one year blogiversary!

Hey everybody~
As promised, since today (even though I ended up posting this super late, lol) is April 30th, it’s the one year anniversary of this blog! I mentioned in my birthday bonus that it was going to be bit more lengthy and in my last blogiversary I mentioned that detailing some of the plots of my unfinished stories would come at a later time… so here we are, at that later time. I’ll basically shed some light on those stories that won’t be seeing them XD You probably noticed from that last post that there were a million stories, and some of them never even blossomed into more than an idea so I won’t be talking about those, just the ones I had plans for and that reached a decent length.

Feel free to let me know what you think. When I hopefully finish Sight *fingers crossed* I kind of already have an idea for a subsequent story – which I know is ambitious considering I haven’t even finished this one yet – and that story doesn’t involve recycling any ideas or continuing any of the plots from these stories I’m about to share… But if you find any of them interesting I’ll bear that in mind for maybe some side storylines or something else in the future… 🙂

One last thing before I delve into the nostalgia, since I did bring up Sight, guess, what? Part of the reason why this is sort of late-ish is because I took some time to think about the story today. I sat down and wrote a concrete outline for the rest of Sight in brief words or phrases (so I don’t forget the plot points I want to delve into) and it came out to be a whopping 7,000 words! It was supposed to be a rough vision put down on paper for the upcoming chapters, but I finished it all the way to chapter 50 aka the end! It was an emotional roller coaster for sure, and I feel kind of bittersweet.

Now, actually re-opening the game (which I haven’t for the past month), taking the screenshots, and writing out the full length chapters is another story, but I feel pretty great. I’m actually one step closer to finishing a story :’) Me, haha. *knocks on wood* There shall be a bit of everything – romance, drama, more mystery, suspense, death and births, weddings and break-ups and of course the answers to all the things that have been introduced or hinted at before my hiatus shall be given. Also – almost – every character that has been introduced or mentioned even briefly in the story shall return and play a role in the unfolding of the plot, even the ones that seemed super obscure and minor. I have to admit I’m being quite ambitious with the story and I don’t know if I can accomplish even half of the things I’ve written in my outline, but I’ll cross that bridge once we get there, haha. Thanks again for being so patient with me. Here is a Caislyn (idk if that’s what we’re officially calling them, lol) tease to celebrate~


Well, now onto the throwback!


  1. The Sleepover
    Original publication date: April 2010 – March 2011 | # of chapters: 6

Alright so, this was my first story ever. It kind of had a generic plot, lol. I won’t bother sharing many screenshots because a) they were atrocious potato quality and b) I ended up losing most of them so even if I wanted to, I couldn’t XD.


Basically a girl named Katie Holmes, who isn’t the protagonist, has a sleepover with her ‘clique’ on the first friday of spring break. It starts out rather normal with the girls all plaing games, dancing, eating, etc… until nightfall. As the evening winds down, our main character, a girl named Ciara, thinks she sees someone outside. She tries to get a closer look without leaving the safety of indoors but doesn’t see anyone. Eventually weird things begin going on around the house, like odd noises and flashes of what appears to be lightning although it’s a clear spring night sky, and the others begin to notice as well, since Ciara has been trying to convince them and they’ve been disregarding her. From there things get even weirder and I was planning on delving into it here, but reading though my chapter docs kind of makes me want to re-do this story as special short or something because I actually kind of like how it turns out (lol, I sort of forgot until I re-read it.) So, I shall leave you with that. If I don’t end up doing that then I’ll just spill what I had planned elsewhere somewhere down the line XD


  1. Seaview High
    Original publication date: May 2010 – March 2011; Aug 2011 | # of chapters: 5

Now, I kind of lost some of the original screenshots from this story as well, and it’s another one that’s super cliché, but the gist is there is a nerdy and shy girl named Emily Summers who doesn’t quite fit into her school which is aptly named Seaview High. Her friend, Stephanie is the polar opposite of her in many ways: beautiful, talented, and in a relationship. Everyone around Emily is super materialistic and obsessed with status and image, and she gets bullied to the point where she asks her friend, Steph what she needs to change about her appearance and personality in order to blend in.


She then undergoes a ‘makeover’ which I’m sure you all saw coming, lol. But the problem is now she stands out for a different reason. The guys that would tease her are now all suddenly into her because they didn’t previously notice how attractive she was (I’m cringing inwardly) and since Emily isn’t used to all the attention, she is unable to turn it away even though she knows why she’s receiving it. And that’s about all I had managed to convey in the five chapters I had posted. There was a boy named Evan in the class who was already into Emily and thought she was beautiful before the change and I had planned to take the story on a route that involved them eventually getting together after Emily gets a wake up call from her popularity high and decides to just be herself… Yay, a message, haha.


  1. Love Pain
    Original publication date: May 2010 | # of chapters: 2

This was a super simple and short story, which kind of makes you wonder why I never finished it as I was already halfway. It was about a girl named Cassie who comes from a wealthy family and gets into a relationship with a boy named Jake who is almost too perfect. They get engaged and Cassie wants to take that next step and move in together but he is hesitant which makes her suspicious, as their relationship is well beyond serious at this point.


Cassie follows him one night and realizes he’s two-timing her when he sees her kissing a dark haired girl and she’s heartbroken and seeks comfort from one of her long time friends, Erik. Erik has secretly liked Cassie all these years, but never had the guts to say anything – and Cassie is painfully unaware of this. She spends the night on his couch and when she meets Jake the next day to confront him he denies it, but she breaks off their engagement anyway since she tells him she saw him with her two own eyes and he can’t lie his way out. Later that night she gets a visit from the girl she saw Jake with and Jake himself, and realizes that he lied about his background and name (which I never ended up revealing and forgot what I decided on, lmao) and that he had approached her with the intention of getting her money eventually via marriage, and then making her have a ‘terrible accident’. The deceptive duo came to force her to sign the marriage papers and fake an accident anyways, but Erik comes and saves the day and they eventually fall in love and get together long after the scarring incident passes, hehe. The End.


  1. Love Triangle
    Original publication date: March 2011 – May 2011 | # of chapters: 3

Now I honestly don’t know where I had planned to take this story, which is why I probably never finished it, lol. Basically there are a group of girls (5) living in a shared house, and none of them are really close to one another, they just rented out individual rooms. The girl featured in the cover photo is Megan and she brings in her boyfriend, Kevin, to live with her despite it being against the house rules.


Eventually Kevin begins cheating on her with everyone in the house except for a girl named Junie who declines his advances and can hear what’s going on as the other girls are often out and about and she spends most of her time at home. Since she and the other girls don’t really get along, Junie doesn’t know if its her place to intervene and keeps quiet about what she learns. That’s literally where I left the story off, and I have no idea where I’d take it even now, lol. Moral of the story is Kevin is an a** and Junie should leave that messed up house. I should’ve named it love pentagon because there were way more than three people involved in this fiasco. XD

Untitled collage

  1. Picture Perfect
    Original publication date: March 2011 – June 2011 | # of chapters: 4

This story was the first I began writing after getting the World Adventures expansion pack so I was inspired to write a story that involved a lot of traveling. It was about two aspiring model besties Cassidy Stewart and Karen Hayden who are struggling to break into the top tier modeling business. They are currently signed into an average modeling company and have travelled to do some shoots but haven’t become household names, which is what they want. One day their boss at their agency tells them about this modeling competition that’s taking place in France where the winner will get a magazine cover and spread, and a year long contract with a major fashion brand if they win and asks them if they are interested in entering.


They agree and pack their bags to head over to the competition. This story was kind of interactive so I had introduced all of the contestants and took various photos of all the models with their various clothes and locations and had the readers pick who would win each round. (Think: America’s Next Top Model) It was mainly a way for me to use the new photo features and beautiful locations for the story, hehe. If the readers didn’t pick Cassidy as the winner I was going to be okay with that and mold the story around whomever was leading poll-wise. There was also the extra element of a girl named Angela who was a dirty player (because there always needs to be some drama) whom wanted to sabotage the competition by any means and actually succeeded in sending one of the contestnts home by having her break the rules (as there are guidelines the girls must follow if they want to stay…) so yeah, that was the general plot of the story, it was one of the rare non-romance driven ones.


6 & 7. Gifted and Livin’ Life
Original publication date: April 2011 | # of chapters: 1 (each)

I won’t bother delving into these too deeply as they were both stand alone short story posts. The first was about a group of students who were exceptionally talented and at a school for the ‘gifted’ and the latter was just a chill exploration into three girls with three different lives that overlapped when they came to work and shared stories.


  1. Love Quest [re-named Harmonious]
    Original publication date: May 2011 – Aug 2011 | # of chapters: 7

If you haven’t checked it out, you can find the first chapter here. It switched between the point of view of four different protagonists and in a nutshell is the tale of a rockstar who leads a lavish lifestyle encountering and falling for a girl who is unaware of his true identity while their love of music brings them together. I don’t know if I’ll ever finish it (the likelihood is near 0 at the moment) but I won’t delve into what would’ve went down since I’m planning on doing a what-would-have happened page for the stories I’ve posted here (like Broken, Standing On My Own, and The Elite) once I decide I’ve hung them up for good.


  1. With All My Heart
    Original publication date: Aug 2011 | # of chapters: 3

As generational stories were beginning to become all the rage way back when, I thought I’d dabble in it as well. The plot wasn’t anything too complicated – it involved romance and delved into the world of raising a family and was supposed to go into subsequent generations and depict the struggles of each heir to make it and succeed in what they wanted to do in life before starting their own families.


The protagonist and generation one focus was a girl named Kairi Clemmens who married a man named Richard Montgomery and had a daughter named Elizabeth aka Lizzie. Kairi has a best friend named Naomi who had a son named Felix who would grow up and eventually marry Lizzie (at least that was supposed to be the plan, lol) despite them not getting along whilst growing up. It was supposed to be a story that delved into growing pains spanning across several gens but only barely scratched the surface of the first. [r.i.p.]


10 & 11. Standing On My Own & Broken
Original publication date: Sept 2011 – Jul 2012; Oct 2012 – Dec 2012 | # of chapters: 18 (each)

While I do have some things I wish I could go back and change about these stories, they are the longest ones I’ve written and hence can be found here on this site. (SOMO here & Broken here) I’m not going to encourage any of you who haven’t read them already to go back and do so because personally, I find them flawed, but if you want to, haha feel free and share your critiques, as I’m sure you’ll have many. I am leaving them here because finishing them one day down the line – after giving the characters several makeovers – is something that is still a possibility as I have finished the outlines for where I had planned on taking both stories and I don’t plan on changing them because frankly I think they are pretty solid, hehe, so, I shall leave this at that B)

And that is about it! Those were a hearty amount of summaries; I hope you enjoyed! I’m glad I could share a glimpse of what I used to spend so much time on XD A lot of those old stories included a lot of common story tropes, but I always tried to incorporate a hint of the interesting or odd to set them apart :p I didn’t bother mentioning The Elite as it was a new venture I began after creating this site and never posted on my original sims account which is where all of those other stories came from, and that too I hope to get back to one day. (So many sims and stories, so little time… )

There is one last thing I’d like to share before the end of this long anniversary post, and that is a sort of gender-bend (I believe that’s what it’s called) photo. I don’t know if any of you read online comics, webtoons or mangas, but occasionally the authors/artists do q&a’s or special posts where they’ll recreate couples or protagonists from their stories but in the opposite gender. I always think they are quite interesting to see so that kind of inspired me to do the same for Aislyn and Cailean and you can see them below~



I quite liked how they came out 😊 If any of you also think this would be interesting or fun to do, I’m informally tagging you to do so :3 (you could attach a screenshot to the end of any of your story chapters or something, it doesn’t have to be a special post, no pressure though.) I shall share a few more shots~



Well, that’s about it from me for now, I have been tagged in some blogging awards again recently, so I may be posting about that in the near future because the questions look like fun, but other than that it’s ta-ta for now. I hope you enjoyed reading this! And thanks again for being so patient. You guys are the best ❤ Like I said, I’ll still be active in reading and commenting in the community so see you around~

❤ Take care and have a great week ❤
xoxo Amy

24 thoughts on “one year blogiversary!

  1. Oh gosh, it says this was posted 6 hours ago and only came up in my feed now?! Wtf WordPress.
    First off, congratulations on your first anniversary! 😀
    7000 words, that’s incredible! My planning document is currently 13k, which includes Gens 4 AND 5, so that really says something about the length of yours… anyway, I’m really excited to see how everything unfolds. It does sound rather ambitious, but I reckon you can do it! Weddings (yay)… and deaths, huh?! Seems like there is a super topsy turvy rollercoaster ahead! It’s awesome that you have planned everything and in such detail.
    Caislyn. Yes, I approve *nod nod*
    Wow, those summaries were all very interesting to read! I’m amazed at how many stories you have begun, it’s mind-boggling. I tend to just think of a few story ideas and work lots on them (aka the gens) so I am impressed at all these different ideas. I would love to read more about your plans for all of them, specifically for The Elite if you don’t get around to finishing it.
    What a cool genderbend! I love Aislyn’s one especially, how cute! I think I may give your tag a go, although I’ve genderbended Gabriel before and it was NOT pleasant. But I might try it for the others! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I’m noticing that was the case for several of y’all, idk why it appeared so late~ Thank you!
      I’m glad to hear you’ve also thought about your future gens! 😄 Haha I also wrote bits of dialogue which may have led to its lengthyness since sometimes when I think of wording something and like how it sounds I forget how I phrased it later lol 😂 I guess I’ll make ‘Caislyn’ official now though it sounds too similar to both of their individual names 😂😭
      Thanks~ I can’t even remember how much time I used to spend on the game 😪 but it was so fun, it still is, but tech is not as cooperative these days, haha *cries* Sometime down the line I shall post a ‘what would have happened’ page~
      I felt weird for thinking she was hot as a dude, but I really liked hers as well 😂 I’d definitely love to see a luciferry gender swap or even Raph and Lilith… there’s plenty of characters to choose from or you could even do all of the above~ Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations on your blogiversary! Mine’s on May 20th. Two years :’)
    I almost missed this post, because it was hidden just under Lila’s new chapter. Good that I saw it! It’s nice to see a post from you again 😀 I loved reading your reflections about your old stories – some of them were pretty wild. I had some stories, too (tbh now I can’t wrap my mind around anything else than NDIA) and a big one which my heart breaks for and I still remember what I planned to do there. Also, you know, I promised myself never to delve into incest ever again XD
    I can feel you about the cliché plots, it’s such a pain reading your old stuff and seeing all this.
    It’s so amazing you’ve plotted Sight up until the end! I can’t wait to see how this goes. I really miss seeing your story in my reader. No pressure, though!
    No surprise there with the reverse genders, because Cailean looks exactly like his mother, comissioner DeCarlo. Aislyn looks like a tumblr boy, tbh XD I know some people do this kind of thing when there is an heir poll, to let the readers see what the kids would look like.
    I would love to do this, because you’d all know for sure that Hailey is Sam’s copy. You know what else I realized? That if I posed Fraylon like you posed Caislean, then they would be lesbians. Talk about solidarity. Ah, I’ve just come from writing about their writing. ♥

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you 😄 Wow, time flies~ Yours is coming up soon too! I noticed it was late for some reason, not sure why…
        It’s cool that you’re focused on NDIA, I wish I had that dedication, but clearly not the case since I worked on multiple stories at once 😂 Perhaps once you finish the story you can delve into those other plots~
        Aww I appreciate that 💓 I can’t wait to get back to posting~ Haha, yeah Cailean straight up looks like a younger version of his mom and that’s a pretty accurate description of Aislyn 😂
        I would love to see both Hailey and Fraylon~ yay, a wedding! Those are always so lovely to read (assuming some sort of tragedy doesn’t strike 😏) Thanks for reading!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. This was so much fun to read. Finishing a story is bittersweet. You miss the characters so much but it’s also very satisfying. Someone said that there are starters and finishers. Some people have great ideas to get a story started and others need help getting an idea and once started can run with it.

    I know I’m not alone when I say I really loved Sight and you were actively into it so I started reading. And was sad that it seemed to stop like a series that was canceled after the first season with so many unanswered questions. Now that you have put your thoughts down on paper, maybe it will be like starting a new project for you and you will finish it for us as well as for yourself. I know all of us hope so. You tell a great story and we love your characters. And now that you have enticed us with the promise of more drama on the previously canceled series I’m excited for the ml ext episode! No pressure! ❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, I’m glad you liked it 😊
      That’s exactly how I feel, I’ve never completed a story so I feel satisfied but saying goodbye is the oddest feeling since I’ve spent so much time on them. I wish I was the latter, but that’s evidently not the case 😂
      Omg that analogy though, haha. Sticking with the TV theme, let’s call it a hiatus as opposed to a cancellation 😇 Just because I really have the drive to finish but time and my resources are what’s lacking…
      Aww I really appreciate that ❤️ and hope not to disappoint! Thanks for reading 😄

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Yaaay, congrats on the blogiversary 🙂
    I liked to hear about your old stuff – makes me think about all the stuff I’ve given up on myself. There’s a cringe and a half hidden in some of my folders, ha, ha!
    Aislyn and Cailean look cute genderswapped – Cailean especially has a nice-looking face 🙂 Might have to try genderbending some of my characters, because I’m not sure I have 😛
    It’s so cool you’ve planned out everything 🙂 Whenever I plan a story out on paper, I get bored of, so I’m always so impressed with people who plan ahead like that 😀
    It was great to see a post from you again ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 😁 I have even more as well, believe me, I’ve just spared you guys, haha.
      Cailean came out looking like a younger version of his mother~ but I was pleasantly surprised with Aislyn’s 😊 I’d love to see a genderbended Nadir and Genevieve, unless you’d prefer to select a Monte Vista character (which I’m just about to get started on~) or you could do all of the above 😆
      Sometimes it’s hard to start, and I definitely got stuck here and there, but the longer I went on the harder I found it to stop. 😊 Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah, all that cringe hidden in our computers 😀 Though that’s also a pleasure – to see that we’ve become better 🙂
        I think I’ll have to do genderbends of most of them. Ha, ha! I’m on a real kick of taking a ton of pictures right now – why not add genderbending to all those pics!
        I’ve just given up on making outlines before I start – sometimes I do it halfway through or when I edit to try and see how the structure is. But when I start I just have to write and see where it takes me, otherwise I get bored.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Well, wordpress has done it again cause I almost missed this post! Congratulations on your blogiversary!! 🎉🎉 Wow, how time flies! (And you reminded me that mine is approaching too!)
    I really loved reading about your past stories! And although I could spot some popular tropes in them (well, they’re tropes for a reason though, right?), I’m sure you would make every one of them worth to read!
    But the most exciting thing is Sight!! I’m so happy you started working on it again! *although I reeeally don’t mean to pressure you* But I have to admit that I’m so looking forward to see the next chapter on my reader – whenever you’re ready for it of course!
    I loved the gender bend thing! They both look very nice – especially Aislyn I think! I will definitely give this a go too!
    I was so happy to see a post from you! ❤ Happy blogiversary again!! 😄💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah that’s what the others have said as well, I have no idea why 🤷‍♀️
      Thank you! 😊 Yay, I look forward to seeing what you plan on sharing – if you have something in mind~
      Aww thanks 💓 Haha, we all occasionally love those clichés 😆
      I really hope to get it out soon!
      It was so fun to do~ I’d love to see a Jared & Rose swap or Jesse & Skye or even Calla and Dylan (who I’m already pulling for even though they haven’t gotten together yet 😂) but no pressure 😇
      Thanks for reading! ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, I’ll guiltily admit that I do love those clichés, lol!
        You know what, I was already planning on swapping Dylan and Calla just for you – I know how much you ship them, lol! 😉 (the other two couples are a given) And I guess there’s no point in denying it, they *will* happen eventually, haha! ❤

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Congratulations on your one year blogiversary 🎉 !
    I enjoyed reading through all your summaries, and although they do have a few tropes, they sound a lot better than what I used to (and sometimes still) write! It’s hard to make an original story, especially because tropes are overused because they’re interesting to put in a story.
    Haha, the gender swap is so cute! Cailean manages to look like a model 😆
    It’s awesome that you’ve already plotted your whole story! It’s quite exciting, actually.
    Hope we can celebrate your future blogiversary years for a long time coming 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! 😁 Yup, particular scenarios or storylines have become tropes for a reason; we all secretly love some of them 😜
      He certainly had that aura, lol – though I feel like he was essentially a carbon copy of his mom 😂 If you ever have downtime, I’d love to see the triplets swapped 😊
      Aww thanks~ I hope so too! ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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