” Marco says, a hint of anger seeping into his voice.

“What?” Cailean says. Then he remembers what Nicole mentioned about Marco assuming Aislyn had woken him up…

“I saw her walk out of the guest room this morning, and you came out much later…” Marco adds.

“I was just showering in the guest room, but I spent the night on the couch, honest.” Cailean says, heat of embarrassment seeping into his face at the tone of the conversation.

“Oh.” Marco says, turning his attention away after a moment of silence. “Well, then. My apologies for the misunderstanding…” He adds, and Cailean lets out a breath he didn’t know he was holding.

“Aislyn and I are just friends.” Cailean repeats once more.

J.D. and M had spent the past two hours popping into clubs, bars, parks, and beaches throughout town, with no sign of Aislyn or her friend, Cailean, at all.

“Alright M, you’ve got one hour left. Technically you only had an hour to begin with, but I was kind enough to give you more, and you still haven’t succeeded.” J.D. teases, “Feeling the pressure yet? I haven’t told you what I’d ask you to do for me in return.” Seeing how peaceful the town was, he wasn’t feeling as worried as he was before. In fact, he was having a surprisingly pleasant time. M unexpectedly shared his kind of humor and was intelligent and witty to boot as she commented on things as they went around.

“Come on now, that’s plenty of time. I didn’t sense your urgency, so I’ve decided to give you the full Bayville tour package, complete with all the essential facts, like the best make-out spots and famous celebrity homes. Are you not enjoying yourself?” She asks with a grin.

“Oh I hadn’t realized… by all means, please continue.” J.D. says, giving her a grin of his own.

11:00 a.m. | Bella Boutique
Aislyn told Nicole that she wasn’t allowed to have painted nails at work, and so Nicole opted to give her press on nails that she could remove later when she wanted. Aislyn realized that Nicole suggested the activity so their chat wouldn’t be an awkward face-to-face confrontation. Instead, Nicole listened and smiled, as Aislyn spoke, immersed in her nail designing, and Aislyn listened when she spoke, watching her work without feeling uncomfortable.

When she had finished, Nicole suggested they go out to the nearby boutiques to kill time since it’d take Cailean and her father about two hours to get to and from the towing station.

“Good morning, Nicole! Long time no see. What brings you in so early? I see you’ve brought a friend.” The woman working inside says as they enter.

“I’ve come to shop of course. And this is my– Aislyn.” Nicole says, slightly unsure of how to introduce Aislyn, as a stepdaughter? As a daughter? Despite being on much better terms, there was still a long ways to go before their relationship could be considered the latter.

“Ooh, I see you’ve completely changed your collection.” Nicole says as she walks over to admire the clothes. “Well, of course, it’s winter time!” The woman says enthusiastically in return.

“Nice to meet you.” Aislyn says. “Yes, I’m Clarabella, the owner here.” She says as she circles Aislyn, eyeing her up and down without any subtly. You have a great body, the clothes will look nice on you.” She says. “Ummm… thanks?” Aislyn says.

“Why don’t you try something on.” Nicole says as she takes a seat beside the changing rooms. Aislyn would’ve normally declined, but she’d learned in her chat with Nicole that she didn’t have any children of her own from her previous marriage, and figured that this was something she’s probably wanted to do, so she smiles and instead says, “Umm, mind helping me pick something out?” At this, Nicole beams, and Aislyn feels herself genuinely smile in return…

The smile is short lived however, after she sees what exactly Nicole picks. It’s definitely something Aislyn would never in a million years have chosen on her own; she knew she was lacking in certain areas.

“Well?” Nicole asks from outside, “Can I see?”

“Umm… I don’t think it suits me.” Aislyn says.

“Nonsense, I’ll be the judge of that.”

With a sigh, Aislyn walks out. “I think this kind of dress would suit more curvaceous girls.” Aislyn says. “Hmm, well I don’t think it looks as bad as you probably think, but your father wouldn’t be too pleased with me if I encouraged this kind of attire, though you are grown enough to make your own decisions.” Nicole says with a wink. “The shoes are lovely though.”

“Yes, if I’d like to break my ankles.” Aislyn says. Nicole laughs and Aislyn returns to try on some other clothes.

“This one is the best by far.” Nicole says after Aislyn had tried on several more dresses. She had to admit she was having some fun, this reminded her of the kind of things she did with her mother what felt like a lifetime ago.

She hadn’t thought of her mom like that for ages, and thinking of her now made Aislyn feel an ache. After returning to try a few more outfits on, to Nicole’s constant compliments and encouragement, Aislyn walks over to her and grabs her hand.

Aislyn was really trying to change herself these days, in more ways than one, after going on alone for so long. She never would’ve considered it before, but now, perhaps Nicole could become someone important to her. “You’re letting me have all the fun by myself, why don’t you join me.”

Aislyn changed into yet another outfit Nicole suggested, and picked something she wouldn’t be confident enough to wear herself for Nicole to try it on. “You look amazing.” Aislyn says, raising her freshly manicured index finger to her cheek.

“You think so? I think I’ve gotten too old for something like this…” Nicole says as she adjusts the sheer fabric spilling down. “Not true at all.” Aislyn says as she admires Nicole’s figure, she’d also learned that Nicole had been a model back in the day and she was looking forward to hearing more about that at a later time.

They proceed to try on several more clothes. “See this is something more my style.” She says as she puts on an outfit she herself grabbed for a change. “For a young person, you are unusually conservative.” Nicole says. At this Aislyn shrugs.

Despite Aislyn’s protests, Nicole bought her most of the clothes she tried on, while also purchasing a few things for herself. After placing the items in the car they decided to grab a drink, and Aislyn did her best to prevent Nicole from entering other stores along the way.

“But look at those shoes!” Nicole says as they pass another store with a sale. “They’d look so nice with that dress we got.” She adds. “I’m fine, honestly, you’ve already gotten me too much.” Aislyn says with a laugh as she tugs Nicole away, feeling surprised at how quickly they became so comfortable around each other.

11:07 a.m. | Tom’s Bayside Impound
As they were waiting, after Cailean showed his identification and filled out some paperwork, Marco heads over to the desk to pay the hefty fine. “You didn’t need to do that.” Cailean says.

“It’s no trouble at all, kid. Aislyn told me about how kind you were to bring her along for that book signing. She’s been going on and on about that guy for ages the minute she picked up one of his books in high school. Consider it a thank you for your efforts.”

“It was no trouble at all… but thank you.” Cailean says.

“You’ve probably noticed, but Aislyn isn’t really one to share things, from what she wants to how she’s feeling. She didn’t always used to be like that, but ever since she changed it’s been hard for her to meet people who’d go out of their way to get to know her. And from what I can tell about you, Cailean, in the brief time we’ve gotten to speak, is that you are genuine in every sense of the word, and I’m glad Aislyn has someone like that around her.” As Marco went on, Cailean didn’t know what to say… He felt guilty as he was planning on distancing himself from Aislyn the moment they returned home because he was growing feelings for her he shouldn’t have.

“Thank you…” He says once Marco finishes.

“Well, I won’t harp on and on any longer, but thank you, kid. Since we won’t get to talk on the long ride back, I figured I’d just tell you that now. I hope she always has you and people like you around her moving forward.” Marco says. At that Cailean nods, and the attendant who went to fetch his keys returns, saving him from another unbearable moment of feeling guilty.

11:39 a.m. | Coffee Station
Despite Aislyn’s best efforts, Nicole still managed to drag her into a few more stores. After they finally sit down and get drinks, “Thank you.” She says quite seriously.

“For the clothes?” Nicole asks in between sips. “It was nothing, dear.”

“Not for just the clothes, but for the way you’re treating me, it’s more than I deserve.” Aislyn says. “Like I said, it’s nothing, dear.” Nicole says with a smile. “What would you like to do next?” She asks.

“Well, despite all the fun we’ve been having, the guys should be home soon… and I’m kind of missing my boyfriend.” Aislyn says rather honestly. As they went around shopping, she felt herself noticing things she’d like to wear or do on future dates with Gus, surprising herself.

“I get that you’re still young, but it has only been an hour…” Nicole says. “Huh?” Aislyn asks, it takes her a few seconds to process what Nicole was implying. “What? Cailean? You think he and I are… No, we’re just friends.” Aislyn says.

“Wait a second, is that why you led him to the shower in my room this morning?” Aislyn asks, suddenly remembering that embarrassing encounter. She was so flustered at seeing Cailean, she didn’t stop to think why he was there in addition to how he got there considering how plentiful other rooms and bathrooms were in the large house.

“Your father led me to believe that that was the case, but if there was some sort of small misunderstanding, I apologize. Nothing too scandalous happened, I’m sure.” Nicole says with a cocked eyebrow.

“No…” Aislyn says, suddenly lost in thought. “Thankfully not.” She adds, as she pulls out her phone and scrolls back to Gus’s response to her texts from last night; she’d assumed he was busy, but looking at them again, she realizes he must’ve been upset.

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 11.43.51 AM

If Nicole and her father had both made this assumption, the fact she and Cailean were both staying here must’ve looked rather odd and inappropriate without knowing where they were, which Gus didn’t give her the chance to do. As Nicole rises to pay the bill, Aislyn sends another text.

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 12.02.35 PM


12:27 p.m. | Persefoni Home
They arrive back at her father and Nicole’s place at the same time the boys pull into the driveway with both of their cars. They say their goodbyes, and Aislyn suddenly feels a desire to head home quickly.

“It was unexpected, but we’re glad we got to see you, kiddo, and meet you Cailean.” Her father says.

“Thank you both for being so kind.” Cailean says. “The holidays are coming up, maybe we’ll pop by Oldmerrow and say hello.” Nicole adds turning towards her husband. “I’d like that.” Aislyn says.

After a series of hugs and waves, Cailean and Aislyn get into the car, and begin their drive back.

Aislyn who was so eager to speak with and get to know Cailean on the way back, suddenly felt too guilty to bring herself to do so. And Cailean, who tended to fill the silence with polite questions and commentary of his own was also unusually quiet for whatever reason.

It wasn’t an uncomfortable silence, but it was clear there was a lot on both of their minds, so they continued their drive to Oldmerrow in silence.


Thanks for reading! Sorry this was super late, feel free to let me know what you thought regarding how this played out. Another extremely wordy chapter I’m afraid, but this time I’m going to say that it’s extra long to make up for no chapter last week XD I don’t know if I’ll ever manage to cut them down to a more decent length, lol. Next chapter is finally Gus’s time to shine, y’all, well not shine per say, but as promised, you’ll get to see and know a lot about him and his story~ At long last!
Take care~
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    1. Hello~
      Aww, thank you so much ❤ I hope so too, I can't wait until I've put that mark behind me.
      Haha, I enjoy the ship lingo, I haven't even thought of either of their names. (Cais is a good contender, though 😉 )
      No worries, I'm doing the same~ Slow and steady as they say, there are so many wonderful stories and sites I have to catch up on, but I know they aren't going anywhere so I'm taking my time.
      Thank you! I feel like I tend to overload with writing, which can get tiring to read after a while so I feel the need to say sorry, haha. I don't I'll ever cut down screenshot length though, because I love taking photos too much.
      Happy New Year to you as well, I appreciate the comment 🙂 ❤


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    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, it didn’t feel right for me to get them to kiss each other legitimately this way…
      Thank you! ❤ Haha, I plan to address that next chapter, but yeah he's going to search a while longer, then he'll give up and come back to her place 🙂

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  6. They kissed! I feel bad for Gus, even though it wasn’t intentional. I’m just glad that she pulled away, or that would be very complicated. And her being so oblivious to the fact that he’s jealous makes me feel uncomfortable (but in a good way, of course!).
    I really liked Nicole and Aislyn bonding, and I’m happy that you strayed from the typical ‘mean stepmother’, or the ‘child that hates the stepmother even though she’s nice’ trope! I’ve had enough of those lol! It seemed like a really fun girls day out!
    Great chapter! And longer is better, as we get to read more of your wonderful writing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I couldn’t see Aislyn willingly going through with it. Haha, she’s quite out of her element when it comes to relationships, as it has been so long XD As for Nicole, I’ve gone through both of those routes before, so this time I decided to keep it simple. Thank you! ❤

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    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you~ They were so time consuming, haha :’)
      Yeah, Aislyn definitely didn’t start the relationship for the right reasons, and so it’ll take her a little while to realize she doesn’t really have feelings for Gus like that, the same goes for him~ Thanks for reading! 🙂

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    I hope JD gets back soon so he can see Aislyn’s fine. But is that the ghost that spoke to Aislyn in the first place? Hmmm!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay, you’ll learn all about him next chapter 😄 I think you’ll be at peace with their parting as they certainly have a bumpy road on the way there. Haha Aislyn is so painfully unaware of how Gus could interpret what she said 😂 And JD will find her… eventually! Yup, good eye – that’s her! 😊 Thanks for reading!

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    1. *Raises arms in self defense*
      Lol, well, given Cailean’s realization of his feelings for Aislyn at the bus stop, and his decision to put some space between him, since he thought he was dreaming, he was like – why not? 😂
      Hmmm, interesting line of thought there. You’ve probably caught on by now that I’m frustrating in my lack of answers 😇 Ahh yes, Maddie; she’ll have an interesting arc of sorts later on and you’ll finally figure out what exactly it is she never did. ☺️
      Exactly! The relationship you have between any step parent or even step/half sibling etc… is entirely dependent on your willfulness to forge one or not, and Aislyn’s decided to *finally* make one. Aww thanks for reading! 💕

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