Sight Chapter 35: Nostalgia

*** author’s note: I know, I can’t believe it either, but we’re back. This has been sitting around for ten months now 🙃 Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for sticking by me for all this time. And if you’re new: Welcome! I don’t want to leave you guys hanging, so I’m hoping I’ll manage to continue until the end of Sight. Enjoy~ ***

7:31 p.m. | Persefoni Home
After giving their somber goodbyes to Maddie, Aislyn and J.D. walk back home in relative silence, it appeared as though there was a lot on both of their minds. When they enter, J.D. walks on ahead towards Aislyn’s room as she turns towards Nicole whom she spots arranging flowers in the vases she recognizes from her room.

“Hey Aislyn, how was your first day back in Bayville? Sorry for leaving you on your own.”

Aislyn, who was feeling exhausted and emotionally drained after quite an eventful day had almost forgotten that they’d arrived this morning. “Don’t worry about it; it was okay. I managed to get a lot done.” She says with what she hopes is a convincing smile.

“That’s wonderful. Mind helping me carry these to your room?”

They enter the guest room that Aislyn will be calling her own for the time being, and Aislyn immediately notices a large brown box on the floor that was not there when she left. Nicole notices her glance towards it, “Oh, I’d almost forgotten. I’ve been nagging at your father to get rid of some of the things he’s been storing in the attic, and he’s finally gotten to it. He said that those were a collection of some of your things he’s kept. Feel free to rummage through it. If there’s anything you’d like to toss, garbage pickup day is tomorrow so just bring it out to the lawn.”

“Will do, thanks.” Aislyn says, slightly surprised to learn what the contents of the box were.

8:06 p.m.
After washing up and changing, Aislyn settles down beside the aging box, curious as to what keepsakes from her childhood her father had kept. “Am I going to get the honor of seeing an adolescent Aislyn?” J.D. asks with an amused grin as he drops down in the chair beside her. “I guess we’ll see.” Aislyn says as she pulls on the packing tape running along the top of the box.

Inside she finds, amongst other things, old high school textbooks and novels, her cheerleading uniform, friendship bracelets, and trinkets gifted from family friends. “What’s that?” J.D. asks, pointing to something tucked in the side of the box. Aislyn sets down the old math book she was flipping through and pulls it out. “It’s a picture frame.” She says as she wipes some of the collecting dust off of the glass.“I’m guessing that’s your old sweetheart.” J.D. says as he leans over her shoulder to look at the encased image. Aislyn nods, “Tristan, yeah.”

“From what I can see, he appears to be quite the looker.” J.D. teases. “As if that matters now.” Aislyn says with a scoff. “What happened to him?” J.D. asks. “I don’t know…” Aislyn says, realizing for the first time, it wasn’t only her father with whom she parted from quite ungracefully.

Her thoughts drift back to the cool summer night in which the photo was taken. It was the summer before senior year. She and Tristan went on a double date with one of his teammates and his girlfriend in Ravensburg. They’d separated from the others to have their photo taken and share a private moment. She and Tristan had stood on a balcony overlooking the water for what seemed like ages, embracing one another and whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears.

Aislyn found it interesting how she could have someone know her so intimately, physically and mentally, only to become strangers just like that. She realized that it was largely her fault. With all the time that has passed, she supposed it would be odd to try and apologize to him now…

“Earth to Aislyn!” J.D. says, drawing her out of her reverie. “Yeah?” Aislyn responds, realizing she had tuned J.D. out and gotten lost in her thoughts. “I said…” He continues, “that if you aren’t too busy fantasizing about your old boyfriend, you might want to answer the phone and talk to your current one.” J.D. gestures to Aislyn’s cell at the foot of the bed she could now see was glowing and buzzing with an incoming video call.

“I was not fantasizing about him.” Aislyn says with an eye roll as she sets the photo down to pick up her phone, and J.D. laughs. She swipes her screen to answer the call, and is greeted by Cailean’s smile that immediately causes some heat to rise to her face. “Hey.” He says. “Hi.” Aislyn answers, feeling oddly bashful at talking to Cailean in front of J.D, who appears to notice this. “Well, I’ll leave you lovebirds to it, then.” He says as he walks off.


“So, how was your first day back?” Cailean asks. “Pretty exhausting, but nice.” Aislyn replies. “You did see my text telling you there’s always tomorrow, right?” “Yeah, but I couldn’t help myself.” Aislyn says with a smile. “Besides, there’s a lot of things I want and need to do, so I need to divide and conquer if I have any hope of accomplishing them in a timely manner.”

“Well, miss conqueror what did you manage to accomplish today?” Aislyn walks over to her bed and lies back to recount her day for Cailean, leaving out all of the ghost-related bits, before inquiring about how work went.

As they chat, there are instances in which Aislyn wishes she could brush the hair that would spill in front of Cailean’s eyes out of the way, or trace his jaw with her fingers. It has only been a day and yet she yearned to touch and hold him, which surprises her as she hadn’t expected to feel so strongly so soon.

“Would it be cliché of me to say I miss you already?” Cailean asks, almost as if he can read the thoughts crossing her mind. “I suppose the correct answer would be yes, but I’ll say no, only because I do, too.” Cailean chuckles and Aislyn feels her cheeks redden. “Goodnight, Aislyn.” “Night.” She says. It felt like they’d been speaking for a few moments, but a glance at her phone’s clock tells her it’s been a little over an hour.

She rolls out of bed and hears her father and Nicole engaging in some playful banter in the kitchen as they prepare dinner. “If you wash those potatoes any longer honey, you’ll see your reflection in them.” Nicole says. “What if I like shiny potatoes.” Her father retorts. “You’re unbelievable.”

Aislyn felt guilty for intruding on their their little moment. “Do you guys need any help?” She asks. “No, dear. Leave the dinner to us. I hope you’re hungry, we’re planning to have a mini welcome feast.” Nicole answers. “We’re making chicken and potatoes, with some salad and pasta. Is there anything else you want to eat?” Her father chimes in. “Sounds like that’s more than enough to me.” Aislyn says with a smile. She notices the familiar warmth of J.D. is nowhere to be found, and has a feeling she knows where he went.

“I’m going to go on a brief walk in preparation of said feast.” She says. “We should be done in half an hour or so; don’t venture off too far, it’s late.” Her dad says. Aislyn notices he does his best to mask the concern in his voice, but she still detects it. “I won’t.” She says as she tucks some of her hair behind her ears and wraps her arms around herself to brace for the outdoor chill. Once outside, she still doesn’t sense J.D; she pulls out her phone to hail a cab to where she suspects he’ll be.

9:47 p.m. | Bayville Cemetery

As Aislyn pulls open the rusty cemetery gates, sure enough, in the distance she finds J.D. seated on Maddie’s grave. “This seat taken?” She teases as she joins him. J.D, so deep in his own thoughts, doesn’t appear to have heard her. Aislyn notes the melancholic expression on his face and it sends a pang through her heart.

J.D. appears to come back from wherever his mind has drifted off to, and raises his dark eyes to meet hers. “Sunshine?” He says in a shocked surprise. “What are you doing here?” 
“Looking for you, obviously.” Aislyn did not want to contribute to J.D’s sadness and instead was determined to reciprocate his constant support whenever she was down by easing her worries and soothing her sorrows.

She sits down beside him, wishing for the hundredth time that she could wrap her arms around him. “Who’d have thought you’d have a soft side?” She says. At this, J.D. cracks a smile. “Don’t let word get out, I have a reputation you know.”

“Your secret’s safe with me.”

“Thank you.” J.D. says, and from his tone, Aislyn knows he’s referring to more than her joke. “Of course.”


4:22 a.m. | Outskirts of Oldmerrow
After parking her car at the foot of a hill on the outskirts of town, Commissioner DeCarlo begins making her way towards her rendezvous point. Whilst walking along the dirt path, halfway to her destination, she hesitates. The morning air blows across her face and she hugs her jacket closer to her.

The trace she’d ordered on the confession from the Perelli Brothers returned, stating that it’d come from the Merrow Rose. The hotel that, in addition to serving hundreds of guests, also happened to be the location Ms. Persefoni and her family stayed at. So what did this mean? The thought of the brothers venturing there to write it seemed highly unlikely given how many of her officers were stationed around. Was it someone else? Perhaps

Daphne shakes her head, and continues on. With all her years in law enforcement, it was impossible for her to leave things up in the air, especially when her gut was leading her to a particular conclusion. Unfortunately her resources could tell her no more than the location where the letter was originated, which meant she had to use other means to get her answers.  

She’d encountered an organization called CR3YZ, presumably pronounced ‘craze’, in some of her cases. Next to nothing was known about them to the public and the police, except for the fact that whomever they were, they were excellent hackers; good at getting results and concealing who they were and who they work for. Allying with such a group went against Daphne’s principles, but her need for answers caused her to contact them anyway.

She didn’t have to give her name, only her request, and within the same day Daphne had received a response. They instructed her to bring the file to the location she was approaching at 4:30 a.m, an oddly specific time, but she supposed it was ideal for minimal encounters with strangers.

As Daphne reaches the meeting spot, she’s surprised to see a woman seated on the floor, lazily opening and closing the lid of a brass lighter. She didn’t think she’d need it, but she had her pistol on her for good measure. The woman tucks the lighter into her pocket and rises to approach Daphne. As she draws nearer, strands of bright blue hair blow across her forehead and Daphne notices a dark tattoo of what appears to be a dragon across her chest.

“You got the file?” The woman asks as she comes to a stop. “Yeah…” Daphne hesitates, “You weren’t what I was expecting.” She says, realizing how young the woman is upon hearing her voice. The mother in her made Daphne curious as to what got the girl into such a dangerous line of work and wonder whether she was just a middle man, or directly involved. “I’d have thought someone like you would be open minded, Commissioner.” The girl says with a crooked smile.

Daphne wasn’t surprised the girl knew who she was without any introduction. It’d make sense those involved in the group, or any like them, would be familiar with her.

“I suppose that’s true.”

“Getting cold feet?” Daphne pauses to ponder this. Her desire to always get the answer tended to trump what usually came afterwards: the actions that would need to be taken once she found them. If her theory was true, what would she be prepared to do with that knowledge?

“Relax, we’re good at what we do.”

“I don’t doubt that.”

“So, just to double check. You know where this document came from, but don’t know who wrote it. All you need is a name?”

Daphne takes a breath and decides to worry about what she’ll do only after she’s gotten her answer. “Yes, with concrete proof if possible.” “If possible?” The girl repeats with a scoff. “You forget who you’re talking to lady.” The girl extends her hand, waiting for the USB with the files.

“We only take payment after a job well done, so expect to hear from us soon.” Without another moment of hesitation, Daphne places the USB into her palm, and turns on her heel to walk back to her parked car.

Woo-hoo! At long last, it’s out!!! I know I said I wouldn’t have release dates planned, but I really wanted to get this out by the end of this month, so I had given myself this week as a deadline. Can you believe I couldn’t open the word document with the text for this chapter so I had to re-write it? Aren’t I so lucky? 😇

Now you’ve finally seen the screenshot and briefly encountered the character I teased in this update way back when. Anyway~ getting back into the simlit groove was hard. If it seemed like not much happened, it’s because these photos were taken pre-game crash and I didn’t want to mix them with the stuff I’ve taken after my hiatus. I hope you liked it! Feel free to let me know your thoughts down below~ I should warn you that you’ll probably form more questions than get answers from me, but I promise mysteries shall be solved soon.

Thanks for reading ❤
Take care,
xoxo Amy

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  1. OMGGGGG IT’S HERE! This is too exciting, I don’t care if I still have much older posts to read, I need to comment on this first 😀
    Ohhhh right the mystery boy was Tristan, I didn’t recognise him before, presumably because we didn’t see a closeup of him in the flashbacks? I’m really curious to what he’s up to right now since he seemed like a good genuine guy back in the days. And I do wonder what might happen if Aislyn reconnects with her old flame. She already has a lovely boyfriend in Cailean, and I can’t ever imagine her cheating — but having started off their relationship so recently, as long distance no less, and her romantic history with Tristan, I feel as if another Gus-Cailean-Aislyn type situation may be on the horizon. I might be remembering wrong, but did you mention before that Aislyn and Cailean don’t necessarily have a happy ending?
    Poor J.D 😦 I wish I could give him a hug too.
    Oh my, what is the new ‘dragon’ organisation and who is that mysterious girl with the bomb eyeshadow? I have no doubt they will be able to uncover Aislyn since that girl appears to be in the same cemetery. I wonder what Daphne would actually do with that information, and also if the organisation finds out that Aislyn can talk to ghosts — perhaps she might get involved with them? Whatever the case, complicated times are ahead for our leading girl!
    Boo to that word document. Have you tried Google Drive? I think it’s more reliable. I’m just in the habit of writing directly in WP Admin, though, probably the only person who does that 😂
    This was an awesome chapter, it’s absolutely fantastic to have your story back on my dash ❤ Can't wait to see what events are to unfold!

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    1. Ahh I’m honored 😭❤️ !!!
      Yeah, I didn’t expect people to connect who he was right away as most of the flashback shots were wide and or angled, lol. He shall finally show up… soon 😇 You’re right in that Aislyn is definitely not one to cheat. Things shall get complicated for sure, but perhaps not in the way most people will think, hehe. I did say something along those lines! Excellent memory 👌 Rather than an unhappy ending, I’d say they have more of a difficult road ahead and the end of the road may or may not involve them being together 😏
      I’m surprised you caught the eyeshadow lmaoo!!! Her makeup was one of my favorites to do and it couldn’t really be showcased here because of the necessary all black + sunglasses combo 😂😭 I shall be shamelessly be posting close ups of her later~ ‘Twas probably a bad transition on my part but the person in the cemetery isn’t her! But you’re on the money in that it’s not a matter of if they discover her, but when. Eek, so many answers I cannot give, but they shall be provided soon enough 😁
      Yeah, I’m using it – I wasn’t a fan before, but it won me over now, lol. I only write directly in WP for updates or random bonus posts. I can’t do stories for some reason, so props to you for managing to be more efficient than I 😂
      Thanks Lila 💕 I appreciate that ☺️ I’m excited to finally get the ball rolling, hehe. Thanks for reading!

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  2. Yes!!! It’s been so long.welcome back! ❤️❤️❤️ I fear there are details I’ve forgotten. Regardless, I love this mystery and am happy to see it back.

    Now I need to go back and reread the kidnapping and all that happened afterwards. I forgot Cailean’s Mom was still investigating.

    Poor JD! Who doesn’t want to hug him…he’s so sad. He needs a happy ever after too. And so do Cailean and Aislyn – together!. I ship them so bad! He

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    1. Thank you! 😄💕 I was hoping the recaps would help, but the chapters were so dense, there’s a lot I didn’t include that’ll probably cause more confusion down the line 😅
      Aww shucks ☺️ it’s kind of you to do so~ I shall be doing my best to throw some brief throwback pieces of info within the chapters as well to help jog everyone’s memories. Yeah, the brothers are in jail, but the fact that their ‘confession’ just showed up so easily isn’t sitting well with her.
      Yeah, he’s taking Maddie’s ‘passing’ pretty hard, for several reasons 😔 He does need one… the question is, will he get it~ hehe. Ahh, the ship shall be in some rough waters soon 😇
      Thanks for reading! ❤️

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  3. Yaaay, it’s good to see you back. 🙂 I’d missed your story! So much I forgot, lol, but it’s slowly coming back to me.
    As the others have said: I feel for JD. I’m really hoping we find out who he is soon and that he’ll be able to find peace. It’ll be hard for Aislyn when that happens, but at the same time, she’s slowly moving on as well.
    Though she’ll probably need JD for a while yet if the commisioner figures out about Aislyn. :O That could cause trouble!
    It was so great to see this and it’s wonderful that you’re back, Amy. ❤ Hope that your bad luck doesn't continue. 😛

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    1. It’s good to be back ☺️ Aww ❤️ Yeah, it’s gonna take a minute for everything to slowly come back, lol. 😂😭
      Imma just throw this out there now, J.D’s answers are coming, but not that soon. There’ll be a lot of dropped hints along the way though 😇 That eventual goodbye is going to be quite… something. That’s the best way to describe it for now I suppose. The commissioner is hot on her trail, only a matter of time before someone busts her 🙃 Trouble is incoming indeed.
      Thanks Louise 💕 I hope so too, haha. Thanks for reading!

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  4. Woah, it was surprisingly short for your chapter!
    Buut, I can’t believe it’s here, finally! ♥ So good to see you, Amy!
    The aftermath of Maddie leaving… Uh oh. It’s going to be hard for J. D. to cope with that. Now she died for the second time…
    I wonder what Daphne’s going to do with the information. Could be she’s going to be the 2nd person to find out about her special talent. Guess we’ll find out!
    You’re so unlucky, though… Why does that always happen to you?!

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    1. I know! Haha, it’s because of the reason I mentioned at the end about not wanting to mix my old and new photos 😂 Same here, it was about time 😭💕 I’m happy to finally be back amongst you guys~
      Yeah, J.D. has a lot of things crossing his mind now, not just Maddie herself. He’ll be down in the dumps for a while.
      Interesting theory you got there, depending on how long I decide to make the next chapter, you’ll get to see if you’re right or not there, or perhaps in the one after that 😇
      I know! 🤦‍♀️ I’ve decided to keep positive and make sure to be extra careful going forward 😊 Thanks for reading! ❤️

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  5. Oh yay, welcome back!! ❤ ❤ This was such a wonderful surprise in my reader yesterday (although only now I got the chance to sit down and comment properly, I'm sorry!)
    Like Lila, I'm also wondering what could Tristan be up to right now (I also love his name btw – could it be a coincidence that it means sad I wonder? hmmm…), and what an encounter between them could result to.
    Aaand I had forgotten how seriously handsome Cailean is 😍😍 Thank you for this closeup btw, hehe ❤
    Poor JD… At this point I'm not even sure what's worse, having lost his sweetheart for ever, or not being able to remember his past in order for him to find some peace like Maddie 😢
    Uh oh… seems like Daphne is ready to learn more… I wonder if it will be more than she can handle though..! o.O Hopefully Aislyn could somehow convince her of her abilities somehow if and when the letter traces back to her?
    It was so great to see a chapter from you ❤ Hope to see you pop in here again with more Sight! I missed you and your story! 💕

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    1. Thank you ☺️💕 No worries!
      His current whereabouts shall be revealed soon~ Yo, there’s actually a very interesting story behind his name choice!!! But I can’t explain because well, there’d be some spoilers… kind of, hehe it’s complicated but when *fingers crossed* I finish the story I plan to explain 😇 Glad you commented on it!
      You’re welcome 😉 A few chapters down I’ve taken some photos of Cailean I really like. I’m tempted to make a post to share all the ones I can’t include in the chapter 😂
      Both situations are pretty tough… J.D’s also thinking about Aislyn too and how she’ll deal with his eventual goodbye 😔 Yeah, a very interesting confrontation shall occur soon… I won’t say with whom, but Aislyn shall be in some trouble, lol.
      Thank you! I hope I do too 😄 Thanks for reading! ❤️

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  6. It’s great to have your story (and you) back, Ami! ❤ I had so much I wanted to say, but when I read the other comments, it was all covered. LOL My biggest thing, though, is JD. I've really felt for him since the beginning, and I so want him to be happy.

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    1. Thanks Kymber 😊💕 I appreciate that! Well, this was a bit of an uneventful chapter, haha~ Aww, well J.D’s story shall be unfolding with some ups and downs along the way. I hope the end shall be satisfying if/when I get there 😂 Thanks for reading!

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  7. I loooved this chapter. I’m almost surprised by how easy it was to slip back in and remember all the things that had happened previously, but the warmth I feel for JD and Aislyn has never faded ❤
    Hmmm Daphne is heading towards an unfortunate answer soon… That's potentially going to make things complicated!

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    1. Aww thank you ☺️💓 I’m glad to hear that! Even though their story has constantly occupied my mind, it was hard for me to step back into writing it. Yeah Daphne is on the case and she tends to have a high success rate… so Aislyn is in trouble 😂 Thanks for reading 😄

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