Sight Chapter 19 pt. 1: Necessary Conversations

***author’s note: What is this? A part one?!!! You can see what this is about here. Enjoy~ 😀 ***


7:00 p.m. | Mai & Chad’s Apartment
Mai had just finished up her last day of the fall semester of nursing school and officially begun her winter holiday. As she takes a hot shower to unwind, her mind drifts off to her friends…

Because she was stressed with her lectures and clinical rotations, she hadn’t had a chance to throw another girls’ night, which she’d managed to do monthly for some time now. Now that she was free, she wanted to make up for it and do something with all of her friends, the boys included.

She and Chad had planned to throw a New Year’s party; the only problem was, for the past few weeks, everyone had been seemingly distant from one another. She knew Gus and Aislyn were having issues, Cailean was being more silent than usual and Kimberly was also oddly occupied as of late. Before she and Chad threw any intimate holiday dinners, she thought it would be best to do some sort of fun activity to get everybody on better terms with one another.

“Hey, babe….” Mai says as she enters their kitchen, expecting to see Chad begin preparing dinner. She lucked out finding a boyfriend who enjoyed cooking; it was one of Chad’s many attractive traits.

Sure enough she finds him standing by the fridge. “Yeah.” He says, turning to give his attention to her.

“I was thinking of having everyone get together and do some kind of activity before throwing that holiday party we were planning.”

“You know I’m on board with all of your ideas, but what brings about this one?” He asks.

“Well, everyone has been relatively isolated recently and I don’t want to bring them all into an enclosed space right away because that will amplify any awkwardness.”

“Funny you say that, because I saw Gus hanging out with Kimberly the other day and thought that was the oddest pairing, especially since Gus has told me he was busy. I was going to mention it to you sooner, but you had your exams…”

“What? Kimberly has been telling me she’s been busy as well… You’re telling me she’s been hanging out with Gus? Now that you mention it, I saw Aislyn talking to Cailean a few days ago, too. I was going to tell you but you’ve been working overtime recently…” Mai says.

“I guess we have some catching up to do.” Chad says with a grin.

7:18 p.m. | Aislyn’s House
A few days had passed since Aislyn’s awkward self-discovery about her attraction to Cailean after their chat. She still hadn’t had a chance to talk to Gus, and felt guilty even though she technically didn’t do anything. She tried to take her mind off of anything Gus or Cailean related by absorbing herself into her holiday preparations.

It was her first time setting up a tree during the holidays since moving to Oldmerrow six years ago, and she had to admit it made her feel rather pleasant. Since Nicole and her father would be coming over in two days, on Christmas Eve, she felt the need to get more into the holiday spirit. She also managed to get a few gifts for them and her friends and coworkers. “I have to say, you’ve managed to do a good job, Sunshine.” J.D. says.

“I could have done better if I had more space, but this place is on the smaller side so I had to cram the tree in this corner.” Aislyn says as she prepares to join him at the table. Just as she’s about to sit, her phone rings. It’s her father.

7:22 p.m. | Persefoni Home
“Hey there, kiddo. I hope you aren’t going out of your way to prepare for our visit.”

Aislyn glances at her tree before answering. “I haven’t done anything I wouldn’t have otherwise.” She says with a grin.

“Somehow I don’t believe you, but I guess I’ll just have to wait and see… Speaking of waiting, are you finally going to introduce us to your boyfriend who isn’t Cailean.”

Aislyn knew her father was only joking after the misunderstanding he and Nicole had from their Bayville stay, but she still couldn’t help but feel that overwhelming guilt again. “No, I don’t think so… we’re kind of going through a rough patch…” She says.

“Really? You sure you don’t want me to intervene–” Her father begins to say. “No, dad. I’m fine; we’re fine.” She says, cutting him off. She didn’t want to discuss her failing love life with her father, at least not at the present moment.

“Alright, well I’ve got to go, kiddo. I forgot I promised Nicole I’d help her with something and I think she’s come to summon me…”

“Alright, dad.” Aislyn says on the other end

“Talk to you tomorrow, then.”

“Love you. Bye.”

“Love you, too.” Marco says as he hangs up the phone. He couldn’t help but notice Aislyn’s drop in brightness that she’d had at the start of the conversation upon mentioning Cailean, but knowing she was not one to open up unless she initiated it, he decides not to pry… for now.

“You promised you were going to help me pack the gifts we got for the staff.” His wife says as she approaches. “We don’t have much time left to deliver them before we leave to spend the holidays with Aislyn in Oldmerrow.” She adds.

“There’s plenty of time; you forget how capable I am.” Marco says as he pulls her close. “Oh, is that so?” Nicole teases. “You still haven’t told me what you got for Aislyn. You saw what I got her.”

“That’s because I haven’t gotten it yet.”

“Cutting it close, aren’t you?”

“Like I said, I’m quite capable. You’ll see what it is when I pick it up on the way there…”

7:30 p.m. | Mai & Chad’s Apartment
“You know, we’ve both said that we thought Cailean had feelings for Aislyn and that they’d be a better match as a couple several times.” Mai says. “Yeah, but we didn’t want to look like assholes by pointing that out when Gus announced he and Aislyn were dating. Especially since that pairing seemed to come out of nowhere and he was or is pretty serious about her, which is out of character for him.” Chad says.

“And the only people who don’t know Kimberly likes Gus is Gus, himself and Cailean, and you apparently. So you’re wrong in thinking that them hanging out is random, because Kim has liked him since high school. For such smart boys you are all oddly dense sometimes…”

“Is that so? Well, you’ve been busy with your exams, and I’ve been occupied with work lately; maybe we’ve just been out of the loop, and everyone else has come to these realizations on their own and have been doing just fine.” Chad teases. “I doubt that’s the case…” Mai says, wondering what exactly was going on with her friends. “So what do you suggest?” Chad asks.

“I’m not saying we should play matchmaker or anything, but I do think we need to clear the air…”

“So we go where? The winter festival?”

“No; it’s too crowded and everyone will probably manage to get by without talking. I’m thinking we go to that ice rink they plan on closing next month, the one by the Kippy Farm. We can go an hour or two before closing time when no one will be there and then grab dinner or something afterwards, hopefully after some necessary conversations have been had.” Mai states.

“Alright then, it’s settled. Do you want to send the message, or shall I?”

7:35 p.m. | Aislyn’s House
Aislyn walks over to the couch after hanging up from her phone call with her father. The brief joy she felt after she’d answered was smothered the minute he mentioned Cailean’s name.

“Alright, I’ve been giving you some space these past few days, but I can’t take it anymore.” J.D. says as he walks over. “I don’t get it. When we were catching up with each other, before Cailean interrupted our attempts at holiday shopping a few days ago, you told me that you and Gus were both probably leaning towards an amicable split. What happened since then that’s made you oddly quiet?”

Though Aislyn had told J.D. about all her awkwardness with Gus, she hadn’t said a word about Cailean; partially because J.D. was and is her only confidant and she couldn’t bear to have him judge her. “Why are you beating yourself up about it, just get it done.” He adds when she remains silent. “It’s complicated.” Aislyn says. “No it’s not.” J.D. counters. “Relationships end all the time. It sounds to me like you’re both feeling the same luke-warmness with one another, you can probably remain friends.”

“That’s not what I’ve been worrying about.” Aislyn sighs.

“Oh really?” J.D. says with a raised eyebrow. “Keeping secrets now? After we’d just spilled our guts to each other last week?”

“Just one, and only because I feel like you’ll judge me, and I don’t want that.”

“Oh, let me take a wild guess, then.” J.D. says. “You’ve not only realized that you don’t like Gus, but that you like pretty-boy instead.”

“What?!!!” Aislyn says, snapping her head up at his words. Pretty-boy had become J.D’s way of referring to Cailean; he knew his name, but had gotten used to referring to him that way and decided he’d stick with it. “What on earth makes you think that?” Aislyn asks. She had only become aware of this realization four days ago and hadn’t uttered a single word about it aloud even though a million feelings were overwhelming her.

“Oh, please.” J.D. says. “For every one thing you mention about Gus and how bothered or unbothered you are with his lack of communication, you mention ten things about pretty-boy. ‘Is he mad at me?’ ‘Will he reach out?’ Etcetera, etcetera.”

“I-I do not.” Aislyn stammers. “Oh, you’re right. I clearly pulled that deduction out of my ass.” J.D. says with a smirk.

“Anyways, it has been obvious to me for a while now, but I didn’t mention it because you tend to get overly defensive.”

“I do not!” Aislyn protests. “See.” J.D. says with an annoyingly cocky grin. It was clear he had Aislyn all figured out, and that was more surprising than anything else; she was glad to see he wasn’t judging her. “Is that why you’re hesitating the break-up then?” J.D. asks, losing his grin. With a sigh, Aislyn nods.

“Look, Sunshine, you don’t have romantic feelings for Gus, right?” Aislyn nods again. “And you already made up your mind to end things with him prior to whatever realization you made about what you feel for pretty-boy, right?”

“Yeah…” Aislyn says.

“Then it’s simple; end things, and then whatever happens afterwards, happens.”

“It’s not simple, J.” Aislyn says. Even though J.D. was doing a great job of making her feel less trashy, he was still leaving out several important considerations.

“It’s not like I’m planning on going up to Cailean right after breaking up with Gus or anything, because I still don’t even know if I really like him or if I was just caught up in the moment–” “Oh, you definitely like him.” J.D. says cutting Aislyn off. “But continue.” He adds.

“Alright, say I do like him.” “You do.” J.D. interrupts once more. “Okay! I like him!” Aislyn says, slightly exasperated. “But, if I ever tell him that one day soon or in the far future, what if my reasons for breaking up with Gus get misinterpreted.”

“That’s not going to happen.” J.D. says. “How can you be so sure it wont?” Aislyn asks. “Because, I know you aren’t going to tell pretty-boy you like him.” J.D. says matter-of-factly. “I wont?” Aislyn asks as if they were discussing a third party and not herself. “First off, you don’t even know how he feels about you, so you’re not going to put yourself out there. High-school you was bold, but current you isn’t. Also, he’s your soon-to-be ex’s best friend, so that’s a line you’ve become too nice to even attempt to cross.” Again Aislyn finds herself at a loss for words. J.D. really had her personality figured out to a tee, and she hadn’t realized the extent to which he knew her until this moment.

“Another thing, Sunshine; you shouldn’t feel guilty, because when you told me about your accidental kiss, you mentioned that you tried to end it as quickly as possible, meaning you didn’t enjoy it… unless you were lying to me, which you weren’t because I can tell when you are. If you had liked it, that would’ve been a different story. So chin up, Aislyn, you didn’t kill somebody. Not every relationship ends up with people walking down the aisle.”

There’s a moment of silence while Aislyn processes his words. “So, are you going to deliver the news before the holidays or?…” J.D. asks. “I’m not sure yet… wait, what do you mean you can tell when I’m lying.” Aislyn asks, suddenly curious as to what he meant. “Don’t try to change the subject.” J.D. counters.

“I don’t know– ”

Just as Aislyn was going to re-iterate that she didn’t know when and where to talk to Gus, she’s interrupted by her phone buzzing. “Well?” J.D. asks as she glances down to read it. “It’s a text from Mai. She’s invited us all out for a skating hangout tomorrow at six.”

“Us being?…”

“Me, She and Chad, Kimberly, Lexi, Otto… and Cailean and Gus…”

“Well, looks like the chips are falling into place, find some time tomorrow to talk to him.” J.D. says, leaning on the wall. “It looks like my work is done here.” This was another one of those moments where Aislyn wishes J.D. was still alive so she could embrace him. He really knew how to not only read her like an open book, but also say exactly what she so desperately needed to hear.

“Thank you, J. You’ve–”

“You don’t need to say anything, Sunshine; I know.”


Thanks for reading! This took FOREVER, lol. You might’ve noticed that this chapter isn’t titled Blood On Your Hands, as I said it was and if you read the update at the beginning you know why, but I shall reiterate it here. It’s because the original chapter ended up being wayyy toooo longgg even for my standards. And I didn’t wan’t to cut anything down since I included a lot of things I really wanted to get across for the sake of the story, so I’ve decided to split the chapter into two separate parts which is why not a lot happens here event-wise.

This means I shall post the second part – that features Guslyn’s (lol) skate date that you now know will be with everybody else – on Sunday, since I already have the pictures and the writing done 😀

Let’s not forget that this is also that infamous milestone I’ve mentioned for ages now: Chapter 19! I wanted to make a special celebratory post for finally managing to reach it since, as you know, this number has plagued my storytelling for ages now, but since this week was a fairly active one in the the blogging community, I’ve decided not to. My 100th post is coming up soon, so maybe in a few weeks when I reach it, I shall jointly celebrate these two milestones.

This ending note has become really long, but I just want to thank you guys again for being patient, and reading~ I hope you enjoyed! I can tell you that the next part is more eventful :3 Once it’s out, I’ll finally feel that weight off of my shoulders XD

Take care, and see you Sunday!
xoxo Amy!

16 thoughts on “Sight Chapter 19 pt. 1: Necessary Conversations

  1. Totally looking forward to Sunday’s chapter. I hope she follows through with breaking up with Gus and doesn’t chicken out. Her and Cailean belong together! The skate party is going to be quite interesting. I hope they find their way to each other.

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  2. First of all…. yay!!!! The curse is finally broken, congratulations!! 🎉🎉🎉 And we’re getting two chapters?! This is so awesome!! ❤
    So Chad and Mai are going to be little matchmakers, huh? (even if they don't admit it, lol!) I have a feeling that will probably bite them in the face for now, but I hope I'm wrong!
    And I really hope Aislyn and Gus are going to get it over and done with this break up. At least now they can be friends, without Gus bugging her to go out with him all the time, lol!
    I want Aislyn and Cailean to be together so bad, but JD and Aislyn are right, it would be a bit weird right now… and speakimg of JD, he was freaking hilarious at this chapter! 😁
    I wonder what gift Aislyn's dad is going to get her… sounds important! 🙂
    Great chapter, can't wait for the next one!! ❤

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    1. Lol, you may or may not be spot on about Chad and Mai regretting their decision XD
      This is turning into the world’s longest break-up for real, haha. I didn’t mean for it to, but that’s how things ended up.
      Yup, if the break up has taken this long, the new relationship(s) shall probably take even longer, hehe. I felt like it has been so long since we’ve seen JD really talk to Aislyn, so this was his chance to let his personality shine XD
      The gift is something meaningful, and we shall see it the chapter after next~
      Thank you! ❤


  3. Wow! Such a great day. You and Sempreviva finally posted your updates. I’ve been waiting f o r a g e s, giiirlsss!
    Anyway, Mai and Chad’s talk went just like I predicted it would in the previous chapter. Haha, it was so obvious how involved they were in getting Cailyn (spelled differently, so ya know it’s a ship name) together from the very beginning.
    I love JD and he knows Aislyn so well. It seems like everyone is rooting for Cailyn to get together. Except Gus maybe, LOL.
    I so can’t wait for the next chapter/ part two. And I’m a bit ashamed to say I had hand in this week being so busy, I think I was the main posting freak, but I promise, nothing out of schedule for now!

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    1. Haha, yup at long last we managed to get them out XD
      Yeah you pretty much hit the nail on the head when you mentioned them last chapter 😀 They are indeed Cailyn shippers, lol.
      JD and Aislyn’s friendship is one of my favorite things~ and who knows, maybe Gus will end up surprising you with his opinion on them later on ;p
      Thank you! ❤ And don't worry about it! I had so much fun doing all of them, I just didn't manage my time properly XD I love all your bonuses and tags/challenges so don't you dare feel like you need to cut them down! Thanks for reading~

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  4. Congratulations on getting to chapter 19! 😀 yaaaay! I’m very excited about getting another chapter so soon after. It’s awesome 😀
    Several great things here:
    I liked Aislyn’s dad having to ‘help’ his wife with something and then she walks out in that haha.
    And this “Anyways, it has been obvious to me for a while now, but I didn’t mention it because you tend to get overly defensive.” “I do not!” Aislyn protests.
    Gave me a good giggle 😀 I’m looking forward to seeing how that outing goes because I suspect it won’t be without its share of drama. Aislyn can’t back down from ending it with Gus now! And he can’t either – all that time he’s been spending with Kimberly who likes him… they really have to pull it all together xD

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    1. Thank you! 🙂 ❤
      Haha, what can I say? Nicole likes to show some skin XD There shall certainly be some drama, but not where you'd expect :3
      Everyone does need to get it together, lol. They are all good at avoiding confrontation. Thanks for reading!

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  5. “Oh, you’re right. I clearly pulled that deduction out of my ass.” HAHA I love JD so much! He’s very straight forward and no-nonsense, I can really get behind his sensibilities. I can get honestly get a little frustrated at Aislyn sometimes because often she is literally dilly-dallying like a confused octopus all over the place, so it was great for JD to iron out her worries and give her a much-needed helping hand there.
    I do hope Gus and Aislyn can sort out this problem and cut it off soon. It’s just hurting both of them to delay it, especially since they are clearly interested in other people. Chad and Mai seem to be the only couple here who really have their crap together, so I hope their matchmaking skills are up to scratch hehe.
    Congratulations on Chapter 19 🙂 And it seems you will continue going on strong to the end- we’re all cheering you on!
    Great chapter ❤

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    1. I’m glad you like him 🙂 He is certainly less frustrating than Aislyn, haha. Yeah, she’ll cut down on her indecisiveness as time goes on so she can sort of go back to being that confident person she used to be, but it’ll take her some time to get there.
      Gus is just about as good at putting things off as Aislyn is, haha, but they’ll definitely start talking next chapter ;P
      Lol, they certainly are, but they may or may not regret getting involved…
      Thank you! ❤ I really appreciate it~ thanks for reading 😀

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  6. Congratulations on getting past the dreaded number! I’m so glad you did because your story is soooooo good! 😀 Have I mentioned how much I dig JD? I do know I’ve said I ship Aislyn and Cailean. 😀 I think Chad and Mai are really great at matchmaking… I hope! LOL

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  7. Sorry I haven’t commented! Been a bit busy *sigh*
    Yay! You’ve passed chapter 18! *confetti cannons you a little violently* hehe 🎉
    I’m glad that Aislyn is thinking of ending the relationship with Gus, as they really don’t work well together, good job, J.D! I appreciate you even more! He’s probably my favourite character as he knows exactly what to say, honestly yet not aggressively!
    Haha, I agree with the others, Mai and Chad are the matchmakers of the group. Hopefully nothing goes wrong and their plan backfires, but your comment on RosemaryMarie’s comment is a bit ominous!
    Awesome chapter 😊

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