Hey everyone,

I’m already off to a late start as I said the recap would be up sometime last week… Clearly that didn’t happen, haha. That’s probably why going forward I won’t try to give dates in advance.

Some of you have probably noticed that I’ve begun doing some catch-up reading (at long last!) and that’s part of the reason why this is late. I feel bad as for some of you, that entails me going back to things you’ve written ages ago, but I’m a good binger and shall hopefully be up to date soon!

In other news, I’m finally getting closer to posting a new chapter, but granted it has been NINE MONTHS since the last one, I think a refresher is needed, hence this recap. I know I’ve mentioned that in my last post, but whilst doing my recap writing I realized just how long of a time that is, goodness.

I shall link both the old recap for the first part, and the new one I’ve just written for the second part below (just press the photos to be redirected!). You don’t have to read the first one if you don’t want to or have already. I didn’t go back and change anything, I’ve just updated the photo as Aislyn’s legs were bothering me in the last one. That being said, I do recommend refreshing with the latter~ I’ve done my best to keep it condensed. 😇 

Recap One
Recap Two

As I didn’t enable comments on either page, should you have any questions or comments regarding anything I didn’t mention (as there are currently 100+ ongoing mysteries, haha) feel free to share them, or anything else, below!  

Depending on how consistently I post, or don’t post, I’ll probably continuously update the recap page until Sight is done.  

The next post you see from me shall *fingers crossed* be a chapter at long last. Having learned my lesson, I won’t be announcing when I have that planned to drop, I’ll just release it when I’m ready.

Thanks for being soooo patient ❤ Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Take care,
xoxo Amy

13 thoughts on “Recaps

  1. I reread the first recap, and read the second. It was great to go through it all again! Though I still don’t know why the boys at Mackenzie’s high school were so dumbstruck by Aislyn’s appearance?
    Anyway, looking forward to finally reading the new chapter ♥

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  2. Aww yay! I can’t wait to read the next chapter from you, although of course don’t feel bad about the delay – we’ll be happy to read it whenever you are ready to post 🙂
    I did read the first part of the recap and I’m about to read the second. It was so great, I really missed those characters :’) And I think I realized that Gus and Kim are probably my favorite couple (although not officially a couple… yet?), so I’m really looking forward to seeing them again! And of course, I’m so looking forward to reading your new chapter again! ❤

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    1. I’m ready to have it out at long last ☺️ Thank you 💕 It has been so long since I’ve seen them myself, haha.
      Ahh yes, Gus and Kim haven’t had much solid development yet, but I’m hoping to finally give them justice soon 😇 Thanks! ❤️

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  3. Yay, can’t wait to read more from you. I know it’ll be awesome. 😀 I’ll need to sit down and read the recaps at some point, though today I’m achy and grumpy, so I’ll get to it some other time.
    Anywayyy, I’m so ready for the chapter! 🙂 No rush, of course. We’re glad to read whenever you have the chance to share. ❤

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  4. I read them both — it was great to have a refresher, and makes me even more excited for your comeback 😀 So much juicy mystery to be unravelled! I’m particularly looking forward to discovering J.D’s true identity, and also see my boi Gus again haha. It also reminded me that I need to update my own recap page, but I’ve been avoiding it because I don’t want to remember Gen 3 😂

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    1. Ooh, is that a new profile I spy 👀 Cute!
      Thanks for reading ❤️ Lol I’m laugh crying at the amount of mysteries piling up, can you believe I shall only be adding to them before you guys get answers? Don’t hate me 😂😭
      The og Gus stan, haha, he shall be around soon 😇 I still can’t believe you’re done! I’m dying to see how it all goes down. Hmm, that ending comment is giving me mixed vibes, I’m hoping you’re saying that because of personal discontent with some stuff and not because there’s some twist tragic ending 🙃 If the former is the case, then you are being overly critical of yourself 😜

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      1. Hehe, I keep changing my profile picture as I take tons of new pictures for Tumblr!
        Don’t worry, the ending is happy! It’s just embarrassing to recall how I did the middle part of the gen, yikes. So many issues there due to lack of planning and rushing. So I’m just very glad to be working on Gen 4 now, because I’ve been planning that for about two years now haha.

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