Sight Chapter 16: Silver Spoon

*** author’s note: some language and maturity ***

3:00 p.m. | Gus’s House
“Of course, dad; I won’t.” Gus says aloud. His father had called to remind him, yet again, how important it was for him to win the current case he was working on because the client is an important and powerful man… blah blah blah. Gus wasn’t really tuning in anymore.

The plus side to coming from a family that owned their own business was that Gus’s career was essentially determined for him from birth; saving him from the struggle of deciding what to do. Since he was guaranteed a job after he passed all his exams and got his degree, he didn’t waste time networking and played around for most of his young adult life. Was it nepotism? Maybe. But no one seemed to care as the Allan family’s law firm has been a force to reckon with for decades, and no one would dare try and speak out against them or try and stir up trouble.

“I trust that you’ll have all the materials you need in time, then. I have a guest coming over now. Bye.” His father says as he hangs up the line. Gus knew that his ‘guest’ was actually a woman his father planned on spending the night with. Per usual, he didn’t bother waiting for Gus to say goodbye and with a sigh he pulls the phone away from his ear. Before he locks it, he notices several texts from Aislyn, but isn’t in the mood to read them or deal with her at the moment.

When he had first seen her outside Ranny’s Diner, he figured she’d just be a fun new challenge; a pretty, but seemingly odd girl he’d charm, sleep with, and then leave because what was the point in trying to go out of your way to know someone when most people always had other agendas.

Coming from this kind of family, with power and influence, meant there were always girls around interested in tapping into those resources. And at first, Gus was unaware of this, which led to a lot of heartbreak on his part. It didn’t take him long to catch on to those that came onto him in pursuit of something and so he’d learned to play those girls the way they had intended to with him.

He’d meet with them under the guise he was seeking a long-term relationship, feigning ignorance to the fact he knew why they were approaching him, and then dump them after getting what he wanted.

He didn’t see anything wrong with this on his part; it wasn’t like he was losing anything, and those he’d break it off with were too ashamed with themselves to bother getting angry at him once they’d figured out he knew what they were up to. The only problem was eventually that practice of brief dating and dumping extended to all girls, not just the ones who knew him, and it became hard for him to stop.

His parents are in a loveless marriage and make it work because they value the empire they’ve built more than each other. He knew eventually they’d plan on strategically marrying him off to someone’s daughter who would bring in more money, name value, or both, and because of that, he didn’t feel the need to pursue a serious relationship.

Aislyn had been different though, after their first date, she’d managed to pick up on something about him that no one aside from his family or close friends like Cailean, Kimberly, and Mai knew: that he had allergies. The fact that she’d noticed it and remembered it struck him; it was such a simple action, but to him it held meaning. He had never tried to go out of his way to know and speak with a girl, aside from what he needed to to get into bed, but he figured now was as good a time as any to change that.

Aislyn had made him feel something he had never felt growing up in a home without genuine love or real connections that didn’t revolve around business. And so, he vowed to try this time, but it was hard. He felt like he didn’t know what to say or do half the time. He didn’t ask Aislyn questions, and she didn’t ask him any either. When they were together it was just them in the moment, eating or watching something and the simplicity of that made him happy… but it also didn’t feel as wholesome as he thought it would if he did pursue a serious relationship… but he figured whatever was missing would come with time.

He wanted to begin trying to open up to her, vent his frustrations with his family and work, but he felt like there was some sort of wall between them. After the attention she had paid to him on their date, he was expecting Aislyn to be attentive, caring, and concerned, but that was definitely not the case. She never initiated their phone calls, and the first time she did it was to ask for Cailean’s number, which irked him not because it was Cailean, who was his best friend and he’d trust with his life, but because she seemed completely oblivious to the fact that this bothered him though he’d made it obvious he was mad. Aislyn had mentioned she was inexperienced in relationships, and so was he, but he knew enough to know this wasn’t right.

10 (1)
5:02 p.m. | Peace Lane
The traffic back to Oldmerrow was terrible and the drive took nearly four hours. It was still early, but as winter was beginning the sun had already set. The silence should’ve been unbearable, but it wasn’t, and both Aislyn and Cailean remained quiet for the entire ride.

“It looks like it’s the first snow of the winter.” Cailean observes aloud as they pull onto her road, breaking the long silence. “Yeah, it does.”

“Listen, Cailean… thank you.” Aislyn says.

“It was nothing.” He says as he stops in front of her door. It was more than nothing. Aislyn thinks. Her plan to thank and get to know Cailean had gone to smoke after she thought of Gus, and Cailean was acting quite out of character as well on the ride back but she figured she’d worry about that later.

“See ya.” She says as she grabs her bag and gets out.


Aislyn enters the house expecting to see J.D, but finds it cold and empty.

After tossing her bag into the corner and pulling out her phone, she checks again to see if she’s received any calls or texts from Gus, but there are none. She figures putting this off until tomorrow would be a bad idea, so she’ll barge over to his house now… the only problem was that she didn’t know where he lived.

She couldn’t believe just how bad at this whole dating thing she was, how could she not know where her boyfriend lives? Just as she’s about to consider asking Mai, there’s a knock on her door.

It’s Cailean carrying the clothes she bought with Nicole and forgot to collect when she exited the car. “You forgot these.” He says as she extends his arm.

“Sorry about that… Thanks.” Aislyn says, as she grabs them from him. Perfect. She thinks; this was her chance to ask him for one last favor before leaving him in peace for a while. “I have a quick question.” She says aloud.

20 (1)
Cailean wordlessly jots down Gus’s address on a piece of paper for her and then leaves. Again, Aislyn found his silence odd, but now thinks it’s because he’s tired after all they’d gone through the past two days. She freshens up, and applies some makeup – careful not to damage her manicured nails – decides on one of the outfits she got with Nicole after trying on several, and calls a cab.

6:58 p.m. | Gus’s House
Gus lived a lot farther than Aislyn was expecting, nearly an hour away. It had yet to begin snowing on his part of town. She begins to feel nervous as she approaches the door and wonders if he would be mad at her for showing up unannounced. It was too late to back out now.

Gus gives a slightly surprised expression when he sees Aislyn, but thankfully doesn’t look as angry as she thought he might. “Hi.” She says.


“Can I come in?” She asks; Gus steps back and she walks past him as he closes the door. Aislyn hadn’t quite thought out what she was going to say to him yet, and so there was an awkward silence.

“Have you eaten?” She asks. “No, not yet.” Gus says slightly warily; he had no idea why she was here, and frankly she didn’t either. She wanted to fix things, but wasn’t sure how.

“I can make you something, if you’d like.”

“Okay…” Gus says.

25 (1)
Aislyn walks over to the fridge, feeling Gus’s eyes on her as she begins examining its contents. The awkwardness in the air was almost tangible; she had a feeling it would be a long night…

Aislyn cooked in silence, with Gus lending a hand when she needed it. After they set the table, he places two wine glasses down and begins to walk back into the kitchen to retrieve a bottle but Aislyn quickly protests as after their first date, she vowed to never drink again. He lets out a small smile when she mentions this, the first she’s seen all night, and sits across from her, and they are back to the silence.

“So, how was your mother’s dinner party?” She asks.

“It was fine.”

“You mentioned you had some things to say.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Gus says dismissively. The time to address the elephant in the room had come, Aislyn takes a breath and begins, “Look, I get why you’re upset.”

“Do you?” Gus counters with a raised eyebrow. “What do you want me to say, Gus? The situation was out of my hands, Cailean’s car got towed and we had to stay at my dad’s place. I would’ve preferred to be here yesterday to hear what you wanted to tell me but–” Gus cuts her off, “The fact that you stayed in Bayville is not why I’m upset.”

“Huh?” Aislyn says, dumbstruck.

“Aislyn, we’ve been together nearly a month, and in that time I’ve always been the one to initiate our dates or calls. Forgive me if I’m a tad bitter that the first time you reach out, it’s regarding someone else, granted it was Cailean, but still…”

Aislyn takes a moment to process this and is relieved that it wasn’t her being with Cailean that had Gus upset. She was out of her element with this whole relationship thing but getting better at communicating was a small fix and an easier conversation to have compared to what she thought it would be: explaining that she wasn’t having a fling with his best friend.

“I’m sorry.” She says genuinely.“Remember how I mentioned that I might mess things up the day we agreed to start dating? This is one of those times.” Aislyn says as she reaches for his crossed arms. At this Gus let out a small smirk and Aislyn feels his demeanor changing. He begins reaching out for her hand in return, but the sound of the doorbell ringing halts him.

“Expecting another guest?” Aislyn asks. “I wasn’t even expecting you, let alone anyone else. One second.” Gus says as he rises to get the door. Aislyn lets out a sigh of relief; Gus didn’t appear to be someone who held grudges or remained angry for long to which she was thankful.

The new smile Gus has wipes off of his face the moment he opens the door, however. “What are you doing here?” He asks. “Ahh, you have a guest I see. And I thought you would’ve been working.” The woman entering says.

As Aislyn gets a look at her, she has no doubt in her mind that she could be anyone other than his mother. Similar to Cailean, the resemblance Gus had to his mother was striking. Gus doesn’t seem pleased to see her at all.

“Who might you be?” Mrs. Allan asks, her piercing gaze makes Aislyn nervous and she hops out of her seat. It seems as though, like Aislyn, Gus hadn’t mentioned Aislyn by name to his parents. “I’m… Aislyn.” She says after casting a glance to Gus to see if she should say more or not. His expression was unreadable, he looked rather angry, and Aislyn hoped she was no longer the person he was directing that anger towards.

“Well, Aislyn, I’m sorry but my son and I have some things we need to discuss, and so I’ll have to cut your evening short.” “That’s okay.” Aislyn says, not wanting to anger her, Mrs. Allan didn’t sound sorry at all.

“Unless you have any protests to that, dear.” Mrs. Allan says turning to her son. Her tone was sickeningly sweet and Aislyn could tell it was forced. She was extremely curious as to Gus’s family dynamic, but didn’t want to get any information at this very moment. Gus sighs, “I think you’d better go, sorry.” He says to Aislyn.

He takes her hand and walks her to the door. “I really am sorry.” He repeats. The serious demeanor he had now was even more intimidating than the one he’d had when she first arrived and it sort of frightened her. She wanted to ask if he’d be all right, but considering she was leaving him with his mother not some sort of criminal, that seemed silly to say aloud. “Call me.” She says. “I will.” He says and he gives her a quick peck on the cheek before she walks out.

Gus had felt like he and Aislyn were finally getting somewhere when the person he wanted to see least had shown up. “What do you want?” He asks for a second time. “I went along with your stupid diner party like you asked.” “Now, now. Is that any way to talk to me?” His mother says with a tut of disproval as she rises to meet his eyes.

“I’m here to discuss work.”

Bullshit.” Gus says with an eye roll, knowing that was most definitely not the case.

“What? Are you that upset I’ve cut into whatever evening you planned? I’m sure that whore was disappointed too.”

“Don’t call her that.” Gus says icily.

“Are you going to convince me that she’s not? I know how you are, you’re just like your father…. Would you prefer I gave her a specific title? What is she? Whore number twenty-one, twenty-two?” His mother says with a humorless laugh.

Gus knew his mother was saying this to get under his skin. They’ve always had a tense relationship except for the brief moments of adoration he received from her when he was really young. His father focused his sole attention on the business and Gus, and had neglected his mother to the point where she grew to resent Gus despite him being her own flesh and blood.

Because his parents saw each other as assets and not lovers, they settled for an open marriage in private, but put on a front of a picture perfect family to the outside world. Despite them claiming they don’t have feelings for one another aside for business, Gus knows his mother does indeed love his father and was and still is genuinely hurt every time he brings another woman home, but she’s too prideful to admit it.

“Bitter dad is having fun and you’re not?” Gus asks with faux concern.

He feels a sharp blow against his cheek – not that he expected anything else. He knew better than to prod his mother, especially since he knew why she was here, but he couldn’t help it. She probably didn’t want to remain in the house knowing his father was with someone else, but he could care less. He had come to view his mother as the woman who had brought him into the world and nothing more; he didn’t love or care for her, and he hated when she took her frustrations out on him. Aislyn deserved better than a man who’d stand by and let someone badmouth her, so he didn’t care that he’d plunged a knife into his own mother with his words.

Gus grins. “You think I’m being funny?” His mother asks, a bit of the anger she normally kept well hidden seeping into the surface. “Yes, I do.” He replies. “Get out.” He adds.

“You can’t get rid of me. Everything you have…”

“Comes from dad.” Gus says twisting the knife he’d plunged at the first mention of his father deeper.

“Now leave. I know why you’re here and you can kill your time elsewhere.” He knew his mother wouldn’t have enough face to remain and lecture him or feign ignorance after what he had just said.

“I haven’t the faintest idea what you’re insinuating.” She says, just as he expected. “But I’ll leave you to enjoy what appears to be a lovely dinner.” She says acidly. Gus clenches his fist to refrain from saying anything more.

Aislyn didn’t mean to eavesdrop; but the moment she heard Gus – through the slightly open window – begin to speak to his mother, she couldn’t pull herself away. Everything she had heard surprised her. She knew Gus came from a well off, self-made family, and that was about it. But it appeared there was way more to the story and his family seemed to be much more complicated than hers was.

Gus’s mother looked as though she was making her way to the door, so Aislyn bolted down the steps and a few blocks before calling a cab home to avoid running into her.

After arriving home, Aislyn sees the array of clothes she went through before eventually deciding on the striped dress lying on the floor and decides to kill time cleaning since J.D. still hadn’t returned and she didn’t have anyone else to talk to.

As Aislyn starts her loads and goes around tidying things up, she tries and fails to take her mind off of Gus. While she was glad he defended her to his own mother, Aislyn suddenly found himself extremely curious as to the kind of person he was. Mrs. Allan made it seem like he was someone who played around a lot, and while Aislyn was hesitant to start her relationship with him because of her own shortcomings, she suddenly found herself wondering what Gus’s were…

As she lets down her hair and begins taking off her dress, she hears a knock on the door. “Coming.” She says aloud.

Aislyn is surprised to see Gus standing in the doorway and notices his face is flushed and can smell alcohol off of him; he must’ve helped himself to the wine she’d refused. “Gus… have you been drinking? How’d you get here?”

“Cab.” He says, ignoring her first question. “Do you want to talk?” She asks, leading him over to the couch and closing the door.

“I felt bad… sending you off like that.” He says slowly. “It’s okay… So, did you discuss whatever you needed to with your mom okay?” Aislyn asks, pretending she didn’t see what had transpired earlier. She had a feeling Gus would be angry if he knew and she wasn’t sure he’d feel comfortable discussing it. Since he appeared to be quite drunk, however, she wonders if perhaps that would bring his walls down and make him open up, so she asks anyway.

“If I’m being honest… I didn’t come here to talk.” Gus says; his eyes blazing.

Aislyn doesn’t have time to process or utter a response to that statement as Gus grabs her face and pulls her close. He pauses for a moment when their faces are inches apart, and then leans in and begins kissing her.

Aislyn initially returns his kiss, glad Gus wasn’t feeling angry or upset. But as his kisses intensify, her heart begins to race, not out of passion but of fear, because she just understood what Gus had meant about not talking.

He begins to unzip her dress and now she is panicking internally. She was definitely not ready for that next step.

While her mind races thinking of how to stop what was coming. Gus slowly drops his hands, and lets up on his kisses. Aislyn wonders what has gotten into him all of a sudden, but doesn’t have to think for long as Gus’s head falls gently onto her shoulder. Despite panicking a few seconds ago, Aislyn can’t help but smirk. Gus had made fun of her for being a lightweight on their first date, but he didn’t appear to be much better at holding alcohol himself.

“Are you alright?” She asks; Gus mumbles an incoherent response, letting Aislyn know he has probably had more than he could handle. She gently eases him off of her, and sets his head on the back of the couch.

She brushes some of his hair off of his face and lets out a sigh of relief. It’s because he’s so drunk that you didn’t want to… Aislyn thinks. That wouldn’t be right, of course… But even as Aislyn attempts to convince herself that that was the only reason she was against taking that next step with Gus, his mother’s words from earlier pop into her head…

She’d be foolish to think that Gus wouldn’t have been with other people before, she herself had… once… but something else was bothering her and she found herself curious about Gus’s past, but she didn’t think asking him would be a good idea considering she just got him to stop being upset with her.

She pulls her zipper back up as she walks into her room and pulls out a blanket for Gus whom she figures will need to stay the night.

10:00 p.m.
After hours of searching with M, J.D. decides to pop back into Aislyn’s home to see if he’d somehow managed to miss her returning, and isn’t surprised to see her.

He is surprised, however, to see her boyfriend lying on the couch with a slightly flushed face. J.D. had a feeling Aislyn had one hell of a story to fill him in on tomorrow morning, and he was looking forward to it as he had one of his own.

3:32 a.m.
Gus feels his head pounding as he wakes up; it was clear he was going to have a nasty hangover for most of the day. For a moment he doesn’t recognize his surroundings, but as he stretches, his arm brushes against someone. He looks over and sees Aislyn lying on the ground beside him, and the events of last night slowly replay in his mind. Despite acting all high and mighty until his mother had left, he still let her get to him and tried to drown out his thoughts with alcohol, not the best idea. He remembered calling a cab to come to Aislyn’s place and the rest of the evening was a bit of a blur…

He folds the blanket she placed on him and drags the coffee table she pushed away back into place before reaching down to pick her up so he can put her in bed.

After he gently lays her down, he brushes her hair back and lets his arm rest on her for a moment. He notes how small and vulnerable she appears when he looks at her like this. Gus has a feeling he may have made a mistake of some kind, either thorough his words or his actions, and lets out a sigh.

“I’m sorry…”

5:58 a.m.
Aislyn wakes up with a jolt. She was expecting to be on the floor, but the fact that she’s in her bed confuses her for a moment. She notices Gus is gone and checks her phone but doesn’t see any messages from him.

She stretches and a warm feeling tickles her skin. J.D. is back. She thinks. Sure enough, moments later, he appears in her doorway. “Morning.” He says.

“Hey, where have you been?” Aislyn asks. “I could ask you the same question.” J.D. counters, “I’ve been on a wild goose chase in Bayville looking for you.”

“No way.” Aislyn says. “That must’ve been boring.”

“On the contrary…” J.D. begins as he thinks back to his time with M, “Aside from when I was worried about you, I rather enjoyed it.”

“Anyways, it’s a long story, but I can fill you in after work.”

“Oh, right.” Aislyn says, glancing at the clock; she had 15 minutes to get ready. “I have a lot to tell you later as well.”

“I’ll be here.” J.D. says with a grin.

Despite killing a lot of time taking off her nails, Aislyn miraculously makes it to work on time, and thinks about Gus for most of the day. She felt like the ball was in his court this time around and decided she’d wait for him to call or text her first.

When her break rolls around, she figures she might as well try to learn what she could about Gus from those closest to him. “Hey, Mai…” Aislyn begins.


“You are pretty close with Gus, right?”

“I’d like to think so.” She says with a smile. “Kimberly, Cailean, Gus and I have all known each other since high school.” She adds.

“I was wondering if you could tell me a bit more about him, he’s not the most expressive.”


“There isn’t much I can tell you, because you’ve said it yourself, Gus isn’t the most expressive when it comes to his private life. Funny thing is he can talk for hours with you about anything else…” Mai says after they sit outside. “Gus comes from a family of lawyers, he himself is one, but you probably already knew that… His family is loaded, and they seem pretty happy on the outside, but they might have some issues they are facing on the inside that they do a good job of hiding.”

Considering how long Mai has known Gus, Aislyn would’ve expected her to know more than she did from her eavesdropping, but it appeared the Allan family were good secret keepers.

88“Are you guys having issues?” Mai asks. “Not really.” Aislyn says. “I’ve just realized I may not know him as well as I should, but I don’t think he plans on opening up to me like that yet… More than anything, I think we don’t know how to communicate with each other.”

“Honestly, the only person who probably knows about Gus best would be Cailean.” Mai says as she gives Aislyn a consoling pat on the shoulder. “Great.” Aislyn says half-heartedly. “Why did you say that like you didn’t mean it?” Mai asks with a raised eyebrow. “I didn’t.” Aislyn lies; she was hoping to hold off on having to talk to Cailean if she didn’t need to since she felt like she’s already troubled him enough…

4:00 p.m. | Gus’s Indoor Pool

Gus had ditched work because of his hangover and had a feeling he’d get an earful from both of his parents if they heard, but so far that didn’t appear to have happened yet.

He also hadn’t contacted Aislyn, frankly because he didn’t know what to say to her. He didn’t know if he’d done anything to apologize for, and had a feeling she wouldn’t tell him if he did. Their relationship was more complicated than he thought it would be.

He hears the doorbell ring and wonders who it could be, after yesterday he wasn’t so sure he’d prefer it was Aislyn again as opposed to his mother.

He hops out of the pool, puts on a towel, and makes his way to the door, flipping back and forth between who he’d rather it be.

“Kimberly?” Gus says, surprised. “Were you expecting someone else?” She asks.


“Aren’t you cold?” Gus asks looking at her bare feet. “Aren’t you?” She counters looking at his bare chest.

“What are you doing here?”

“I was wondering if we could talk…”

4:37 p.m. | Aislyn’s Room
As Aislyn arrives home from work, she notices that J.D. is gone once again despite saying he’d be there. She glances at the bag she tossed in the corner yesterday and sees that Cailean’s signed book is still in there; after she had offered to carry it for him, she forgot to give it back. Since it appears she now had a reason to talk to him, she figures she might as well try to find out what she could about Gus as she goes to return it.

6:03 p.m. | DeCarlo Household

As Aislyn waits for the door to be answered, she hopes Cailean’s mother isn’t home. Because despite her lack of criminal actions as of late, Daphne’s presence made Aislyn nervous.

“Aislyn? What are you doing here?” Cailean asks with an expression Aislyn can’t read at all once he opens the door.

“I forgot to give you this.” She says while pointing to the signed book in her hand. “But I was also wondering if we could talk…”


Ok, ok… I know I constantly complain about my long chapters, but this was the longest yet and I swear that’s it! I needed to get all that overdue Gus info out and I didn’t want to shorten the chapter since I promised I’d explain about him here. I’ll cool off these next few weeks, even though you guys are so kind and always tell me you don’t mind XD ❤ I wasn’t as satisfied with this chapter as I wanted to be, but I’m trying to work ahead, and I like next chapter much better (is that vain of me to say? lol, oh well :p) Was Gus’s family or past what you were expecting? I normally mention the chapter title in the story somewhere, but this time I kind of implied that the silver spoon refers to Gus and his upbringing without writing it out explicitly~ Thanks for reading as always, and feel free to let me know what you thought!
Take care,
xoxo Amy

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  1. No, that wasn’t at all what I expected about Gus’s family. Actually, this is pretty much what Melanie Martinez says in her lyrics of Dollhouse. You should check it out. It also has great visuals with the whole doll concept. This is about the mom: “Hey, girl, look at my mom, she’s got it going on
    Ha, you’re blinded by her jewelry. When you turn your back she pulls out a flask
    And forgets his infidelity.” Of course there is a long complicated concept and story about this album that I won’t ramble on now. But in the next song, Sippy Cup, is where stuff really happens. Marina and the Diamonds’ song called Mowgli’s Road is about the spoons and wanting to do something different in life, by the way. “Ten silver spoons coming after me, One life with one dream on repeat.
    I’ll escape if I try hard enough,’Til King of the Jungle calls my bluff”. Okay, I’m done rambling. Have I already told you I have a song in my mind for practically every topic out there?
    Poor Gus. I really feel for him, because if he ever wants to be with Aislyn seriously, his parents will probably stop him to marry a girl arranged for him instead. It’s so sad that some people live as though it was still medieval! I’ve recently watched a short film about a gay guy whose ultracatholic parents went to the antigay parades and his best friend wanted to cure him. All I can do is hope for the best and watch with fear as to where our world is headed…
    So, looks like both Aislyn and Gus are going to spend the evening with another boy/girl. It may stir up trouble, but guess I will refrain from saying anything and wait with bated breath to see what’s bound to happen.
    I am kind of anxious about the future of Gus and Aislyn’s relationship since they are both so secretive and it may not be good for them as it is likely to backfire against them. Honesty is *very* important in a relationship.
    Well, I now realize my comment was one big ramble. Sorry!

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    1. Oh wow, I’ve never heard of Melanie or her songs, but that seems pretty interesting, and quite similar to the theme I had in mind. Haven’t heard of the other ones either so I’ll be sure to check them all out. I love music and am open to pretty much every genre and language but I don’t tend to associate them to particular situations like you just did. That’s really cool! 🙂

      Yeah, there’s no way his parents would be willing to let him do what he wants or be with whomever he likes without getting involved. There are a lot of close minded people when it comes to race/religion/sexuality, and I get that everyone has their own opinions and beliefs but I don’t think we should impose them on others and let everyone live their lives the way they want… but there are plenty of other good people who do exactly that~ 🙂

      Aislyn and Gus are definitely an oil and water combination, which is why I’m having fun writing from both of their perspectives and their relationship. You are definitely right about the honesty, though; that could cause some problems down the line… Don’t apologize! I love reading your thoughts ❤ Thanks~

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      1. Melanie has a whole story told through the YouTube videos, it’s really great and the visuals are amazing! You should totally check her out.
        Oh, no, no, Marina and the Diamonds is a single artist. Her fans are called The Diamonds (a little hint: look at my username again).
        I can’t stand discrimination of any kind. Plus there are so many people who don’t realize adultism (discrimination of younger people) is just as much a discrimination as any other!
        Lol, I really like to ramble about different things and I particularly love to ramble about the stories I enjoy and get involved in!

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  2. I didn’t really like Gus when he was first introduced, but now I probably like him more than Cailean, haha! I feel really bad for him with how his parents treat him. I’m just glad that he really does have feelings for Aislyn, and it isn’t another reason. I do understand why he isn’t happy with how she is treating him and it seems like she doesn’t share the feelings he has for her…
    Their relationship isn’t that good, with both of them not being able to open up to each other, so if they ever break up, I hope Gus can find someone he really trusts, and someone who loves him equally!
    Great chapter!

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    1. Oh wow, haha, I’m glad 😊 I didn’t have him give the best first impression but I’m happy your image of him changed now that I’ve finally shared his backstory~
      They are definitely in a rocky relationship… hmm perhaps Gus shall have that happy ending you speak of, I’ll let you wait and see 😉 Thanks for reading!

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    1. Yup, it ‘twas finally Gus time 😆
      Their communication is terrible, haha. I get second hand embarrassment from their awkwardness, lol.
      I’m glad you like him! You were in the minority who were still routing for him and wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, but I’m glad I’ve managed to wean you off their ship. It has been a while since I’ve shown the rest of the gang, lol. Chad is with Mai, Kim is single… and you shall see what she plans to talk about next time~ thank you!

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    1. Aww thank you~ I really appreciate it ❤ Haha, there have been less ghost encounters as of late, but that shall change next chapter 😉
      Yeah, they both aren't 100% invested in the relationship, which is why things may or may not fall apart in the upcoming weeks, and as for Kimberly I plan to share more of her story as well… Thanks again for reading!

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    1. Thank youuuu ❤
      Yup, his family has definitely warped his view on women and relationships as a whole. Kimberly is another mysterious person whom I shall delve into now that we're well acquainted with Gus… He and Aislyn shall both learn something from this relationship, but as for when they eventually realize they don't love each other and decide to end it shall be up in the air for now~ I won't comment on whether it shall be messy or amicable or if he'll have that happy ending, because where is the fun in giving that way now, hehe 😉
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    1. Yay, I’m glad you are leaning that way~ It’s no secret I planned/plan on making Cailean have a greater role in the story, hehe.
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    1. Kim is a fairly straight forward girl, she’s probably not in everyone’s good graces at this point in time, but her story – well, most of it – shall be divulged in time 😊
      Yup, he grew up in a family that was mostly putting on a facade and came to believe he probably would end up the same way. Of course, the shallow girls didn’t help much in convincing him otherwise either. And yeah his mom is a she-devil, lmao.
      Yes, honesty is a strong suit of his. He’s not the type to make you guess what’s on his mind. Polar opposite of Aislyn in that sense. Same here! Lmao 😂 Yay, I’m glad! It was very dense – had to shove that backstory I’d planned on divulging earlier all in here, hehe. Ahh yes, the ship is indeed sinking. Feel free to depart at any time in the upcoming chapters 😇 thanks for reading~

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