Sight Chapter 25: Goodbye For Now

7:00 p.m. | Merrow Rose Hotel
Despite living in Oldmerrow for several years, Aislyn had never been to the Merrow Rose, for leisure or necessity. After she said her goodbyes to her friends, her father and Nicole brought her over and changed the room they were staying in to a larger suite so that she could join them since they didn’t feel comfortable going to her home just yet, despite the police escorts.

Aislyn decides to take a much-needed warm bath. Her limbs still feel heavy after the cold she and Kimberly had suffered through, and she could see some bruising forming along her ribcage. As she unwinds in the warm water, her thoughts drift back to Cailean and the moment they shared in the kitchen.

She wasn’t sure how long they held one another, but the moment she’d heard footsteps descending the stairs, she jumped back out of Cailean’s arms, as if she were under some sort of trance that had broken. She hadn’t meant to react so harshly, and Cailean’s expression was unreadable when she looked up at him. “I should get going…” She had said, not sure if she should apologize for her reaction. “Right.” He’d replied, again, giving no signs that he’d been bothered by her forcefully pulling away from his embrace.

Aislyn had no idea what Cailean was thinking when he’d held her, and the thought that he could possibly be experiencing the same feelings she was hadn’t crossed her mind until that moment. He was unusually quiet at the time, which meant she was left to wonder a plethora of ‘what-ifs’ on her own. Once she notices her fingers beginning to prune she decides she might as well exit the bath, as the answers to Cailean’s feelings wouldn’t be found there.

As Aislyn enters her hotel bedroom, she notices a bag on the empty dresser she assumes is from Nicole. They had come straight here without Aislyn bringing anything other than Jo’s clothes on her back, and as she peers inside she sees some pajamas that appear to have been purchased from one of the boutiques on the hotel’s ground floor, and smiles as she puts it on.

They were a perfect fit; not that Aislyn expected otherwise considering the amount of clothes Nicole had bought her already. As she makes her way to the bed to collapse, she feels a ripple of cold and warmth surrounding her and turns to see J.D. and Jacob appear. “Nice place.” J.D. says.

“Where have you guys been? I could’ve used your help at the police station giving descriptions and whatnot.” Aislyn says.

“Well, while I kept tabs on you and your friend after your river plunge, Jacob went back to see what your assailants were up to. Since he didn’t show up after a while, I went to check on him.” J.D. says.

“The place was deserted as soon as I went back. Both of the men were nowhere to be found… I’m sorry.” Jacob says. “We split up to search for them but they were long gone. We don’t know if they went deeper into town to hide or left it altogether, but at the moment, it looks like they just vanished.” J.D. chimes in.

“That’s alright, the police are going to be searching around as well so I don’t think those two will be foolish enough to try anything any time soon. Thanks for your help, Jacob.” “It was the least I could do…” Jacob replies. “Well, you probably want to rest up or hang with your family, it is the holidays after all, so we’ll be on our way.” J.D. says curtly. “J, you don’t have to leave…” Aislyn begins, surprised at his change in tone.

“Hey, kiddo, did you see the pajamas Nicole and I, well mostly Nicole, grabbed for you?” Her father asks as he enters the room. Aislyn turns and feels both J.D. and Jacob disappear.

“Yeah, dad. It was hard to miss.” Aislyn says with a smile as she walks over.

“Right, well, I know you must be exhausted, but I wanted to ask you something…” Her father begins. “Ask away…” Aislyn says warily; her father was normally quite straightforward, and him having to announce that he was going to ask her something instead of saying it outright meant he was nervous, and that made her nervous.

“Regardless of whether those assholes are caught by the time our visit is over… Nicole and I… Actually, mostly I… well, we both did discuss it–” “Dad.” Aislyn says, interrupting him. “What is it?” “Right, I– we, were wondering if after New Year’s, you’d like to come with me and Nicole back to Bayville…” He says.

Aislyn wasn’t sure why that simple invitation had come out with great difficulty. “You mean like to visit? I actually had something I needed to take care of for a friend…” Aislyn says thinking of Maddie, “So I wouldn’t mind–” “No…” Her father says, interrupting her this time, “I mean…” “What your father is trying to say, is that we’d both like it if you’d consider moving back to Bayville… with us.” Nicole, who was wearing a rather festive holiday pajama that accentuated her figure, says as she enters the room.

“Oh.” Aislyn says, trying to process what she’s just heard. “Yeah, that’s it.” Her father says with a bit of a chuckle as he looks down sheepishly. “Is it because of what happened?” Aislyn asks, keeping her eyes fixed on Nicole, as she would probably give a more straightforward answer than her father. “Yes and no; we were honestly thinking of asking you anyway, before our trip here, but the events that transpired did contribute to us wanting to insist a bit more.” Nicole says.

“Why?” Aislyn asks. “Well, kiddo, if we’re being honest, we feel like there’s so much more Bayville has to offer you than here…” Her father begins, regaining his composure. “I know you were hesitant to come back for so long, and now that you have I wanted to suggest you think of returning for good, but I wasn’t sure how you’d react.” That explains his nervousness. Aislyn thinks as she gives an apologetic smile. “We know you have your jobs and friends here, and we aren’t pressuring you.” Nicole chimes in. “You’re an adult and the decision is yours, we just want you to take your time to consider it, before we have to head back.” She adds.

Aislyn begins to think about what they were asking; it was understandable that they’d be worried about her living alone, they’d probably be even more concerned if they knew about the events that transpired with Ollie and Dee ages ago… and it was true that Oldmerrow wasn’t a place that one came to grow or flourish; she’d come here as an escape, and now she had nothing to escape from. She returned to the town that held nothing but bad memories for her, and patched things up with her father and Nicole… The only thing that was holding her back from doing anything meaningful with her life, was Aislyn herself.

She was once someone who could succeed at anything she set her mind to…

But then she had her accident…

…and that made her question her sanity for a time before making her push away those closest to her out of fear…

Then she went to school and didn’t have to think of anything for a while. She’d temporarily re-gained her passion for learning and didn’t bother making friends or sharing a room, and was content in her solitude for four long years…

But when she was supposed to return home, she’d found out that even father was moving on with his life and finding happiness which made her feel regret for not having done the same. Four years had passed and she was still that girl in high-school who lost her drive for everything…

Then Aislyn figured if she couldn’t approach the living, she might as well embrace the dead. And so, she began helping others with their unfinished business, which was rewarding at times and painful at others. She’d also met J.D. who had brought a light into her life she needed. She wasn’t up for pursuing what she really wanted yet and instead took various part-time jobs to make ends meet and kill time…

And now, Aislyn isn’t sure what she wants… Despite changing for the better because of the wonderful people she’s gotten to meet these past few months, there was and still is a void in her, one that has arisen from putting her dreams on hold and feeling like she wouldn’t ever truly be capable of finding people who’d understand her or accept her.

Clearly that wasn’t the case anymore, but she still wasn’t ready to share her ability with anyone else just yet, despite Kimberly’s cool acceptance. At one time she’d have never considered it, but now, it felt like a possibility, but only if and when the time was right…

One thing was for sure, whatever it is she needs to do going forward to help her fill this void, she won’t be able to do it in Oldmerrow. “You know what…” Aislyn says aloud. “I don’t need time to think on it, I want– no, need to leave here… and I’d love to do so with you guys.” “That’s great to hear, kiddo.” Her father says. “We can discuss it more in the morning. For now, get some rest.” Nicole adds.

Aislyn nods and walks over to the bed as she hears her father and Nicole excitedly whisper on their way back to their own room and she can’t help but smile.

Tomorrow would be Christmas morning, and Aislyn found herself feeling excited for the first time in a while, as she now had something to look forward to…

8:06 a.m. | Aislyn’s House
The next morning, Aislyn along with her father and Nicole have an early breakfast and make their way over to Aislyn’s place upon her insistence, as she had spent quite some time tidying the place up and setting up that tree; she didn’t want it to go to waste. They were accompanied by Officer Turner, since the assailants still hadn’t been found, which meant constant police presence was something they’d have to get used to until they were.

“This is quite cozy.” Her father says as they enter.

“Well it is just a place for me.” Aislyn says as she flicks on the lights and plugs in her tree.

“Merry Christmas.” She says as she stands back to take in the sight. “Merry Christmas.” Her father and Nicole chime back.

8:31 a.m.

After drinking some coffee and tuning into some news in the living room, Aislyn’s father clears his throat. “Do you want to go first, or shall I?” He asks. “I’ll go, just because I know you love the attention of being the finale, and you made it such a big deal keeping it a secret even from me before you picked it up.” Nicole says with an eye-roll. “I do not.” Her father says with a laugh.

Aislyn looks at them curiously, not quite following what’s going on.

Nicole comes over and tucks Aislyn’s hair, that had been falling loosely on her shoulders, behind her ear. “Your father and I were discussing who should give you your Christmas present first.” She says with a grin. “Oh.” Aislyn says with a smile. “Do you mind if I remove these?” Nicole asks as she point to the studs Aislyn has been wearing since she’d gone skating with her friends.

“No, go ahead.” Aislyn replies as she sits up. “Close your eyes.” Nicole says as she gently begins removing each earring one by one; Aislyn lets her lids flutter closed.

She feels a much heavier replacement take the place of her light studs. “There; all done.” Nicole says. “You could probably sense what they were going to be the second I started removing these.” She adds, gesturing to Aislyn’s old earrings that she was now holding in her palm. “Your birthstone is a ruby I believe, but when I saw these I thought they’d suit you so much better, they match your eyes.” “Are they topaz?” Aislyn asks. “Something like that…” Nicole says with a grin.

“Thank you, they’re beautiful.” Aislyn says as she gets up to hug Nicole. “You haven’t even seen them yet.” Nicole says with a laugh. “I can tell without looking.” Aislyn says with a wink, “Besides you picked them, so they have to be.” In the background her father clears his throat again. “If you’re all done, dear, I’d like to give Aislyn my gift now.”

Nicole laughs, “He can be so childish sometimes.” She says in a low voice and Aislyn giggles. “But I know he’s been working on this for a while, so I’ll let him get away with it.” Nicole adds with a wink. “I think it’s better if you two talk alone, can you point me to your restroom?” “There’s one in my bedroom right behind you, and another through the kitchen near the laundry room.” Aislyn says. “Thanks; well, then, enjoy.” Nicole says as she walks away.

“So, kiddo, what do you think is inside the briefcase?” Her father asks. “You mean my present isn’t the case itself?” Aislyn teases. “Bummer, I thought it looked quite cool.” “You can keep it too, if you’d like.” Her father jokes in return. “Fine then, stacks of cash?” Aislyn jokes once more. “Close.” Her father says, losing a bit of the smile in his eyes and becoming more serious.

“You didn’t think I was just letting you live here all alone these past six years, do you, Aislyn?” He asks. “I mean… we did talk on the phone from time to time, so it’s not like you didn’t know what I was up to…” Aislyn says. “True, but even though you are technically an adult, and I know how capable you are, I did keep a closer eye on you than you were probably aware of…” Her father continues.

Aislyn isn’t sure where the conversation is headed so she continues to listen. “I don’t know what it is you wanted to do, kiddo, but I know it isn’t this. I know you distanced yourself, and all these years I’ve never pressured you to know why, nor do I plan to. If for some reason it was because you didn’t have the means to, I don’t want that to be it anymore.” “What are you say–” “I’m saying, that I know you are too stubborn to ask for help when you need it and too stubborn to take anything I’d give you because you pride yourself on self-sufficiency.” Aislyn continues to look at her father questioningly.

“Utility bills, cell-phone payments, rent money… Anything you earned and sent to pay these things off, I made arrangements with the bank and companies to have that money transferred into an account.” “Wait… so you’re saying–” “I paid those things off for you. What’s in that case is everything you’ve earned. I was afraid to give it to you sooner since we weren’t on the greatest terms and I had a feeling you wouldn’t take it.” Her father says. Aislyn lets that sink in, and for a moment neither of them speak.

“Dad I… I don’t know what to say.” “Great, so you’re speechless, then. That’s the effect I was going for.” Her father says, back to his joking mood. Aislyn, on the other hand, did not feel like joking at all; in fact, she was on the verge of tears.

“Thank you.” She says as she reaches out to give her father a hug he returns enthusiastically. “You didn’t have to.” She says. “Yes I did.” Her father says simply. “You’re my only child, Aislyn. I want you to be happy.” Aislyn rests her head on his shoulder and says, “I am…” And she means it. “Aren’t you going to open it?” Her father asks. “I’ll take your word for it.” Aislyn replies with a grin.

“Well, well, well, isn’t that a pretty view?” Nicole says as she re-enters. “I hate to break up all of the sweetness, but don’t we have some packing to do?” She asks. “Right.” Aislyn says as she hops off of the couch. “Let’s get to it.” Her father chimes in.

Aislyn had no intention of selling her place, but she did plan on taking everything she needed to last her until she got some good footing on what it is she wants to do in life. And at the moment, she had no idea how long that could take. Feeling both excited and nervous, she pulls open her dresser and begins to pack.

12:32 p.m.
After pulling out some suitcases and carrier bags, Nicole, Aislyn, and her father take turns combing through her room to pack all of her essentials. Even though she had come into quite a sufficient amount of money, Aislyn had no intention of wasting it re-buying things she could just take with her…

1:46 p.m.
They finish off by carrying out the presents Aislyn had bought for her father, Nicole, and her friends. Once everything has been placed into the car, Aislyn pauses in the doorway; she had no idea if she’d be gone for a week, a month, or a year.

Overcome with overwhelming feelings of thankfulness, she gives one last look at the place that had become a part of her for these last six years, and closes the door. Eager to see which one shall open next…

Her father and Nicole still planned on remaining for their trip until the New Year’s and so, Aislyn spent the next few days showing them around, as an introduction for them, and a goodbye for her.

It had only been two days, and Aislyn could already feel a lightness in the steps she took, as if some sort of weight had been lifted off of her. It was an intoxicating feeling and she wondered if what she was feeling internally could be seen on her physically.

5:50 p.m. | Stoneside Restaurant

“Well, kiddo, the night is still young, what else is a must see in this town?” Her father asks as they wait for their dinner to be brought out.

“We didn’t get to see the library you work at, yet.” Nicole suggests.

“Um, actually…. I was wondering if we could call it an early night tonight…” Aislyn begins, suddenly feeling inspired.

“There’s something I want to do.”

7:23 p.m.
After making a quick stop in one of the shops of the hotel lobby on their way back, to get what she needed, Aislyn prays silently that she doesn’t mess up.

She raises her newly brought scissors to her hair and prepares to cut it. “What on earth are you doing?” J.D. asks, making a sudden appearance after having been absent since Christmas Day.

“Where have you been?” Aislyn asks in an accusatory tone. “It was the first Christmas you’ve spent with family since I met you… I didn’t want to intrude…” J.D. says in a tone that is quite unlike him. “That’s rather sentimental of you.” Aislyn says with a raised eyebrow. “Yeah, yeah. Don’t get used to it. So what did I miss, what’s with the DIY haircut?” Aislyn fills him in on what had transpired since he left.

“Wait so you’re bailing on Oldmerrow?” J.D. asks stunned. “That’s not the word I’d use, but yeah, for now.” “And the haircut?” “It’s symbolic.” She says. “It’s stupid.” “J.D!” Aislyn says both taken aback and amused. “Come on, Sunshine. I get that you’re feeling all sentimental for the first time, but you love your hair. You wouldn’t spend two hours washing, drying and styling it every day since I’ve met you if that weren’t the case.” J.D. says matter-of-factly. “That’s true, but I want to reflect externally how I feel within, and besides it’ll grow back.”

“Why don’t you just have a professional do it?” J.D. asks. “That would defeat the purpose.” Aislyn says. “Now, are you going to keep questioning me all night?” Aislyn asks. “No, I’m done. Go ahead.” J.D. replies. “Here goes nothing.” She says; she raises the scissors once more and snips a lock of her hair.

The more and more she cuts along, the more liberated Aislyn feels. Considering she already felt so much lighter in her steps before, she wonders how much that sensation would increase now.

Just as she finishes and sets the scissors on the counter, there’s a knock on her door. She opens it and sees Nicole standing before her. “Wow.” She exclaims. “Does it look weird?” Aislyn asks. “It looks wonderful.” Nicole says with a warm smile.

“Oh, right. This is for you.” Nicole says extending a cell phone in her hand. “Thanks.” Aislyn says as she reaches out for it.


8:09 p.m. | Mai & Chad’s Apartment
“Girl, you sure know how to drop off a grid.” Mai’s says the moment she hears Aislyn’s voice. “Sorry about that.” Aislyn says on the other end. “I hadn’t gotten around to getting a new phone yet.” She adds. “I figured as much. I had to call Kimberly’s mother to reach her too, and to get your father’s number since apparently they exchanged it while they were waiting for you guys.”

“So, I was calling to let you know that Chad and I rented this cabin a little ways out of town, and we’re planning on throwing a belated holiday and New Year’s party on the 31st. Can you make it?” “I’d love to.” Aislyn says. “Perfect, I’ll text you, or your dad if you don’t have a new phone by then, the info.” Mai says. “Sounds good.” “Alright, talk to you later–” “Wait.” Aislyn interjects.

“Yeah?” Mai asks. “Would you mind sending me Cailean’s number… and Kim’s?” Aislyn adds hastily. “Of course I can, I’ll text you now.” “Thanks.” “No problem.” Mai says, wondering if Aislyn can hear the smirk on her face in her voice…

“Wow.” J.D. says. “What?” Aislyn asks defensively. “You could’ve just been direct and asked for pretty boy’s number only instead of adding your friend as an afterthought.” “I actually do want to speak to both of them.” “Sure you do.” J.D. says sarcastically.

“Oh, shut-up.” Aislyn says; her father’s cell buzzes twice and she sees both contacts pop-up. She takes a breath and then presses Cailean’s number. When she wasn’t spending time with her father or Nicole, Aislyn had been spending the majority of her time thinking about Cailean. She wasn’t sure if only she had been over analyzing the situation, but if Cailean was too, she figured now would be as good a time as ever to clear things up. And even if she didn’t have anything to say, she was surprised at how much she just wanted to hear his voice.

8:17 p.m. | Cailean’s Room
The holidays weren’t as lively as Cailean figured they would be; everyone was busy with their families, and in a few days, they’d all be going back to work and their normal lives, without anything having changed aside from the year.

Cailean found himself thinking about Aislyn for an inordinate amount of time, but since he didn’t have anything to do to spend his time wisely, there wasn’t much he could do to stop that. He had been regretting acting on his impulse and embracing Aislyn because of the way she’d snapped back when it was time for them to go.

He was worried he’d come on too strong and slightly pushed her away. When she looked up at him after stepping back, he was at a loss for words; he didn’t know whether to apologize or play it off like nothing significant had transpired between them, but before he could reach a decision, Aislyn had already spoken and he uttered a response to whatever she had said without really paying attention, and watched her go.

Cailean is pulled back from his moment of regret by his phone ringing. He recognizes the number as being that of Marco, Aislyn’s father; he clears his throat before answering. “Hello?”

“Cailean, hi.” Aislyn says, realizing her voice sounds a tad higher than it normally does due to nerves. J.D. also notices this and laughs beside her; Aislyn does her best to try and tune him out. She was surprised at how un-composed she was where Cailean was concerned, she supposed that’s what liking someone was supposed to do to you, and wondered exactly when she began to become so off balance around him… “It’s Aislyn.” She adds.

“I figured.” Cailean says with a smile. He couldn’t help but feel relieved, he had no idea why Aislyn was calling, but took it as a sign of good measure that she didn’t plan on being distant with him and that’s all that mattered.

“Am I interrupting anything?” Aislyn asks. “Nope, not at all.” Cailean says as he walks over to his bed. Unlike his previous phone calls with Aislyn, he didn’t plan on hastening the conversation whatsoever…

As Aislyn lies on her stomach in her hotel bed, with her father and Nicole’s laughter ringing from the neighboring room, her newly cut hair tickling on the base of her neck, and J.D. eavesdropping beside her as she listens to Cailean’s voice on the other end of the line, she feels like she is a spectator of someone else’s life and not her own… for surely Aislyn Persefoni was not capable of experiencing such elation. It was a feeling she wasn’t used to… but one she was hoping she would.


Thanks for reading! Well, that was a whammy of a chapter, but as you’ve probably seen from my birthday bonus, that is all you shall be getting from me for a while. Yay, Aislyn’s haircut at last XD Thank you so much for reading and following the story, I really appreciate it. I shall be off to relax in the meantime, and the next time you’ll see me shall be in about three-weeks’ time for my blogiversary 🙂 Feel free to let me know what you thought, this was kind of a door closing chapter, so once again, a lot of sentimental-ness here, but I hope you enjoyed nonetheless ❤

I hope you all have an enjoyable week! Take care~

xoxo Amy

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  1. Nicole is super sweet, I’m glad that Aislyn was lucky with a step-mom as caring as her. I think her father is really happy with her. The proposition, though… Oh my! That’s a big choice, isn’t it? After all she has now a loyal group of friends *cough, Cailean, cough* and she will have to leave them all (and Cailean!), although I look forward to the New Year’s Eve get-together. I now understand why you said that their confessions would have to wait, but whyy are you doing this to us? You cruel, you XD
    So her father was stalking on her financial stuff? I thought that’s too overprotective, but I’m glad Aislyn was happy about getting the money. She may want to work on figuring out what it is she wants to do. She can’t run on part-time jobs forever, right? I don’t imagine that being rewarding and something that would give her a sense of fulfillment.
    And ah, short hair really suits her! I can understand how symbolic it feels to cut your hair. Actually, that’s a bit of something what I obsess over in my story – my main heroines cut their hair in their biggest moments. It happened to Gemma and Maddie, too, cut her long hair, although it was briefly mentioned in the story by Freddie and some flashbacks pics from their wedding and stuff which took place before my story started.
    Oh, and so you eventually decided on another hairstyle, not the one in your avi. She looks cute nonetheless. Also, it’s important for storytelling because the shorter the hair the less laggy it is.
    I hate not knowing how their conversation went (it’s so meaningful how she asked for Kim’s number in addition, but didn’t even think about Gus), but enjoy your well-deserved break. And I’m glad you will still be reading our stories because, like Sempreviva, I also always immensely enjoy reading your comments.
    That was a really good halfway through the story chapter!

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    1. Yup~ Nicole and Marco are definitely head over heels for one another and much happier now that they’ve found each other 😊
      It is! Haha, yeah she will be leaving them, but she won’t be too far away~ I had originally intended for Aislyn and Cailean to be together by now, lol, but yeah, now you know why it’s still gonna be a little ways away… What can I say? I’m evil 😇
      Yeah it does sound kind of creepy-ish, lol but he did it with good intentions and Aislyn doesn’t really care so much about the cash as she does the feelings behind them. But yeah, more money is always a good thing 😆
      Yup! I remember; it is a nice way to open a new chapter whilst also reducing that lag, haha. Even though it’s short, I do plan on letting her switch up how she styles it so that hairstyle will show up as well! 😄
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    So, I will imagine in my own head what might happen. 😊 We find J.D.s true love and reason for him still being warm, it’s because he’s not really dead, just in a coma like she was. Then he wakes up because they found his memories and a reason for him to live….maybe he has a child out there he hasn’t met yet. She is seeing ghosts sooooo….and he is warm sooo… is a supernatural story…so anything’s possible – right?

    She finally confesses her ‘gift’ to Cailean. He totally accepts it and they fall madly in love, get married and make sweet love forever and ever….❤️❤️❤️ The end… haha!

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    1. Thanks~ I really had several things I wanted revealed at this point in the story along with Aislyn and Cailean finally confessing to one another, but alas, it didn’t work out 😂💔
      Your theories are quite wonderful, like you said, anything is possible and when the story returns you’ll be surprised to see how it goes down, but I won’t tell you whether you’re on the mark or way off because I’m evil like that 😇
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    I wish you good luck on your break – hope you come back refreshed and with a whole bundle of new ideas 🙂 ❤

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    1. Thanks! I’m glad 😄
      Yup, she wasn’t even aware she had fallen into this cycle of repetition and now that she has, she’s ready to move forward and try something new.
      I hope I do~ thanks for reading! 💕

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  4. I gotta say, this was a bittersweet chapter to read! While I loved the reunion between Aislyn and her family, I didn’t really expect her to decide on leaving thos town do quickly – especially after that lingering hug with Cailean! What is going to happen to them now?! :O
    On the other hand until now, Oldmerrow has shown her its bad face more often than not but still, this decision was not what I expected… I wonder how Cailean’s going to take it!
    I’m very curious to see what her ambitions are! I was wondering about that a couple of chapters before!
    About the cash, I would be furious if my dad was following my bills like that, lol! But I get that it must be nice to get a good chunk of money out of nowhere 😀
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    Great chapter! ❤

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    1. Yup~ Right before they take off, there’s yet another obstacle in their way and that’s distance – granted it won’t be that much, but still… 😋 You shall see Cailean’s reaction to that two or three chapters down the line~
      It’s never been explicitly mentioned before, but something Aislyn had mentioned once to J.D. kind of hinted at it, I’ll keep you guys guessing until Aislyn reveals/figures it out herself later on 😇
      Haha, thankfully she didn’t really have anything to hide – she’s not much of a splurger, and her father knew she wouldn’t accept it if he just tried to give her his money directly so that was his only solution 😂
      Yay! Haha he sure will 😉
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    1. Yay! I hope you enjoyed~ it was fun reading your thoughts along the way 😊 I’ve been attempting to outline the story and am sorry to say it’ll still be a while before J.D.’s particular story comes to light 😇
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