Sight Update

Hey everybody,

Well, you probably noticed there was no new chapter this past weekend, and if you’re extra perceptive you probably noticed there was no release date listed on the new chapter in the table of contents… that’s because I had a feeling I wouldn’t be able to finish in time, and I was right, lol.

I had some computer struggles this week, not just for simming, but in general. So I ended up updating my software – instead of postponing it for years which I usually do. And after doing that, when I tried to play TS3 I was stuck on this black loading screen that wouldn’t let me enter the game. I didn’t get any errors or anything, just darkness. I figured I might have to sadly uninstall and reinstall my game, so that’s what I tried only to find that my uninstaller wasn’t working either, lmaooooo. Then I thought this misfortune might be an ideal time to try and add an EP I’ve been wanting to and see if that’ll somehow knock things back into order.

If you recall me mentioning in my ‘World of Sight‘ post that Ravensburg’s corresponding sim city would depend on whether I successfully re-installed one of my old expansions, well I now have an update: I was successful! Hooray! Of course I don’t want to bore you with all the details of code, file & package moving, and maneuvering I had to do on my end to make it work, but in a nutshell, I felt like a computer whiz and that’s all you need to know. 😎 So, not only did I get the expansion up an running, but the black screen of death has disappeared… for now, haha *knocks on wood*

I realize that I didn’t mention which specific EP is was, spoiler *not really*, it was Late Night, I currently have WA and Seasons, which I think I might’ve shared with y’all before, but I’ll just let you know again, hehe. ‘Twas a struggle to get it back, but oh so worth it.

Man, I haven’t seen Bridgeport, aside from reading other wonderful simlit stories set in it, since like 2012 :’) So I kind of spent this last week of summer holiday </3 reacquainting myself with the town and all the cool interactions… You know me and my distractions 😇 This might also be a good place to tell you I’ve caught up to the chapter pics that I’ve taken ahead of time, so I’m working week to week now.


Right, well then, when I finished all of that, did I get to working on the chapter? Nope. I downloaded some more CC and decided why not take photos for a cool character profile page? (Since there are some characters that have key pieces of info about them I want you guys to quickly access/recall without going back to my super long recap page…) Many many hours and 432 screenshots later, here we are…

So where is the character page, you may ask. Well, first off – my obsessiveness wanted me to take pics of everyone, and I mean EVERYONE. Seemingly minor characters that appeared in one chapter, people I’ve yet to introduce, so on and so forth… even our crook pals Ollie and Dee had their pics taken which in hindsight wasn’t that necessary, but I still did it. 😂😭

After all that, I realized that nearly everybody has a secret in their past/present that would be either a major or minor spoiler if I incorporated it into their bios… So, that character page shall be on hold for now, which makes it seem like I’ve accomplished nothing this week 😅 And there are about 11 characters I didn’t get around to photographing so even if I did minimize the info and post it, it would be incomplete. And like I’ve already mentioned, I’m too obsessive to share an unfinished page.

I can share one profile shot I’ve taken, frankly because she’s another new character (yep you heard right, so many new faces incoming, lol) that I’ve already begun writing for and haven’t actually photographed in-game until staging this and I want to share because I love her and hope you guys will too when you eventually see her around 😇


I did eventually get around to working on the chapter after all the screenshot taking, the featured photo for this post is a bit of sneak peek but I shall share another snippit here:


As you can see, we are back in the Bayville crib from chapters 14/15, and we’ll be here for a while. Looking forward to eventually tackling the next leg of the story, but unfortunately for now, it’s I’m not ready, and I’m kind of short on time now that the holidays are done, but we’ll see how it goes~

Thanks for reading another one of my lengthy updates! ❤ Guess those Caislyn moments were too good to be true indeed since it’ll be a little while longer before you see some more, hehe.

I hope you all have an enjoyable week!
Take care,
xoxo Amy

17 thoughts on “Sight Update

  1. Ah, but I do understand very, very well why you’re holding off on posting the character page. I update mine when new characters are introduced and let me tell you – it’s hard. I have to edit them so as to not spoil things 😛
    Sorry to hear about your computer troubles, but congrats on getting late night to work 😀 It’s looking good!
    Don’t worry about posting all the time – we’ll gladly wait, even if it’ll be another, like, twenty chapters before we get more Caislyn cuteness 😀

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    1. Haha, I went into this with the mindset that it would be something simple like the Elite guide I made way back when, just with a few more details, and boy was I being naive 🤦‍♀️ I’ve developed a new appreciation for your ability to continuously update as you go, because I just want to dump and be done, and it’s looking like that’ll be an impossibility unless I plan on posting this character page after the story will be over which would be useless, lol.
      Thanks! Fortunately it all worked out ☺️ but not without the consequence of lost and wasted time, though the latter was mostly my fault, lmao.
      I appreciate it 💓 haha, who knows? With my track record, that’ll probably be exactly what happens 😂

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  2. If you ever get the black screen again, try deleting the downloadedsimsindex file (not sure where exactly it is), which will regenerate — I think that file can get corrupted from downloaded sims in .sims3pack form. I had black screen for soooo long and that was what saved me from insanity! Yay for fixing the troubles, though.
    I’m looking forward to this highly extensive character page of yours, and meeting all the new characters! Rey is gorgeous, I love the colour of her hair.

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    1. Thanks for the advice, should it pop up again, which I don’t doubt it will, I’ll definitely do that! It’s definitely an extensive work in progress at the moment but I’m excited to share it the second I finish. I’ve been waiting to use that hair color for the longest, I love it as well ☺️ I hope you’ll enjoy when I eventually get it out~ 😆

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  3. Whaaat?! No chapter? Disgraceful! Lol!! 😁
    Hey, you know we’re a patient bunch, so of course we never mind waiting 😉 (and who am I to judge for a lack of chapters anyway? Lol) I’m so glad to hear you overcame your machine troubles – must have been so frustrating!
    Ah… that Bridgeport view..! 💕 Looking forward to seeing your take on it, I’m sure it will be worth the wait! ❤ I love Rey's look and I can't wait (welll… I can, but you know 😁) to see Aislyn's life in Bayville, as well as more Caislyn please! ❤

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    1. Hehe I appreciate that 💕 I figured I wasn’t alone in my computer issues, they are just the worst 😪 We’ve just got to power through them, lol 💪 Seeing Jesse, Skye, and the rest of the band in Bridgeport all those chapters back, made me miss it even more, I can’t wait to use it finally, haha. Thanks! Caislyn shall be sprinkled here and there as well 😉

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  4. Sad for no Chapter, but I would have been sadder I’d you weren’t able to get your stuff reinstalled! 😱

    I have all the EPS and ALL of the store content for TS3 plus a ton of CAS and mods. I’m surprised my computer didn’t blow up! Oh wait, actually, I did have to rebuild it a little over a year ago so I guess it did blow up. Actually the hard drive was failing. It was really old anyway and I needed a new one. Fortunately everything was well backed up. Now it’s really fast. 😊

    TS3 can get real finicky though. I did a whole reinstall after I rebuilt using a method to not bloat the files that seemed to have helped. It was tedious and time consuming – as you know! But, it was quite interesting. Anyway. I don’t ever want to do that again so I saved it all on a huge thumb drive so if I ever have to do it again, I don’t. 😂😂😂

    I love Bridgeport. It’s so cool. Now I am wondering if you are going to introduce more supernatural beings into your story….hmmmm. 🤔

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    1. Yup, missing a week of posting is nothing compared to not being able to play/post at all which is fortunately not the case since everything worked out ☺️ I’m still amazed that you’re able to manage all of that content. I wish I was techy enough to modify or repair my own computer, then I would’ve probably been able to salvage my last computer (rip) On the bright side I backup everything now out of habit. 😂😭 That’s interesting, I’m quickly finding that the file sizes are the majority of any potential gaming issue. Believe me, I do know; haha, if I had to pick two adjectives for managing anything sim related it would be those two!
      It’s such a cool city! I have a bad habit of underplaying in any new locations that come with the EPs because I’m lazy and bad at managing time, lol. The answer to your ending statement there is yes and no… and because I like being cryptic, I’ll leave it at that 😏😇

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  5. Rey is SO GORGEOUS!!!! All these new sims got me messed up! Too much beauty in one place! I really love bridgeport, although I admit I don’t like to play there much because the apartments and high rises always seem to give me so much trouble, especially with the camera and the apartment lobbies getting lagged up. But it is such an amazing city, I wish we had anything like it in ts4 but well, ts4 is absolute garbage so no surprise there xD

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    1. Thanks! It’ll be no secret that I adore her once you finally see her in the story ☺️ Lol, I really need to stop entering CAS because the plot can’t take much more of them. I always play in houses so I haven’t gotten to experience that particular displeasure, but I’m sure it’ll only be a matter of time before I do 😂😭 Hahah, I don’t think I’ll ever make the switch, so I shall continue to read your and other ts4 stories in content from a distance 😇

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      1. Ahaha NO DON’T. Like I always tell Lila, stay in beautiful ts3land. I do play both games, but my blogs are still vastly ts4 favored, but I refuse to let the ts3 community die lol. I need a safe place to go back to after I get fed up with how terrible sims 4 is dsjkflsda. And ts3 is just my preferred game style xD

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  6. I’M SO EXCITED FOR THE NEW CHARACTERS!!!!!! Sorry for all the caps, but they all look so pretty! They definitely look a lot more tough (edgy, hehe) compared to Cailean, Gus etc, which is no surprise as they live in Bridgeport. I’m a complete dummy with game issues as Lila does all the work, but I hope you can finish Sight without any problems and continue to make more stories!

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    1. Haha I’m a failure and still haven’t included them, but they are coming I swear 😂😭 Thanks!!!
      They are indeed – the reason being a combination of where they live and the kind of lifestyles they lead 😏 I hope so too 😪 I appreciate it 💓

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