What Now?

Hey everyone.

The format of this post shall be a bit different than my usual explanation posts…

There’ll be a lot of spacing~

That is because I shall be writing in real time and not formulating my thoughts on a doc to paste here.

I’m hoping it shall mimic the feeling that I’m speaking to you guys directly.

Which I guess I sort of am, in a way…

Anyway, if you find it annoying my apologies in advance, but this is the only way I’m capable of expressing myself after not having written for so long.

*sigh* I honestly don’t know where the time has gone.

I haven’t even taken the time to properly thank you guys and respond to your comments on my last post… so I will be promptly doing so after I post this. *fingers crossed I hold myself to that*

Where do I begin… Oh, right: Happy New Year!

Wish I had more positivity to add to that, but I don’t, so let’s just jump right into this update. I myself am tired of making these, so I’ll do my best to keep it short.

Well, short for my standards…

As per my last update, I’ve yet to even open the reader. I’m hoping I’ll find some crack in my schedule soon to properly scroll down back down to October (which is around when I stopped reading) and work my way back up.

Speaking of October, that is also the last time I worked on Sight, with the pics from August… or earlier? Can’t remember at this point.

last screenshot

As you can see from my above screenshot, I haven’t even touched my blogging draft since before my last post.

Despite that, with regards to all the photos and writing for the chapter: they’re done.

The chapter is done.

I just can’t get myself to post it because if I’m being 100% honest, it’s probably the last chapter of Sight I’ll manage to get out.

There, I said it.

I feel like such a failure, yet again, but my computer troubles have mounted and honestly it’s not looking like my current one has much of a lifespan left to it…

Can you believe that?

Simply put, I can’t afford to kill it trying to run a game that labeling as un-cooperative is putting it lightly.

The few times I did manage to get it up and running after a complete uninstall and reinstall, followed by a manual re-installation of store content and downloads I needed, my gaming experience was atrocious.

So many errors and issues I don’t even want to attempt and find a solution for, or bother you guys with anymore.

After all of the hours I’ve devoted in my extremely limited free time attempting to fix it, I’ve now accepted that – at least, for now – I won’t be able to access the majority of the files and characters I’ve created for the purpose of Sight story-telling.

This is almost the exact same scenario I found myself in before starting, Sight. Didn’t expect to be reliving my history again so soon. But at least this time my computer isn’t dead. *knocks on wood*

Not trying to be dramatic or anything, as there are worse things, but I can’t say I’m not frustrated.

Which begs the question: What Now? 

To be honest, I don’t know.

As I said, Sight is probably done… at least in regards to using the sims3 as a medium to propel the story at least.

Though I’ve had a million things to share and answers to give… For now, I’m moving forward under the assumption that I won’t be able to re-access what I need to and that’s that.

So what are my options… I either:
a) Write out the story without visuals (i.e. no screenshots)
b) Just summarize everything I’d planned to show without any excess details or dialogue. (i.e. quick “what would have happened” post)
c) Hold out on a possibility of salvaging something and procuring what I can through use of the computer of a friend (who also play sims).

I can say that right now, option c is probably not a good one, as the hours I would need to even get one chapter out wouldn’t be practical in terms of borrowing my friends pc. AND I’d hate to risk damaging her belonging in the process.

And for now… That’s all I’ve got.

Logging in to make this post, I took a glance at my stats over the past few months and felt so guilty seeing you guys check in only to be met with radio silence from me.

I hate failing yet again to finish something and making you guys play a waiting game, but I’m so so so thankful for all of the support and kind words and encouragement you guys have given me and continue to give me every time I bombard you with uneventful lengthy updates.

This community is honestly what makes working on writing for me so much fun and enjoyable, despite the continuous setbacks…

It’s also the reason why I’m having a hard time letting go, even though any sane person would have by now… I appreciate you guys so much. ❤ ❤ ❤

It seems fitting to share the last screenshot I managed to take in-game on here, so I shall:


If you’ve made it to the end of this: thank you ❤

Hope to speak with you all really soon ❤

Take care,
xoxo Amy

45 thoughts on “What Now?

  1. I’m glad to see you return, even if it’s not to return to the story, Amy. 🙂 Your enthusiasm, warmth, and support is a gift to the community and even if you never post another chapter with pictures again, you have a place here. ❤
    I'm so sorry that your computer is going out and I understand how you feel – when my old one started sounding like a jetplane, ts3 was the last thing I wanted to put it through. I'm happy to have any end to the story I can have. Of course, having it actually written out (even without pics) would be ideal, but if you feel like a summary is all you can muster, I'm happy with that, too! ❤
    Basically, whatever you feel like you can do for this story is cool by me. So long as you don't spend too much time or energy on something you DON'T want to do, go for it, friend. 🙂 Whatever you do, I'm always happy to have you peek in. 🙂

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    1. Aww thanks Louise 💕 Haha I’m currently at that airplane engine level of sound phase, and I fear what shall come next if I push it 🙃 I appreciate that~ I’m still torn at the moment, but hope to figure out that next step soon. Thanks for the support ❤️
      p.s I miss Enzo and Gina 😢 I’m so looking forward to catching up!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aaah, I can’t wait for you to catch up, especially to the more recent chapters – there are some developments I think you’ll enjoy. 😉 ❤
        Take care, Amy, and don't rush anything. We're happy with anything you give us. ❤

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  2. I feel so sorry for you, Amy. You do so much to deliver the story and spend so much of your free time trying to make it work and the game just doesn’t cooperate. Also, I’ve missed you so much. This community feels lacking without you ♥ I’m one of the people regularly checking your updates page to see if you’re okay. So, I’m thankful for this update, even if it’s to announce such bad news.
    I would love if you wrote the story without pictures, but as Louise has said, do what feels best for you and if a summary is easier, then go for it. But you don’t have to finish the story in TS3. For me, it would be very enjoyable even if it was just regular writing, not simlit.

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    1. Unfortunately technology likes to be my enemy 🙃 I’ve missed you too, Jowita! Aww that warms my heart ❤️ I’ve missed being here, and reading everyone’s stories and just chatting away in the comments. Thanks for saying that, I hope to come to a decision soon. I’m also looking forward to delving into Ron’s story. It has been so long 😊 Thank you!


  3. First of all, it’s super awesome to see an update from you! It’s relieving to know that you’re okay, even if your computer isn’t 😦
    I’m really sad to hear that Sight is most likely ending, since it’s one of my favourite stories, and you’ve spent so much hard work and effort on the existing chapters as well as laying everything out. However, your health and happiness (and of your computer’s) absolutely comes first. Do whatever you feel the most comfortable with, although I would totally love to read/know what happens next regardless of whether it has visuals or not 🙂 And don’t worry about Reader — don’t push your busy schedule too hard to fit catching up in! I dig that ending picture by the way 😀
    Amy, you are a loved member of this community and anything you do has always been and will always be truly appreciated. I personally am delighted whenever I get to converse with you! Please try not to stress too much about how this will affect us, just make sure the time you spend here doesn’t stress YOU out. Much love ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Hey 😊 I’m doing well all things considered, fortunately. I didn’t get around to replying to everyone’s last comments like I said I would (surprise 🙃) but I hope your laptop is thriving as well, given what you mentioned last about the coffee.
      Haha I really was ambitious with the plot, I don’t think I’ll be able to stand not resolving things in some way like I have failed to do with all my other stories in the past 😅
      Thanks! I wanted to comment on your profile (this one is adorable btw) with the blonde and the blue light – it was sooo pretty~ it kind of inspired me to tinker with the lighting when I’d managed to get the game running a few weeks back, and this was the end product ☺️ I’m hoping that when I get around to catching up on Luc, Cherry & Co. there’ll be some photoshoot post of yours amongst the chapters 😇
      That means a lot ❤️ I feel the exact same way. My goal for this year is definitely to be less bothered by things and go with the flow~ if my personality will let me 😂 Thank you so much, Lila. 💕

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      1. My laptop is doing fine, luckily! I’m surprising it’s coping this well with the game lmao.
        Oh, the neon light profile picture? I change my avatar way too frequently haha. The pictures correlating to that are in one chapter themselves, although it don’t include the prototype shots with the blondie (which I actually like more). I’ll add in a gallery of those now so you can see them, whenever you read 😀

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      2. Yay, that’s good to hear 😊 yup that one! Ooh, I’m looking forward to reading whichever chapter it is even more now~ Aww, I feel guilty bestowing extra work on you, but at the same time I’m also excited to see those photos as well, so thank you! 😆❤️

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yup, I have! There were two slightly different versions I believe. I liked the one that started out with peter going through airport immigration 😂 It looks like it’s going to be a good film. I’m hoping they don’t CG his suit too much because that’s the main issue I had with the first film. In the set pics, the suit looks really good without any tinkering, but maybe that’s just me. 😇 How about you? What were your thoughts?

        Liked by 1 person

      4. 😮 I haven’t seen that version, what! I’m very excited to watch the movie, to see what Mysterio is like as well as how Peter’s relationship with MJ develops (I really like her character/Zendaya!). I loved Homecoming’s lighter, comedic, sweet-emotional vibes so it will surely be a relief after Endgame, which will 100% make me a wreck 😭
        I didn’t notice how much the suit got CGed until I watched a video on the problems with Marvel CGI haha. Still can’t get over the atrocity that was the Black Panther vs Killmonger fight scene 😂

        Liked by 1 person

      5. I’m also a fan of MJ! ☺️ It looks like there’ll be a lot of cute moments since so many set pictures leaked whilst filming and I couldn’t resist not looking at them, haha. Omg Endgame is going to be quite something – the trailer totally showed nothing. I was wondering why they didn’t show the year on peter’s passport in the ffh trailer and I’m thinking there’s going to be some sort of time related permanent occurrence after endgame but that’s just a theory 👀
        I was the only one in my friend group who was bothered by the CG so I have to find that video as justification for my opinion and send it to them 😂 Looool, we don’t speak of that fight 🤫 The only blemish on an otherwise great film.

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      6. They’re gonna be such a cute dorky couple! It’s actually quite refreshing to see a budding high school romance which isn’t the unpopular protagonist getting with the hot popular girl/boy. I really liked how Homecoming portrayed high schoolers in a realistic light, and focused on the ‘nerds’ rather than putting them down. Such a wholesome movie which I enjoyed very much, so I’m totally hyped for Far From Home 😀
        I’m not a very observant person when picking out finer details for movies/stories etc, I rely on youtube breakdowns 😂 However, I have noticed that Marvel can have dodgy CGI at times. Black Panther is one of my fave MCU films, though, so I’ll ignore that problem this time lmao. Also, have you seen Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse?

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      7. They are ☺️ Haha, it is a nice change to the stereotypical film tropes indeed 😂 Also, since they travelled to a bajillion places for filming, the cinematography is going to be great.
        What’s funny is Marvel was so into practical effects starting out, but ever since that money came flying in – it’s CG city 🙃 That’s the only thing that takes me out of the film sometimes tbh, but infinity war was great. Hardly anything to nitpick on.
        Yes!!!! Yes I have!!!! It was nominated for an Oscar today 😭❤️ I loved it.
        The art, the story, the soundtrack… everything was great. I was going to post a potential minor spoiler, but I shall return the question to you first, hehe. Have you watched it? The sequel has already been confirmed 🙌

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      8. I have watched it! I was very pleasantly surprised — I don’t typically watch animated films so I wasn’t that excited about it, but boy am I glad I went to see it in theaters. The animation just blew my mind!

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      9. The animation was lovely, it was cool how they had everything very comic-like, it was a nice change to typical animation styles. The spoiler I was going to post was 2018: 2, Peter: 0 😂😭

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  4. Amy! It’s good to hear from you! So very happy you checked in. 😁 The months after October can be stressful with the holidays somots not unusual for someone to disappear during the end of the year and show back up in January. So don’t feel bad. RL trumps everything else. Doesn’t mean you aren’t missed though! ❤️

    I’m sooo sorry to hear your computer is barely limping along. 😢 TS3 isn’t kind to PC’s unless they are souped up gaming PCs. And most of us can’t always afford those. I built mine and it was still pricey and only souped up just enough. 🙄

    We have all missed you dearly. ❤️ Like the others, the story without pics might give you closure, even if it is a summary of how things ended. ❤️ I can promise it feels really good to complete a story. ❤️ However, the stress may not be worth it and that’s okay too. Just know, I loved your story and have missed it and you in the community. Welcome back. 😊

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    1. Yeah the end of the year definitely breezed by in a hectic whirlwind 😅 Haha, limping is the most accurate word choice to describe its current state 😂😭 It really isn’t *sigh* if only I were more tech savvy… Same here! I’ve missed you all as well 💕 I can’t even express into words how badly I want that closure, and how desperately I want to experience that feeling. That emotion may even trump the stress, but I still need a bit more time to figure out if that will be the case. Thank you so, so much Audrey ❤️ I shall be back to binging Ben and Cole’s story soon!

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  5. AMY! I’m so happy to hear from you, even under such icky circumstances. You’re one of my favorite people and storytellers in the community, just seeing your name pop up in feed makes my day! I’m so sorru that your computer is giving you hell. Ts3 is such a beautiful game and such an absolute mess. I always said if I was a billionaire I would pay EA to make a remastered version of it, because it’s just so disappointing to love something so much but to feel hassled every time we try to run it. Like it’s 2k19! We have the technology! Anyways, about how to proceed. Firstly, let me say I perfectly understand the situation you’re in. I’m in a similar boat myself even if for a different reason. The point is, you’ll have to make a decision yourself, for yourself, based on what works best for you personally. There’s no perfect solution, obviously I’m sure you’d love to have the free time and no pc troubles ane be working on the story as usual, but since that’s not possible, you’ll have to settle for second best. Of course, as a selfish reader I would be thrilled to read Sight in pure text form, as it’s one of my favorite stories! And I know what all your sims look like! Not that I dont love everyone’s pics, but I always have preferred to read unobstructed. If you choose that option, I’ll be delighted and read along as I always have. But still, make the choice that works for you! We all love you here and hope you can come back soon. Take your time and hope for a break! Either way, thanks for the update!

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    1. Hey Jade 😊 the feeling is mutual! ❤️ EA really should. If I ever fell to such fortune, I’d make the same request. Sorry to hear you are also experiencing something similar. I absolutely adore Almost Blue (in case that wasn’t evident in my lengthy theory-filled posts 😂) and am looking forward to catching up on whatever I’ve missed. ~I’m sending some of positive energy I’ve amassed in this time away your way~ and fingers crossed we manage to overcome our troubles 💕
      Yeah… despite me being aware of all that, my personality makes it hard for me to jump to plan B straight away, and instead fuss over savaging plan A… but I’m working on it! Thank you! ❤️

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  6. Hi, Amy. I’m so sorry this has happened to you and that Sight is ending. You have put so much into it all, it’s a shame to see it go. I totally understand the trouble you’ve had and even if you don’t continue Sight, I hope you’ll still check in if you can and say hi. 🙂 You’ve been missed. 🙂 I’ve got so many questions about your story, so if it ends, I’m really happy to know you’ll be doing a What Woud Have Happened post. ❤ I'm totally not opposed to having pictureless updates, too. Whatever you want to do. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Kym, ooh that’s a unique profile photo~ I like it ☺️ Aww, I appreciate it ❤️ I do hope to stick around, even if it isn’t to post… I’m still torn on my next course of action at the moment 😅 I do hope I’ll finally find the time to catch up on Noble Doubt amongst my dilemma as well. Don’t underestimate my binging skills 😉 Thank you ❤️

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      1. I’m glad to hear you’ll be sticking around even if you don’t post. And I hope you won’t feel torn about what you want to do soon. 🙂 I’ve missed you. 🙂 Your binging skills sound powerful! lolol 😀 ❤

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  7. Amy,

    I can relate to all of this. Even with gaming PC, I am having issue. I have found roundabouts to get my game up and running. I am willing to help, if you need anymore ideas. I know amazing Simmer team, that is great on fixing almost any issues.
    Your story is amazing with or without pictures. I do hope that you will stay and still post! ❤

    I have idea on another plan, that might help you. I see it happen before. Someone does the writing, edit and etc. There is another person that does the pictures for the story.

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    1. I’m hoping I manage to figure out something soon so I don’t leave you all hanging. I really appreciate you always checking in and offering help and advice, I wouldn’t have managed to fix several of the problems I had if you hadn’t lent a hand ❤️
      Unfortunately I don’t even know if I can manage to salvage the majority of the sims to even consider that option as I never really exported them so I would need to re-enter the game somehow to do that 😅 annddd I wouldn’t feel comfortable giving that task to someone else as it’s veryyyy time consuming. But again, thanks so much for your kind words and attempts to help me find a solution!!! 💕

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  8. Hi Amy! I’ve actually been thinking about you these past few weeks, hoping you’d pop up and let us all know you’re okay ❤ I'm so sorry about your game and computer and everything – that really sucks, but I understand. I'm also happy reading it as just text, but whatever works best for you is more important. I hope you remain within the community, I've missed you a lot! ❤

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    1. Hey Carys 😄 My guilt wouldn’t let me go another day without saying something 😂😭 Thanks, I appreciate it ❤️ I’ve missed you too! I plan on slowly easing my way back in to the community soon. Boy do I have so much to catch up on, haha, but I’m looking forward to it. 😇

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  9. Hi!
    Awh, I hope your computer gets better! It’s so strange how much frustration a life simulation game can bring… The amount of times I’ve groaned playing sims are too many to count.
    Your story has been very entertaining to read, and even though I am sad to hear about the (possible) end of it, no matter what you produce, both with sims or without, I’ll be excited to see it!
    Even though it’s been so long since I’ve logged onto WordPress, and it’ll probably be another few months till I log back on, I hope to see a new post of yours on my reader! Your writing is genuinely so fun to read 🙂
    You’re such a great part to this community so I really hope you stay!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey! Thank you 😭❤️ Right?! It’s so ironic. Will the stresses ever end? Haha.
      Aww I appreciate that! It has been a while for me too. I hope that next time you’re here, there’ll be something positive posted on my end 😂 I also hope you continue to update your story whenever you can as well! As far as I’ve seen, having the readers choose what happens next is unique to you 😊 The feeling is mutual! Thank you 💕

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  10. Hi Amy!! ❤ I am sooo so sorry for this incredibly late comment! I too had been inactive for about two months, so it's my time for catching up 🙂 I'm sorry again for commenting so late! D:
    You know, I was so excited to see your post, and even if it doesn't signal your return, it's still so great to see you around – I have honestly missed you so very much! 😀 ❤ ❤
    I am really sorry to hear about your game issues – freaking TS3 never ever makes it easy *smh* – and it's very understandable that you don't want to continue with that struggle. I personally wouldn't mind read the rest of it in just text, but only if that's something you really want to do of course ~no pressure! 😉
    Take care and I hope to see you around again! ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey girl! 😄 No worries, as evident in my late reply, I’ve been mostly inactive as well 🤣😭 I’ve missed you too 💕
      Haha that game was built for testing people’s patience *sigh* Aww I appreciate that. I’m working on it at the moment, so fingers crossed I manage to get something done lol. I’m looking forward to catching up on Jesse and co. as soon as I can! Thank you! ❤️

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