Sight Chapter 28: Caught Up In The Moment

3:07 p.m. | Merrow Rose Hotel, Suite 210
Aislyn isn’t sure how long she’s been in bed for, but when she feels a chill pull her out of her slumber, she remains as bone-tired as she was before she’d fallen asleep. She opens her eyes, and hits the glasses she’d forgotten to take off while attempting to rub her eyes. At the foot of her bed stands Jacob who she hasn’t seen since she’d returned home. “Sorry for waking you.” He says. “No worries.” Aislyn says as she rises out of bed. “Long time no see.”

“That was my own guilt keeping me away, I’m afraid.” Jacob says with a sad smile.


“Well, when I attempted to get your attention way back when, I had no idea how out of hands things were going to go. At the time, I’d only overheard the brothers planning to rob someone. I was pretty peeved when you’d ignored me and didn’t really think someone losing a purse would be that big a deal in the grand scheme of things. So I didn’t bother following up… with them, or you… and everything that’s happened since then is on me. By the time I saw firsthand just how gruesome things were, I’d forgotten about you. I had no right to blow up at you like that when I ran into you again, but I felt so… useless… I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologize; it’s on both of us.” Aislyn says. “I always listen. Always. And–” “Sorry kid, I’m not going to let you spin this, the blame is mine alone, and I don’t plan on hearing you say otherwise.” Jacob says, cutting her off. Aislyn opens her mouth to protest, but closes it once Jacob raises an eyebrow at her. “Good, now that we’ve settled that.” He says once she decides to remain silent, “I came to tell you that you did good.” Aislyn looks at him questioningly. “You’ll probably hear from the police any second now, but I figured I’d come and share the good news first. “Wait… are you telling me those guys were caught?” Aislyn asks, slowly piecing together what he was implying; Jacob nods and an immense feeling of relief washes over her.

“Hold on, how do you know what I did?” Aislyn asks, suddenly worried that the Oldmerrow P.D. has somehow traced the letter back to her despite her attempts to remain anonymous.

“I ran into some of the girls as they were rounding up the other victims around town. It didn’t take long for me to figure out what you were planning to do once I overheard them talking; I popped on over to the police station and sure enough, after some time, I saw those guys being put into their cells myself.”

“Good.” Aislyn says, with a sigh of relief. “Well, it’ll probably be a bit hectic around town in the upcoming few days, so I figured I’d come and say goodbye now.” “Goodbye?” Aislyn asks. “Not for good, I have a lot of things I want to see and do. Maybe one day, when the time is right, I’ll bother you with a selfish request.”

“Sounds good.”

“Goodbye, Aislyn.”

“Goodbye, Jacob.”

Just as Aislyn feels the chill around her disappear, her father walks in and flicks on the light. “Hey kiddo, I have some good news. The police just contacted us; those pieces of trash have been caught.” “That’s great, dad.” Aislyn says, doing her best to act as if she was hearing the news for the first time.

“Apparently they aren’t just being charged for forced imprisonment, but murder as well… There are some families who will be hearing some sad news tonight.” Her father says, losing the smile he’d walked in wearing. “I can’t even imagine what I’d do if that happened to…” Her father looks away, unable to finish his sentence. Aislyn doesn’t find it in her to say anything; she just walks up to her dad and wraps her arms around him. He returns the gesture, and they remain standing there in silence for quite some time…

The following day passes by in a blur. The police presence Aislyn had gotten so used to disappears and having caught the criminals, the Oldmerrow P.D. shares the results of their investigations with the public. News outlets play the story of the tragic murders of the girls on loop, and Aislyn does her best to tune it all out. J.D, who returned from his visit to Maddie, demanded she recount every detail he’d missed. Before she knew it, it was New Year’s Eve, and Aislyn wasn’t as excited for Mai and Chad’s upcoming party as she had been a few days prior; she considered skipping it, but decided not to as it would be her last opportunity to hang out with everyone before returning to Bayville. She also couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see Cailean who, despite all her distractions, still occupied her mind an inordinate amount of time.

Nicole had insisted she help Aislyn get ready, and Aislyn accepted, feeling her mood lift seeing Nicole’s enthusiasm. After straightening her hair and letting Nicole cake her face with makeup, Aislyn slips on the dress she bought with Kimberly and puts on a pair of her reliable kitten heels. “Not bad.” J.D. says as she returns into her room to retrieve her new phone. “You could use a smile though.” He adds. Aislyn forces a grin in his direction, before dropping the phone into her coat pocket, and making her way back towards the door.

“Have fun.”

“I’ll try.” Aislyn says over her shoulder.

Half an hour into the drive towards the cabin Mai mentioned she and Chad had rented, Nicole turns back to stare at Aislyn. “How badly do you need your glasses?” She asks. “Ummm, not terribly; one of my eyes is near-sighted and the other one is far-sighted, so I can manage without them.”

“Good. Give them to me.”

“Huh?” Aislyn says, caught off guard by the odd request. “It’s killing your look, trust me.” Not finding it in her to say no to Nicole’s infectious enthusiasm once more, Aislyn folds her glasses and places them into Nicole’s extended palm. “Much better.” She says.

5:40 p.m. | 10555 Lakers Way
After a bit more driving, the car’s navigation signals their arrival. “Have fun, kiddo.” Her dad says as she reaches for the door. “We only have a day left before we have to head back, so make it count.” Nicole chimes in. “I will.” Aislyn says as she steps out of the car into the icy air.

Mai had emphasized – nearly threatened – everyone come with their hands empty and leave with them full, which meant Aislyn had to find some other time before leaving to deliver the gifts she had bought for everyone long before Christmas. She makes her way up the stairs and glances at her phone before ringing the doorbell. 5:42; she was a bit early, the party was supposed to start at six according to Mai’s text.

When the door opens, Aislyn is greeted by Chad, and an incredible scent of apple and cinnamon. “Welcome.” He says. “Thanks.” Aislyn says while stepping in.

“You got your hair cut; who did it?”

“I did.” Aislyn says, surprised that Chad had noticed so quickly. “That’s impressive, but I’m slightly offended you didn’t come to me.” When Aislyn looks at Chad questioningly, he smirks, “My bad, I don’t think I’ve mentioned it yet; I work at the salon downtown.” “You’re a stylist?” Aislyn asks, Chad nods.

“I’ll keep that in mind, for next time.”


“Aislyn!” Aislyn turns and sees Mai rushing her way after setting something down in the living room. As they embrace, Aislyn can’t help but notice that Mai is wearing the dress she herself was embarrassed to even try on during her shopping date with Nicole back in Bayville. “Your hair! It looks good.” Mai says after she pulls back. “Thanks. That dress is a killer.” Aislyn says.

“I know. Are you wearing contacts?”

“No, my step-mom made me ditch the glasses.”

“Interesting call, can you see?” Mai teases. “Well enough. Need help with anything?”

“Nope, we’ve pretty much finished. You’re the first one here, feel free to explore while we wrap some things up. ” Chad says.

“Alright, if you say so.”

Aislyn gives Chad and Mai their space to tend to what they need to, and roams around the spacious cabin. Even though she was well aware that the place was being rented, she kicks off her heels before ascending the stairs out of habit.

After a few minutes of admiring the extremely well lit and decorated areas around her, she lays eyes on a coat hanger inside of an open bedroom and enters, slipping her jacket off and draping it over one of the wooden pegs.

She ventures deeper into the room and takes a moment to gaze at her reflection in the restroom mirror. Nicole had done a number on her face; covering the majority of her scar, over lining her eyes, and giving her a bold red lip Aislyn wouldn’t have ever thought to select herself. Aislyn debates washing some of it off, but had a feeling that would only make things worse, and exits the restroom before she can do something she’ll regret.

Aislyn had never really left home without her glasses, at least since high school, and doing so now made her feel oddly self-conscious. Before heading back downstairs, she pauses and sits on the bench at the end of the bed, getting lost in her own thoughts for an unknown amount of time, before the sound of someone walking in snaps her back to reality.

“Hey; Chad said I could find you up here.” Cailean says as he gently closes the door behind him.


Despite looking forward to seeing Cailean, Aislyn could feel herself becoming a bundle of nerves. “Before things get kind of hectic around here, as they often do at Mai’s get-togethers, I wanted to give you something.” He says as he walks closer. Aislyn rises and without her shoes on, notices for the first time how much larger he is than her.

“It’s super belated,” Cailean says as reaches into his pocket and pulls out some folded tissue paper, “And since Mai has that whole come empty handed policy, I didn’t invest in wrapping it as that would make it more noticeable.” He continues, pulling back the edges of the paper until a single bracelet appears at its center. Cailean picks it up and holds it between his hands, “May I?” He asks. Aislyn nods and extends her arm.

Cailean ties the accesory around her wrist, and the brief instances in which his fingers brush against her skin makes her heart race. “It’s nothing too special.” He says as he crumples the tissue paper in his palm and puts it back into his pocket. “It’s beautiful.” Aislyn says, not bothering to closely examine the bracelet and instead locks her eyes with Cailean’s.

They look at one another in silence for a moment, before Cailean breaks away first. “I’m glad you think so.” He says as he drops his gaze and runs a hand through his hair. Aislyn also turns away and notices for the first time, mistletoe hanging above the door. She still wasn’t sure if she was mistaking Cailean’s kindness for interest, and figured now would be a good a time as any to find out.

Cailean looks back up and follows her gaze, “There are about ten of those on this floor alone.” He says with a smirk while pointing at the decor. Aislyn takes in a breath and walks towards it. “It appears Mai and Chad spared no expense decorating the insides as well as the outsides of this place.” She says once she’s standing directly beneath the plant, keeping her gaze fixed through the door. Aislyn felt as though she was being fairly obvious, but in the off chance Cailean didn’t receive her glaring signal or even worse, had no intention of reciprocating it, she wanted to play it off as if admiring the outdoor decor was her original and sole intent.

After standing in silence for a few moments, Aislyn reaches for the door to make a hasty escape with a defeated sigh. She had no idea what kind of expression Cailean had on, and didn’t have it in her to look back and see.

Before she reaches the handle, Aislyn feels his hand enclose around her arm and gently pull back. “Wait, you weren’t actually planning on going outside, were you?” Cailean asks, quickly drawing his arm back to his side as if he’s made a mistake. Aislyn shakes her head, relieved that her signal appeared to have been received after all. Cailean doesn’t say anything more, but cracks a smile that makes her heart skip a beat as he joins her by the door.

At his sudden closeness, Aislyn looks down at her hands, which she presses together to refrain from doing anything impulsive. She was surprised at how she occasionally acted without thinking where Cailean was concerned; his presence made her behave so unlike herself, and despite being the one that had practically forced him under the mistletoe, she suddenly found herself unable to look at him.

Aislyn continues to keep her eyes fixed downwards until she feels one of Cailean’s hands rise to the side of her face and gently tilt her head up. He grazes his thumb beneath her barely visible scar, and the small gesture sends a thrill through her. He then snakes his other arm around her back and pulls her closer, and Aislyn once again finds herself hyperaware of the difference in their frames.

She notices Cailean’s green eyes appear to be asking a silent question: Is this okay? And Aislyn answers by placing her hands on his chest, feeling heat in her palms even though the fabric of his shirt remains between them. Cailean returns the gesture by encompassing her in his arms, pressing his hands on the small and center of her back, drawing her even closer until no space between them remains.

He then begins to lean in, closing his eyes as he does so, and Aislyn mirrors him, tilting her head up and reaching around him with one of her arms to steady herself as she begins to tiptoe.

Aislyn’s lips begin to tingle in anticipation as she feels Cailean drawing in a breath; she could tell he was mere centimeters away…

“Hey, I brought you your– Oh, my God.”

Aislyn’s eyes burst open; Kimberly’s voice was the last thing she expected to hear. She turns and sees Kim, mouth agape, standing in the corner of the room holding the shoes she had taken off earlier in hand.

Aislyn turns her eyes back to Cailean, whose expression was infuriatingly unreadable. She, on the other hand, wondered just how obviously her disappointment was etched on her face. Cailean draws his hands away from Aislyn’s back and places them on her shoulders and Aislyn drops her own, aware that whatever moment they were about to have dissipated with Kim’s arrival.

She’s about to step away, but finds that Cailean’s arms are holding her in place. In a swift motion, he draws her closer to him, cupping his hand around her face, and gives her a gentle kiss on the forehead.

“Merry Christmas, Aislyn.” He says in a low voice. After a brief moment in which Aislyn remains in a stunned silence, Cailean pulls away and turns to exit. “Kim.” He says in acknowledgement as he walks by her. “Yeah, hi.” Kim says attempting to regain control over her expression.

“Mai says you don’t have to take these off.” She says, bending down to place Aislyn’s shoes on the floor once she hears Cailean descend the stairs.

“Sorry… Did I interrupt something?”

Kim’s tone conveyed that she had a million questions, but it appeared she had no intention of asking them, at least for the moment. Aislyn steps into her heels, pressing her fingertips to her forehead which still burned from the contact Cailean’s lips had made, and shrugs. Surprisingly, Kim doesn’t press for more as she turns back towards the door, but Aislyn had a feeling the conversation was far from being dropped, and wasn’t entirely sure herself as to what had just transpired.

Hey everybody~ Thanks for reading! If you suspected that this chapter would still be long even after I said it wouldn’t, then you were absolutely right. The initial total was 4,200 words. I can’t help it, I’m afraid. 🙃 So what did I do? You guessed it; I split the chapter again. Except I don’t want to make it a two-parter so I’m just attaching the rest of the fiesta, to the start of next chapter. I want to make my story more bite-sized; I tend to post back to back loaded chapters and I definitely wasn’t like that at the start, so I’m trying to revert back to that original posting length.

Anyways, despite that, at least the tone was light-er, hehe… Like I mentioned a few chapters back, I’ve had these photos sitting around for ages and wasn’t too pleased with them in hindsight, but I was too lazy to go back and re-take them, and now I’ve got to face them again next week, yay. *awkward smile*

In other news, I found it super hard to write this chapter, yikes. Despite knowing exactly what I wanted to have occur and taking the screenshots, when it came to writing, I kept stalling; slow building romance isn’t my forte it appears as that’s never happened to me before. Probably why this Caislyn ship is taking a millennia… well that, or I’m evil. 😇 Also, my wordpress has been super laggy today, I don’t know why; my draft was just MIA for a while there, which is why this is out kind of late. Thanks again for reading through all of this despite not much happening. Enjoy the rest of your weekend ❤
Take care!
xoxo Amy

20 thoughts on “Sight Chapter 28: Caught Up In The Moment

  1. Sorry, I got distracted and put off leaving a comment. But I’m here now! 😀
    So this is why this chapter is called “Caught Up In The Moment”. Oh man. But I will refrain from commenting on it and start from the beginning.
    Jacob and Aislyn seem to have departed on good terms. He seems a bit snooty to me, though. It annoyed me when he didn’t let Aislyn say what she wanted to and feel about it how she wanted. So what if he forced her to keep quiet when she’s still going to think and feel whatever she wants? Argh.
    Aww, the short scene with her father was adorable. I’m so glad she made it out alive. The obviously love each other very much and are better off without Aislyn’s biological mom who showed her true colors after her accident. Nicole, who I remember having some doubts about in the beginning, is really sweet and seems very maternal towards Aislyn. She’s also really supportive and isn’t at all like this stereotypical evil stepmother. Thank goodness for her, she’s a blessing and Aislyn and her dad are lucky to have her!
    It was an interesting tidbit of information about Aislyn’s not-so-strong vision defect. It’s definitely weird to see her without her significant glasses, though.
    Oh, you managed to introduce Chad’ s career into the story after all; nice! Mai in that dress, woah. I would feel a bit uncomfortable come my girlfriend wore things like that in the presence of other people, even if these are friends.
    Woah, Aislyn looks like a doll with all this make up. Nicole tried really hard. I get the thing about finally insecure and wanting to wash it away. Glad she didn’t, because there comes our prince!
    The tension, though, ohh my… You are killing us. They didn’t kiss after all, why?! I’m coming at ya, Amy! AH, THIS IS SO UNFAIR. UGH. When will they eventually do? How much long do we have to suffer? Is there a tiny light, or hope at the end of this dark tunnel of lost moments? Dammit. I’m done.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No worries~ I stayed up so late to post this, I’ve been sleeping for the past 8 hours 😂 Funny thing is the ‘caught up in the moment’ expression shall appear in the story like two chapters down, as a belated explanation. Jacob is a bit rough, he wanted to make it clear he felt guilty and wanted to take the blame but didn’t bother to hear how Aislyn was feeling like you said. He may have thought he did the right thing, but he was being kind of selfish…
      Yup, luckily it worked out for her, and her relationship with her dad is definitely solid; it’s something I look forward to sharing more of going forward 😊 Funny you mention her mother, as her whereabouts shall be coming into the story a little ways down. Nicole definitely has a strong maternal instinct which is sad because she never had any kids of her own <\3
      Aislyn not having her glasses this chapter was one of the things in hindsight I wanted to change *sigh* oh well. Yup! You’ll get to see him in action next chapter too. Chad is definitely secure in his relationship and doesn’t feel the need to police Mai who is definitely a risqué dresser, he also knows his friends won’t ogle his girl, cause that would be weird, lol. Nicole did go all out, haha, that bit about washing it off came from personal experience because I’m not much of a heavy makeup wearer myself 😂
      You will have to suffer a while longer I’m afraid, like I said at the end there, I’m evil. There is hope, though I can tell you that. Thank you for reading and commenting ❤️😊

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  2. You did an awesome job at the slow build up….I was going like KISS already you guys…. Damn Kim! When you see that you turn around and quietly tiptoe out of the room! Aislyn looked pretty and Cailean was hot as usual. There was nothing wrong with the pictures. I loved the one looking through the window. It seems super intimate. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, I found it difficult to draw out the moment, so I’m glad you think so! 😅 Lol, Kim definitely lacks that tact, unfortunately for Aislyn and Cailean. My issues with the photos stemmed primarily from styling choices I would’ve changed, but alas, ‘tis in the past now. (Though Cailean’s outfit is one of my favorite things about this chapter, lol.) Thank you! 💓

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  3. Aaaargh!! Whyyy?! Kim!! Why do you have to be a party pooper?Why didn’t you just go find Gus or something? Ugh, doesn’t she know that entering a room loudly while at a party is always dangerous? Darn it!
    Aislyn looked lovely that night, it was only natural Cailean would want to kiss her as soon as possible 💕 … if it weren’t for Kim 😡 LOL
    I wonder if they’ll search for an opportunity to resume that kiss, but if I have understood both of them right, they’ll probably act like their moment never happened 😭 (I hope that won’t be the case – I’m allowed to at least hope, right? Haha)
    And awww I’m glad Jacob came back to apologize, because he was right, all this wasn’t Aislyn’s fault at all.
    I really loved your pictures! ❤ I have no idea why you think there is something wrong with them because they're so pretty! Everyone is looking amazing!
    Even though I wanted that kiss so bad and it didn't happen (I'm looking at you Kim), I loved this chapter! Can't wait to see what more is going to happen at this party! 😀 ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, well Kim didn’t expect to see any happenings at this party 😏 I’m laughing at the accuracy of your observation because that’s pretty much what they are going to do 😂😭 But I’ll encourage you to still have hope! Jacob wanted to clear his conscience and make sure Aislyn didn’t feel guilty, but it’s Aislyn so she still will.
      Aww thanks, I think it’s because I’ve had them for so long, they began to irritate me as I’ve added more CC/poses I would’ve liked to have used… *sigh* Kim shall be Caislyn enemy #1 for a while, haha. I’ll just put it out there that the rest of the party shall be lackluster in comparison, hehe~ Thanks for reading! 💕

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  4. Aaargh, why are you doing this to us?! I mean, I know why, it’s because you’re evil and I’m pretty evil, too, but… Still!! You’re very evil! :O
    That said, though, it was such a lovely chapter. It was nice to have a bit of optimism and some happiness ❤ But aaargh whynokissyousoevil…!!!
    *Ahem* As others have said, I really don't think your pictures are bad, though I understand why you feel that way. I do know the feeling myself. Older stuff makes me cringe 😛
    Regardless, I enjoyed this so much. Even though you're evil. Well, I can't say I'm better, though. I'm happy to have a fellow evil writer on here ❤ 😉

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    1. I’ve decided to unapologetically embrace the evilness 😇 I feel like after your next chapter, I’ll firmly believe that you are slightly more so; depends on what you do to Regina and Enzo. *cough* no pressure *cough*
      Thanks, I realized I’ve been gloom and doom for like 10 chapters now, goodness. It’s sunshine from here on out… well, as much sunshine as I can incorporate because Aislyn is still a rather dark person herself, lol. Same here, and because of my weird photo taking schedule, I had this chapter done prior to my hiatus, so I wasn’t able to include some of the plethora of CC and new poses I’ve added to the game. Thank you, I shall wear the badge of evil with pride. It’s an honor to be called so from you, given all the moments of tension you’ve bestowed on us thus far 😂 Thanks for reading! 💓

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      1. I stand firm in the belief that everyone will hate me after next chapter. Ahahahahahah… 😛 No spoilers, though.
        True, she sees dead people all the time, so I didn’t really imagine that she’d be all happy happy from now on 😛 Whatever happens, I’m looking forward to it. Especially to a kiss that’s not interrupted because you’re evil 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh no, I shall be prepared for the worst then…
        Yeah, her ability is definitely not something to smile about. Hehe, who knows, you may get one soon, you may not 😇

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  5. Kim, you have the worst timing in the world!!! When are these two going to kiss?!?!?!?
    Aislyn looks beautiful, even without her glasses.
    And I hope Jacob won’t spend eternity blaming himself. And that we see him soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She really does 😂 I’m going to be evil and let you wait and see… All I can say is that it’ll happen eventually! Thanks, I liked her dress but regretted making her take the glasses off 😆 Jacob feels like he’s cleared his conscience so he won’t be thinking back to this anymore. Unfortunately, he won’t return for a while, but I can assure you he’s happy. Thanks for reading! ❤️

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  6. It’s great to see Jacob come and explain himself. It makes more sense that he thought it was just a robbery, although that doesn’t excuse him blowing up at Aislyn. I’m glad they sorted that out.
    Yay, an appearance from J.D! He demanded to hear all the details from Aislyn, but what about his trip to see Maddie? What about those details, hm, J.D???
    The house looks nice! The bedroom especially looks lovely, with those fairy lights and stars.
    Oh wow, I did a double take when I saw Aislyn with that makeup. Nicole, what did you do, LOL. I imagine if she decided to try wash the makeup off, she would end up looking like the Winter Soldier! So good call there, haha.
    Aislyn… dear… you are quite the awkward lmao. I was laughing when she walked under the mistletoe as a clumsy signal for Cailean. But I got really excited when they were about to kiss. So close so close… and then DAMMIT KIM! YOU HAVE THE WORST TIMING! OF COURSE YOU INTERRUPTED SOMETHING! Holy crap. At least Cailean made it less awkward with the forehead kiss and wish 😀 Smooth move.
    Awesome chapter! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, he didn’t expect things to go as badly as they did and didn’t want that on his conscience so he blamed her, then instantly regretted it after she and Kim got caught. Haha J.D. has been MIA, he’ll be around a lot more in like 2/3 chapters 😊 And he won’t be sharing anything until then either, since Aislyn will be preoccupied with her own stuff, but he’s been having fun, I can share that.
      Thanks, I can’t even remember where I downloaded it from, but the whole place is super pretty and I regret not showing more of it, lol. Maybe I’ll stage a photoshoot or something… one day~
      Yes, let’s blame Nicole 🙃 I don’t know what I was thinking at the time, she looked cute in CAS but the photos in actuality made her look so smokey eyed – part of the reason I wish I could retake these 😭 Hahaha, Bucky makes the look work, Aislyn certainly wouldn’t 😂
      She issss, and it’ll only continue to be that awks until she gets back into the groove of dating, and dating for real. Yeah Kim didn’t see that coming, lol. And I couldn’t resist the opportunity to draw things out ofc 😇 Thank you!

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  7. Finallyyyyy lol. They’re both too timid to be the first one to get a little romantic, so I understand the wait, but I find it funny how Aislyn was trying to make it as obvious as possible that she wants him to make a move. Like, “don’t you see the signs, Cailean. It’s SO freaking obvious I like you, JUST DO IT ALREADY”
    But then, KIM. Kim, whyyy. Hehe, there’s always gotta be that one person who has the worst timing in these tender moments, LOL.
    The house looks so festive and merry, I would love to have a nice party with lots of pastries and warm food in there (although I’m not too fond of parties).
    Awesome chapter, and it’s nice to see them have some down-time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly 😆 which is why their romance is moving at a snail’s pace, lol. Haha Aislyn figured it would be a subtle way to know Cailean’s feelings without asking outright, but it kinda backfired. I couldn’t resist having things be a tad more difficult 😇 It is such a pretty lot! I had a lot of fun using it. Yup, it has been a while since everyone has just chilled. Thanks for reading! ❤️

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  8. Oh my gosh, ahahaa if I was a Caislyn shipper I’d be so upset! Lucky for me I’m still riding the J.D. train. Kim is always finding out things she’s not supposed to! I wonder though, was that Jacob’s reason for not moving on? Or was there more to his story? And Chad is a stylist! No wonder his hair is always on point!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehehe, don’t know how to break it to you, but your train shall either be derailing or coming to a screeching halt eventually 😅 I was wondering if you’d be deterred somewhere along the way, so I refrained from saying anything earlier, but the fact that you’d made it here and still stuck with them makes me feel both satisfied and guilty 😆 She is, haha. Nope, there’s more to his story! But it’ll not come into play until wayyyyyyyy later. I didn’t get a chance to reveal it in the story sooner, but yes he is, haha. 😆 Thanks for reading!

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