Sight Chapter 24: Feeling Without Thoughts

1:34 p.m. | Oldmerrow Police Department

After breaking apart from their parents after a long, silent, tearful embrace, Aislyn and Kimberly follow one of the officers back inside to the commissioner’s office to share what happened.

As they enter, they notice that their new friends Bruce, Jo, and Danny are already giving their statements. Aislyn hadn’t asked nor paid much attention to them when they’d all remained at the rented lodge, but upon looking at Jo and Bruce now, she notices that there is more than friendship going on between them. She finds this intriguing as they didn’t appear super affectionate before. They all share some smiles amongst one another as Aislyn and Kim enter Commissioner DeCarlo’s office.

Aislyn didn’t get the chance to tell Kimberly that her ability was something that she’s never told anyone else about, and she was hoping she’d be smart enough to piece that together on her own. “Ladies, please have a seat here. Turner, Conrad, you guys can wait outside, thank you.” The commissioner says.

As Kimberly walks behind Aislyn to head towards the couch, she gives Aislyn’s arm a light squeeze as if to say: Don’t worry. Which eases a bit of nerves Aislyn had developed in her stomach, much like when she last lied to Commissioner DeCarlo.

Aislyn was right in assuming that Kimberly would be savy enough to know what to say and not say. They gave a rundown of everything that happened to them, excluding the ghosts, and downplayed a few of the details of their escape. The commissioner took their words in without interrupting the entire time, and nodded once they finished.

She was silent for quite some time before eventually speaking. “That was quite reckless of you, what if you were caught or worse, killed?” She asks gravely. “Thankfully that wasn’t the case.” Kimberly says.

“Yes, well, we cant get a sketch artist in here since you didn’t get a good look at your assailants’ faces, correct?” Aislyn gives a reluctant nod. She wishes J.D. and Jacob were there to provide her with some details that they were probably able to get that she couldn’t, but they were nowhere to be found.

The utility paper that she swiped from the drawer was lost in their swim in the river and Aislyn couldn’t remember what it had said for the life of her. She did recall what Jacob told her about their location and she relayed that information as best she could to the commissioner. “We’ll send officers over there now.” She says with a stiff nod.

“I take it you understand that we can’t leave you guys unattended until these guys are caught.” The commissioner adds. Aislyn and Kim nod. “Well then, I’d hate to keep you from your families any longer, we’ll contact you once we get some new developments. You guys are very lucky.” It wasn’t just luck. Aislyn thinks as she gives a small smile as they rise to exit. For the first time, she was glad she had this ability of hers.

When they are nearly at the door, the commissioner draws their attention back. “Oh, and you might want to know that your friends were all anxiously awaiting any news of you the whole time you were gone. I gave them a call to let them know you were alright whilst you were embracing your families outside. If you’re up to it, I think they’d really like to see you.” She says with a motherly smile. “We’ll swing by, thanks.” Kim says, as she ushers Aislyn out.

They make their way to the back exit where the officers and their parents are waiting. Aislyn sees Jo, Danny and Bruce also making their way out and locks eyes with Jo. “I’ll go ahead and let our parents know we’ll be making a stop, if you’d like to have a word over there.” Kim says. “Thanks.” Aislyn says as she makes her way over to Jo.

“I can’t thank you enough.” Aislyn says. “It was no trouble at all. The boys did most of the work, really.”

“Thank them again for me as well. Will you be sticking around long enough for us to return these?” Aislyn asks while tugging on the sleeve of her borrowed sweater. “Keep them, I’ve got plenty.” Jo says.

Aislyn notices that, much like when they first met, Jo ignores answering one of her questions. “It was nice seeing you again.” Jo says. “The feeling is mutual.” Aislyn replies as Jo begins to walk over to the car Bruce and Danny are waiting in.

3:53 p.m. | DeCarlo Household

Aislyn spent most of the police car ride over to the DeCarlo home pondering what on earth could be the reason for all of Jo’s secrecy. She wonders if she comes across just as frustrating when she also doesn’t want to share too much.

“We’ll wait here and speak with the officers regarding what they will be doing going forward; take your time.” Her father says as she exits the car. “We won’t be too long.” Aislyn says as she steps out and closes the door.

She sees Kimberly doing the same thing in her adjacent police car. “That was close.” Kimberly says when they reach one another. “No kidding.” Aislyn says as they make their way towards the house.

“I nearly slipped up a few times, about… you know.” Kimberly says. “Hey, keep it down.” Aislyn says. “I’ve managed to keep it a secret for this long and I’d like to keep it that way.”

“If you say so.” Kim says with a shrug. “I don’t see the harm in sharing it though, I mean your friends did save our lives.”

“You don’t understand–” Aislyn’s words are cut off the moment they reach the top steps as the door bursts open and Lexi and Mai rush out to crush them with hugs. “You scared the living daylights out of us.” Mai says. “We’re so glad you’re okay.” Lexi chimes in. After a brief moment of surprise, she and Kim return their friends’ embraces.

After remaining outside in the bone-crushing hug for a few minutes, Chad and Otto pry Mai and Lexi off respectively and lead them all inside. Aislyn and Kim take a seat on the couch and everyone else settles around them to hear their story. “Well?” Mai asks. “What happened?”

Aislyn shares a quick glance with Kimberly to remind her to not say more than she needs to. “We were just really lucky…” Kimberly says, receiving Aislyn’s silent warning loud and clear. Aislyn remains quiet for the most part and Kim re-tells everything they told the commissioner to their friends.

“It’s only a matter of time before those assholes are caught. What kind of messed up people do something like that?” Otto exclaims. Aislyn notices he’s sitting shoulder to shoulder with Lexi and wonders what happened in their time away to lead to their sudden closeness.

“Well, you guys must be exhausted, and you mentioned your parents are waiting outside. We should all gather our things and head out too. Cailean has been a gracious host, and he’s doing a good job of hiding it, but he must be tired as well.” Chad says.

“I’m fine.” Cailean protests as he begins to rise with the others. Despite his insistence that he was alright, Aislyn could hear the exhaustion in his voice. It sent a pang in her chest. She yearned to go to him, but before she could even think of doing something like that, she still had Gus to tend to.

“Umm Gus.” She says. Because of she and Kimberly’s rushed entrance she hadn’t had a chance to speak to him. Both he and Cailean turn to face her and she feels some heat rise to her face.

“Can I talk to you for a second.” She says in as low of a voice as she can manage amongst the noise of the others as they walk around to collect their scattered belongings and make their way upstairs. Gus nods.

Despite all of the craziness that transpired for the past 24 hours, it hadn’t slipped Aislyn’s mind that she and Gus had yet to explicitly say that they were over. It may have been conveyed, but she needed that closure and had no intention of dragging it out any further. “It’s cold out here.” Gus says. “I can grab you my sweater–” He begins to say. “Don’t worry about it. This shouldn’t take long.” Aislyn interrupts.

“Right…” Gus says. Aislyn had noticed while Kimberly was filling everyone in earlier that Gus had a rather grim expression, quite unlike his usual self, and he was still wearing the same expression now. She had a feeling she knew what was on his mind. “You’re hurt.” Gus says as he eyes the scar on her cheek.

“If you were listening to what Kimberly said earlier, you’d know that I got that injury on my own in our escape attempt.” Aislyn says. “I was listening.” Gus says. “I know you were, and you didn’t look too happy. You still don’t.” Aislyn says.

“You weren’t giving us the play by play of a football game Aislyn, your lives were in danger… how else am I supposed to react?”

“I mean, if you prefer a sports analogy I could recount our experience for you with me and Kim representing the home team and the assailants, away.” Aislyn says in an attempt to lift Gus’s spirits. It works; he gives a reluctant smile. “How can you joke at a time like this?” Gus asks while shaking his head. He drops his gaze to the ground and wipes the smile off of his face as quickly as it came.

“Hey, look at me.” Aislyn says. Gus doesn’t respond. “Gus.” She adds. He makes no signs of moving. “Augustus.” She says, hoping that saying his full name will be enough to snap his attention. Other than sounding incredibly odd coming from her mouth, it doesn’t work.

Aislyn sighs and steps up to him, grabbing his face in her hands she forces him to meet her eyes. “I know what you’re thinking. Stop it; it’s stupid.” She says. “Oh, really?” Gus says with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah it is; you’re feeling guilty because you left me outside alone. But ask yourself this, if you hadn’t, and we’d just gone off to my place to talk, what about Kimberly? She would’ve been alone and her chances of making it out okay would’ve been slim to none had that been the case. I’m here. We’re here. We’re fine. Don’t beat yourself up over something that turned out for the better.” Aislyn says. Gus sighs, and nods his head.

“How is it you’ve managed to say everything I needed to hear?” He asks with a smirk. Aislyn shrugs. “And how is it you’ve suddenly become way more talkative than you ever were when we were together?” He asks with an even bigger grin. “If anything, this past day has taught me that life is–” “Too short.” Gus says, finishing her sentence for her. “Exactly.” Aislyn says with a smile of her own.

“I’m guessing that you’ve brought me out here to have the conversation we were supposed to have before you went missing, but it turned into you lifting my spirits instead. I should be doing that for you.” Gus says whilst shaking his head again.

“There’s not much else that needs to be said. Gus, you’re an amazing guy. You deserve someone who can make you happy, and I don’t think I’m the one to do that.” “Again, you’re saying the things that I’m supposed to be saying.” Gus says with a grin. “Alright then, go ahead.” Aislyn says with a smile.

“Like you said, there isn’t much else to say… I have love for you Aislyn, but I’m not in love with you, and you deserve the same. I’m not going to say sorry that we couldn’t work it out, because I’m thankful. I feel like I’ve changed in a way because of you, and I wouldn’t take anything back.”

“Same here, I don’t regret anything either.” Aislyn says.

“Well, I better head in and get my things with the others. See ya, Aislyn.” Gus says with a smile before turning to head inside.


While the others went around to gather their things, Cailean goes to do some dishes in an attempt to resist eavesdropping on the conversation Aislyn and Gus were having outside.

He normally abhors such behavior, but finds himself doing all kinds of things out of character where Aislyn is concerned. “Hey there.” A voice he recognizes as Kim’s says behind him. “Hey.” He says while turning off the running water.

“What’s on your mind?” She asks. “Nothing.” Cailean says hastily. “Oh, come on. Don’t pull a Gus, Cailean. You’re normally quite forthcoming when I ask you what’s up, and I know you well enough to tell when something is.” Kimberly says matter-of-factly.

Cailean knows what she’s saying is true; Kimberly was one of the people he was comfortable talking to, having known her for so long. He also wasn’t a good liar, and those closest to him could pick up on that fairly quickly.

Despite that, he still wasn’t up for discussing his feelings with anyone else just yet, it was bad enough having to tell Gus earlier, so he opts for sharing a portion of the truth. “I was just worried about you guys, I’m glad you’re alright… And Chad is right, I am tired.” He says, hoping Kim won’t pry for more.

“Oh, yeah, of course. I wasn’t sure what else I was expecting you to say.” Kim says as if her keen observation wasn’t completely on the mark, and Cailean feels guilty for making her doubt herself. He reaches out to give her a hug and sees Gus walk in and silently go up the stairs.

Kim flashes Cailean a smile before taking off after Gus. “Hey, Gus, wait up!” She says as she ascends the stairs. Cailean sighs. He had almost made himself physically sick from all of his worrying. When he had laid eyes on Aislyn, it took all of his strength to not rush over to her, and instead sit back and listen while she spoke. He constantly imagined embracing her the moment she returned and couldn’t bring himself to do it out of fear of inadvertently pushing her away.

She was still in many ways a mystery and he had no idea how she’d take to him coming onto her so soon after she parted ways from his best friend. Cailean figures that once again, time and distance will probably be the best course of action for him to take…

“Cailean?” He hears her voice say and for a moment he thinks he’s imagining it because of all the thoughts running through his mind. He turns and sees Aislyn standing before him and the whole wait-and-see plan he had formulated in his head turns to dust.

He walks over to her and wordlessly wraps his arms around her. He figures he can justify his actions by saying the same thing he said to Kimberly, which was that he was glad she was alright or that it was hectic earlier and he didn’t get a chance to properly greet her. And while both of those were true, in this moment he just wanted to hold her… so he says nothing more.

Aislyn is taken aback by Cailean’s gesture and wonders if he can feel her heart hammering in her chest. She figures he’s just being polite; letting her know he’s glad she’s okay since they didn’t get to speak earlier, and she expects him to say exactly that… only he doesn’t. Time ticks on by and Cailean shows no signs of speaking to Aislyn or letting her go.

Aislyn hesitates in returning the gesture. She thinks back to what J.D. had said to her when she realized that she had feelings for Cailean…

“I know you aren’t going to tell pretty-boy you like him.” J.D. had said matter-of-factly. “First off, you don’t even know how he feels about you, so you’re not going to put yourself out there. High-school you was bold, but current you isn’t. Also, he’s your soon-to-be ex’s best friend, so that’s a line you’ve become too nice to even attempt to cross.”

While both of those things still held true, and Aislyn was afraid of misinterpreting Cailean’s kindness and putting herself out there and being rejected, as well as hurting Gus’s feelings by approaching his best friend, in this moment, she doesn’t care. She decides it’s time to finally stop over thinking for once and just allow herself to feel, and act on how she feels without a million other thoughts complicating the process.

She reaches out and lightly returns the gesture, half-expecting Cailean to pull away considering how long he’s been holding her already, but when he doesn’t Aislyn takes that as a positive sign. She buries her face in his shoulder, and tightens her hold on him, feeling the muscles of his back through his sweater, making her heart beat even faster if that was possible.

For a while, neither of them speak; neither of them move. Aislyn tunes out the sounds of the others laughing and shuffling around upstairs and focuses solely on the guy standing before her – the guy she likes. Inhaling Cailean’s scent, she lets herself relax in his arms, and feels once more, just as she had this morning, warm, comfortable and safe…


Hey y’all~ So… first off, thanks for reading! This chapter was a bit lacking plot-wise and that’s because yet again, I’ve split my one super long chapter into two slightly shorter chapters, which I always feel the need to explain even though you guys are cool and tell me you’re okay with it… BUT this time there’s actually significance in the split! Haha, it is around the time of my birthday so I’ll probably bombard you with a b-day post prior to the one I have scheduled for the one-year blogiversary so you can expect to see my explanation there 😀 Feel free to let me know what you thought and take care~
xoxo Amy

17 thoughts on “Sight Chapter 24: Feeling Without Thoughts

  1. You’re right it wasn’t a chapter that forwarded the plot a lot, but it had lots of characters and then that hug at the end ❤ They're so cute and it was nice to see them just let down their guards. This was lovely as always 😀

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  2. Oh dear. I have just caught up on a story and I am exhausted and my eyes are sore from the computer. But I will try to speak with sense. Um…maybe.
    Good that Aislyn and Kim seem to be on the same page as far as Aislyn’s talent goes. It would have been weird had they said different stories to the commissioner. And Aislyn lied to her yet again. It would be hard to prove that she lied, though, since they can’t take J.D. for a witness, haha. I can’t tell how glad I was to finally see Cailean. I looked around the room and was like: “where the hell is he?” And then the shot of him and Gus out of the blue. Oh wow.
    It was sweet to read about Aislyn and Cailean’s moment of closure and how the words were unnecessary and a simple gesture was enough to express their affection towards one another. I really am rooting for these two. For some reason I got the weird feeling Cailean would look out of the window and see Aislyn holding Gus’s face or that Gus would walk out on him hugging Kimberly. But I guess that’s enough of awkward stuff for now. Goodness, I was thinking back today to the time she showed up in front of Cailean in the bra after nothing really happened between Gus and her anyway XD
    And Jo, being as mysterious as ever. I hope we will soon find out more about her.
    Great chapter and I can’t wait to see what special stuff you have up your sleeve for he blogiversary and your birthday 😀

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    1. Haha I know that binging feeling all to well 😂 Yeah thankfully they more or less said the same things~ True, even if the Commissioner did suspect something it’d be hard to prove.
      Yeah he and Gus were sitting on the floor on the other side of Aislyn and Kim but I forgot to include a shot of them, lol.
      Yup, they finally decided to stop talking and just act. OMG I was actually considering doing both of those things but I figured I’ve already provided a fair share of awkward moments, just like the one you mentioned 😂😭
      Jo is an important mystery and you shall see her around again a little later on~
      Thank you! 💓 They won’t be anything too crazy, but I do have a bit I’d like to share 😊 Thanks for reading~

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  3. I was so certain that Cailean or Kim would see Gus and Aislyn’s semi-tender moment and freak out again..! I’m so glad that didn’t happen though..! 🙂
    I loved that last scene with Cailean and Aislyn, I so want to see those two together at last ❤ But I think you've mentioned that the time is not right yet, so I'm wondering what is going to hold them back now (if I remember correctly)!
    Also, I can't shake that strange feeling that something is going to go wrong with the girls' statement… but maybe I read into it too much!
    Also… Jo. She's such a mystery! Sometimes she gives me the impression that she's another ghost, but then Kim wouldn't be able to see her! But maybe she has something to do with JD as others have already mentioned… I really look forward to finding out more about her, she's a very intriguing character!
    I can't wait to see what you have in store for us for your and your blog's birthday! 😉
    Great chapter as always! ❤

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    1. I can’t lie and say I didn’t consider doing that because I did 😂 But I felt like I’ve already dragged their relationship out enough, haha. Yay, glad you liked it! Yeah, you’ll see what that bump in their way is next chapter, but it’s only a matter of time before they get together now 😇
      Even if they do get caught with their lies, the girls were the victims this time around so they aren’t that worried. I can’t say much yet, but that’s an interesting observation you got there… 😉
      Thank you! 💓

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  4. Ooh, I’m even more curious about Jo now… is she just here on a visit? Like Sempreviva said, I am also wondering if she’s somehow connected to the supernatural/ghosts. And I am still trying to figure out why JD would have a warm aura instead of cold…
    I LOVED the closing scene between Gus and Aislyn. How they completely got their feelings out and spoke with real honesty to each other (except for the ghost thing I guess) was lovely to read. It’s not often that I see relationships that ‘didn’t work out’ end in such a peaceful way. Gus worrying and Aislyn setting him right was sweet, they really do care about each other, even if it’s just in a friend way. I would have liked to see them in a relationship with this kind of truthful, open sentiment but alas, it’s just not to be 🙂 While I’m still on a topic of Gus, I just have to say something that I have been thinking for sooooooo long- he reminds me strongly of one of my characters, but I’m not going to say anything else because that would get into spoiler territory haha >.<
    Likewise, I loved the scene with Cailean! Boy oh boy does he overthink, but it was so nice that he just let go of his 'plan' and expressed his true emotions for once. And I cheered when Aislyn finally hugged him back too! I'm excited for the moment they actually confess their feelings for each other.
    Awesome chapter ❤

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    1. Yup, she’s not from Oldmerrow and she doesn’t live there. Neither does Bruce or Danny. Hmm can’t say anything else on that for now… 😇
      I’m glad you liked it! Yeah, seeing them like this makes you wonder what could’ve been… I’m excited to show more of their friendship in the future 😊
      Oooh? I want to ask who it is, but you probably won’t say 😂 Could you reveal if it’s someone we’ve already met or a potentially new face? 🤔
      Haha yeah, Cailean and Aislyn are similar in several ways and one of those is their tendency to over complicate things with their thinking… That moment shall finally be here soon 😊
      Thank you! 💓

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  5. First off, I would like to say, early/late happy birthday! Oh, am I reading that wrong. I’m hoping I’m not, but if you did mean something else, I still wish you a happy birthday for when it actually is your birthday 😅❤️
    I thought the same thing as Sempreviva about the tender moments between Aislyn and Gus! I’m glad they didn’t see anything. Man, if Gus and Aislyn acted like that during their relationship, I would feel very sad to see them split! However, it seems they have better chemistry as friends, and it was so nice to see them break off properly with such peacefulness. You don’t get to see that much in stories nowadays!
    And Jo (and the two guys) really seem suspicious to me. It might just be Jo and has nothing to do with the other two, but something seems off. I’m excited to know what she has to do with Aislyn. Like the others thought, maybe she has to do with the ghosts, or more specifically, J.D?
    Also, this might’ve been brought up already in the past chapters, but I really want to know why Aislyn can’t tell anyone about her abilities? She got cut off before she could say, but I want to know the reason!
    The scene between Aislyn and Cailean was nice and sweet, and I’m glad he didn’t go with his plan of his! It was nice to see them just hug their feelings out, and it frustrates me how they don’t know they like each other, haha! I’m glad Kimberley and Aislyn are now safe, and I hope those horrible men are captured soon!
    Great chapter 😄

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    1. Nope you got it right 😊 I’ll be celebrating later this week~ Thank you!
      Their relationship never blossomed to the point where parting would be something tragic, which is what I was going for so yay, haha.
      Jo is definitely a vault full of secrets, and it’s not entirely her fault that she has to keep them, which you will see one day down the line 😇
      Aislyn has briefly mentioned why she’s hesitant on sharing that info in the past, but Kimberly is going to ask her in one of the subsequent chaps so you’ll find out why concretely then. So bear with me a tad longer~ 😆
      It is frustrating that they are both so in their own heads they don’t know how to interpret one another’s actions and feelings behind them, lol… but they will soon!
      Thank you ❤️❤️

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  6. I am super curious about Jo….I just have the feeling that she is connected to J.D.

    The interview with Cailean’s mom….she is too smart and knows when a story is off a little. I don’t think she is going to let it rest.

    And the last scene with her and Gus and then finally Aislyn and Cailean embracing was so sweet. I am glad she and Gus are still friends. But I really want those two to really be together and start dating. ❤️

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    1. I can neither confirm nor deny your feeling… I’ll just let you see if you’re right 😏
      Yeah, Daphne isn’t foolish and is definitely not comfortable with what the girls have said. You’re right in that she won’t close it that easily.
      Aislyn and Gus’s friendship is one of the nicer things to come out of this relationship that I shall enjoy showing~ I probably sound like a broken record but they’re nearly there 😂 Thanks for reading! 💓

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  7. I don’t think Commissioner DeCarlo bought any of that… lol. Like no way. And secondly, I’m wondering if Bruce being a doctor is an important note? If jo and bruce are in a relationship, how did they meet? Maybe he was there when J.D. died? Like he was the doctor that operated or pronounced him or something and he met Jo that way? Idk Jo is a weird character. Her secrecy almost seems intended, like she’s purposefully hiding things from Aislyn. Almost like she knows. The whole thing has me thrown for a loop. Anyways, great chapter as usual 😀 and happy birthday from the future! ( or is it past? Lol)

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    1. Right you are 😂 She is suspicion central. Yes it kind of is, but not at the present moment. Interesting speculations you got there 😏 Per usual, my cheap response is that all shall be revealed in time, lol. Jo is weird indeed, and you’re right in that there’s a reason for her secrecy, but not exactly in the way that you’ve guessed. Haha yay, the confusion was my intent ☺️ Thanks for reading! Haha, it’s almost exactly the six month mark from/towards my bday so I guess both? Since it’s the same amount of time between the one that’s passed and the one that’s coming… idk if that made sense or not lmao, but thank you 😂❤️

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