Hey everybody,

I bet you’re beyond surprised to be hearing from me. Dropping off of the face of the planet wasn’t my intention, but to say I’ve been overwhelmed these past couple of weeks would be an understatement. I haven’t had time to even look at my own site in ages, let alone open and browse through the reader. As I’ve been completely off the grid, I have no idea what has been transpiring here as of late, but I’m sure some of you guys are taking breaks or returning from hiatuses of your own.

As for the title of this post; I really don’t have anything to say other than sorry, for both leaving you hanging on my story and failing to stay up to date with all of the lovely ones I have been on this community. I was already moving at a glacial place catching up on some and now even the ones I stayed on top of, I’ve fallen behind in. You guys are well aware that I can’t just skim through a post without sharing all of my thoughts and theories, so until I have the time to properly do so, I’m afraid I shall still remain MIA.

Since this post is not announcing my return to writing or reading, I’m guessing that you’re wondering why I even made it, well, believe it or not, I happened to run into two people today – at separate locations – and met someone named Aislyn (though she pronounced it Ash-lynn) and someone else named August. I know right? Both in the span of an hour, what are the odds? Faced with not one, but two real life reminders of my temporarily forgotten story, the guilt I’ve kept at bay while dealing with my RL situations reached a boiling point and I felt the need to stay up super late to make this more lengthy explanation, and not another measly update post that my reader tells me a lot of you have seen. *insert awkward laughter*

If you are wondering what the state of my game is, I haven’t even attempted to run it for the past three weeks for two reasons: #1) no time, that one probably goes without saying, and #2) my last attempt to run the game forced reset my entire computer and I have no desire to kill it as I’ve barely had it for more than a year, so I’m playing it safe for now.

So where do we go from here? First off, thanks for reading another one of my lengthy updates/apologies/computer complaints, you guys are always so kind and supportive, and I miss chatting with you. Even though I’ve taken hiatuses before, I feel like this one was especially long, as I tended to pop up here and there via comments even when I myself wasn’t posting… Secondly, I do have some screenshots lying around that I was planning on incorporating into next chapter, but it’s 60% complete as I’ve never managed to take a single new photo since my issues began… With my wordiness, I may be able to draw it out into a complete chapter, but I’m on the fence on that at the moment… and the story won’t be making any significant progress until I get that all sorted. Lastly, I hope you all are doing well, hopefully next time I’m here, it shall be with better news.

Take care,
xoxo Amy

11 thoughts on “sorry.

  1. Popping out of my own commenting hiatus for this post! I was indeed wondering where you had gone (I figured you were caught up with real life) so I’m happy to hear that you are okay. Please don’t worry too much about this hiatus, there’s no need to apologise! I hope that you can find time to relax soon as you sound very busy, and come back to WP whenever you feel like it ❤ Miss talking with you too 😘
    That's such a cool coincidence! And yeah, definitely keep your computer safe. I spilled coffee on mine just a few hours ago and I'm worried that it might die (currently it's working, but the fans are very loud and I'm not even playing the game), so there's a chance of me being forced into yet ANOTHER long hiatus. Crossing my fingers that my laptop will pull through, especially since it's less than a year old like yours.
    Thank you for updating us, good to hear from you 🙂

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  2. I have missed your story but RL always takes precedence! TS3 can be a computer killer and nightmare to run. I know. I wound up rebuilding my PC after I nearly lost everything just to run it. So I feel your pain and hesitation to try to run it again if it seems to be crashing your PC. 😱

    We will be here when you do decide to return. Your story was so enjoyable! ❤️ But take care of you first. And thanks for popping in! 😊

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  3. Awww Amy! I’m sorry to hear that things are so hectic, and about the continued computer/game trouble. I really hope life will just work itself out for you soon. I think feeling the attachment and guilt to post is natural, everyone feels it, and I think a big part of that is just that we know we want to be doing it, but things get in the way. But I really don’t think you should feel rushed to come back before things calm down Take your time! WP is a very leisurely place and you can work at your own pace. I’ve had to take the better part of this month off myself, it’s just a really part of the year. I think a lot of people here are also on breaks. I really wouldn’t worry about it. Take your time! I hope things slow down soon, and the game problems, yuck 😦 well good luck honey! Miss you though, of course! AND your story! But it’s worth waiting for =)

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  4. I’m glad you posted this. At least we know you’re okay and I am relieved hearing it’s mostly real stuff, as I suspected. As for your game problems, I’m sorry. My game isn’t doing so well either. See you when you get back, we’ll be here! ♥

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  5. It’s good to “see” you. 🙂 Please don’t worry about taking a needed hiatus. As you said, everyone needs to now and again. I hope your game issues clear up soon. But take your time and don’t feel guilty about it. ❤

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  6. Don’t worry about a thing. We all know how it is when real life is in the way. It’s a busy time of year. As others have said, I hope your game issues clear up soon. Ts3 can be so finicky sometimes!
    We’re all eager to read more, but you’re more important. Take care and we’ll see you once you’re ready ❤

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  7. Hey Amy, I’m so sorry for commenting so late..! Don’t worry about it, we’re just glad you’re okay 🙂 Real life always finds ways to meddle with our schedules! I hope that nothing unpleasant is going on in your life right now, and it’s just plain old busy time!
    I admit that I was the one of the people checking your updates page during the past weeks, so thank you for this update, you are so sweet to do this! ❤
    I hope your game and pc both pull through, but most of all I hope you are alright and you take care of yourself! Until next time ❤

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  8. Real life happens, and we’re all capable of waiting! Hope that things get back on track for you soon. I look forward to the story when you have the time to post it – be kind to yourself. We know how life can be 🙂

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