Sight Chapter 29: Tying Loose Ends

*** author’s note: Hey y’all, a few quick things: 1. Cailean’s camera isn’t a polaroid/instant film type, but I edit the photos to look like they are so that you can distinguish them from the regular screenshots, and 2. His photos shall be sprinkled throughout the first- half of the chapter to show the progression of time during the party evening, I wasn’t sure how else to incorporate them so I’m hoping it doesn’t disrupt the flow of the chapter too much. Enjoy~***

6:11 p.m. | 10555 Lakers Way
Aislyn follows Kim downstairs in silence and spots Gus as she gazes around; as they draw nearer, she notices Kim heads straight to the couch without acknowledging him. “Hi.” Aislyn says once she reaches him. “You look different.” Gus says. “How observant of you.” Aislyn teases, still attempting to collect herself after her almost kiss with Cailean.

She notices Gus only cracks a faint smile at her joke and gazes at her intensely. “Is something wrong?” She asks.

“I was actually going to ask you the same thing.”

“Me, why?” Aislyn asks, worried that she’d turned crimson. “Well–”

Aislyn doesn’t get to hear a reason as Mai draws their attention to the door; Lexi and Otto had arrived. “Well, that’s everyone. Ladies, you can relax; men, I need you to help me carry some things out of the garage, and then we can all go eat.”

“Nevermind.” Gus says as he gives Aislyn’s shoulder a pat before walking away, leaving her standing in slight confusion as she watches him go.

“Um, what was that?” Aislyn asks as she joins Kim on the couch.

“What was what?”

“Did you and Gus fight or something?”

“I didn’t ask you about Cailean, so you can’t ask about Gus.”

“Fair enough.” Aislyn says, though her curiosity is only fueled more by Kim’s response. “What’s fair?” Lexi asks as she sits beside Kim. “Nothing.” Aislyn and Kim say simultaneously; they both look at each other and smile. “Riiiight.” Lexi says with an eyeroll.decorC1decorC4decorC3decor

“Here’s to the new year!” Mai says as she raises her beer to make a toast once they all sit around the table. She goes on and shares what a great year it was and what she hopes this upcoming year will bring for all of them.

“Is this toast supposed to be going into the New Year?” Otto asks, feigning impatience after Mai has spoken for several minutes, and Aislyn stifles a laugh; while she was touched at Mai’s words, she was also growing amused the longer her toast went on. “Wait, I want to say a few more things.” Mai protests. “I think you’ve said more than enough, babe.” Chad says kissing his girlfriend on the cheek. “Fine then, Happy New Year!” Mai says in defeat.

Everyone raises their bottles and takes a drink, while Aislyn sets hers down gingerly on the table. She planned on sticking to her decision to refrain from drinking alcohol indefinitely. As Mai checks on some last minute dishes in the kitchen, Aislyn takes a quick glance around the table. Kimberly seemed to be in much better spirits since the last time she’d seen her, and was laughing quite heartily while speaking to Cailean, while Gus on the other hand, seemed to be in a much more somber mood, making Aislyn wonder what was up with him.

As they eat course after course of the many dishes Mai had cooked up, Aislyn stares at the bracelet Cailean got her that she hadn’t really taken the time to appreciate earlier, having been caught up in their moment beneath the mistletoe. Otto, appears to notice her glances, “I’m guessing that’s a recent gift.” He says under his breath. “Yeah, it is.” Aislyn says quietly in return, with some heat rising to her face, praying silently he doesn’t ask who gave it to her, in case the others happen to hear despite the chatter going on at the table. Thankfully, Otto just gives her a smirk and returns to his meal.

The rest of the dinner breezes on by, and everyone rises to help clear the table once they finish the last bite of dessert. Aislyn notices Gus hovering around Kimberly but not saying anything in particular, while she appeared to be doing her best to pay him no attention.

Again, Aislyn found herself curious as to what transpired between them, but decides it can wait when she sees Cailean excuse himself. She figures she probably won’t have another chance to speak with him alone, and as the others break into smaller conversations and continue to clear the table, Aislyn quietly slips out after him.

She finds Cailean standing by the window, adjusting his camera, and takes a breath before walking over to him, her own boldness surprising her. She didn’t want what happened earlier to become another thing they didn’t discuss, like their moment in the kitchen that just faded into memory after too much time had passed. “What are you doing?” She asks over his shoulder. “Mai has me on photography duty, so I’m just playing around with the settings on my camera since we’re indoors.” Cailean says, seemingly unbothered by her presence.

His current demeanor paired with the fact that he hadn’t glanced her way once during dinner – she was watching – made her feel deflated; like she had essentially dragged Cailean under the mistletoe and he had only been caught up in the moment and too kind to decline.

Cailean seems to pick up on her drop in mood; he turns away from his camera and looks at her. “What’s wrong?” He asks, and Aislyn wonders what expression she has on her face. “Nothing.” She says, running her hand through her hair and placing some loose strands behind her ear. Cailean’s eyes drift to the hand for a moment before returning to her eyes. “If this is about earlier–” Cailean begins, Aislyn suddenly finds herself worried as to what his next words are going to be. She didn’t think she’d be able to remain composed for the rest of the evening if Cailean said the opposite of what she was hoping he would and decides to retreat; her boldness from earlier nowhere to be found. “I’ll let you work on your camera.” She says as she begins to back away. “Aislyn.” Cailean says, reaching out for her arm.

Before his fingers come into contact with her skin, the door opens rather loudly and Mai walks out. “Hey Cailean, you ready?” Her voice drops at the end of the sentence when she realizes that Aislyn is standing beside him. “Almost.” Cailean says, lowering the hand he was reaching out with. “Like I said, I’ll let you get to it.” Aislyn says, forcing a smile and quickly stepping away to rejoin the others.

She tries her best to hide her inner turmoil, which proves to be slightly difficult as they go around posing for the pictures Cailean takes. Unlike their dinner, where he didn’t look her way, now Cailean’s eyes were constantly on her, and even though she was well aware of his subtle attempts to get her attention, Aislyn avoids looking at him.decorC5-2decorC5decorC6decor

As the evening progresses, Aislyn is able to enjoy the lively atmosphere for the most part, after forcing herself to push away all thoughts of Cailean. “No cheating, Kim.” Otto says, as Kim appears to whisper some hints to Mai who was struggling to piece together what Lexi was attempting to get her to say during their game of charades.

Aislyn watches on with a smile; everyone was in such good spirits, even Gus who had seemed rather off at the start. She didn’t feel like dampening the mood or drawing attention to herself by mentioning that she’d be leaving, and decides that she’ll give her friends quick individual visits tomorrow to say her goodbyes.

The party went on well into the morning, and Aislyn felt slightly guilty making her father and Nicole pick her up at nearly 3:00 a.m. Neither of them appeared to mind, however, and wanted to know how her evening went, which Aislyn recounted for them, excluding anything that had to do with Cailean, whom she’d managed to successfully avoid for the rest of the night.

6:30 a.m.
Aislyn sets an alarm to get an early start, and convinces her father and Nicole, who were still hesitant to let her travel around on her own, to let her take a cab to finish sorting out her affairs before they’d all have to leave the following morning.

She starts out by going to Ranny’s Diner, the place that had been one of her first jobs she picked up after coming to Oldmerrow; it felt odd for her to walk in without her uniform, and as she steps into the warmth, and smells the familiar lemon floor cleaner, the fact that she would be leaving finally begins to sink in for Aislyn.

7:04 a.m. | Ranny’s Diner
“Best of luck with whatever it is you decide to do next.” Mr. Ray says as he walks Aislyn to the door. He hands her her last paycheck, and pats her shoulder, giving her a smile that causes several wrinkles to appear beside his eyes.

“Thank you.”

As she places the envelope into the box full of the contents she’d just emptied from her locker, Aislyn can’t help but feel bittersweet.

7:24 a.m. | Liberty Library 
She makes her way over to the library next, and even though she knew it wasn’t going to be goodbye forever, Aislyn can’t help but feel sad that the routine she’d gotten so used to for the past six years was now going to change. She would miss coming in the early mornings, inhaling the scent of the pages, and getting lost in her reading.

After returning her uniform to her supervisor, she decides to roam around and take everything in for a moment. As she gets lost in her thoughts, gazing at all the shelves she’s become so familiar with over the years, Aislyn hears someone approach.

“Why aren’t you dressed?” Amber asks in her usual indifferent tone.

“I just returned my uniform, I’m going to be living out of Oldmerow for a while.”

“Oh, really; why?”

Aislyn shrugs, “I’ve gotten so used to this lifestyle I’d been leading for the past few years, I think it’s time to try something new.”

“Well, compared to the majority of the lazy bums that work here, you weren’t so bad.”

“Thanks.” Aislyn says with a smirk, knowing that that was as close to a compliment as she was going to ever get from Amber.

“See you around.” She says before turning towards a cart with books that needed to be shelved.


9:36 a.m.
After getting her various part-time jobs sorted, it was time for Aislyn to deliver all of the Christmas presents she’d been hanging on to. She figured she’d start with Kimberly who already knew she was going to be leaving, before breaking the news to everyone else.

Kim had sent Aislyn a text with her address, and Aislyn couldn’t help but be slightly surprised as the cab pulled up to a large estate. She suddenly found herself curious as to what Kim and her family did for a living. She rings the doorbell and sees Kimberly’s mother approach through the glass doors after a few moments.

“Well, Aislyn, what a pleasant surprise. What brings you here?”

“Hello.” Aislyn says, feeling like Ms. Scott didn’t sound too pleased to see her at all. “Is Kim here? I had something I wanted to give her.”

“Yes, she is. Come on in.” Her mother says as she leads Aislyn inside. “Kimmie!”

“Coming!” Aislyn hears Kim’s voice ring from upstairs.

As Aislyn looks around, she can’t help but be blown away by the extravagant décor. She takes a seat opposite Kim’s mother and does her best to keep her staring to a minimum.

“So, Aislyn, what is it you do?”

“Well, I had various part-time jobs, but I recently quit because I’ll be moving back to Bayville with my family for a while.”

“I see… understandable they’d want to keep you close given what happened. I feel the same.”

Aislyn didn’t feel like correcting Ms. Scott and saying that that wasn’t the sole reason for her going back, so she just nods.

There is an unbearable silence for a few moments, and Aislyn can’t help but feel like Kim’s mother isn’t too pleased with her for some reason. “You have a lovely home.” She says in an attempt to dissipate some of the awkwardness.

“Thank you, interior decorating is a bit of a hobby of mine.” Kim’s mother says, perking up a bit at the compliment. The sound of Kim’s footsteps fills the air, and Aislyn exhales a small sigh of relief that she wouldn’t need to be seated beside Ms. Scott for much longer.

“I hope you aren’t grilling Aislyn, mom.” Kim says as she hops off the last step. “Not at all, we were having a pleasant chat, weren’t we?” Ms. Scott says.


Aislyn hopes she sounded convincing. “Come on, we can talk in my room.” Kim says, and Aislyn rises rather quickly to follow her out after giving a small smile to Ms. Scott.

“We have a bit to catch up on.” Kim says as she leads Aislyn up the staircase towards her room.

“We sure do.” Aislyn says, making a mental note to mention Kim’s mother’s apparent distaste for her to the list of growing questions she already had for Kim.


Thanks for reading! If Aislyn is beginning to get on your nerves a bit, you aren’t alone 😇 I’m glad I’ve managed to put those ancient holiday party pics behind me, hehe. Another slightly lack-luster chapter I’m afraid. Like I said, I’m trying to cut down my lengths, lol, it’s a work in progress.

If you read my little extra post here, you’ll recall that there will be no new chapter next week, sorry! I’ll be sure to keep up with everyone’s postings even whilst I’m away, though 🙂 I can also tell you that next chapter shall be more eventful. Feel free to interpret that as you wish~ 😉 I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your weekend ❤ Thanks for reading!
Take care,
xoxo Amy

12 thoughts on “Sight Chapter 29: Tying Loose Ends

  1. Oh dear, I feel quite bad for Cailean and especially Gus, getting ignored + avoided by both of the girls. I can really feel the painful awkwardness *winces* And what is up with Caislyn’s romantic moments always being interrupted, huh??? I really thought we might get to see a kiss this time! 😛
    I love the Christmas party pictures. Looks like a very cosy atmosphere!
    I wonder what is up with Mrs. Scott’s attitude… does she partly blame Aislyn for what happened, or something? I’m looking forward to the girls catching up. I hope they can discuss their situation with the boys and sort out this mess lmao. And also Aislyn meeting up with Cailean to give the gift? Maybe they won’t be interrupted this time? 😀
    Great chapter ❤

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    1. Aislyn and Kim are fairly different personality-wise, but they overlap in their ways of preferring to handle things alone. Haha expect more awkwardness to come 😆 Hmm, the short answer is because they’re unlucky… and I’m evil.
      Nope, I told you this ship was in for a bumpy ride, no lip locking for now. 😏 Thanks! Everything was quite warm and inviting, the whole lot is just fun to play and stage things in~ ☺️
      Kim’s mom kind of mentioned briefly a few chapters back she thinks Aislyn is a rather reckless girl after reading that police report. Also, she does indeed think that Aislyn is partially to blame since Kim never really mentioned her before but they were taken together which made her suspicious, so she’s not too fond of her.
      They will indeed be discussing the boys, what kind of girl chat would it be if they didn’t? 😉 That would be an ideal scenario, I’ll let you wait and see if it occurs 😇 Thanks for reading ❤️

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  2. Dang – I AM frustrated with her…. say something to him already. Poor Gus and Cailean. They are probably worried about coming on too strong and upsetting both of the girls they care about. So sad. I really wanted them to be together. You are sinking my ship! Stop it! LOL…

    It was a very interesting chapter, not lackluster at all. Well, I can’t wait to see what is up with Kim and if she will tell her how she feels about Cailean. And what is up with Kim’s mother? Really.

    And then she will go see Cailean and they will be ALONE. Maybe a kiss will happen then. Maybe. Probably not. *sigh*

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    1. I figured almost everyone would be 😆 Aislyn isn’t the best when it comes to expressing herself with words. Precisely! They don’t want to inadvertently push the girls away. I warned that the ships would be facing difficulties, hehe~ with the way the girls like to handle things, it’ll prove to be difficult for the boys to get closer to them.
      Aww thanks 💓 Yup, the girls shall have a long chat next chapter in which they’ll discuss most of what you just mentioned 😊
      Hmm, it would be great if things could play out like that, wouldn’t it? Guess you’ll have to just see how it goes 😏 Thanks for reading ❤️

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  3. I am a little frustrated with Aislyn, yes 😛 You don’t freaking try and kiss someone like that to be *nice*, girl. Seriously! I can’t really hope that they’ll have another romantic moment once she goes to see him, though. Us evil writers like to give hope and dash it, so…
    I think it was a great chapter. I loved the pictures, both from the new year’s party and afterwards. Aislyn’s outfit in those later pictures is just wonderful as is the hairstyle. Love it! ❤
    It's sad there won't be a chapter next week, but it's totally okay ❤ I for one am happy to wait 🙂

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    1. You’d be in the majority with myself included 😂 No they don’t, haha if only someone would convey that to Aislyn. I mean, I did mention they’d have a difficult road ahead, and despite my evilness, I shall advice clinging to some hope… maybe 😇
      Thank you 💕 I was hoping to find a braided short hair style and I was so happy when I did! There’s not much you can do with that hair length, hehe. I appreciate it~ Thanks for reading ❤️

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  4. My goodness, Aislyn, it’s so obvious that Cailean is into you, so into you, into you… 😛 Gus is into Kim, though. The 4 of them make the atmosphere so awkward with how things stand between them. It was so much easier for these friends in the beginning of the story!
    Oh my, May’s boobies are distracting me again… They’re just so big and looking like they are about to fall out of the dress any moment.
    Kim *nervously laughing to Cailean’s bad jokes he tells her to avoid looking at Aislyn, while she’s trying to avoid Gus*
    Hmm, does Otto know? Gosh, they’re probably not super obvious to the others.
    Caislyn moment interrupted. Can’t say I’m that surprised anymore. Aislyn was going to sort it out and totally chickened out *loud sigh of disapproval*
    Ahh, both the places Aislyn visited bring back memories. She met Mai at the diner and talked about their favorite author at the library with Cailean. *wipes tear* I remember Amber being a bitch and gossiping about Aislyn.
    You mentioned Kim’s mother was quite the character. And I reckon she thought kidnapping was Aislyn’s fault. It’ll be interesting to find out more about her. And now Kim and Aislyn surely have a lot to talk about.

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    1. Haha they are all oblivious to each other’s feelings 😆 yup, things are wayyy more complicated now, expect more of that awkwardness to come 😂
      Her dress was quite distracting, but I figured when else would I have such an opportunity to indulge in this fashion choice 😏 LOL, that’s a very likely possibility for what they discussed. Otto is an observer, he’s definitely caught on, but doesn’t want to make things weird by bringing it up early so he is keeping it to himself for now. You definitely shouldn’t be surprised as I promised a bumpy road ahead for the ship 😇 Yup! It was a nostalgia trip; most of the start of the story was spent there :’)
      Yeah, Kim’s mom is the type of person that likes to place blame but there’s a reason for it you’ll see way down the line. They definitely do~ lots of chatting next chapter. Thanks for reading ❤️😄

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  5. Aaand, once again, I’m so late to the party! I’m so sorry!
    Oh Amy, you’re such a tease! 😂😂 I was certain this time Aislyn and Cailean would finally kiss! 💕 But nooo, Mai had to walk in with her big boobs and interrupt them once again! 😡 (granted, last time it was Kim, but still!)
    Aislyn should not be so self-conscious, but I totally get it! It’s easy to doubt someone’s feelings when you care so much yourself. But why all the awkwardness you guys?? Man, they’re killing me! Both Aislyn and Cailean, as well as Kim and Gus are so obvious to everyone, yet they fail to see it themselves! *sigh* I’m still hoping that something will happen when Aislyn goes over to his house to say goodbye..! At least there won’t be anyone there to interrupt them again!
    I wonder what’s with Kim’s mom’s hostility… there’s no way she’s blaming Aislyn for what happened, right?
    I’m really looking forward to your next chapter, I loved this one! ❤

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    1. No worries! Haha I am indeed enjoying drawing this out 😇 Precisely! There shall be more awkwardness to come for a while, but I can say that Aislyn mentions her hesitation and doubts next chapter. Lol, yeah they are so caught up in their own feelings they can’t see the obvious signs from the people they are feeing things for. 😂 Hmm, if she does decide to go, perhaps something will happen, perhaps not 😏 Kim’s mom is indeed blaming Aislyn, which you’ll see a bit more about next chapter. She’s a complicated lady~ Thank you! It’ll take a little while, but I hope you enjoy it when it’s out 😊 Thanks for reading 💕

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  6. Once again, the awkwardness is overwhelming in the atmosphere whenever the four are together ‘-_______- Come on, Aislyn! Stop chickening out! Although I relate, except with casual social interactions. Will their first kiss be in the last chapter because each friend seems to be taking turns in interrupting a moment lolllll.
    I understand Kim’s mother’s hesitation towards Aislyn, but I hope she warms up to Aislyn more to realise it wasn’t her fault!
    Great chapter ❤

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    1. I told ya you’d be frustrated 😆 This group is just a recipe for awkwardness with their inability to be straight forward with the people they have feelings for. Lmao, at this rate, it might as well be 😂😭 Next chapter shall be less frustrating, promise.
      Kim’s mom is a tough and sort of one track minded lady, so it’ll take her a while to open up to Aislyn since she’s already made up her mind on how she thinks Aislyn is as a person. She may end up changing her mind down the line, but for now, she’s set on her beliefs… Thanks for reading! ☺️💕

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